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					Amateur sport in SA

  Presented by Richard Dunn
             Amateur Sport in SA

• Not only amateur sport that is struggling

-   world economy- corporates want to see ROI

-   Professional sports
             Amateur sports in SA

• Threats to amateur sports

-   Professional sport
-   A) Cluttered mess in the sport sponsorship market
-   B) Can’t compare exposure etc with amateur sport.
-   Cause related sponsorships
-   Poorly run amateur sport bodies
-   DSTV- Sport is not just a game anymore
-   Continued lack of media support
             Amateur Sport in SA – The way forward

“Amateur sports uplifts people, teaches people life skills, socially
  bridges the gap”

Amateur sport should be seen as a community investment.

• Government support
- media
• Corporate support
- sponsorship can be seen as a social responsibility
             Macro bodies

1) Commonwealth Games vs Olympic Games vs All Africa Games.

-   the 4 year cycle
-   these events form the pinnacle to many amateur athletes.
-   These bodies feed into each other and should be financially
-   Allow amateur athletes who qualify to participate at these
    events, it sustains the sport.
             How does a sponsorship build a brand

• 1)    Creates brand exposure

• In many cases the cost of a sponsorship can be justified by a
  brand through name exposure achieved through event publicity
  and signage. A host of examples show that the awareness
  increases substantially as the result of a sponsorship, especially
  when brands follow up the sponsored activity with other
  marketing activities. There is a significant difference between
  the value that a sponsor and a naming right sponsor can give
  you. Naming rights will help build brand presence, depending on
  the press coverage.
            How does a sponsorship build a brand

• 2)   Internally motivates a company

• Employees and other brand partners can receive emotional
  benefits that result from pride in being associated with the
  sponsorships, as well as the link between the sponsorship and
  their own lifestyle and values.A sponsorship can also act as a
  catalyst to bring employees together and work together to
  implement projects on larger scales.
            How does a sponsorship build a brand

• 3)   Provides an experience for the customer

• An event experience can provide a customer with a unique
  opportunity to develop a link to the brand. An event provides a
  way to interact with key customers in a relaxed setting.
             How does a sponsorship build a brand

• 4) Demonstrates new products and technologies ( Panasonic
  installed largest video display at Atlanta Olympics )

• The most powerful way to introduce a new product is by
  publicity. If it is novel, interesting, and important enough to
  receive press coverage, its brand –building goals will be much
  more likely to be achieved. Publicity is often more cost effective
  than traditional advertising and a lot more credible.
             How does a sponsorship build a brand

• 5)   Develops brand association

• A fifth and often dominant reason for sponsorships is to gain an
  association among a target segment.

   Many brands state that they are leaders in their category,which
   usually means they are innovative, successful and reliable. It is
   awkward however to make this claim oneself “ I am the leader.”
   A sponsorship can help to enhance the brand’s leadership
   association in several ways, some events themselves have an
   image of being the best or most prestigious.
            How does a sponsorship build a brand

• 6)    Becomes part of an event/customer bond ( Iron Man )

• For almost any sponsored event, team, or other property there is
  a segment of heavily involved people who make time for the
  activity and are knowledgeable and current about it. This can be
  described as an affiliation effect and can be determined through
  different factors such as brands that are associated tightly with
  properties ( naming rights ) or the activity would have to be an
  involving part of people’s lives such as England football teams
  or the Iron Man.
  The affiliation effect transfer is the same logic that has made
  liking an ad an important construct in explaining why some
  advertising is effective. There is substantial evidence that
  people liking an ad does more that create attention and interest,
  the liking also gets transferred to the brand. This would also
  happen with sponsored properties.
            How can amateur sport bodies survive?

1) Research your market

   -Understand your audience and build databases

   -Sport bodies should audit their sport/team/event and back up
   their properties with facts and figures that will attract

2) Develop your product into a brand

   - Understand the difference between rugby and the Springboks

   - Develop a brand strategy
            How can amateur sport bodies survive ?

3) Put innovative sponsorship proposals in the marketplace

  - remember you are selling a medium/target the correct potential
  sponsors, not always blue chip.

  - get the right people to sell your sponsorships, professionals.

  - show CSI opportunities with your proposal, amateur sport is
  about developing communities
            How can amateur sport bodies survive ?

4) Understand leveraging

  What is leveraging ?

  - It is the ability to use sponsorship as a platform to deliver
  commercial value.

  - Develop proactive leveraging ideas to go into your sponsorship
  proposals – understand the potential sponsors you are going to
   How can amateur sport bodies survive ?

Leverage your brand – leverage your sponsor
             How can amateur sport bodies survive ?

5) Look after your sponsors – get the basics right

-   value for money
-   Branding and leveraging opportunities
-   Media exposure
-   A professional, efficient sports body
-   Sponsor involvement and influence
-   Access to spectators/audiences and players
              How can sponsors get their
              investment of amateur sport to work

• Hands on approach
- Sponsorship leveraging strategies
- drive the sponsored sport yourself, don’t rely on the sport
  bodies. ( work with them as partners )

-   Spar involvement in Netball and Hockey in SA
-   Broadcasting
-   Tournament presence ( media, athletes etc )

-   This partnership has allowed Spar to grow it’s affiliation with
    hockey and grow the hockey brand itself.

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