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									                                               Assessor Registration Form

         For detailed information please download the Assessor Registration and Management Policy Document:
          Please be advised that all details requested are in accordance with the SAQA, NLRD requirements.

     SECTION    A.    Permitted Values Reference Table ................................................................. 1
     SECTION    B.    Personal Details ............................................................................................ 2
     SECTION    C.    Contact Details .............................................................................................. 2
     SECTION    D.    Application details ......................................................................................... 3
     SECTION    E.    Assessment Scope Details............................................................................. 4
     SECTION    F.    Motivation of Assessment Competence .......................................................... 5
     SECTION    G.    Prior Learning Review ................................................................................... 5
     SECTION    H.    Motivation of Technical Competence .............................................................. 5
     SECTION    I.    Motivation of Contextual Competence ............................................................ 5
     SECTION    J.    Declaration by Applicant ................................................................................ 6
     SECTION    K.    THETA Qualifications Framework................................................................... 7

SECTION A.           Permitted Values Reference Table
                                This section will assist in the completion of SECTION B.
                      Permitted values adhere to SAQA, NLRD and THETA database requirements.
Alternate ID Number (SECTION B)                                      Nationality (SECTION B)
Birth Certificate Number                                             Angola                                   Other and rest of Oceania
Drivers Licence                                                      Asian Countries                          Rest of Africa
Employee Number                                                      Australia and New Zealand                SADC except SA
ETQA Record Number                                                   Botswana                                 Seychelles
HSRC Register No.                                                    Central and South American               South African
Passport No                                                          Countries
SAQA Member ID                                                       European Countries
Student Number                                                       Lesotho
Temporary ID Number                                                  Malawi
Unknown                                                              Mauritius
Work Permit Number                                                   Mozambique

Citizen residence status (SECTION B)                                 Home Language (SECTION B)
Dual (SA plus other)                                                 Afrikaans                                Siswati
Other                                                                Chinese                                  Southern Sotho
Permanent Resident                                                   English                                  TshiVenda
South African                                                        isiNdebele                               Tswana
Unknown                                                              isiXhosa                                 Unknown
                                                                     Northern Sotho (Pedi)                    xiTsonga (Shangaan)
                                                                     Other                                    Zulu
Disability status (SECTION B)                                        Socio-economic status (SECTION B)
(None)                                                               Employed
Communication (talking, listening)                                   N/A: Aged<15
Disabled but Unspecified                                             N/A: Institution
Emotional (behavioural or psychological)                             Not working – disabled person
Hearing Impaired (Even with hearing aid)                             Not working – housewife/homemaker
Intellectual (difficult in learning)                                 Not working – none of the above
Multiple                                                             Not working – not looking for work
Physical (moving, standing, grasping)                                Not working – not wishing to work
Sight impaired (Even with Glasses)                                   Not working – pensioner/retired person
Unknown Disability Status                                            Not working – scholar/full-time student
                                                                     Unemployed, looking for work

    National Learner Record’s Database

Issue Date                 13 July 2003                   Version                   5                                        Page 1 of 11
Last Review                07 August 2007                 Review Date               Yearly                     Created by Leone Whateley
                                            Assessor Registration Form

                                             APPLICATION INFORMATION
SECTION B.            Personal Details
                                    * Please refer to SECTION A for permitted answers.
Title (Dr, Miss, Mr, Mrs, Ms, Not stated, Prof)
First Name
Middle Names
Maiden Name (if applicable)
RSA ID Number (13 digits)
Alternate ID Number (if applicable)
* Alternate ID Type & Country
* Nationality
* Citizen residence status
Gender                                                             Male
Equity                                                             Black: African
                                                                   Black: Coloured
                                                                   Black: Indian/Asian
* Home language
* Disability status
* Socio-economic status

SECTION C.            Contact Details
  Kindly notify Theta should there be any changes to your contact details during the processing of your application.

                    Field                                        Dialling Code                Number
BUSINESS telephone number
HOME telephone number
FAX number
E-mail address
Preferred Communication~
~cell phone, e-mail, fax, post, telephone

                                                  Physical                                   Postal
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
~Eastern Cape, Freestate, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape, Western

Issue Date                 13 July 2003              Version                5                           Page 2 of 11
Last Review                07 August 2007            Review Date            Yearly        Created by Leone Whateley
                                           Assessor Registration Form

SECTION D.           Application details
1.     Assessor Type – Select a category.
               Category                                                    Function
        INTERNAL                       Assessor in the employ of an organizational employer provider, who conducts
                                       assessments primarily for that employer as part of organizational performance
                                       management. Generally it is understood that this assessors’ core function is not
        EXTERNAL                       Assessors in the employ of private and public providers, where their core function
                                       are most likely ETD practices in general, and assessment is conducted for
                                       external learners on a cost basis.
        BOTH                           Assessors who conduct internal and external assessments.

        INDEPENDENT                    Assessors not attached to one accredited provider, who contracts their services
                                       for a defined scope to several accredited providers

2.     Institutional Assessors Only – Complete current employment details
Name of Organisation
Month and year of appointment
Name of person reporting to
Contact number / e-mail

3.     Provider Details – List all Providers you wish to conduct assessment for.
    Provider Accreditation no. /                 Provider Name                     Provider Contact details: e-mail address
             SDL no.

3.1.     Proof of Authority - Complete nominator details for each Provider in number 3. OR attach letters from
         Providers/Organisations authorising your linkage.
Provider                                                       Provider
Nominator                                                      Nominator
Position                                                       Position
Signature                                                      Signature

Date                                                           Date

Provider                                                       Provider
Nominator                                                      Nominator
Position                                                       Position
Signature                                                      Signature

Date                                                           Date

    Theta Accreditation Number (e.g. 613/P/123456/2005)
    Skills Development Levy Number (e.g. L123456789)

Issue Date                13 July 2003             Version                5                                  Page 3 of 11
Last Review               07 August 2007           Review Date            Yearly               Created by Leone Whateley
                                              Assessor Registration Form

4.     Province of Assessment – Indicate your primary province of assessment.
                                              Province (you may select more than 1)
           Gauteng                                                        Northern Cape

           Limpopo                                                             Eastern Cape

           North West                                                          Western Cape

           Free State                                                          Outside SA

           Mpumalanga                                                          SA National Province, unspecified

           KwaZulu-Natal                                                       Undefined

5.     Sector of Assessment – Indicate your primary sectors of assessment. Where possible, indicate sub-sectors.
       (e.g. Hospitality, Accommodation Services).
             Sector (you may select more than 1)                                              Sub-sector



           Nature Conservation


           Fitness & Recreation



           Other (specify)

SECTION E.              Assessment Scope Details
                  List the qualifications / skills programme / unit standards you want to assess as an assessor.
   Please consult the Theta Qualifications Framework for SAQA Qualifications & Unit Standards registration codes: OR refer to SECTION K for quick reference.
1.     National Qualifications – Provide details of Theta qualifications only.
SAQA ID              National Qualification Title          NQF         Elective unit standards numbers & Title     Etqa office
  (e.g.                                                    Level       selected within the qualification           use only

2.     Unit Standards – List only those that fall outside of the above qualifications, assess as single unit standards
     SAQA ID                                        Unit Standard Title                                NQF         Etqa office
    (e.g. 7793)                                                                                        Level       use only

                                       Attach additional pages / insert lines if necessary.

    National Qualifications Framework

Issue Date                   13 July 2003                Version               5                                  Page 4 of 11
Last Review                  07 August 2007              Review Date           Yearly               Created by Leone Whateley
                                               Assessor Registration Form

                An Assessor may only assess against the listed scope as approved by Theta .

  SECTION F.          Motivation of Assessment Competence
   Please note that TD Qualifications are expired. Assessors are required to reapply for registration after achieving the
                                               new Assessor Unit Standard.
  Assessor Unit Standards:    7978, Plan and conduct assessment of learning outcomes
                              115753 , Conduct outcomes-based assessment                                         YES      NO
  Have you received training in the Assessor unit standards 7978 / 115753?

  Have you been declared competent in the Assessor unit standard 7978 / 115753?

  Have you received a certificate/letter from the Provider or ETDP SETA?
  Please attach this document to application if available
  Please supply your ETDP learner number (ETDP Statement of Results No).
  Please attach this ETDP Statement of result document to application
  COMPULSORY for full registration status

  SECTION G.          Prior Learning Review
   Complete this section if SECTION F was not answered or NO was selected. Conversions to ASSMT 01 should have
                        been completed by 1 April 2004 for Registrations to have remained valid.
  1.    Alternate Assessor Training – Supply details of alternate Assessor training.
  Have you received any other form of Assessor training (e.g. City & Guilds)?
  Name of Training Provider
  Duration of Training
  Standard Title
  Month and year of conversion to ASSMT 01 / 7978 / 115753

  SECTION H.          Motivation of Technical (academic) Competence
  1.    Formal Qualifications – List all formal qualifications and associated and relate this to the National Qualification or
        Unit Standards from requested scope application listed in SECTION E.
Qualification/Course Title (e.g.        Institution/Training Provider (e.g.        Year of         Related NQF Qualification/Unit
              BSc)                                    UNISA)                      Completion        Standard (e.g. 20155, 8550)

  SECTION I.          Motivation of Contextual (work experience) Competence
                   Complete this section OR attach Curriculum Vitae including duties details & references.

       Organisation                Job Title            Overview of                Related NQF         Reference (Name, contact
                                                      Functions / duties           Qualification                 no.)

  Issue Date                13 July 2003              Version                 5                                  Page 5 of 11
  Last Review               07 August 2007            Review Date             Yearly               Created by Leone Whateley
                                         Assessor Registration Form

SECTION J.         Declaration by Applicant

I,                                            certify that the information given in this application is true and correct.

                      Applicant Signature


     Deliver / Courier completed application form to:
     3 rd Floor, Block E, Sandhurst Office Park, Cnr Kathrine & Rivonia Road               OR

     Fax to: Facsimile: 0865053348 OR

     Post to: P O Box 1329, Rivonia, 2128        OR

     e-mail to: only if signatures are electronically registered

Kindly attach to application a signed Code of Conduct document (see below)

Issue Date              13 July 2003          Version                5                                    Page 6 of 11
Last Review             07 August 2007        Review Date            Yearly                 Created by Leone Whateley
                                              Assessor Registration Form

SECTION K.            THETA Qualifications Framework
  Detailed information available on
1.   Qualifications
TOURISM SUB SECTOR                                                                                NQF Level        SAQA ID
General Education and Training Certificate : Tourism                                              1                22190
National Certificate in Tourism: Car rental                                                       4                17492
National Certificate in Tourism: Cabin Crew                                                       5                18943
National Certificate in Tourism: Reception                                                        4                20513
National Certificate in Tourism: Event Support                                                    4                17390
National Diploma in Tourism: Event Co-ordination                                                  5                20613
HOSPITALITY SUB SECTOR                                                                            NQF Level        SAQA ID
National Certificate in Accommodation Services                                                    2                14110
National Certificate in Fast Food Services                                                        3                14115
National Certificate in Hospitality Reception                                                     4                14116
National Certificate in Food & Beverage Services                                                  4                14113
National Certificate in Professional Cookery                                                      4                14111
National Diploma in Accommodation Services                                                        5                14123
National Diploma in Fast Food Services                                                            5                14109
National Diploma in Food & Beverage Management                                                    5                14108
National Diploma in Professional Cookery                                                          5                14112
Diploma in Hospitality Operations                                                                 5                24433
National Diploma in Service Management                                                            5                20414
GUIDING SUB SECTOR                                                                                NQF Level        SAQA ID
National Certificate in Tourism: Guiding                                                          2                17174
National Certificate in Tourism: Guiding                                                          4                20155
NATURE CONSERVATION SUB SECTOR                                                                    NQF Level        SAQA ID
General Education & Training Certificate Conservation                                             1                22971
National Certificate in Conservation Guardianship                                                 2                20415
National Certificate in Natural Resource Management: Terrestrial                                  5                20416
National Certificate in Fisheries Resource Guardianship                                           4                20413
National Certificate in Fisheries Resource Management                                             5                20153
National Certificate in Community Conservation: Liaison & Support                                 2                24199
National Certificate in Community Conservation: Practice & Co-ordination                          5                24195
National Certificate in Species Care in Controlled Environments                                   2                48433
National Certificate in Captive Animal Management                                                 4                48435
National Certificate in Fisheries Observation: Deep Sea                                           5                35925
National Certificate in Fisheries Observaton: Inshore                                             4                23513
SPORT SUB SECTOR                                                                                  NQF Level        SAQA ID
National Certificate in Sport / Recreation / Fitness Leadership                                   4                21500
National Certificate in Coaching Science                                                          5                21499
National Certificate in Fitness                                                                   5                23374
National Diploma in Coaching Science                                                              5                21891
National Diploma in Fitness                                                                       5                21890
GAMING SUB SECTOR                                                                                 NQF Level        SAQA ID
National Certificate in Gaming: Cashiering                                                        3                14117
National Certificate in Gaming: Dealing                                                           3                14114
National Certificate in Gaming: Surveillance                                                      3                14121
National Certificate in Gaming: Slots Operation                                                   3                14120
TRAVEL SUB SECTOR                                                                                 NQF Level        SAQA ID
National Certificate in General Travel                                                            5                14119
National Diploma in Retail Travel                                                                 5                14122
National Diploma in Wholesale Travel                                                              5                14118

2.   Skills Programmes
TRAVEL SUB SECTOR                                                                   Registration No            NQF Level
General Receptionist, Office Assistant, Filing Clerk or Secretary                   TRV/GenRec/4/0001          4
Travel Processor                                                                    TRV/TrvPro/4/0002          4

Issue Date                13 July 2003              Version                5                                    Page 7 of 11
Last Review               07 August 2007            Review Date            Yearly                 Created by Leone Whateley
                                             Assessor Registration Form

BSP Clerk                                                                    TRV/BspClk/4/0003          4
Driver / Messenger                                                           TRV/Msnger/4/0004          4
TOURISM SUB SECTOR                                                           Registration No            NQF Level
General Tourist Assistant                                                    TRS/GenAst/4/0005          4
Support Event Manager                                                        TRS/SupEMn/4/0006          4
Event Support Clerk                                                          TRS/ESupCl/4/0007          4
Airline Check in Clerk, General Assistant Air Ports                          TRS/AirpGA/4/0008          4
EVENT MANAGEMENT                                                             Registration No            NQF Level
Support Event Manager                                                        TRS/SupEMn/0009            4
Event Support                                                                TRS/EvnSup/4/0010          4
Volunteer                                                                    TRS/EvnVol/4/0011          4
HOSPITALITY SUB SECTOR                                                       Registration No            NQF Level
Room Attendant                                                               HSP/RmAttd/2/0012          2
Laundry Assistant                                                            HSP/LndAss/2/0013          2
Public Area Cleaner                                                          HSP/Cleanr/2/0014          2
Assistant Housekeeper                                                        HSP/AssHkr/2/0015          2
Porter                                                                       HSP/FoHPrt/2/0016          2
Receptionist                                                                 HSP/Recept/2/0017          2
Porter / Concierge                                                           HSP/PrtCon/2/0018          2
Cook – Convenience foods                                                     HSP/CkConF/2/0019          2
Cook – Fast Foods                                                            HSP/CkFstF/2/0020          2
Kitchen Cleaner                                                              HSP/KchCln/2/0021          2
Assistant Chef                                                               HSP/AssChf/2/0022          2
Food Service Assistant                                                       HSP/FdSrvA/2/0023          2
Drink Serviced Assistant                                                     HSP/DSrvA/2/0024           2
Table Attendant                                                              HSP/TblAtt/2/0025          2
Fast Food / Counter Attendant                                                HSP/FfCAtt/2/0026          2
Bar Attendant                                                                HSP/BarAtt/2/0027          2
GUIDING SUB SECTOR                                                           Registration No            NQF Level
Cultural Site Guide                                                          TGD/CulSGd/2/0028          2
Nature Site Guide                                                            TGD/NatSGd/2/0029          2
Nature Site Guide (Dangerous Game Area)                                      TGD/NSGDGm/2/0030          2
Adventure Site Guide (Mountaineering)                                        TGD/ASGMnt/2/0031          2
Adventure Site Guide (Fly Fishing)                                           TGD/ASGFsh/2/0032          2
Adventure Site Guide (Pro-Paddling)                                          TGD/ASGPad/2/0033          2
Adventure Site Assistant (Pro-Paddling)                                      TGD/ASGPad/2/0034          2
Adventure Site Guide (Marine Guiding)                                        TGD/ASGMar/2/0042          2
Cultural Site Guide                                                          TGD/CulSGd/4/0035          4
Nature Site Guide                                                            TGD/NatSGd/4/0036          4
Nature Site Guide (Dangerous Game Area)                                      TGD/NSGDGm/4/0037          4
Adventure Site Guide (Mountaineering)                                        TGD/ASGMnt/4/0038          4
Adventure Site Guide (Fly Fishing)                                           TGD/ASGFsh/4/0039          4
Adventure Site Guide (Pro-Paddling)                                          TGD/ASGPad/4/0040          4
Adventure Site Guide (Marine Guiding)                                        TGD/ASGMar/4/0041          4
NATURE CONSERVATION SUB SECTOR                                               Registration No            NQF Level
Field Ranger (Armed or Unarmed)                                              CSV/FldRng/2/0043          2
Senior Field Ranger                                                          CSV/SrFRng/2/0044          2
General Field Assistant                                                      CSV/GFldAs/2/0045          2
Conservation Natural Resource Management - General                           CSV/NRMnGl/5/0046          5
Natural Resource Management - Fauna                                          CSV/NRMFau/5/0047          5
Natural Resource Management - Flora                                          CSV/NRMFlo/5/0048          5
Natural Resource Management – Environmental                                  CSV/NRMEnv/5/0049          5
Community Conservation Management                                            CSV/CConsM/5/0050          5
Conservation Compliance                                                      CSV/CnsCom/5/0051          5
Programmes Officer                                                           CSV/PrgOff/5/0052          5
SPORT SUB SECTOR                                                             Registration No            NQF Level
Sport Recreation and Fitness Leadership and Administration                   SRF/LdsAdm/4/53            4

Issue Date                  13 July 2003              Version       5                                    Page 8 of 11
Last Review                 07 August 2007            Review Date   Yearly                 Created by Leone Whateley
                                        Assessor Code of Conduct
                                 Role of Assessor and Internal Moderator

Individuals fulfilling an Assessor or Internal Moderator role will have high visibility within the organization as well as
the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority and should be seen to be displaying appropriate
values and behaving in accordance with the Code of Conduct as agreed to between the THETA ETQA and
(Organization’s name)

Individuals should be guided by the highest possible standards of personal integrity, professional competence, sound
judgement, and discretion whilst fulfilling their roles as Assessors and Internal Moderators.

The following is considered as acceptable Assessor and Internal Moderator practice:

To actively and effectively implement the role of Assessor/Internal Moderator as laid down in the Terms and
Conditions, thereby ensuring client and user involvement, participation and ownership.


To maintain the professional image of the organization and the THETA at all times by ensuring:
    preparation for meetings, assessments and moderation is done in a thorough and timeous manner

    attendance of all training programmes as identified in order to keep up to date with new assessment and
    moderation practices, etc.

    managing personal biases

    showing respect for demographic and learner differences

    avoiding conflict of interests

    evaluating gifts/favors in relation to this code of conduct and ethics

                                     Assessment Practice and Principles

                                               The Assessor undertakes to

    •    Follow the assessment process as determined by the SAQA and ETQA criteria / requirements:
              1.    Plan and prepare assessment
              2.    Prepare the candidate
              3.    Conduct the assessment
              4.    Make a judgement
              5.    Record the assessment
              6.    Review the assessment

    •    Maintain a developmental approach to assessment, and show continuous commitment to the principles of
         professional ethics and learner support,

    •    Conduct assessment with due care and diligence and adherence to the assessment principles :

    •    Fair
    •    Valid
    •    Reliable
     •      Direct
     •      Appropriate
     •      Manageable
     •      Integrated into work or learning
     •      Authentic
     •      Current
     •      Transparent
     •      Direct
     •      Systematic
     •      Sufficient

                                                 Fraudulent Activities

Due to the nature of the role of Assessors and Internal Moderators, caution must always be exercised to ensure that
Assessments and the Moderation thereof are conducted according to the policies and procedures of (Organization’s
name)                                , as laid down and submitted to the THETA ETQA, in their Quality Management
System Policy, and that no exceptions will be made. Exceptions of any kind can be construed as fraudulent.

                                               Matters of Confidentiality

As part of your role as Assessor/Internal Moderator you will have access to confidential information/material. This
information is a valuable asset and you are not permitted to make a disclosure of this information, or to use it, without
the written consent of the company or the third party. This applies both during the course of your employment and

                                                   De Registration

Failure to adhere to this Code of Conduct could result in the withdrawal of your Assessor/Internal Moderator
registration with the THETA ETQA and disciplinary action by the organization.

The following instances are regarded as serious breaches of the Assessor Code of Conduct, and may lead to de-
registration of the assessor”

No       Instance             Description
1        Misconduct           Complaints lodged by learners, providers or other stakeholders regarding conduct or ethics
                              of the assessor during the assessment process
2        Moderation           Repeated non-performance and/or policy violations of an assessor emerging in moderation
         Results              results
3        Misrepresentation    Willful misrepresentation by the assessor of:
                                   •    the provider scope,
                                   •    his/her own expertise or
                                   •    Theta policy issues and/or practices.

4        Competence Audit     An assessor is found to be not competent in the scope of assessment through external
                                 Declaration by Assessor / Moderator

I (Full Name and Surname)

Declare that I have read and understood the contents of this document and am aware that any disregard of the
regulations could result in my being de-registered as an Assessor/Moderator with THETA and possibly other SETA’s

Signed at (place):

on (date):

between the following parties:

Assessor / Internal Moderator

Full name/s and Surname:


Representative of Organization

Full name/s and Surname:


on behalf of

Organization Name:

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