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									                                      TATA CHEMICALS LIMITED
                                    Soda Ash Plant, Mithapur (Gujarat)
   Unit Profile
   Incorporated in 1939, Tata Chemicals Limited is India’s leading manufacturer of Inorganic Chemicals. It also
   manufactures fertilizers and food additives. The company has an annual turnover of Rs. 3000 Crores and is a
   part of Rs. 65,000 Crore ($14.25 billion) Tata Group, India’s foremost business conglomerate.

   Energy Conservation Commitment, Policy & Organization Set up

   Energy Conservation Approach at Tata Chemicals Limited and commitment from Top management can be best
   described by,

                                                 Energy Scan


 Management                  Managem                                           Policy
 Scan                                                                                               Energy Plan
                               ent                                             Target

                                                      Envr. &

                                                Energy Consumption

Energy Scan                                                         Energy Plan
   How efficient is the equipment?                          * What is the Energy Policy?
   How efficient are the processes?                                 * What are the targets?
   What is the peak sustainable performance?                        * How can target be reached
   Where are the performance gaps?                                  * What rare the resources requirement

Energy Consumption Analysis                                         Management Scan
   How much energy is used?                                         * How is the management organized?
   What are the total system costs?                                 * Are require resources provided?
   What are the environmental impacts?                      * Are performances reviewed?
                                                                    * Are people motivated & engaged?

   In house training program are arranged interval by internal faculty as well as through external faculty, sharing of best
   practices between intra dept. through knowledge sharing session, communication for ENCON achievement through mails are
   regular activity at TCL, Mithapur. Energy Conservation Week is celebrated from 14th to 21st of December during which the
   competitions like Slogan, Drawing, Essay Writing, Quiz etc are arranged for spreading mass awareness.
   Energy Consumption
                                                     Unit            2003-04      2004-05       2005-06
   Annual Soda Ash Production                        Mt              754553       781858        810684
   Soda Ash Plant – Capacity Utilization             %               86%          89%           93%
Total Electrical Energy Consumption                                                                    Lac kWh                                                3647.84           4036.88           4203.84
Total Thermal Energy Consumption                                                                       Mkcal                                                  3385392           3424126           3547063
Total Manufacturing Cost                                                                               Rs. Lacs                                               32725             41670             40834
Energy cost as % of Manufacturing Cost                                                                 %                                                      28.67             27.04             30.61
Soda Ash heat energy consumption                                                                       Mkcal/T                                                2.951             2.979             2.915
Soda Ash Power Consumption                                                                             kWh/T                                                  146.52            146.83            157.76

Energy Management Policy:
       Copy of EMP is attached with this document.


                                                                Soda Ash production                                                                                 Soda Ash % Capacity Utilization
  S o d a A s h P r o d u c ti o n ,

                                             850000                                                                                                  96.00%

                                                                                                                   % C a p a c ity U tiliz a tio n
                                             800000                                                                                                                                    89.36%

                                             700000                                                                                                  81.00%
                                                         2003-04           2004-05        2005-06                                                                  2003-04           2004-05             2005-06
                                                                            Year                                                                                                      Year

                                                      Soda Ash thermal energy consumption                                                                      Soda Ash Electrical Energy Consumption
  T h e r m a l E n e r g y M k c a l/T

                                          3.00                                                                                                        170
                                                                                                            E l e c tr i c a l E n e r g y ,

                                          2.98                                    2.979
                                                                                                                                                      160                                             157.76
                                                                                                                       kW h /T

                                                                                                                                                                    146.52            146.83
                                                                                               2.915                                                  150
                                          2.88                                                                                                        130
                                                      2003-04             2004-05           2005-06                                                              2003-04            2004-05             2005-06
                                                                           Year                                                                                                      Year
                     Energy Cost at % of Manufacturing Cost                                           Annual Furnace Oil Consumption

            40.00%                                                                           220
                                                                                             200    212.58           210.25

                                                                             F . O il, K L
                                                              30.61%                         190
  % C ost

            30.00%        28.67%            27.04%                                           180
                                                                                             170                                           167.53
            25.00%                                                                           160
                                                                                                   2003-04           2004-05           2005-06
                       2003-04            2004-05             2005-06

ENCON Cell Structure:
                                                                   Vice President - Manufacturing

                                                          General Manager – Engineering Services

                                                                Manager – Operational Excellence

               Asst. Manager – Water Conservation                                                            Asst. Manager – Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation Achievement:

Power Savings Ideas:
   1) Optimization of Transformer loading by,
                Downsizing the transformer
                Removing the ideal transformer
                Proper load distribution among the transformers.
       Total Investment: Rs. 14.35 Lacs
       Power Saving: 82.6 KW
   2) Optimization of pumping operation by removing inefficient pumps and installing the higher capacity high efficiency
       pumps at Make Up Water Plant.
       Total Investment: Rs. 6.61 Lacs
       Power Saving: 29.42 KW
   3) Installation of AC Variable Speed Drive in different drives across the plant.
       Total Investment: Rs. 104 Lacs
       Power Saving: 473 KW
Thermal Savings Ideas:
    1) Improvement in PHE effectiveness by schedule cleaning of plates of heat exchanger and thus reduce the 20#
       Dearator steam consumption at Power Plant
         Total Investment: Nil
         Equivalent Coal Consumption reduction: 1050 TPA

      2) Arresting the heat leakages by properly insulating the steam lines and development of schedule for
         checking the surface temp. of steam line and immediately take corrective action for any damage
         Total Investment: Rs. 18.21
         Equivalent Coal Consumption reduction: 528 TPA
      3) Hot Water purging for cooling tower for reducing the heat load on cooling tower.
          Total Investment: Rs. 12.00 Lacs
          Equivalent Coal Consumption reduction: 564 TPA

Energy Conservation Plans & Targets:

Sr.      Energy Conservation Measure                              Investment,     Savings,     Completion
No.                                                                 Rs Lacs       Rs. Lacs         Year
1     To provide glass wool separable type insulation for         0.00           1.10             2006-07
      Free ammonia still tower, WLDS tower & Wet
      Calciner joints.
2     Replacing existing Low efficiency Primary Air Fan           1.35           0.62               2006-07
      with Higher efficiency Fan
3     Reduce power consumption in lighting loads by               8.41           3.43               2006-07
      installing energy saving device for lighting loads.
4     To change Electrolyser membrane from Nafion                 0.00           16.95              2006-07
      966TX to Flamion F-8031 for power saving.
5     To collect MUW FBD condensate and then flash it             41.47          14.57              2006-07
      to 20# psig to get steam
6     To provide steam trap to recover condensate from            5.44           2.68               2006-07
      20#, 50# & 120# steam line
7     Recovery of water at the time of softening tower            1.47           0.06               2006-07
      cleaning at Water Treatment Plant
8     Recovery of power plant's all traps' condensate and         3.45           0.20               2006-07
      atlas copco compressors' drain water to MUW bad
      condensate tank.
9     Water recovery from Bromine Glass tower steam               0.40           0.12               2006-07
10    Installation of push cock at works & Public places of       0.88           0.59               2006-07
      town to optimize Drinking water usage
11    To stop overflow of the DA water tank for Khosla            1.93           0.16               2006-07
12    To enhance the efficiency of Atlas Copco Air                71.00          25.72              2006-07
      Compressor No. 1 to 4.
13    Pre-heating of brine with condensate of calendria -1        6.31           22.88              2006-07
      in NBE plant.
14    Installation of Electronic Choke in place on                26.25          11.19              2006-07
      Conventional chokes
15    Installation of Variable Frequency Drive for Chlorine       11.17          3.51               2006-07
      & Hypo Blower for reduction in Power Consumption.
Environment & Safety:

       In Tata Chemicals Ltd's (TCL) Mithapur plant, safety is accorded the highest priority and commitment from the top
management. A good safety and occupational health programme is in place to ensure the safety of employees, and the
equipment / machinery in Tata Chemicals' multi-product facility at Mithapur. The factory is ISO:14001-certified. In addition to
this, OHSAS - 18001 standards have been achieved, so as to strengthen the occupational health and safety systems.
Simultaneously, for salt-handling, the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification is also being acted on.
     Some of the significant initiatives that are undertaken in recent time are Five start rating from British Safety Council,
Participation in Responsible Care initiative, Regular internal and extern safety audits and implementation of findings, Training
to employees and contractor worker and awareness session.


Among the largest and oldest chemical plants in India, the chemicals division of Tata Chemicals Ltd (TCL) at
Mithapur is a model complex, which strives to continuously improve the quality of life of its employees and the
community it serves. The township is ISO 14001-certified. Tata Chemicals Limited, Mithapur has recently won
the “Green Governance Award” 2005 for its project of “Conservation of Whale Shark”. The Green Governance
Awards have been instituted by Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) in order to provide impetus to
sustainable development and to encourage environmental protection initiatives. The purpose of the award is to
recognize and appreciate an organization’s efforts beyond meeting statutory compliance for protection and
conservation of the environment.

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