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									Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

       Cool Mats
                           THE COOLEST ADS IN TOWN

Small opportunities are often the beginning
of great enterprises. --Demosthenes

"The aim of advertising is to know and
understand the customer so well that
the    product   or service sells itself."
--Peter F. Drucker

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

A                WELCOME                                                           MESSAGE

"Our prime purpose in this life is to help
others. And if you can't help them, at least
don't hurt them." --Dalai Lama
Dearest Cool Mats Affiliate:

Welcome to Cool Mats! We are grateful that we are on the team
together. You are now in business for yourself and we are here to help.
Our goal is to build a recognizable market brand that will set you apart
from every other print advertising in your area. It’s as simple as that.
To accomplish this goal, several things must occur; great quality of our
work, value for our advertisers, great care for our restaurants and
customers. If you are ready to follow the system, it will reward you
with optimum results.

We believe in the value of our relationships. We believe that honest
and open communication is essential for our growth and to achieve our
goals. These relationships include our advertisers, our customers, our
restaurants, our vendors and our Affiliates (you).

We’ve tried very hard to avoid outrageous or empty promises about
this business and about the success you can expect. We’ve included
only practical and established techniques and verified methods to get
your business up and running.

This business is not complicated, yet it can be very rewarding. Like
any successful business venture, however, the advertising profession
requires effort. But with this training manual in hand, you have the
roadmap you need for reaching your goal of financial success. That
goal is now much closer to you.

Thank you for being a valuable Cool Mats Affiliate.

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual


It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five
minutes to ruin it. If you think about that,
you'll do things differently. --Warren Buffett

Everywhere we look we see advertising messages. When we watch
television, or listen to the radio, or drive our cars, we are bombarded with
advertising. When we’re on the Internet, we have pop-ups and billboards
screaming at us. Whether we go to the supermarket, or to school, or to
sporting events, or even to church, we see hundreds of ad messages.

Advertising is an accepted part of today’s culture. As long as there are
businesses, there will be advertising. But the advertising industry today is
fiercely competitive. How can any small business expect to succeed in this
type of environment?

The good news is that you’re tapping into a segment of the advertising
industry that has almost no competition. You are providing a unique
service that is FREE to restaurants in your own area. And business firms
that want to reach the restaurants’ customers pay all of the costs,
including                           your                         salary.

For any advertising campaign to be successful, it must serve the best
interests of everyone involved specially “The Advertiser”. This is
particularly important in the restaurant placemat business. Following are
five major groups who will benefit from your efforts.

The Restaurant Owners – Your Distribution Partners

The Local Business Firms – Your Advertisers

The Restaurant’s Customers – The Reason for it All.

The Printers and other Vendors – Business Partners

The Advertising Company (That’s YOU and Us!)

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

Wanting something is not enough. You must
hunger for it. Your motivation must be
absolutely compelling in order to overcome the
obstacles that will invariably come your way.
--Les                                   Brown

This training manual will enable you to serve the best interests of all five
of these groups, while providing an enormous income for yourself and
your family. We will get into detail about this later in this training manual.

You will learn how to approach restaurant owners and managers. You will
learn how to call on local business firms, and to convince them to
advertise with you. In short, by applying the business strategies found in
this manual, you will soon be earning a very nice income working from
your home.

This training manual is not about how to get rich fast. It’s a guidebook
that will to help you to build a strong, viable business providing much-
needed services to your local business community, and to receive the
financial rewards for your efforts. It’s about working hard, treating
everyone fairly, and using your God-given talents to improve your own
family’s financial condition. By applying sound and proven business
practices, you will be able to build a reputable and successful business in
your own exclusive affiliate area.

In order to sell a product or a service, a
company must establish a relationship with the
consumer. It must build trust and rapport. It
must    understand the    customer's    needs,
and it must provide a product that delivers the
promised     benefits."     --Jay     Levinson

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

BEFORE                                                    YOU                                                  BEGIN

Winning starts with beginning. --Robert H.

As an entrepreneur, you are eager to get started. But let us offer a word
or two of caution. First, we suggest that you read this manual very
carefully. We’ve included all of the hints and suggestions that we have
learned. Study your training manual very carefully and be sure you are
familiar and comfortable with the most important points.

Next, you might also spend some time visiting restaurants, in order to get
an overview of your market. We suggest that you don’t start selling
before you are ready. You should never show your hand before you are to
take orders. Remember the old adage, “First impressions are

Following is a list of steps that you should take. These suggestions are
not expensive or time consuming. By adhering to these steps, however,
you will be recognized as a professional and serious advertising executive.
Your business will also be much more profitable if you get started right.
I’m not suggesting that your success is based strictly upon blind
adherence to these guidelines. But I have started and operated many
different businesses, and I’m giving you the benefit of that experience. So
let’s just go over the steps you need to take.


We are not lawyers nor do we offer legal advice. Please consult your own
attorney for proper legal counsel. But we will make a few observations.

In our opinion, this is a very low-risk business, as far as lawsuit exposure
is concerned. We‘ve never had even a hint of legal problems from
advertisers, from restaurant owners, or from anyone else.

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

But we do live in a litigious society, in which many people always seem to
be seeking an excuse to bring lawsuits. You may feel more secure if you
create an entity that protects you from legal liability. Perhaps
incorporating your business is something you might consider.

There are several different legal forms your business can take. Among
your choices are (a) sole proprietorship; (b) a partnership; (c) an “S”
Corporation; (d) a regular corporation; and (e) a limited liability
corporation (LLC). Depending upon your personal circumstances, each of
these business models has its advantages.
Among the advantages of incorporating your business include limited
liability, possible tax savings, and greater borrowing ability.

Our suggestion, however, is that you operate as a sole proprietorship for
now, and defer other decisions until your business has begun to grow. But
be sure to seek qualified counsel if you are in doubt.

A good working relationship with an accounting or bookkeeper can be
critical to the success of your business. As an entrepreneur, you need to
know how you can benefit from tax laws that will save you hundreds or
thousands of dollars. Your accountant not only will help you to avoid tax
problems, but also will help you take advantage of tax laws that were
written especially for small businesses. Some of your accountant’s areas
of             expertise           are            the           following:

• Filing an operating name (OA or DBA) with your
• Using your home as a business expense, including utilities,
taxes & maintenance
• Capturing your sales, gas and auto expenses
• Hiring family members
• Hiring sales people (you might consider independent
contractors instead of employees
• Preparing your monthly or quarterly estimated tax forms
• Preparing your annual income tax returns
• And many other business matters

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

Just remember that you can save an enormous amount of money as well
as time and grief by consulting with professionals.

There is not a great deal to discuss here, except for a couple of matters.
First, you should set up a separate checking account for your business. It
is never a good idea to co-mingle personal and business funds. A
separate business account will save you a lot of time and money. You will
know exactly where you stand as far as profits; expenses, taxes, etc. are
concerned. You also will have the financial records you need at any time.
It just makes sense.

Secondly, a business account is necessary for you to maintain a
professional image. If you want to be successful, you must look and act
successful. And thirdly, a good banking relationship is essential if you
need additional funds in the future for expanding your business.

If you prefer to wait before you open your business checking account, you
can cash your business checks via Money Mart. You will need to register
your business at your local city hall and get a paper showing you are the
registered owner of that business name. You will need this for both
opening the checking account and cashing your business checks with
Money Mart.

We are sure that by now you have already started to think about your
company’s name. The name “Cool Mats” is a registered trade mark. You
CANNOT call yourself “Cool Mats” However; you can use a variation such
as Cool Mats Brampton Affiliate or Cool Mats Toronto Affiliate, whatever
your affiliate territory may be. Your business cards will always specify
“Business Affiliate” on all your business cards, letterheads, advertising
and all written / verbal communications. All business cards, letterheads,
posters, flyers and promotional/printed material must be purchased
directly via Cool Mats corporate office.

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

The last area that we want to discuss before you get started is your target
market. You should be aware of the types of businesses that you should
call on, and those that you should avoid. Of course, you will decide for
yourself whether or not to call on certain types of businesses. The
following suggestions are based upon my personal beliefs only.

Restaurants. We feel that you will have greater success by calling on
locally owned restaurants, including family owned and operated. We have
also had great success with Mexican, Chinese, Oriental, Indian/Pakistani
and other ethnic restaurants. There are scores of restaurants in any
community that would appreciate FREE placemats and menus. You should
never run out of potential restaurants in your town. Select only those
restaurants that can go through with 5000 placemats per month.

There are a few types of restaurants, however, that you should always
avoid. These include very small diners (they are too small to attract
advertisers); truck stops on major highways (most of the patrons are just
driving through your area); large national chains; and some upscale
restaurants that feel placemats do not fit into their decor. Restaurants
that use tablecloths and fabric napkins are not likely to use placemats.

Advertisers. Most of the businesses in your community are excellent
prospects for placemat advertising.

Following is a list of different types of companies and organizations that
have been on the placemats that we have produced:

Auto sales Auto repair Auto parts
Churches Chiropractors Funeral homes
Hair salons Roofers Day care
Accountants Insurance Nail salons
Satellite television
TV & appliances
Real Estate
Network Marketing
Video Stores
Tires & batteries

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

Specialty stores
Lawn equipment
Mortgage services
Ice cream parlors
Appliance Repair
Martial arts
Home furnishings
Flea markets
Hypnosis therapy
Tanning salons
Private detectives
Weight Loss
Pet stores
Political candidates
Women’s fitness
Used clothing
Copy centers
Computer repair
Concrete service Printers
Tile & marble Excavating
Dog grooming
Auto body
Barber shops
Power washing
Dentists, Doctors, Pharmacies
Travel Agencies
Snow cones
Tattoos & Body piercing
Gift stores
Hardware stores

And this is just a partial listing. As a matter of fact, almost every business
that you see is a potential advertiser. If you spend an hour or so driving
around your community, you will see enough companies to fill several

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual


Due to the “family friendly” nature of this type of advertising,
there are some types of ads that should always be avoided. These
include “adult” bookstores and lingerie shops; gambling casinos;
smoke shops; bars and package liquor; illegal activities; and any
type of business that may bring embarrassment to the host
restaurant, to the advertisers, to the dining public, and to

Selling to people who actually want to hear
from you is more effective than interrupting
strangers who don't. --Seth Godin

Let’s remember few basic principles:

First, our advertisers are the most important and most valuable part of
our business. We must provide them with great value. You must be
sincere in playing an active role in your business community HELPING
your local businesses (your advertisers) grow through Cool Mats
advertising. You might offer advertisers a non -compete agreement if
they ask for it (this makes selling ads easier). Don’t make it a central part
of your sales pitch, though, because you may need to fill one or two
spaces with competing ads.

Secondly, you must NEVER advertise businesses that will compete with
your host restaurant (exceptions could be ice cream parlors, doughnut
shops, etc.). If you’re in doubt, just check with the restaurant owner or
manager. Sometimes they will not object. But if in doubt, always ask. You
certainly do not want to deliver the products and later find that the
restaurant owner refuses to use them because he objects to one or more
ads. The restaurant managers are eager for you to get the advertising
spaces filled. And they know that it is your job to sell ads for his

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

Just be careful about the types of businesses that you solicit to advertise
in your placemats. By doing a quick scan of the types of business that are
listed here as an example, you can see that every community has plenty
of potential advertisers.

Always do monthly checks on the restaurants to make sure they are
serving your Cool Mats. Never pay them in advance. Always pay at the
end of each month when they have served 5000 Cool Mats. Deliver them
another 5000 Cool Mats and give them a $100 Gas Card for the previous
5000 distributed.

Free enterprise means that the more
enterprising you are, the freer you are. – Mark
Victor Hansen

Your B2B Sales - Achieve Sales Success
Without Stress

You have a gift. You can Sell. And more importantly, you can optimize
that gift using logical, easy-to-implement, successful techniques that
make Cool Mats advertising sales far easier and more natural. The
approach, appropriately, is called Stress-Free Selling.

Every business has a Business Plan. Every salesperson should have their
own Sales Business Plan. Their plan is a complete roadmap to success, a
blueprint that says ”here’s where I am, here’s where I’m going, and
here’s how I’ll get there”…step-by-step.”

Your own Sales Business Plan                                                            should                 start   by
answering these three questions:

1) Which accounts will spend with me this year, how much will they
spend, and what am I doing to assure that?

2) Who are my ‘target prospects’ for this year, what is their potential, and
what is my plan for getting in the door?

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

3) How will my time be spent…in the office, on the phone and in the field?

Salespeople who have a well-defined plan, and the personal
discipline to execute it, will create more success, regardless of the

Here are five favorite sales strategies of successful
GUTSY sales people:

-They balance their ‘customer portfolio’
Customers who tend to move slowly, or are slow to change, are the most
likely to cut back in turbulent times. Make sure your accounts and
prospects are a good mix of slow moving and innovative companies so
that you don’t get caught short.

-They use time more wisely
This is the time to examine your workday. Most of us start out well
organized but, over time, we fall into ruts. Reading emails, visiting,
paperwork and meetings start to consume a considerable amount of your
time. Little things, like making phone calls in clusters (e.g.: 10 at a time)
help us get a ton more done inside the workday.

-They see more people
Your customers will be getting a lot of phone calls, but you’ll be the one
sitting in their office. Get busy.

-They ask more questions
Delays, objections and lost sales can often be traced to having insufficient

And finally, They go for the close. Ask for the order. Nothing feeds into
their hesitation like leaving the potential sale on the table.

Ten Things Advertisers (your buyers) Don’t Like

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try or sincere you are, you’re not
going to please every buyer. After all, you’re doing your job, and that
means doing more than giving them a price and backing off. Yet, it’s
helpful to know when you’re crossing that line, so to speak, and doing
more harm than good.

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

Here are the Top Ten things salespeople do that buyers don’t like:
-Failure to keep promises
(Always, ALWAYS do what you said you would do…no matter how

-Lack of creativity
(Having a mindset that there’s only one way to do it)

-Failure to make and keep appointments
(Late arrivals are rude)

-Lack of awareness of the customer’s operation
(“So, what does your company do?”)

-Taking the customer for granted
(“They buy; they pay, so I don’t have to worry about them, right?”)

-Lack of follow-through
(When the sale closes, the real work begins)

-Lack of product knowledge
(“I’m not sure if it will do that or not”)

-Over-aggressiveness and failure to listen
(“Look, let me tell you how our company operates…”)

-Lack of interest or purpose
(Just looking for a sale)

-Lack of preparation
(“I think I have one of those brochures here….somewhere”)

Treasure Time

Ben Franklin said that time “is the stuff that life is made of.” Spend it like
gold, because it is. We all have 1440 minutes in each day, to wisely use
or while away. Oh, and in case you’re thinking I’m one of those serious,
work-around-the-clock, clenched-fisted type-A’s, forget it. I believe in
maximizing those daylight hours for the good of us and our paper, then
strike up a good balance with rest, relaxation and recreation. A few blow-

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

off-some-steam breaks throughout the day can be beneficial to our
sanity, too.

-Say it – Do It
Show everyone you’re a pro. Find something small you can do.
Something easy, even insignificant! Then, follow through. A small thing
like mentioning an article you’d recently seen on a topic of interest to
them. Mention it, adding, “I’ll make sure you get a copy.” Then move on,
but make sure you follow though and send it. Believe me; it’ll make an
impact. And, before we get too focused on the little stuff, let’s not forget
the biggies either. A major beef of purchasing managers is last minute (or
non-existent) quotes, proposals and follow-up materials. When you say
you’ll do it, do it. They’ll be blown away, and you’ll be seen as a top-flight

-Use Your Brain like a Sponge
Not for spills, though. Just for information, ideas and details. Ever have
an idea pop into your mind while you’re in traffic, or in the shower, only
to forget it later? The human brain processes millions of information bits
every minute (that’s a ton of traffic), making it difficult to consciously
remember everything. But, again, there’s no challenge we can’t solve,
right? Hand-held digital recorders are cheap now. Pen and paper are even
cheaper. Write or record regular ramblings, then sort through them. The
greatest sales-boosting ideas come in an instant.

-Invest in Your Business
The top 10% of salespeople live by this rule, regardless of whether they
have an expense account or not. It’s their livelihood and, along with the
commitment comes the responsibility to operate like a business.
Appointment books, recorders (as mentioned above), the right clothing, a
clean vehicle, sometimes CRM software, client lunches, gifts, greeting
cards should all be basic operating tools. Skill-building books, tapes and
seminars, too Every profession requires continuing education. We should
expect no less from ourselves. If you’re already doing this,

-Take Massive Action
I think ‘there’s not enough time’ was the number one reason for
incomplete work or unachieved goals. Are we not living in the most
opportunistic of times? A helter skelter approach isn’t appropriate, but
duplication of efforts is. Can I make 2 more calls every day? Can I ask a
few more of the right questions from every prospective customer? Can I

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

use technology more effectively for service? Yes. Let’s work to reinvent
our activities this next year, and stay away from business as usual.

-Get a Daily Dose of PMA
Norman Vincent Peale coined the term Positive Mental Attitude as an elixir
for success. Over the years, it’ been treated with both reverence and
indifference. Some say it’s fantastic…others say it’s a bunch of artificial
happy-talk that covers up reality.

Here are three things to double-check before you
make that next ‘Cool Mats Advertising Sales:’

-Your Materials
Are your written materials neat and organized? Doing some additional
homework, customizing your presentation, and watching the small details
can make a world of difference. Customize it to their needs, including
having an “objectives” page that spells out, in detail, which of their goals
you’ll helping to achieve. And, whenever possible, use visuals or
demonstrations to make key points.

-Your Leadership
A prospect should never be handed a proposal to quietly read. The best,
and most successful proposals, are interactive. You both have a part.
You’re the tour guide through this presentation, and it’s up to you to walk
them through the selling points, getting their comments along the way.

Did you add a little extra grooming time this morning? Clothes clean and
pressed? An extra breath mint in your pocket? Did you “dry run” your
presentation? Top pros continue to record themselves, and become
keenly aware of speech habits (like repeated use of “you know,” you
know?). And always arrive five to ten minutes early for a scheduled
appointment. Even if you don’t notice, your prospect will.

Here is YOUR economic freedom plan:

-Take it up a notch
Add 10% more to your day. Get up 30 minutes earlier. Strike early. Meet
prospects for breakfast…have your competition for lunch

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

Plan your month, your week, your day.
Eliminate time-wasters. Put the most important things first. Then, do

-Sharpen yourself
Are your meetings and phone calls crisp and controlled? Are you asking
tough questions?
We all fall into bad habits. Practice and refine.

-Expand your workweek
I value my weekend. But in turbulent times, a street fighter gives it what
it takes. And, temporarily, at least, at least 2 hours on the weekend will
boost your output.

-See More People
This should be Rule #1. Prospects, influencers, networking contacts,

-Ask for the order more often
Yea, that’s sales 101, but it’s too often neglected. “This is the perfect time
to give us a try. Let’s do it.”

-Join the winners club
Avoid negative associations like the plague. Things are tight, we know
that, but complaining will mess up your state of mind. Help stomp out
global whining.

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

Keep away from people who try to belittle your
ambitions. Small people always do that, but
the really great ones make you feel that you
too, can become great. –Mark Twain

               Customer-focused Selling
                          What are the opposites of a customer-focus?
                  When did you last experience someone with a product-focus?

 •         Every customer is                                      •          All customers are the
           unique                                                            same
 •         Rapport & trust-                                       •          Misrepresent to make
           building                                                          sale
 •         Ask questions                                          •          Tell them what they
 •         Listening                                                         want

 •         View as asset with a                                   •          Talking
           lifetime value                                         •          Sell today, gone
 •         Customize,                                                        tomorrow.
           personalize                                            •          One solution fits all

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

     Effective Salespeople Like You
 Which of these can you personally choose to improve?

 Understand mission
 Understand prospects
 Asks & listens
 Knows product benefits
 Able to illustrate product benefits
 Able to persuade prospects to agree on benefits
 Asks for sale
 Reinforces sale
 Overcomes rejection
 Make buyers feel like they chose                                    Are salespeople born or

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

"The two words 'information' and 'communication' are
often used interchangeably, but the signify quite
different things.    Information    is giving   out;
communication is getting through." Sydney J. Harris

How to Double Your Revenues in 12
Pretentious headline, right?

A little "hypey," no?

Actually, no. Not at all.

See, all you have to do to double your revenues is...

(1) Bring in more new customers...

(2) Compel customers to come back to you more often...

(3) Consistently increase the amount of money each customer is willing to
spend with you on each purchase, and...

(4) Keep each customer with you longer.

Now I'm no good at math, so you're going to have to help me here.

But if, by sharpening your media selection, sales copy, and offer, you

    •    Cause 30 percent more new customers to make their first purchase
         from you this year...
    •    Cause existing customers to buy from you 30 percent more often...
    •    Cause customers to spend just 30 percent more on each new order
         than they've spent in the past, and...
    •    And cause customers to stay with you 30 percent longer...

Wouldn't you increase revenues by at least 100 percent in a single year?

Sure you would. You'd double your revenues.

                   Copyright 2010 - Cool Mats (TM) - All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

That's why every promotion designed for existing customers must
accomplish two critical objectives...

FIRST, it must produce a sale.

DUH, right? Every promotion is designed to make sales. But when you're
talking about promotions for your customer list, they do more:

The number of promotions you send to your customers -- and,
equally important, the quality of the copy in those promotions --
increases the number of times each customer will order from you
this year.

So how many times should you contact existing customers?

Great question!

Well, back in the bad old days before the Web, nearly all of our contacts were
through the mail. My theory was, "Out of sight, out of mind" -- so I made
sure my customers had something from me in their mailboxes every blessed

First, we mailed to them only on the first of each month. When we added a
mailing on the 15th, response and average sale notched higher and
cancellations dropped.

When we added a third mailing -- more improvement in ROI and longevity.
Finally, we went to a weekly mailing schedule and, once again, all our
numbers improved.

Put simply, by quadrupling the number of times each customer heard from
us, we more than quadrupled our orders and revenues -- AND, miraculously,
our cancellation rates declined.

Why? I'll get to that next. First, I should mention that we had a high average
sale and good margins, so we could afford to spend a fortune on printing and
postage in those days. But today, with e-mail that costs you nothing, there's
simply no excuse not to talk to your customers every week.

Heck. You're a Early to Rise subscriber. And ETR e-mails you nearly every

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

"But wait," you say. "ETR doesn't send me promotions every day! They only
send me promotional e-mails a couple of times a week."

Ah... good point. About 70 percent of the e-mails you get from ETR are the
free issues of this newsletter.

Which leads me to...

The SECOND objective of every contact you have with your existing customers:

It must make them feel closer to you...
intensify their loyalty to you...
and make them eager to hear from you again.

We call it "bonding" -- and it's a major part of the strategy in every
promotion my agency creates for our clients. It's also a big part of my
own online publication, The Total Package.

Six days out of seven, some of the sharpest minds around deliver
valuable advice and ideas to our readers in The Total Package. For free.

Plus, every chance we get, we deliver more free stuff that has
tremendous value to them. Like the 908 mind-blowing back issues -- each
one a goldmine of response-boosting ideas -- in our archives.

So tell me: How do you think all this makes our readers feel about us?

Doesn't it separate us from the vast armies of online pitchmen who only
want to sell them something -- whether it helps them or not?

Doesn't it prove we're sincere in our desire to help them get ahead?

And since we really do have their interests at heart... and since we give
them so much for free... don't you think it makes them wonder if the
products in our Online Store just might be worth checking out?

There's a supremely valuable principle here, and it can be applied to
every kind of business you can name:

Do everything in your power to be a friend to your customers, and they'll return
the favor by becoming the best friends you ever had.

                   Copyright 2010 - Cool Mats (TM) - All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

That said, here are my four rules for creating maximum-response
promotions to your customer file:

RULE #1: Provide value with every contact -- something that brings value to your
customer's life, whether he makes a purchase from you OR NOT.

When planning campaigns to my clients' customer files, I try to make
sure that the e-mailed and snail-mailed letters contain valuable,
actionable information -- and in some cases, three-dimensional gifts -- to
reward the customers just for reading the promotion.

One of my clients -- a financial publisher -- consistently invites his
customers to free online video conferences, webinars, and teleseminars to
help sharpen their investment skills.

And, of course, all of my clients give away valuable, content-rich e-
letters, e-books, and even printed special reports.

Why? Because it works! The cost of adding a value component to our
promotions increases our open rates, raises response and ROI, drives
customer loyalty through the roof, and keeps our customers with us
much, much longer.

RULE #2: Be a real, three-dimensional person with your customers. To make a
friend, first show that you're willing to be a friend.

See, people don't bond with corporations. They bond with other people.

That means we want to connect a face with the companies we're dealing

And that face should have a personality.

It should have passion, principles, a fiercely pro-customer viewpoint --
and yes, even a sense of humor.

Show your affection and passion and concern for your customers at every
contact. Share little stories with them... empathize with them... take
them into your confidence and reveal your little non-fatal flaws to them.
You'll be amazed at how much more positively your customers will
respond to you.

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

RULE #3: Create drama.

Okay -- so you're contacting your buyers often... you're including something
of value in most of the e-mails and snail-mail pieces you send them... and
you're making sure your spokesperson seems like a real person, not a
cardboard cut-out.

Now, what is the result of doing all of that? Well, for one thing, you're
creating kind of an ongoing story line that engages your customers and
keeps them reading what you send them.

This is a valuable concept. I always think about what the customer has
experienced with us over the last few weeks before beginning to write a

What have we been telling them? Where did we leave them when last we
spoke? What has happened in the news relative to our area of interest? I use
that as a springboard -- then sit back and watch as readership and response

RULE #4: Make sure every purchase makes the next sale easier.

It goes without saying that it's critical to make sure your copy never
raises false expectations -- and that your product delivers everything you
promise, and more.

You don't need to be a PhD to figure out that if your product disappoints,
you may have lost a customer for life. Or that losing customers isn't
exactly a good idea if your goal is to increase customer lifetime value.

Conversely, if your product over-delivers, you not only create greater
customer loyalty -- you make it much more likely that your customers will
buy again... and soon.

And over time, that naturally increases your response rates, average sale,
ROI, and customer lifetime value.

Lots to think about...

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

Focus On What You Do Best

All you have to do is sell the ad space, collect the money and the artwork
and send the artwork to us. We do the rest. We do the layout, the
proofing, the printing and you get paid!

We provide you with contracts, business cards, sales tools and a plan.
You provide the energy, the sales presentation, acquisition of restaurants
and local advertisers.

It is simple, it is straightforward and it is a no-brainer for small
businesses and restaurants.

Get multiple restaurants and offer greater coverage and earn larger

What Makes Cool Mats Different

Genuinely Care About Our
One of the biggest complaints we hear about advertising is that "Who
knows what works?!" The small business person has a very small
advertising budget and is perplexed about how to make sure the money
spent on promotion is actually effective and heard, read or seen by those
who need to see it.

Be good to your local community and help restaurants and small
businesses in your communities keep their name in front of those who
write the paychecks for many of your friends and neighbors.

-Sample Letter (Sales Pitch) To Restaurant Owner/Manager

Dear Restaurant Owner:

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Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

You are passionate about serving your customers and local community.
Now there is an absolutely free way for your restaurant to be a force for
good in the local community by adding Cool Mats to your restaurant.

Cool Mats provide a sanitary barrier for silverware, napkins and food
items - assuring a clean eating environment for your customers.

They are printed on white recycled premium paper with soy-based inks.
Safe for your customer's children to eat on and are environmentally
friendly. They are 11" x 15" in size and packed 2500 per case for easier
handling and storage.

Our staff will offer advertising space to non-competing local businesses in
your area. The placemat program is a proven method of connecting your
fine restaurant with local businesses and people in the community.

The basic run is 15,000 placemats! Yours FREE!

This is a "No Catch" program! We only want the restaurants to make sure
the placemats are being used in their entirety because your local
businesses who advertise are good customers and pay for the privilege to
be seen at your establishment!

Cool Mats offer restaurants these free benefits:

Provides sterile surface for dinnerware & food
Gives customers a table attraction
Allows easy table clean-up
Saves business placemat dollars
Earn a bonus of $100 in Free Gas Card for each 5000 Cool Mats duly
distributed in accordance with our terms and guidelines.
Brings in new customers from advertisers
We mention the restaurant in our sales calls. This means free word of
mouth advertising for the restaurant!
We invite advertisers and would-be advertisers to visit the restaurant.
This means additional customers from visiting advertisers!
With your support, Cool Mats contributes a portion of its profits to fight
hunger via The Hunger Site on your behalf

                   Copyright 2010 - Cool Mats (TM) - All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

Be a force for good in your community and add Cool Mats to your
restaurant today. We look forward to providing FREE Cool Mats to your
fine restaurant soon.

Jack Chang
Cool Mats - Markham

-Sample Letter (Sales Pitch) To Business Owner/Advertiser

Dear Business Owner:

Introducing Cool Mats – The Coolest Ads in Town. Cool Mats is the “Must
Buy” advertising for promoting your business to your best customers.

Cool Mats advertising is an effective & inexpensive way to keep your
business in front of thousands of potential customers in your local area.

You will agree that enjoying a meal in a casual dining environment has
relaxing effect and typically puts us in a good mood as well. It makes
good sense to position your business in front of consumers while they're
feeling good... when they're feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Your Cool Mats ad will impact your audience daily. Patrons of the
restaurant have almost no choice but to look at the placemat while
waiting for their food.

Fantastic local exposure.

Your Business Card is your ad.

Customers read ads for up to 52 minutes.

Repeat customers view adds average 3X per month.

We do exclusive advertising so you don’t have to worry that your
competitor will be on the same placemat as your business.

                   Copyright 2010 - Cool Mats (TM) - All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

Very Low Investment - as low as $.02 (two cent) per local customer

Research shows that customers that frequent locally owned
establishments would like to conduct other business locally if they just
knew where to go. Your Cool Mat message is getting directly in front of
local people who WANT to do business with you. Don't be out of place.
Get your space on Cool Mats Placemat Advertising.

Who did you're client have lunch with today? Make it a lucrative lunch for
your business with Cool Mats Placemat Advertising.

Chew on this...your customers will eat up your advertising message like
pudding when it is delivered in this memorable format by Cool Mats.

Order a Cool Mats Placemat Ad and acquire a taste for more profits. We
offer an unparalleled solution to your advertising needs... hands down.
Our unique service will reduce costs and increase profitability.

We look forward to advertising your business to local customers and

Jack Chang
Cool Mats - Markham

Your best customers are worth far more than
your average customers. --Seth Godin

Your Online Cool Business Directory
Each CMBA receives local area online cool business directory. This is a
great way to promote your local businesses (both your current advertisers
and potential advertisers) in the future.

Enter a minimum of 50 local businesses in your local area online cool
business directory. Please use default password of “coolmats” when you

                   Copyright 2010 - Cool Mats (TM) - All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

enter a business listing. The customer will have an opportunity to login
and change the password.

Each time you enter a local business (enter their email), an email goes to
that business introducing you, Cool Mats and our advertising services. As
soon as you add a business to the directory, your customer will get a
personalized email from you informing that their business has been added
to your directory courtesy of Cool Mats (you). It will ask them to consider
advertising on Cool Mats. It will show them a picture of Cool Mats as

The business you enter must be a local business in your affiliate territory
and must include complete business information, phone, email and logo /
picture when you enter a business to the directory. The logo photo is
being made mandatory because it does not look good without it. You can
simply search for a web site for that particular customer to see if you can
get the pic or find a pic that suits their category. For example, if it is a
laundromat, find a pic of a laundromat. It enhances the directory for the
web site visitor.

Your local area online directory is a great way to make connections and
create rapport with your local area businesses. As a new CMBA, you are
required to enter at least 50 local area businesses to kick start Cool Mats
in your affiliate territory.

Here is a sample email; the business owner will receive when
their business is added to the online directory (this example is
from Markham, your email will include your contact info).

Dear Michael,

Hi, my name is Jack Chang. I am committed to promoting ONLY local Markham
area small to medium size businesses such as yours.

I am pleased to add your business listing FREE of charge at Markham's Cool
Business Directory courtesy of Cool Mats.

Cool Mats is a brand new way to put your business in front of your best
customers. Promote your business with Cool Mats. Be sure to visit Cool Mats -
The Coolest Ads In Town.

                   Copyright 2010 - Cool Mats (TM) - All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual


We look forward to promoting ACME Travel Agency in the near future.

Michael, have a great day.

Jack Chang
Cool Mats Business Affiliate - Markham

PS: Michael, please be sure to verify your business listing data. Head over

User Name = your email address
Password = your own password (if you did not select your own password then
the default password is coolmats)

Name : Michael Tyler
Business Name : ACME Travel Agency
Member since: 25 Apr 2010
Membership Level : Markham Cool Business (Free)
Membership status : Active
E-mail :
Password: {Member_Password}

The headline is the most important element of
an    ad.   It    must    offer  a    promise
to the reader of a believable benefit. And it

                   Copyright 2010 - Cool Mats (TM) - All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

must    be   phrased   in     a                                                                         way    to
make it memorable. --Morris Hite

Cool Mats System and Platform

Keep things simple. Follow the system:

Your Ticket To Financial Freedom:

Month 1:

    (i)           Find a good, reputable, busy restaurant that seats at least 30
                  to 40 (or more) people. We estimate their average placemat
                  usage to be 5000 per month. Sign the “Restaurant Placement
                  Agreement” (this agreement is located on Cool Mats Intranet)

    (ii)          Get 20 advertisers to fill-up all ad spots on the Cool Mat. Get
                  advertiser to sign the “Ad Placement Agreement”. Collect the
                  artwork and your payment. Payment is always made directly
                  to you (your name or your business name). (this agreement
                  is located on Cool Mats Intranet)

    (iii)         Upload the artwork along with the Edition info and
                  appropriate ad spot numbers (you must specify which
                  artwork will go to which exact ad spot). Each ad spot on the
                  Cool Mat is numbered. See below in the blank layout of a
                  Cool Mat showing the ad spot numbers and advertising costs.
                  Add the new advertiser to your local affiliate online directory
                  for FREE.

    (iv)          Each month represents 1 edition. If you start as an affiliate
                  in June, you can sell the July edition (A1 July). All final
                  artwork must be submitted by the 15th of the previous
                  month. In this case, your artwork must be uploaded and
                  submitted to our printing site by June 15th.

 Cool Mat Edition A1 - Printed Every Three Months – 4 Times A Year
                               A1 January/ artwork deadline December 15th.
                                 A1 April/ artwork deadline March 15th.

                   Copyright 2010 - Cool Mats (TM) - All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

                                   A1 July/ artwork deadline June 15th.
                               A1 October/ artwork deadline September 15th.

 Cool Mat Edition B1 - Printed Every Three Months – 4 Times A Year
                               B1 February/ artwork deadline January 15th.
                                  B1 May/ artwork deadline April 15th.
                                  B1 August/ artwork deadline July 15th.
                               B1 November/ artwork deadline October 15th.

 Cool Mat Edition C1 – Printed Every Three Months – 4 Times A Year
                               C1 March/ artwork deadline February 15th.
                                  C1 June/ artwork deadline May 15th.
                              C1 September/ artwork deadline August 15th.
                             C4 December/ artwork deadline November 15th.

    (v)           To remain as an active Cool Mats Affiliate and retain your
                  exclusivity, you must sell 1 completed edition per month.

    (vi)          Repeat the above steps for your Month 2 and Month 3.

    (vii)         After the 3rd month i.e. starting your fourth month, you will
                  begin to see advertising renewals from the 1st Cool Mats you
                  completed (from your 1st edition). With your hard work,
                  honest and sincere caring for your advertisers, you should
                  see a repeat rate of 75% of your advertisers.

    (viii)        Your main job is to keep Your
                  advertisers happy by giving their
                  business the best advertising value
                  and exposure. When they continue to see results
                  from their Cool Mats, they will continue to invest their
                  advertising dollars with YOU. This is the building block of
                  your recurring ad revenue and your success in the
                  advertising business. Nurture strong relationships with your
                  advertisers and always give their business the exposure to
                  drive traffic to their business.

                   Copyright 2010 - Cool Mats (TM) - All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

        Total Gross Ad Revenue per completed Cool Mat = $6300.00

               Payment to Cool Mats for 15,000 Cool Mats = $1500

 Payment to Restaurant = $300 (In Free Gas Cards, $100 for each 5,000
                       cool mats distributed)


  Your Total Gross Profit per Completed Cool Mat = $4500.00

        Your Advertiser's Cost is less than two pennies per Cool Mat!!!

Our Obligations:

                   Copyright 2010 - Cool Mats (TM) - All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

1. Ongoing online support

2. To sell you Cool Mats and related products

3. To forward all sales leads from your affiliate territory to you

4. To provide our TM, Logos, artwork and promotional material

Your Obligations:
1.   Maintain our Cool Mats image and standards including
following our system as laid out in our manual and Cool Mats
licensing agreement

2. To ONLY use approved Cool Mats (designed and printed by Cool
Mats Corporate Office) when selling advertising

3. Offer Cool Mats products and follow-up all leads with the
friendliest prompt customer service, honesty, and sincerity.
Follow up with all advertisers promptly. Promptly adding free
online listings from your advertisers and local businesses on your
local Cool Business directory

4. You are allowed to sell other third party products as long as
these products don't compete with Cool Mats products and are
NOT contrary to Cool Mats’ image/concept

5. Ensure and certify (whenever requested) that you are in full
compliance with our Trademark Licensing Agreement at all times
you are in business with Cool Mats

For Restaurant and Advertising Agreements, please login to Cool
Mats Intranet at

                   Copyright 2010 - Cool Mats (TM) - All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Cool Mats Affiliate Training Manual

You now have the knowledge, the system and the
platform to go confidently in the directions of your
goals. May the Force be with You.

Good Selling And God Speed.

                   Copyright 2010 - Cool Mats (TM) - All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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