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									Student Mobility
                                                                                                                         Student Mobility
Student mobility program
The Australian Government has actively supported student mobility. Learn about
the various institutions and programs available, and read about Australian students’
exchange-program experiences in Malaysia.

                                                                             What is student mobility?
                                                                             Student mobility is the overseas
                                                                             movement of students which enables
                                                                             them to gain internationally relevant skills
                                                                             and perspectives as well as build business
                                                                             links with other countries and develop
                                                                             capacity to be an effective global

                                                                             The Australian Government has long
                                                                             supported the internationalisation of
                                                                             education and recognises the many
                                                                             benefits that come from Australian
                                                                             students studying overseas and being
                                                                             exposed to other cultures and education

                                                                             The 2020 Summit held in Canberra earlier
                                                                             this year also emphasised the importance
                                                                             of Australians thinking globally and
                                                                             highlighted the significance of increasing
                                                                             the international mobility of students and
                                                                             staff. All twelve prominent Australians
                                                                             to whom Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
                                                                             looked for leadership at the summit had
                                                                             experience overseas and most of them
                                                                             had completed their studies overseas.
                                                                             With a renewed focus and attention
                                                                             on student mobility and the maturing
                                                                             of the education relationship between
                                                                             Australia and Malaysia, this has brought
                                                                             about a greater focus by the Australian
                                                                             Government to encourage Australian
                                                                             students to broaden their academic
                                                                             horizons in Malaysia.

                                                                             What does it mean for you?
 Student-exchange facts and figures                                           Australian students graduating with
 665: the approximate number of          (Source:   internationally relevant skills and
 subsidies available through various     au/student_exchanges_new/)          perspectives are required by industries
 overseas student-exchange programs                                          to enable Australia to compete
 for 2009                                (See the section on ‘Government     internationally. Therefore, if you are
                                         support’ on page 50 for more        one of those students, you would be
 31: the number of Australian students   information).                       a preferred employee as Australian
 selected to go on exchange in                                               employers have indicated that an
 Malaysia in 2008                                                            overseas study experience is becoming
                                                                             more important.

                                                                                                    Guide to Internships and
                                                                                                         Studies in Malaysia
      Student Mobility

     With a renewed focus and attention on student mobility and the maturing of the education
     relationship between Australia and Malaysia, this has brought about a greater focus by the
     Australian Government to encourage Australian students to broaden their academic horizons
     in Malaysia.

     What are the Australian student                 Vocational Education & Training (VET)        He says: ‘Malaysia is an incredibly easy
     mobility tools and programs                     Outbound Mobility Pilot Projects             country to live in, the people are friendly
     available?                                      These projects aim to encourage greater      and the food is amazing. I was doing
                                                     awareness of the opportunities available     exactly the same subjects I would have
     Student Mobility Mapping Exercise
                                                     in the VET sector for outbound mobility      done in Australia. I enjoyed the smaller
     The Australian Government, through the
                                                     and to increase student mobility in it.      class sizes, too! Life was not difficult at
     Department of Education, Employment
                                                                                                  all. I settled in easily and did not have
     and Workplace Relations, is currently
                                                     Government support                           any major problems; despite my terrible
     involved in two data collection projects
                                                     There has always been a long-standing        Malay, I could still get around quite
     to help better understand the student
                                                     commitment by the Australian                 easily.’
     mobility environment: the Australian
                                                     Government to outbound student
     Universities International Directors’ Forum
                                                     mobility. This commitment is reflected        David adds that ‘everyone is the same in
     (AUIDF) study on International Mobility
                                                     in the provision of funding for student      many ways; I think I have learnt to view
     of Australian Students and a mapping
                                                     exchanges amounting to some                  people from other cultures in a way that
     exercise of outbound mobility in the
                                                     AUD5.5 million (2008/2009) annually          I did not before. At the same time, I have
     higher education sector. The objective
                                                     to support these three international         also realised that things I thought were
     of the mapping exercise is to inform
                                                     student-exchange programs and one            just completely ‘normal’ or ‘obvious’ are,
     the Department of the commitment to
                                                     loan scheme:                                 in fact, social norms. Living overseas was
     student mobility of Australian universities
                                                      • Endeavour Student Exchange                an eye-opening experience for me.’ (See
                                                          Program                                 his profile on page 60).
      • examining the attitudes within the
                                                      • Australian University Mobility in Asia
         universities towards student mobility
                                                          and the Pacific (UMAP) Student           Swinburne University of Technology
      • identifying challenges and gaps in
                                                          Exchange Program                        student from the Lilydale campus,
         student mobility for students and
                                                      • Endeavour Cheung Kong Student             Alexandra Vasiliadis, is another who took
                                                          Exchange Program                        up the challenge. This is what she has to
      • identifying how student mobility is
                                                      • OS-HELP (loan scheme)                     say about her experience in Malaysia:
         reflected in existing institution policies
                                                      • For more information on these             ‘Being a student in another country gave
         and/or strategies
                                                          programs, please refer to our article   me the opportunity to build friendships.
      • examining the sustainability of student
                                                          entitled ‘Student-exchange awards’.     I met so many students from other
         mobility programs.
                                                          (See pages 51 to 52).                   continents and regions. My immediate
                                                                                                  plan once I complete the program is to
     The findings from both the mapping
     exercise and the AUIDF study will help to
                                                     Malaysia: an enriching student-              share my experience with everyone back
                                                     exchange destination                         home. I plan to encourage other students
     inform how the Australian Government
                                                                                                  to take part in the same program.’ (See
     might better support outbound mobility.         With her multicultural and cosmopolitan
                                                                                                  her profile on page 62).
                                                     make-up, Malaysia is a student-exchange
     Study Overseas Portal                           destination worth considering, offering a
                                                                                                  As for activities, she says that ‘since being                        variety of enriching experiences, both on
                                                                                                  in Malaysia, I have been jungle trekking,
     This practical portal is to encourage           and off campus.
                                                                                                  visited and stayed in a longhouse, played
     and help Australian students to realise
                                                                                                  soccer with other international students
     an international experience. It highlights      David Bowly of Monash University took
                                                                                                  and provided tuition, just to name a few
     the benefits of studying overseas,               the plunge into a student-exchange
     scholarship opportunities, provide links to     program in Malaysia and came up
     travel information, give case studies of        drenched with enthusiasm, high-
                                                                                                  Alexandra’s advice to anybody who is
     personal experiences of those who have          quality education and life-changing
                                                                                                  planning to take part in a student-mobility
     studied overseas, and will also provide         experiences.
                                                                                                  program: ‘Enjoy and take every day as
     country-specific information, while giving
                                                                                                  it comes. It has been the most amazing
     education providers opportunities to
                                                                                                  and memorable experience of my life.’
     showcase their commitment to
     outbound mobility.

50     Guide to Internships and
       Studies in Malaysia
                                                                                                     Student Mobility
Student-exchange awards
A student-exchange experience will broaden horizons, enlighten minds, and open
future doors. This is where student-exchange awards come in to enable students to
have this invaluable experience.

                                                                 tudent-exchange programs have
                                                                 long been a vehicle for those keen
                                                                 to experience education beyond
                                                          that of their primary institution of higher
                                                          learning. These programs provide
                                                          opportunities to not just take courses in
                                                          other institutions which can contribute
                                                          to their degree requirements in the form
                                                          of credit transfer, but also to experience
                                                          how these courses are taught elsewhere.
                                                          If the exchange program is in an overseas
                                                          institution, they get the added benefit of
                                                          experiencing life in a different country,
                                                          living in a different culture or among
                                                          several cultures.

                                                          For those who are interested to explore
                                                          this option, funding may be a stumbling
                                                          block as many exchange programs
                                                          generally require that the exchange
                                                          students pay their own way to and from
                                                          the overseas institution, which can come
                                                          up to quite a hefty sum given the prices
                                                          of return airfares from Australia, among
                                                          many other related travel and living

                                                          The Australian Government believes in
                                                          encouraging students to experience
                                                          overseas life and learning. Hence, it has
                                                          a variety of awards that go towards
                                                          supporting student mobility by providing
                                                          funding for overseas student-exchange
                                                          programs for those deserving of it.

                                                                                Guide to Internships and
                                                                                     Studies in Malaysia
      Student Mobility

     Student-exchange programs provide opportunities to not just take courses in other institutions
     which can contribute to their degree requirements in the form of credit transfer, but also to
     experience how these courses are taught elsewhere.

     Australian Government award                         Endeavour Cheung Kong Student                  OS-HELP
     programs and loan scheme                            Exchange Program                     
     Currently, the Australian Government
                                                         exchanges_new/cheung_kong.htm                  OS-HELP is a loan scheme under the
     provides some AUD5.5 million (2008/2009)
                                                         Headquartered in Hong Kong, the                Higher Education Support Act 2003, to
     annually to support three international
                                                         Cheung Kong Group has businesses               assist eligible undergraduate students to
     student-exchange programs and a loan
                                                         in 57 countries. The Cheung Kong               undertake some of their course of study
     scheme as follows:
                                                         Group has a history of supporting              towards their Australian higher education
                                                         education through international                qualification overseas.
     Endeavour Student Exchange Program
                                                         scholarships; the Endeavour Australia
                                                         Cheung Kong Scholarship Program                OS-HELP can be used for expenses such
     Under this program, Australian higher
                                                         represents a unique partnership with           as airfares, accommodation, and other
     education institutions receive funding
                                                         the Australian Government to support           travel or study expenses. There has been
     to subsidise the cost of their establishing
                                                         both undergraduate and postgraduate            a significant increase in the uptake of
     and monitoring, and of undergraduate
                                                         students from Australia and Asia to study      OS-HELP since it was first introduced in
     students’ participation in, eligible student
                                                         in each other’s home environments.             2005.
     exchanges with registered higher
     education institutions in certain countries.
                                                         The Australian Government and the              An opportunity not to be missed
                                                         Cheung Kong Group will each contribute
     Australian University Mobility in Asia                                                             With many avenues of funding available,
                                                         AUD3.75 million over a five-year period,
     and the Pacific (UMAP) Student                                                                      if you are keen and think you are eligible
                                                         starting from 2004/05. The AUD7.5 million
     Exchange Program                                                                                   to go on an overseas exchange program,
                                                         in funding will support the participation                                                                                       check out the entry requirements of the
                                                         of up to 856 undergraduate students in
     The Australian UMAP Program, which was                                                             institutions in the pages following this
                                                         institution-to-institution student exchanges
     established in 1993, provides funding to                                                           article.
                                                         and fund up to 132 postgraduate/post-
     Australian higher education institutions
                                                         doctorate fellowships.
     to subsidise the cost of their establishing
     and monitoring, and of Australian
     students’ participation in, UMAP student
     exchanges with counterpart higher
     education institutions in the Asia-Pacific
     region. Funding is also provided for staff
     to participate.

            Universities in Malaysia which welcome international                University of Malaya (UM)
            exchange students:                                        
            Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus
                                                                                Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)
            International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
                                                                                Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)
            Monash University Sunway Campus
                                                                                Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
            Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus
                                                                                Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
            Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
                                                                                Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM)

52     Guide to Internships and
       Studies in Malaysia
                   Institution &
               Student Profiles
                        Institution Profiles:

                      55             57

               59     63             65

               67     69             71

               74     77             79
                          Student Profiles:

54   60   62   72     76             80
     Student Profile

                      S tudent Profile
                                    a, Australian
                      Tim De Gruss                    onomics
                                        mmerce (Ec
                      Pu rsuing BA Co
                                   Final year
                       & Finance),                      niversity             What drives me to succeed        Everyone should know this
                                          tion Curtin U
                       Ex change Institu             ampus                    at my student-mobility           Being abroad can get
                                      y, Sarawak C
                       of Technolog              University of
                                                                              program                          lonely at times, like the time I
                                     tion Curtin
                        Home Institu                                          Succeeding for me during         turned 21 at KLIA waiting for
                        Technolog  y, Perth                                   this program means               my plane.
                                                                              balancing my studies with
                                                                              travelling and foreign           The best part of
                                                                              entertainment; I want to
                                                                              succeed now to reap the
                                                                                                               studying abroad is
                                                                              short-term rewards.              the opportunity to
                                                                                                               travel. Most of my
                                                                              The best thing about being
                                                                              a university student going       trips have been with
                                                                              through a student-mobility       foreign students, or
                                                                              Learning more than just          a place I was told
                                                                              theory every day. Being          to visit by foreign
                                                                              abroad allows me to gain
                                                                              an international perspective
                                                                              on life.

          Choosing my student mobility program                                An important skill
          Basically I wanted to participate in a program that was unlike      One of the skills that I am learning is the national Malaysian
          anything I had experienced before; it was not so much the           language of Bahasa Melayu, I am sure I will continue to learn
          education I looked for but to experience a foreign culture          it once I return home.
          and gain life experience.
                                                                              Extracurricular activities
          My favourite subject                                                Back home I am a member of a golf club, so when I am not
          Portfolio management. I have always been interested in this         studying, I am usually participating in club events.
          segment of finance because it is practical to making real life
          financial decisions.                                                 Looking ahead
                                                                              This is my final semester as an undergraduate; I will be
          Foreign-student mobility life                                       working in corporate finance next year back home in Perth.
          The best part of studying abroad is the opportunity to travel.      However, after a few years of experience and with the
          Most of my trips have been with foreign students, or a place I      international perspective I have received while abroad, I see
          was told to visit by foreign students. I have made contacts in      myself working internationally either in the UAE (United Arab
          the Middle East, Europe and most Asian nations.                     Emirates) or the UK.

          The single most memorable moment while being on                     My advice
          exchange is New Year’s Eve celebrated in Kota Kinabalu              Research your institution and the environment you will be
          (East Malaysia).                                                    exposed to before committing to any mobility program. Have
          The primary challenge for me on this program is adapting to         a copious budget because there is always something you
          the different cultures and different opinions which, in some        want to buy or a place you want to visit.
          aspects, are totally the opposite of my life in Australia. My way
          of adapting to these changes is by keeping an open mind
          and if I do not agree with something (which is most of the
          time), I just try and have respect for the different way of life.

54   Guide to Internships and
     Studies in Malaysia
                                                                                                                                     Institution Profile
Curtin University of Technology Sarawak
Campus, Malaysia


Curtin University of Technology Sarawak
Campus, Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak) is the
first offshore campus of Curtin University
of Technology, Western Australia (Curtin
Western Australia). Located in Miri,
Sarawak, Curtin Sarawak is the first foreign
university campus to be set up in East

Curtin’s reputation for excellence in the
South-East Asian region provided the
basis for the Sarawak state government’s
initiative to invite Curtin to establish an
international university in Sarawak. Curtin
Sarawak has been actively involved in
Malaysian education for the past two
decades and the establishment of Curtin
Sarawak’s campus ensures that it will
continue to increase its contributions
towards excellence in Malaysian tertiary
education.                                    the course undertaken. The Campus also       in Teaching Award for Teaching
Curtin Sarawak’s operations in Miri,          conducts postgraduate, diploma and           Excellence, and Ms Shamsul Kamariah
Sarawak commenced in February 1999. In        foundation programs.                         Abdullah awarded the Curtin University
2002, the new purpose-built campus in a                                                    of Technology Excellence in Teaching
                                              Academic Achievements
garden opened. It is a world-class facility                                                Award for Outstanding Contributions to
                                              2008 Mr Terence Tan awarded the Curtin
where architecturally stylish buildings                                                    Student Learning.
                                              University of Technology Excellence in
complement state-of-the-art equipment         Teaching Award for Teaching Excellence.      2007 Mass Communication students from
and facilities, coupled with sophisticated                                                 Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak
IT linkages to provide students access to     2008 Chemical Engineering student
                                                                                           Malaysia awarded the AFP (Anugerah
the resources of Curtin, Western Australia.   Chan Kwai Hong won first runner-up
                                                                                           Filem Pendek/Short Film Award) 2006 Jury
In November 1999, Curtin Sarawak was          in Technical Essay Writing Competition
                                                                                           Special Award for Best Cinematography.
awarded the Multimedia Super Corridor         at the National Chemical Engineering
Malaysia (MSC Malaysia) status, which         Symposium 2008 (NACES).                      2006 Ms Beena Giridharan awarded the
was renewed in 2006. Curtin Sarawak is                                                     2006 Carrick Australian Award (CAAUT)
                                              2008 Civil Engineering students won first
now home to more than 2,400 students.                                                      for University Teaching Citations for
                                              and second place at the prestigious
Students can choose from a wide                                                            Outstanding Contributions to Student
                                              national Build and Break Competition.
range of undergraduate degrees in                                                          Learning.
engineering, science, business and mass       2007 Chemical Engineering students
communication. All courses offered            awarded The MacNab Medal for                 LOCATIONS
at Curtin Sarawak are identical to the        excellence in design by The Institution of
courses provided at the main campus in        Chemical Engineers (IChemE).                 Campus in Malaysia
Perth and can be completed in three or                                                     Miri, Sarawak
                                              2007 Dr Djwantoro Hardjito awarded the
four years, depending on the nature of        Curtin University of Technology Excellence

                                                                                                                Guide to Internships and
                                                                                                                     Studies in Malaysia
     Institution Profile

                                              STUDENT MOBILITY PROGRAMS                        The Sarawak Campus offers exactly the
                                                                                               same degrees as the main campus in
                                              Types of student mobility programs
                                                                                               Perth, Western Australia. Every aspect
            Look Ever                         Students can choose from courses within
                                                                                               of the academic programs, including
                                                                                               course materials and examinations
            Forward                           the three Schools at Curtin Sarawak.
                                              • School of Engineering & Science
                                                                                               delivered at the Sarawak Campus, is
                                                                                               identical to the Curtin programs offered
                                              • School of Business
                                                                                               in Perth. Academic staff at the Sarawak
                                              • School of Foundation and Continuing
                                                                                               Campus are recruited internationally and
                                                                                               are of the highest calibre to meet Curtin’s
                                              All courses offered can be viewed at             standards.
            APPLY TO                                                                           Examinations for the degree programs
                                              Students can also choose to undertake            are set and moderated at Curtin’s main
            Name of person                    the Higher Degree Research programs in           campus in Perth, to ensure they meet
                                              the School of Engineering & Science, and         the academic standards required for
            Haslina Malek
                                              the School of Business.                          completion of a Curtin qualification.
            Name of department                                                                 Lecturers from Curtin (Western Australia)
                                              An English-language program is also
                                                                                               visit as necessary to consult with Curtin
            University Life @ Curtin          available at the university under The
                                                                                               Sarawak academic staff on subject
                                              Learning Centre. See
            Address to which applications                                                      issues, content, assignments and
            should be made                                                                     assessment tasks.
            Curtin University of Technology   Dates of intakes
                                                                                               Apart from the quality of education you
                                              • Undergraduate degree programs –
            Sarawak Campus Malaysia                                                            will be receiving, Curtin Sarawak offers a
                                                 February & July
            CDT 250                                                                            unique Borneo experience.
                                              • Diploma programs – January, March
            98009 Miri, Sarawak                                                                Miri Resort City is the gateway to northern
                                                 & July
            Malaysia                          • Foundation studies – March & July              Sarawak. Miri Airport receives flights from
                                                                                               Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Johor Bahru
            Telephone                         Application procedures
                                                                                               and Labuan coupled with other interstate
            +(6085) 44 3939                   Application information, procedures and
                                                                                               flights from Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and
                                              forms are available online: www.curtin.
                                                                                               other smaller airports in and around Miri.
            +(6085) 44 3961                                                                    Miri’s calendar of festivals reflects the
                                              A degree from Curtin is a mark of
                                                                                               city’s multicultural society as it is home
                                              achievement of which you can be
            Website                                                                            to a large number of Sarawak native
                                              proud. It carries with it substantial prestige
                                                                    communities with many colourful cultural
                                              that makes the time and effort you invest
                                                                                               events held where everyone celebrates
            E-mail for enquiries              more than worthwhile.
                                                                                               with fun and joy.
        What exchange students can gain from
                                                                                               It offers an array of exciting lifestyles
                                              your institution’s student mobility program
                                                                                               with well-maintained, neatly trimmed
            Transcripts needed?               Around the world, doors open for
                                                                                               and clean public parks, walkways
            Yes                               the Curtin graduate. As ‘Australia´s
                                                                                               and playgrounds and is surrounded
                                              Number One University of Technology’
                                                                                               by National Parks, some within driving
                                              (Asia Week), and one of the leading
                                                                                               distance for day trips.
                                              universities of science and technology in
                                              the region, Curtin produces highly sought-
                                              after graduates who find employment               QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED TO BE
                                              throughout the world.                            ELIGIBLE FOR STUDENT MOBILITY
                                              Your time at this university will be a rich
                                              and varied experience that will provide          Information on admission requirement
                                              you with the skills and confidence you            can be accessed at the following
                                              need for a successful career in the              website:
                                              global economy.                                  prospective/admission.htm.

56    Guide to Internships and
      Studies in Malaysia
                                                                                                                                      Institution Profile
International Islamic University Malaysia
 IIUM Main Campus in Gombak Selangor

INSTITUTION INFORMATION                      Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC),    is because the education at IIUM
                                             Kuala Lumpur.                                includes a dimension that is missing
International Islamic University Malaysia
                                                                                          elsewhere, for IIUM strives not merely for
(IIUM), was officially established on 20      IIUM has 14 faculties, called kulliyyah in
                                                                                          excellence in the academic sense but
May 1983 when the university received        the university after the Arabic term – the
                                                                                          also for the development of balanced,
its ‘Establishment Order’ from His Majesty   only institution in Malaysia to call them
                                                                                          integrated personalities ready to face the
the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Haji       as such. Two faculties unique to IIUM are
                                                                                          challenges of the 21st century.
Ahmad Shah Al-Musta’in Billah ibni Al-       Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws (AIKOL)
Marhum Sultan Abu Bakar Ri’ayatuddin         and the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed        Two years ago, IIUM made the shift from a
Al-Mu’adzam Shah, after the exchange         Knowledge and Human Sciences                 teaching-based university to a research-
of diplomatic notes of co-sponsorship        (KIRKHS). Other courses offered in the       based university. As of now, the university
between the government of Malaysia           other kulliyyahs include engineering,        has about 20,000 students, and out of
(host country) and a number of Muslim        medicine, dentistry, architecture,           that number, 3,300 are international
governments namely Bangladesh, Egypt,        information technology, allied health        students who come from 90 countries
Libya, Maldives, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia,     sciences, pharmacy, chemical sciences,       all over the world. In terms of academic
Turkey and the Organization of Islamic       and economics and management                 strength, IIUM has more than 300 foreign
Conference (OIC).                            sciences.                                    lecturers from more than 50 countries.

Presently, the main campus is located on     IIUM is the only public university in        Type of institution
a sprawling 700-acre campus in Gombak,       Malaysia which uses English as its medium    Public university
Selangor, while the original campus in       of instruction and communication. The
                                                                                          Recent academic achievements and
Petaling Jaya has been converted to a        uniqueness of the IIUM model, with its
Centre of Foundation Studies (CFS). Apart    integrated curriculum and wide-ranging
                                                                                          Since its inception in 1983, the university
from these campuses, IIUM has another        programs of holistic higher education,
                                                                                          has achieved several awards at national
two campuses – the Kuantan Campus,           has earned the admiration and esteem
                                                                                          and international levels, especially in
about 250km to the east, in the state of     of many renowned international scholars
Pahang, and the International Institute of   and leaders of the Muslim world. This

                                                                                                                 Guide to Internships and
                                                                                                                      Studies in Malaysia
     Institution Profile

                                               Recently, the university won gold medals        STUDENT MOBILITY PROGRAMS
                                               in the Malaysia Technology Exhibitions
            Garden of                          (MTE) and the International Invention,
                                                                                               The Student Mobility Program in IIUM
                                                                                               began in 2005 and is carried out through
            Knowledge                          Innovation and Technology Exhibition
                                               (ITEX) in the areas of Medicine, Sciences
                                                                                               the IIUM Student Exchange Program

            and Virtue                         and Engineering. With regards to
                                                                                               (with recognised foreign public or private
                                                                                               universities which have signed an MoU
                                               innovation, IIUM has managed to patent
                                                                                               or MoA for ‘Students Exchange Program’
                                               11 products, 35 intellectual products, two
                                                                                               with IIUM) or Visiting Students Program
                                               commercialisation and three licensing.
                                                                                               (with recognised foreign public or private
                                               IIUM was accredited and awarded the
                                                                                               universities which do not have any MoU
                                               ISO 9001:2001 for teaching and learning
            CONTACT INFORMATION/                                                               or MoA with IIUM). Under these programs,
                                               processes in all 14 faculties. This indicates
            APPLY TO                                                                           students from both sides are able to take
                                               that the university is serious in maintaining
                                                                                               accredited courses or attend practicums
                                               high standards of teaching and learning
            Name of person                                                                     lasting for one or two semesters in the
                                               with regard to academic matters.
            Siti Aisyah Ibrahim                                                                partner institution. The program aims to
                                               Furthermore, IIUM maintains links with          expose the students to different cultures
            Name of department                 international institutions such as the          and learning environments. It also aims to
                                               League of Islamic Universities, the             expose them to other systems of higher
            International Cooperation and
                                               International Association of Universities,      learning which are competitive and
            Exchange Office
                                               and the Association of Commonwealth             challenging.
            Address to which applications      Universities, and is affiliated with several
                                               Malaysian-based businesses which
            should be made                                                                     QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED TO BE
                                               provide opportunities for students to gain
            International Cooperation and                                                      ELIGIBLE FOR STUDENT MOBILITY
                                               work experience. These universities also
            Exchange Office                     have Memoranda of Understanding
            International Islamic University   (MOUs) with 61 universities around              Admission Requirements
            Malaysia                           the world, among them being Kent                The applicant must be a full-time student
            PO Box 10                          State University, US; Exeter University,        from a recognised foreign public or
            50728 Kuala Lumpur                 UK; University of South Australia, and          private university with good academic
                                               Melbourne University, Australia.                standing. The application must be made
            Telephone                                                                          through the International Cooperation
                                               In terms of students’ achievements, IIUM
            +(603) 6196 5774/5775                                                              and Exchange Office, International
                                               has been Grand Champion of the English
                                                                                               Islamic University Malaysia, which will be
            Fax                                as a Second Language (ESL) Category
                                                                                               able to provide other details regarding
            +(603) 6196 5776                   in the Australasian Intervarsity Debating
                                                                                               attending courses in IIUM.
                                               Championships (Australs), and emerged
            Website                            as Champion of the 3rd ASEAN Intervarsity       Duration of Study
                      Arabic Debating Championship 2008.              The minimum period of study is one
                                                                                               semester and the maximum period
                                               Areas of emphasis
            E-mail for enquiries               IIUM concentrates on science, banking,
                                                                                               must not be more than one year or
                                                                  two long semesters. Applications must
                                               economics, law, medicine, dentistry,
                                                                                               be submitted three months before the
                                               information technology and pharmacy.
            Transcripts needed?                                                                desired intake. IIUM intakes are in April,
            Yes                                                                                June or December every year.
                                                                                               Status of Registration and Accreditation
                                               Main campus                                     Students will be in ‘registered’ status in
                                               Gombak, Selangor                                both universities under the agreement. In
                                               Branch campuses:                                addition, incoming students may apply
                                               • Kuantan campus: Kuantan Pahang                to audit some subjects, with the approval
                                               • Centre for Foundation Studies:                of IIUM. Credits earned will be transferred
                                                  Petaling Jaya, Selangor                      to the student’s courseload in his or her
                                               • International Institute of Islamic            home university. Courses audited will be
                                                  Thought and Civilization (ISTAC):            credited with ‘AU’ status.
                                                  Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur.

58    Guide to Internships and
      Studies in Malaysia
                                                                                                                                      Institution Profile
Monash University

INSTITUTION INFORMATION                       As a full campus of Monash University,
                                              we provide a distinctive international
Monash University was invited by the
                                              experience with teaching and research
Malaysian government to establish a
                                              of the highest order. We engage with
campus in 1998. Through a long-standing
                                              Malaysian and regional societies to
partnership with the Sunway Group, the
                                              improve the human condition. The
first foreign university campus in Malaysia
                                              Sunway campus is a dynamic community
was created at Bandar Sunway in
                                              of scholars comprising staff and students,
Petaling Jaya. Classes commenced in
                                              supported by collegial processes and
July 1998.
                                              comprehensive first-class infrastructure,
The current campus was purpose-built          and aspiring to intellectual achievement
in 2007 at a cost of RM200 million. At        of the highest order.
present, there are about 4,000 students
                                              Now more than 10 years old, the Sunway
and 400 staff, with growth projected
                                              campus of Monash University is an
to lead to more than 6,000 students
                                              exemplar of transnational education.
and 600 staff. About one quarter of the
student body is international. The campus
continues to develop steadily, and now        LOCATIONS
enjoys excellent facilities for world-class   Campus in Malaysia
education and research. All academic          Monash University Sunway campus
staff members are expected to engage          Bandar Sunway
in scholarly research.
                                              Additional locations worldwide
Students at the Sunway campus are             Monash University has eight campuses in
students of the university, and may           three countries, and a centre in Italy:      STUDENT MOBILITY PROGRAMS
participate in the inter-campus mobility      • Monash University Clayton campus
options available to all Monash students.                                                  Types of student mobility programs
                                                  Victoria, Australia
Student experiences are enhanced                                                           available
                                              • Monash University Caufield campus
through clubs and societies. Award                                                         Students have two options:
                                                  Victoria, Australia
courses from seven Monash faculties are                                                    • Inter-campus exchanges; option to
                                              • Monash University Berwick campus
provided through six schools, and range                                                       study at any of Monash University’s
                                                  Victoria, Australia
from bachelor to doctoral level.                                                              eight campuses in Australia, Malaysia
                                              • Monash University Parkville campus
                                                                                              and South Africa while paying home-
Campus organisation includes open                 Victoria, Australia
                                                                                              campus fees
and transparent collegial processes with      • Monash University Peninsula campus
                                                                                           • Inter-university exchanges: Monash
elected staff and student representation          Frankston, Victoria, Australia
                                                                                              has exchange agreements with 125
on committees. These committees permit        • Monash University Gippsland campus
                                                                                              universities worldwide.
formal dialogue with bodies formed                Churchill, Victoria, Australia
by students, schools, faculties and the       • Monash University South Africa             Students from other Australian
university centre. The Sunway campus              Ruimsig, South Africa                    universities may study at Monash
complies with all Monash University           • Monash University Prato Centre             under cross-institutional arrangements.
academic policies. Non-academic                   Prato, Italy.
                                                                                           Course units available at the Sunway
policies and procedures are developed
                                                                                           campus can be checked through
within the university’s framework. Planning
for the campus is integrated with
university strategic planning.

                                                                                                                 Guide to Internships and
                                                                                                                      Studies in Malaysia
     Student Profile

                      S tudent Profile
                                    , Australian
                      David Bowly                     al
                                        in Mechanic
                      Pursuing BEng             r
                                      Third yea
                      Engineering,                nash
                      Exchange     Institution Mo
                                       nway ca  mpus
                       University, Su                University,
                                      tion Monash
                       Home Institu
                                        pus, Victoria
                       Clayton cam

                                                                              What drives me to succeed        The best thing about being
                                                                              at my student mobility           a university student going
                                                                              program                          through a student mobility
                                                                              It had far less to do with       program
                                                                              ‘success’ for me, and more       In terms of pure university
                                                                              to do with seeing some           study: learning in a different
                                                                              of the world and meeting         culture.
                                                                              people from different
                                                                              cultures. Australia is really    Everyone should know this
                                                                              quite isolated – I have          Malaysia is an incredibly
                                                                              always wanted to know            easy country to live in, the
                                                                              what the rest of the world       people are friendly and the
                                                                              is like!                         food is amazing.

          Choosing my student mobility program                                of one of my lecturers at university, compete in triathlons
          Some considerations included ease of study (everything              when I get the chance, live in college at university, and go to
          taught here at the Sunway campus is the same as in                  a church in Geelong.
          Clayton), financial matters (South-East Asia is relatively cheap,
          especially for students like me), culture (South-East Asian         Life was not difficult at all. I was extremely
          cultures fascinate me) and travel (it is easy to travel around
          the region).
                                                                              lucky that I settled in easily and did
                                                                              not have any major problems (even
          My favourite subject
          I was doing exactly the same subjects I would have done in
                                                                              communication-wise; despite my terrible
          Australia. I enjoyed the smaller class sizes, too!                  Malay, I could still get around quite
          Foreign-student mobility life                                       easily). Living overseas was an eye-opening
          Life was not difficult at all. I was extremely lucky that I          experience for me.
          settled in easily and did not have any major problems (even
          communication-wise; despite my terrible Malay, I could still
                                                                              Looking ahead
          get around quite easily).
                                                                              I think employers like the idea of students doing an overseas
          An important skill                                                  placement as part of their course, but again that is not the
          Everyone is the same in many ways; I think I have learnt to view    main reason I did it. I am looking at working in renewable
          people from other cultures in a way that I did not before. At       energy, and having lived overseas, I am now very interested
          the same time, I have also realised that things I thought were      in working in another country at some stage, possibly Africa.
          just completely ‘normal’ or ‘obvious’ are, in fact, social norms.
                                                                              My advice
          Living overseas was an eye-opening experience for me.
                                                                              Decide on how much of a cultural experience you want.
          Extracurricular activities                                          I would recommend choosing something that is different
          In Malaysia: I travelled every weekend! In Australia: I volunteer   enough to be interesting, but has enough similarities to make
          for various aid organisations, do research under the guidance       living in the country enjoyable so that you can really see the
                                                                              country for what it is.

60   Guide to Internships and
     Studies in Malaysia
                                                                                                                                Institution Profile
                                                                                        Ancora Imparo
                                                                                        (I am still

Dates of intakes                          What exchange students can gain from          CONTACT INFORMATION/
Students on the inter-campus exchange     your institution’s student mobility program   APPLY TO
program to the Sunway campus will         Exchange students will have the
commence their course in February and     opportunity to explore the various
                                                                                        Name of person
July, which is when the Monash teaching   cultures and experiences offered by
semesters start.                          Malaysia, while learning in a world-class
                                                                                        Edwina Goh
                                          university campus.
The campus also offers a Summer                                                         Name of department
program for international students                                                      Student Community Services
seeking to study some units between       QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED TO BE
December and February.                    ELIGIBLE FOR STUDENT MOBILITY                 Address to which applications
                                          PROGRAM                                       should be made
Duration of program
Students can study up to two semesters
                                                                                        Monash University
                                          Minimum academic requirements
(one year) abroad. The Summer program     Monash students are required to               Jalan Lagoon Selatan
usually runs for 10 weeks.                complete at least two semesters at their      46150, Bandar Sunway
                                          home campus and have an overall 60%           Selangor Darul Ehsan
Application procedures
                                          average in their academic results.            Malaysia
The application form and procedures
are accessible via the Monash Abroad      Other skills, personality, attitudes, and     Telephone
website:      experiences needed/preferred                  +(603) 5514 6018
studyabroad/.                             Independent, open-minded, willing to
                                          learn, adventurous.                           Fax
Closing dates for applications
For study in Semester 1: by 1 October                                                   +(603) 5514 6037
of the previous year. For study in
Semester 2: by 15 March of the same                                                     Website
year. Applications for the Summer                                             
program closes in mid-September.
                                                                                        E-mail for enquiries

                                                                                        Transcripts needed?

                                                                                                           Guide to Internships and
                                                                                                                Studies in Malaysia
     Student Profile

                      Student Profi asiliadis, Aus
                      Alexandra V                   l Science,
                                   helor of Socia
                      Pursuing Bac
                      First year                   rne University
                                    itution Swinbu
                      Exchange Inst                   pus
                                     , Sarawak Cam                            What drives me to succeed        included homesickness. Use
                       of Technology              ne University
                                    tion Swinbur                              at my student-mobility           the student services and
                       Home Institu
                                      y, Melbourne                            program                          the people around you to
                       of Technolog                                           Myself; and thinking             overcome this. Once you
                                                                              about how wonderful the          settle in, it is an amazing
                                                                              experience is and how            experience.
                                                                              I would grow as a person.
                                                                                                               The most important
                                                                              The best thing about being
                                                                              a university student going
                                                                                                               skill I have learnt
                                                                              through a student-mobility       is being able to
                                                                              program                          adapt to a different
                                                                              Experiencing the culture of
                                                                              another country.                 culture. I have
                                                                              Everyone should know this
                                                                                                               changed as a
                                                                              Be as ready as possible          person as I have
                                                                              to adapt to the culture.
                                                                                                               become a lot more
                                                                              Culture shock is something
                                                                              I experienced myself; it         independent.

          Choosing my student mobility program                                This has not only been enjoyable but very rewarding. If I did
          I chose this program because it was affordable and I knew it        not take part in this mobility program, then this would not
          would be a great experience. Taking part in this program will       have been possible.
          also shorten my degree as I have completed two subjects
          since being here. I had never been overseas before and              An important skill
          was planning to go at the end of 2008. This program was             The most important skill I have learnt is being able to adapt
          introduced to me and I thought it would be great as I would         to a different culture. I have changed as a person as I have
          not only get to go overseas like I wished to, but also shorten      become a lot more independent. In Australia, I live with
          my degree at the same time.                                         my parents and siblings and it is a shared household where
                                                                              everyone helps each other. Being away from home has given
          My favourite parts                                                  me the independence to look after myself 100%.
          The part of the program I enjoyed most was the opportunity
          to be in a different country. The university was helpful with       Extracurricular activities
          organising tourist activities such as visiting national parks and   Since being in Malaysia, I have been jungle trekking, visited
          organising weekends away.                                           and stayed in a longhouse, played soccer with other
                                                                              international students and provided tuition, just to name a
          Foreign-student mobility life                                       few activities.
          Being a student in another country gave me the opportunity
          to build friendships. I met so many students from other             Looking ahead
          continents and regions such as Africa and the Middle East.          My immediate plan once I complete the program is to
          It was a great way to learn about the different cultures.           share my experience with everyone back home. I plan to
          It was also challenging to study in a foreign country due           encourage other students to take part in the same program.
          to the cultural differences. I also felt homesick sometimes,
                                                                              My advice
          but thinking about how wonderful my opportunity was, I
                                                                              My advice to anybody who is planning to take part in a
          overcame it. I dealt with it by talking to people and making
                                                                              student-mobility program is to enjoy and take every day as it
          new friends, keeping as busy as possible and finding ways
                                                                              comes. You are guaranteed to be faced with confrontational
          to avoid the cultural things I was not comfortable with until I
                                                                              and uncomfortable situations, but work through them and
                                                                              you will walk away a stronger individual. It has been the most
          My best memories will be of the friendships formed. I have          amazing and memorable experience of my life.
          helped a Nigerian student with his studies – providing him with
          mathematics tuition and also helping him improve his English.

62   Guide to Internships and
     Studies in Malaysia
                                                                                                                                   Institution Profile
Swinburne University of Technology
Sarawak Campus

INSTITUTION INFORMATION                       The campus, which comes under             Duration of program
                                              the direct control of the Higher          • One or two semesters
Swinburne University of Technology
                                              Education Division in Melbourne, offers   • Three or six weeks
Sarawak Campus was established in
                                              undergraduate degrees in engineering,     • One semester.
Kuching, the capital city of the Malaysian
                                              business, IT and multimedia.
state of Sarawak, in the year 2000. The                                                 Application procedures
university is jointly owned by Swinburne      A number of its programs are accredited   Please complete our application form
University of Technology, Australia, and      by professional bodies such as CPA        and submit to the Business Development
the Sarawak state government, via             Australia, ACCA and the Australian        and Communications Department.
Yayasan Sarawak and the Sarawak               Computer Society. The Institute of
                                                                                        Closing dates for applications
Higher Education Foundation.                  Engineers Australia and the Board of
                                                                                        Preferably two months before the
                                              Engineers Malaysia have also accredited
The 16.5-acre campus is situated at a                                                   intended intake.
                                              two of its engineering programs.
prime location about 10 minutes from
                                                                                        What exchange students can gain from
the Kuching city centre. It currently has a
                                              LOCATIONS                                 your institution’s student mobility program
student population of more than 2,300,
                                                                                        A unique living and learning experience
and the university expects to have 5,000      Campus in Malaysia                        in a culturally rich environment; hands-on
students in the next five years.               Kuching, Sarawak                          exposure to a foreign culture; possible
Swinburne has been awarded a five-star                                                   credit towards their undergraduate
                                              Additional locations worldwide
rating by Australia’s The Good Universities                                             studies in their home institute.
                                              Victoria, Australia (main campus and 2
Guide 2008 for Graduate Satisfaction          branch campuses)
and Generic Skills, and a four-star rating                                              QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED TO BE
for Teaching Quality and Research
                                              STUDENT MOBILITY PROGRAMS                 ELIGIBLE FOR STUDENT MOBILITY
Intensivity. (The Good Universities Guide
is Australia’s only comprehensive degree      Types of student mobility programs
and university ratings guide).                available                                 Minimum academic requirements
                                              • Swinburne Sarawak Study Abroad          Australian Year 12 or equivalent (A Level,
All degree courses offered by Swinburne
                                                 (one or two semesters)                 STPM, etc) with appropriate scores,
Sarawak, which was recently awarded
                                              • Electives Plus Study Tour               English proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, English-
MSC Malaysia status, are approved
                                                 (three or six weeks)                   medium background)
by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher
Education.                                    • Student Exchange Programme              Other skills, personality, attitudes, and
                                                 (one semester).                        experiences needed/preferred
Swinburne is the only Australian university
                                              Dates of intakes                          Strong sense of adventure and willingness
invited to be a member of the European
                                              • March and August                        to experience foreign cultures.
Consortium of Innovative Universities
(ECIU), which aims to foster student          • July
and staff mobility, and share innovative      • March and August.
programs to give students a competitive       Locations of the programs
edge in today’s global employment             Sarawak campus

                                                                                                              Guide to Internships and
                                                                                                                   Studies in Malaysia
     Institution Profile
                                            Swinburne Campus expansion


            APPLY TO

            Name of person                  Swinburne Lecture Theatre
            Dylan Ong

            Name of department
            Business Development and

            Address to which applications
            should be made
            Swinburne University of
            Technology (Sarawak Campus)
            Kompleks Negeri
            Jalan Simpang Tiga
            93576 Kuching, Sarawak

            +(6082) 41 5353

            +(6082) 42 8353

            Website                         Swinburne Gym

            E-mail for enquiries

            Transcripts needed?

64    Guide to Internships and
      Studies in Malaysia
                                                                                                                                            Institution Profile
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
is a public university that is located in
Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia. It was formally
established on 18 May 1970. UKM is the
national university that safeguards the
sovereignty of the Malay language while
globalising knowledge in the context
of local culture. It is committed to be
a leading university which pioneers
innovation in the construction of
knowledge to achieve the aspiration
of producing a society imbued with
dynamic, learned and civic leadership.

It aims to become a leading and
competitive centre of knowledge,
enriched with technology that affirms
and promotes the value of Malay as a
language of learning; builds a dynamic
and ethical society; internationalises
UKM’s image and contribution to the             ranked in the 2006 World’s Top 200               in student-exchange programs and
global community; and stimulates the            Universities (Times Higher Education             industrial attachments in foreign
development of technologies beneficial           Supplement). UKM is also recognised as           universities, laboratories and companies.
to society.                                     one of the four research universities in         Preference is given to credit-bearing
                                                Malaysia. UKM is the first local institution of   activities.
UKM has 12 faculties and 13 research            higher learning to win the coveted Prime
institutes. It has an academic community                                                         UKM will launch its UKM-Global Student
                                                Minister’s Quality Award for Public Sector
of 1,991 members, and supporting                                                                 Mobility Partnerships (Inbound) program
                                                in 2006.
staff numbering 6,094. UKM has 17,500                                                            in June 2009. Under this program,
undergraduate students and 7,115                                                                 foreign and Malaysian students will get
postgraduate students, of which 1,613 are       LOCATIONS                                        the opportunity to study at UKM for
international students from 35 countries.                                                        one month. UKM will offer two courses:
                                                Main campus and branch campuses
Currently, the university offers a total of                                                      Indigenous Communities in Malaysia, and
                                                • Main Bangi Campus: Bangi, Selangor
104 courses at the undergraduate level. It                                                       Sustainability of Tropical Heritage. This
                                                   (1,100 hectares)
has identified seven niche areas to focus                                                         program aims to build bridges of cultural
                                                • Kuala Lumpur Campus (20 hectares)
on: national identity, nation state, cultural                                                    understanding, promote international
                                                • Cheras Campus (Hospital Universiti
diversity and globalisation; development                                                         friendship, and open doors to new
                                                   Kebangsaan Malaysia) (22 hectares).
of sustainable region; renewable energy;                                                         education experiences.
medical and health technology; climate                                                           The course contents are as follows:
                                                STUDENT MOBILITY PROGRAMS
change; biodiversity for biotechnology                                                           Indigenous Communities in Malaysia
development; and nanotechnology and             UKM offers the UKM-Global Student                 • Introduces participants to the study of
advanced materials.                             Mobility Partnerships program as part                the unique cultures of the indigenous
                                                of its internationalisation strategy. The            communities in Malaysia and related
Between 2001 and 2007, UKM was
                                                UKM-Global Student Mobility Partnerships             issues.
awarded research grants worth
                                                (Outbound) program enables UKM
US$62,281,356.09. UKM is proud to be
                                                students to conduct research, participate

                                                                                                                       Guide to Internships and
                                                                                                                            Studies in Malaysia
     Institution Profile

            Inspiring                        •   Enables participants to understand          For enrichment activities, participants will
                                                 the communities’ history and recent         have a chance to interact and live with
            Futures,                             marginalisation and the process of          the Orang Asli (Malaysia’s indigenous
            Nurturing                        •
                                                 cultural transformation.
                                                 Allows participants to experience first-
                                                                                             peoples) in Cameron Highlands, Pahang.
                                                                                             In Sabah, participants will have the
            Possibilities                        hand the various cultural elements of       opportunity to climb Mount Kinabalu
                                                 a specific indigenous community.             and experience snorkelling at the Tunku
                                             •   Enhances participants’ understanding        Abdul Rahman Marine Park. In Sarawak,
                                                 of the various forces that confront         participants will visit South-East Asia’s
                                                 the traditions and cultures of the          finest living museum, the Sarawak Cultural
                                                 indigenous groups.                          Village. In Kedah, participants will visit the
                                                                                             Langkawi Geopark.
            APPLY TO                         Sustainability of Tropical Heritage
                                             • Enables participants to understand
                                                 better the natural heritage concept         QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED TO BE
            Name of person
                                                 and observe the integrated                  ELIGIBLE FOR STUDENT MOBILITY
                                                 conservation efforts for sustainability     PROGRAM
            Name of department                   and eco-tourism.
                                                                                             Minimum academic requirements
                                             • Allows participants to experience
            The Chancellor’s Foundation                                                      • Full-time enrolment at home campus
                                                 first-hand and document visually the
                                                                                             • Undergraduate students who have
            Address to which applications        geological and biological heritage of
                                                                                                completed a minimum of two
            should be made                       Langkawi Island, Mount Kinabalu, and
                                                 the cultural heritage of the indigenous
            The Chancellor’s Foundation                                                      • Have a minimum cumulative grade-
                                                 communities in Pahang and Sarawak.
            Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia                                                      point average (CGPA) of 3.0
                                             • Enables participants to discuss the
            43600 Bangi, Selangor                various conservation initiatives in
                                                                                             • Recommendations from Dean of
            Malaysia                                                                            Faculty.
                                                                                             Other skills, personality, attitudes, and
            Telephone                        Both courses share common elements
                                                                                             experiences needed/preferred
            +(603) 8921 3675/8921 4178       which constitute core content, language
                                                                                             • Ability to work with others
                                             proficiency, general knowledge and
                                                                                             • Maturity to adapt to new cultures and
            Fax                              enrichment activities. Participants will also
            +(603) 8921 4667                 learn basic conversational Malay, and
                                                                                             • Warm personality
                                             study about Malaysia’s socio-economic
                                                                                             • Seriousness of purpose.
            Website                          and cultural background.

            E-mail for enquiries

            Transcripts needed?

66    Guide to Internships and
      Studies in Malaysia
                                                                                                                                          Institution Profile
University of Malaya (UM)

INSTITUTION INFORMATION                       setting up of two autonomous Divisions          STUDENT MOBILITY PROGRAMS
                                              in 1959, one located in Singapore and
University of Malaya, or UM, Malaysia’s                                                       University of Malaya Student Exchange
                                              the other in Kuala Lumpur. In 1960,
oldest university, is situated on a 750-                                                      Program
                                              the government of the two territories
acre (309 hectare) campus in the south                                                        The increasing focus on internationalization
                                              indicated their desire to change the
west of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of                                                          of higher education has made the
                                              status of the Divisions into that of a
Malaysia. It was established in April 1949                                                    study abroad program an essential
                                              national university. Legislation was passed
in Singapore with the merger of the King                                                      part of a university learning process. This
                                              in 1961 and the University of Malaya was
Edward VII College of Medicine (founded                                                       significant aspect of learning is made
                                              established on 1 January 1962.
in 1905) and Raffles College (founded in                                                       possible at the University of Malaya
1928).                                        On 16 June 1962, University of Malaya           through the UM Student Exchange
                                              celebrated the installation of its first         (UMSE) program. This program is designed
The University of Malaya derives its name
                                              Chancellor, the Rt. Hon. Tunku Abdul            for international students who wish to
from the term ‘Malaya’ as the country
                                              Rahman Putra Al-Haj, who was also the           acquire the experience of living and
was then known. The Carr-Saunders
                                              country’s first prime minister. The first Vice-   studying in a Malaysian campus through
Commission, which recommended the
                                              Chancellor was Professor Oppenheim, a           a short-term study program. It aims at
setting up of the university, noted in its
                                              world-renowned Mathematician.                   fostering international understanding
Report in 1948: “The University of Malaya
                                                                                              among students of different nationalities
would provide for the first time a common
                                              LOCATIONS                                       by providing an excellent learning
centre where varieties of race, religion
and economic interest could mingle            Main campus and branch campuses
in joint endeavour ... For University of      • University of Malaya Main Campus,             Through the program, students from
Malaya must inevitably realise that it is a      Kuala Lumpur                                 overseas can pursue studies through
University for Malaya.”                       • University of Malaya City Campus,             taught courses or research in their field
                                                 Jalan Tun Ismail, Kuala Lumpur               of interest and gain broad perspectives
The growth of the University was very
                                              • Nilam Puri, Kota Bharu, Kelantan              on different cultures and backgrounds of
rapid during the first decade of its
                                                 Darul Naim.                                  their peers.
establishment and this resulted in the

                                                                                                                     Guide to Internships and
                                                                                                                          Studies in Malaysia
     Institution Profile

            since 1905

            APPLY TO

            Name of person
            Yusoff Musa                       Admission                                      Academic Calendar
            Deputy Registrar                  Successful students will be accepted to        • Semester 1 – July until November
                                              the university as non-graduating students      • Semester 2 – December until May
            Name of department                under one of the following categories:
                                                                                             Application Deadlines
            International Student Centre      • Exchange Students – students from
                                                                                             • Admission for First Semester (July
            (ISC)                                 universities which have signed a
                                                                                                intake) – 31 March
                                                  mutual exchange agreement with
                                                                                             • Admission for Second Semester
            Address to which applications         UM.
                                                                                                (December intake) – 30 September
            should be made                    • Visiting Students – self-funded or
            Level 1, Block D                      sponsored students from universities       For more detailed information, visit:
            Perdana Siswa Complex                 that do not have any mutual      
            University of Malaya                  agreement with UM; or students from        international_exchange.php.
                                                  universities that fall in group one, but
            50603 Kuala Lumpur
                                                  have sent more than the maximum
            Malaysia                                                                         QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED TO BE
                                                  number of students stipulated in the
                                                                                             ELIGIBLE FOR STUDENT MOBILITY
            Telephone                             agreement.
            +(603) 7967 7711/7712/7713        Participation in the UM Exchange
                                                                                             Minimum academic requirements
            Fax                                                                              Students registered as regular full-time
                                              Students participating in the program
            +(603) 7967 7710                                                                 students in either an undergraduate or
                                              may choose to enrol in one or more of
                                                                                             postgraduate program in their home
                                              the courses below:
            Website                                                                          university, and have met the following
                                              • Regular academic undergraduate or
                                                       requirements are eligible to apply for the
                                                  postgraduate courses.
            student/international_exchange.                                                  UMSE program.
                                              • Co-curriculum courses (practical
                                                                                             • Completed their first year of study
            php                                   courses in the areas of culture, arts
                                                                                             • Obtained CGPA of 3.0 to 4.0 in
                                                  and sports).
            E-mail for enquiries                                                                 the American grading system or
                                              • Supervised independent research.
                           Students may identify their own
                                                                                             • Possess the necessary academic
                                                  choice of faculty members to be the
            Transcripts needed?                                                                  background for the course(s) or
            Yes                                                                                  research topic applied for.
                                              • Language intensive courses (Malay
                                                  or English) at certificate level offered    Other skills, personality, attitudes, and
                                                  by the University of Malaya Center for     experiences needed/preferred
                                                  Continuing Education (UMCCed).             Good interpersonal skills.
                                              Duration of Stay
                                              Students may choose to enrol for one
                                              semester or one year of the study
                                              program. For cases when students need
                                              extra time to complete their research,
                                              they may apply for an extension to their
                                              stay to a maximum of six months.

68    Guide to Internships and
      Studies in Malaysia
                                                                                                                                         Institution Profile
Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)

INSTITUTION INFORMATION                       •   Malaysian Technology Expo (Kuala           STUDENT MOBILITY PROGRAMS
                                                  Lumpur) held from 21 to 23 May, – its
Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) is the                                                       At this moment UMS has two student
                                                  Mobile Parabolic Reflector for Long
ninth public university to be built in                                                       mobility programs. The two are Student
                                                  Range 2.4gHz link won the Gold
Malaysia. The idea was voiced in January                                                     Mobility Program/Transfer Credit under
1994 by the then-Prime Minister, Tun Dr                                                      the Universities in Malaysia Association,
                                              •   The Malaysian Qualifications Agency
Mahathir Mohamad, for a university that                                                      and Student Mobility Program under the
                                                  (MQA) ranked the university as being
will be built in Sabah as an appreciation                                                    University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific
                                                  the sixth best public university in
from the federal government. In                                                              (UMAP).
                                                  Malaysia for 2007.
November 1994, under Section 6(1) of
                                              •   One of its graduates was appointed         Student Mobility Program/
the University and University College Act
                                                  by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher        Transfer Credit under the Universities
1971, the establishment of the university
                                                  Education as the Deputy Vice-              in Malaysia Association
was proclaimed by His Royal Highness the
                                                  Chancellor for Research and                This program is to allow student mobility
King. What started out as a small office
                                                  Innovation, posted in UMS itself.          within the public universities in Malaysia.
at the Ministry of Education eventually
                                                                                             The objectives of this program are to
grew into a 999-acre campus just off          Areas of emphasis
                                                                                             promote multicultural understanding
Sepanggar Bay, with the first phase of         The university’s niche areas are its
                                                                                             along with networking, to give exposure
construction completed in the year 2000.      biodiversity and marine studies, with two
                                                                                             to students to a different learning
                                              research institutes dedicated to these
Type of institution                                                                          environment and to broaden education
                                              areas; Institute for Tropical Biology and
                                                                                             experience in Malaysia.
                                              Conservation (ITBC) and Borneo Marine
                                              Research Institute (BMRI). The campus’         The duration for this program is a
                                              geographical location, situated just off       minimum of one semester and a
                                              the coast of Sepanggar Bay and within          maximum of one academic year. The
                                              the Borneo rainforest, allows the university   students will pay their fees in their home
                                              researchers access to resources that           university but will be exempted from
                                              are unique to Sabah. In addition, Sabah        paying tuition fees. Students can also
                                              is also popular for its population with        apply for credit transfer from their home
                                              much ethnic diversity. It has always been      university if they have passed at least with
                                              a research interest for social scientists      a grade ‘B’ for the specific course that
                                              from the peninsula for the fact that           was attended in their home university.
                                              all ethnicities co-exist peacefully and
UMS is a public university. In the 14 years                                                  Students following this program will be
                                              that Sabah is an excellent example of
since its inception, UMS has become                                                          exempted from paying the hostel fees in
                                              integration within Malaysia.
known for its commitment to the                                                              the home university. The students are also
development of rural areas in Sabah.                                                         subject to rules of the hosting university.
                                              LOCATIONS                                      The student will still get privileges as
Recent academic achievements
                                              Main campus and branch campuses                other students in the home university
or awards
                                              • Main campus – Kota Kinabalu, Sabah           for medical, library, recreational and
Most recent academic achievements
                                              • International campus – Federal               computer facilities.
and awards:
• Invention and New Product Expo                 Territory of Labuan, Sabah.                 To qualify for this program, there are
    (Pittsburgh, USA) held from 11 to         Additional locations worldwide                 several criteria that the student must
    14 June, with two of its products         UMS is yet to stamp its mark outside           meet, which are:
    awarded the Gold medal under              of Malaysia but such efforts are under         • Candidate must be registered to a
    the UMS Centre of Research and            consideration.                                     public university in Malaysia.
    Innovation projects.                                                                     • Must have a CGPA of at least 3.00.

                                                                                                                    Guide to Internships and
                                                                                                                         Studies in Malaysia
     Institution Profile

                                              •   Both universities must have an             •   Credit for study undertaken while on
            Cemerlang’ –                          agreement to the exchange. The                 exchange is to be accepted by the
                                                  home university is responsible to allow        home university.
            Strive to Excel                       the student to join the program.           •   Undergraduates and postgraduate
                                                  However it is the hosting university           students can participate in UMAP.
                                                  that makes the decision whether
                                                                                             For this pilot student exchange program,
                                                  they agree to host the student or
                                                                                             it is the university who selects two students
                                                                                             that qualify to participate into the
            CONTACT INFORMATION/              •   The students must first meet the
                                                                                             program. The office responsible for this
            APPLY TO                              entry qualifications of the hosting
                                                                                             will register the students to UMAP student
                                                  university. The student must make
                                                                                             connection online.
                                                  sure the hosting university accepts
            Name of person
                                                  their request and related documents        The students who are given the
            Nona Masnie Mohd. Nistah
                                                  within two months before the next          candidacy will then study at the
            Name of department                    semester starts. The hosting university    universities participating in the program
                                                  is responsible to send the result of the   whether it has a matching course or
            Office for International Affairs
                                                  application within a month before the      otherwise. A student is given four choices
            Address to which applications         next semester starts.                      to choose from; however the student
                                              •   The student is responsible for all         can only choose one university from
            should be made
                                                  costs and management (insurance,           each country. The students will also be
            Office for International Affairs
                                                  transport, application form, reading       required to rank all chosen universities in
                                                  materials and personal needs) related      order of priority (top priority will be top
            Universiti Malaysia Sabah             to student mobility.                       on the list). The application will be sent
            Locked Bag 2079, Kota Kinabalu    •   The hosting university must agree          to the selected universities and results of
            88999 Sabah                           to run the mobility program on the         the application will be sent to the home
            Malaysia                              principles of ‘reciprocity’.               university.
                                              •   The closing date for the mobility
            Telephone                                                                        The date of placement will be
                                                  program is decided by the home
            +(6088) 32 0000 ext 1057/1025                                                    announced at the UMAP website twice
                                                                                             a year. The UMAP multilateral student
                                              •   Students under this program are only
            Fax                                                                              exchange system will automatically
                                                  allowed to drop subjects after getting
            +(6088) 32 0126                                                                  match universities and students and
                                                  written agreement from the Dean of
                                                                                             report the result of placement. For
                                                  the faculty of the home university. The
            Website                                                                          students, the notification of placement
                                                  students are also tied to the dates
                                                                     from their selected universities can
                                                  and conditions made by the home
                                                                                             be accessed from ‘My approve UCTS
            E-mail for enquiries                                                             program menu’.
                                              •   Candidate must be free of any
                         disciplinary problems.                     What exchange students can gain from
                                              •   When studying at the hosting               UMS’ student mobility program
            Transcripts needed?                   university, students are subject to the    Students wishing to participate in an
            Yes                                   rules of the hosting university.           exchange student program with UMS will
                                                                                             gain much benefit:
                                              University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific
                                                                                             • Students will gain foreign exposure as
                                              (UMAP) Student Exchange
                                                                                                UMS students are a mixture of many
                                              The principles from UMAP of student
                                                                                                cultures in Malaysia. In Sabah alone
                                              exchange are:
                                                                                                there are about 33 ethnic groups.
                                              • Students participating in UMAP
                                                                                             • They will also be exposed to a
                                                  undertake a period of formal study
                                                                                                different educational experience.
                                                  while on exchange.
                                                                                             • Be able to learn new methods from
                                              • This study should be for a minimum of
                                                                                                respective schools and broaden their
                                                  one semester and a maximum of two
                                                                                                knowledge in their field.
                                              • Hosting universities are expected to
                                                  waive tuition fees for UMAP students
                                                  on exchange.

70    Guide to Internships and
      Studies in Malaysia
                                                                                                                              Institution Profile
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)
                                                                                                       Chancellery Building

INSTITUTION INFORMATION                   There are three institutes: Institute         Public Administration and
                                          of Biodiversity and Environmental             Management (CAPAM), 2006,
In a state rich in natural and cultural
                                          Conservation, Institute of East Asian         Australia
diversity, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
                                          Studies, and Institute of Health and      •   34th Geneva International Invention
(a short drive from the capital city of
                                          Community Medicine. And four Centres          Exposition 2006-Special award, Gold,
Sarawak) offers a unique environment
                                          of Excellence: Malaria Research Centre,       Silver and Bronze
for teaching and learning with 30
                                          Centre for Water Research, Centre for     •   Mondialogo Engineering Award 2005:
international partners worldwide. It
                                          Rural Informatics, and Centre for Image       Special Jury Recognition Award.
has eight faculties: Faculty of Applied
                                          Analysis and Spatial Technologies.
and Creative Arts, Faculty of Cognitive                                             Areas of emphasis
                                          Currently there are 7,107 students of
Sciences and Human Development,                                                     Broad range of courses available
                                          which 607 are postgraduate students.
Faculty of Economics and Business,
Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of        Type of institution
Computer Science and Information          Public University
Technology, Faculty of Medicine and                                                 Main campus
                                          Recent academic achievements or
Health Sciences, Faculty of Resource                                                East & West Campus, Kota Samarahan,
Science and Technology, and Faculty                                                 Sarawak
                                          • Gold medal for E-Bario Project-
of Social Science.
                                             Commonwealth Association for

                                                                                                         Guide to Internships and
                                                                                                              Studies in Malaysia
     Student Profile

                      S tudent Profile                n
                                      ay, Australia
                      Casey Hollw                 nal Studies,
                      Pursuing BA
                      Third year                         i Malaysia
                                        itution Universit
                      Exchange Inst                   ak
                                       IMAS), Saraw
                       Sarawak (UN                 elbourne
                                                                               What drives me to succeed        Everyone should know this
                                         n Royal M
                       Home Institutio               IT), Melbourne
                                                                               at my student mobility           Be prepared to be treated
                       Institute of Technology (RM                             program                          like a rock star. Everyone
                                                                               Mainly for the experience,       wants to know you,
                                                                               I did not come into this         everyone will know where
                                                                               hoping to get a good job         you are at all times and
                                                                               at the end. I just wanted        everyone wants to help you
                                                                               to have a great cultural         out in some way. You do not
                                                                               experience.                      get much privacy and that
                                                                                                                is just something you have to
                                                                               The best thing about being       get used to.
                                                                               a university student going
                                                                               through a student mobility
                                                                               Getting to know people
                                                                               from a different culture
                                                                               and experiencing life with

          Choosing my student mobility program                                 Extracurricular activities
          I really wanted to study in Malaysia because I learnt Malay in       In Australia I am really interested in sports and I kept that up
          high school and I really wanted to develop and improve my            while I was in Malaysia, I joined the gym and played netball
          language ability. I chose UNIMAS because it was somewhere            on the UNIMAS team. Whilst I was in Malaysia I became really
          that I had not been in Malaysia and I wanted to travel around        interested in hiking and since being home, I have kept that up
          the region.                                                          and I am seeing a lot more of Australia.

          My favourite subject                                                 Just be patient and prepare yourself for
          My favourite subject was definitely Malaysian history. My
          lecturer was so interesting and really passionate about the          things to take longer than they would in your
          subject. After finishing that subject I felt like I had much better   home country. The highlight of my trip would
          understanding about Malaysia and what it meant to be
                                                                               probably have been the Gegar U Festival.
                                                                               It was great to see everyone at UNIMAS
          Foreign-student mobility life
          One of my greatest challenges was just getting things done.          getting involved and having fun!
          Just be patient and prepare yourself for things to take longer
          than they would in your home country. The highlight of my trip       Looking ahead
          would probably have been the Gegar U Festival (a program             I have already finished my program and at the moment I am
          for students organised by the Malaysian Ministry of Education        finishing off my degree in Melbourne. Once I have finished
          in collaboration with an NGO, Yayasan Budi Penyayang, to             my degree, I want to do a lot more travel, specifically around
          promote unity among students). It was great to see everyone          South-East Asia.
          at UNIMAS getting involved and having fun!
                                                                               My advice
          An important skill                                                   Choose a country that is going to challenge you. You are
          My language skills have improved dramatically. After finishing        meant to have fun on your program but challenging your
          the program I was able to have in-depth conversations with           perceptions about life and culture is important as well.
          locals in Malay.

72   Guide to Internships and
     Studies in Malaysia
                                                                                                                                    Institution Profile
 UNIMAS skyline

                                                                                            and Forward

                                                                                            CONTACT INFORMATION/
                                                                                            APPLY TO

 Excited new students beginning university                                                  Name of person
                                                                                            Assoc. Prof Dr Kasing Apun
                                                                                            International Affairs Division

                                                                                            Name of department
                                                                                            International Affairs Division

                                                                                            Address to which applications
                                                                                            should be made
                                                                                            Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
                                                                                            94300 Kota Samarahan
                                                                                            Sarawak, Malaysia

                                                                                            +(6082) 58 1235

                                                                                            +(6082) 66 5113

STUDENT MOBILITY PROGRAMS                     Closing dates for applications
                                                                                            E-mail for enquiries
                                              Three months before intake.
Types of student mobility programs                                                
available                                     What exchange students can gain from
Student exchange and study abroad in          your institution’s student mobility program   Transcripts needed?
all academics programs. Field course          Experience the diversity of the Sarawak       Yes
and short attachment for postgraduate         culture in a learning environment.

Dates of intakes                              QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED TO BE
July & December                               ELIGIBLE FOR STUDENT MOBILITY
Locations of the programs
Main Campus (East & West Campus)              Minimum academic requirements
                                              Must have completed at least one year
Duration of program
                                              of study at home university.
Six months (one semester) or one year
(two semesters).                              Other skills, personality, attitudes, and
                                              experiences needed/preferred
Application procedures
                                              Independent, open-minded and
Application forms can be obtained from
                                              sufficient funding.
the International Affairs Division, UNIMAS.

                                                                                                               Guide to Internships and
                                                                                                                    Studies in Malaysia
      Institution Profile

     Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

     Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) was
     founded on 21 May 1931 by John
     Scott, an administrative officer of the
     Straits Settlement. Named a School of
     Agriculture, the school started humbly
     with two programs: a one-year Certificate
     program and a three-year Diploma
     program. The school was declared by
     Sir Edward Gent, Governor of the
     Malayan Union, to be a College of
     Agriculture on 3 June 1947.

     In 1948, the College was proposed to
     be upgraded to university status and in
     April 1971, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia
     was established. Between 1971 and
     1997, the university swiftly developed its
     infrastructure, academic fields of study
     and R&D prowess. On 3 April 1997, the
     then-Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr
     Mahathir bin Mohamad announced the
     change in name of the university from         Being a Research University, UPM              •   Centre of Excellence for Agro-
     Universiti Pertanian Malaysia to Universiti   has participated in many prestigious              technology – National Biotech Policy
     Putra Malaysia.                               exhibitions at the international level. UPM       2005;
                                                   researchers have maintained their high        •   Seventh Best MBA School in South-
     Since its upgrade from being a college        standards in research by winning medals           East Asia and Best MBA School in
     to a university in 1971, UPM has gone         in the current exhibitions, among others:         Malaysia – Asia Inc. Magazine,
     from strength to strength in offering          • 36th International Exhibition of               September 2004;
     various fields of study other than                  Inventions, New Techniques and           •   Centre of Excellence for Agricultural
     agriculture, particularly in the fields of          Products (GENEVA) 2008, Switzerland          Education – announced in the
     information technology and scientific           • Invention and New Product Exposition           National Budget 2004.
     research. These fields have synergised              (INPEX) 2008, USA
     and complemented the university’s              • The British Invention Show (BIS) 2008,
     focal area, namely, agri-bio, which                London.
     encompasses the related areas of
     agriculture and biotechnology. Indeed,        With an excellent track record of winning
     the field of tropical agriculture has          many awards in R&D-based exhibitions,
     gained the most prominence. The main          this has enabled UPM to be one of the
     campus of UPM is located in Serdang,          biggest recipients of research grants from
     Selangor, with another campus located in      the Ministry of Science, Technology and
     Bintulu, Sarawak. The main campus offers      Innovation (MOSTI) of Malaysia. Other
     postgraduate programs in more than 300        recognitions given to UPM include:
     fields of study run by 16 faculties, nine       • 100 Highest ICT Users amongst Higher
     institutes, two schools and one academy.           Learning Institutions in Asia; fourth
                                                        in Asia and first in Malaysia – MIS       Malaysian students on student-
                                                        Magazine 2007;                           exchange program in Japan

74     Guide to Internships and
       Studies in Malaysia
                                                                                                                                    Institution Profile
 Social gathering with Japanese students

                                                                                            With Knowledge
                                                                                            We Serve

                                                                                            CONTACT INFORMATION/
                                                                                            APPLY TO

                                                                                            Name of person
                                                                                            Head of International Office
STUDENT MOBILITY PROGRAMS                     Application procedures
                                              The following are the documents required      Name of department
Types of student mobility programs                                                          International Office, UPM
                                              for the application to participate in the
                                              student exchange program:
UPM provides study abroad opportunities                                                     Address to which applications
                                              • Application form (UPM/IO/SAIN/BR01),
for its students through the establishment                                                  should be made
                                                   downloadable from website at
of Memorandums of Understanding
                                         ;                      Bangunan C11
(MOUs) with reputable universities around
                                              • Acknowledgement of nomination               Lorong Pongamia 1
the world. These MOU partner universities
                                                   from home university;                    Universiti Putra Malaysia
are located in countries such as Australia,
                                              • Recommendation letter from home             43400 UPM Serdang
France, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Japan,
                                                   university;                              Selangor
Kenya, Korea, New Zealand, Norway,
                                              • Certified copies of academic
Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South
                                                   transcripts.                             Telephone
Africa, Sudan, Taiwan, Thailand, United
Kingdom, United States of America,            Closing dates for applications                +(603) 8946 6007/6004
Vietnam and Yemen. Besides this, UPM          The closing dates for submitting
                                              applications for the student exchange         Fax
also accepts exchange students from
universities that are interested to create    program are:                                  +(603) 8656 3539
collaborative opportunities with UPM,         • First semester: April
                                              • Second semester: September.
but have not signed an MOU with the
university. This can be done subject to
                                              What exchange students can gain from
the approval from both UPM and the
                                              your institution’s student mobility program   E-mail for enquiries
university concerned.
                                              Some of the benefits students can    
Locations of the programs                     gain from participating in the student
The student exchange program is offered       exchange program with UPM include:            Transcripts needed?
at the main campus in Serdang, Selangor.      • To experience what study abroad is          Yes
The courses offered are based on the             like;
matching of courses between UPM and           • To experience research or practical
the home university and are conducted            training with a reputable university;
by coursework, research or practical          • To return to home university with new
training based on course requirements.           knowledge, cultural understanding,
                                                 maturity and lifelong friends;
Duration of program
                                              • To experience state-of-the-art
The duration of the student exchange
                                                 research facilities and conducive
program is from six months (one semester)
                                                 learning environment;
to the maximum of 12 months (two
                                              • The exchange of research findings
semesters). Students can apply to
                                                 between home university and UPM.
participate in the student exchange
program either in the first semester, which
starts in July, or second semester, which
starts in December.

                                                                                                               Guide to Internships and
                                                                                                                    Studies in Malaysia
     Student Profile

                      S tudent Profile
                                    , Australian
                      Nicole Moore                    Politics
                                       lor of Arts in
                      Pu rsuing Bache                 ar
                                   hy, Second ye
                      and Philosop              niversiti Sain
                                         tion U
                      Ex change Institu
                                       ), Penang
                       Malaysia (USM                  of                    The best thing about being
                       Home Institu
                                    tion University                         a university student going
                                                                                                              Be adventurous.
                                   , New Sout    h Wales
                       Wollongong                                           through a student-mobility        Anyone can fit
                                                                            Discovering the world is far
                                                                                                              into a culture
                                                                            more wonderful than I ever        like their own; it
                                                                                                              takes courage and
                                                                            Everyone should know this         determination to
                                                                            Living abroad teaches you
                                                                            so much more than any
                                                                                                              fit into something
                                                                            book could ever tell you.         completely new. But
                                                                                                              I can tell you now
                                                                                                              the experience is
                                                                                                              something you will
                                                                                                              never forget!

          Choosing my student mobility program                              Extracurricular activities
          Malaysia offered me the chance to get a high-quality              I learnt Malaysian dancing while on exchange and even
          educational experience with living costs which allow me to        got to perform in a carnival in front of the deputy minister of
          travel and experience as much as I can.                           education. It was great putting on all the traditional clothing
                                                                            and meeting lots of different people.
          My favourite subject
          I really love my unit on democratic government because it         Looking ahead
          was so interesting to get an entirely different perspective on    The first thing I want to do when I get home is eat lots of
          democracy than what I would get at home.                          Vegemite! As far as my career goes, I hope to continue
                                                                            with my postgraduate studies. I know this experience will be
          Foreign-student mobility life                                     invaluable as I move into the research field as I now know
          The worst thing has been getting used to the squatting toilets    more than ever that learning comes in many different forms.
          but most places have both types (squatting and sitting) and       No more thinking inside the box for me.
          it has taught me to question what I consider to be normal.
          Another challenge was being away from home. However, I            My advice
          highly recommend Skype for free Internet conversations with       Be adventurous. Anyone can fit into a culture like their own;
          all those loved ones you leave behind.                            it takes courage and determination to fit into something
                                                                            completely new. But I can tell you now the experience is
          An important skill                                                something you will never forget!
          I think the best thing I have learnt is to open my mind to
          the different ways of living and seeing the world. I know it is
          something that will help me relate to people in any position
          that I hold in the future.

76   Guide to Internships and
     Studies in Malaysia
                                                                                                                                        Institution Profile
Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

INSTITUTION INFORMATION                      STUDENT MOBILITY PROGRAMS                      Special Courses/Short-Courses
                                                                                            • Intensive Malay Language/English
                                             Types of student mobility programs
Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM),                                                               (six months to one year)
established in 1969, is a comprehensive                                                     • Tropical Field Program (six weeks with
                                             The university offers the following mobility
research university with 24 schools                                                            fieldwork).
conducting academic programs, and
                                             • One or two semesters of exchange/            Engineering Campus, Transkerian,
more than 20 centres of excellence
                                                non-graduating programs to follow           Penang
specialising in research activities. A
                                                courses or conduct research at              • Aerospace Engineering
variety of facilities is also available to
                                                undergraduate or postgraduate level         • Civil Engineering
support teaching and learning activities
                                             • Lab attachment                               • Chemical Engineering
as well as to ensure a comfortable living
                                             • Short-term programs: six weeks of            • Materials and Mineral Resources
environment. The academic programs
                                                Intensive English; a six-week Tropical         Engineering
are offered through its school system,
                                                Field Program                               • Mechanical Engineering
which allows students to combine
                                             • Community service and medical                • Electric and Electronics Engineering.
subjects from a few schools and
                                                elective at the Health Campus.
organise courses in such a manner that                                                      Health Campus, Kelantan
a degree of specialisation in a chosen       Dates of intakes                               • Health Sciences
subject is possible. USM offers courses at   • First semester (First week of July to        • Community Service (two weeks to
undergraduate and postgraduate levels           Mid-November)                                  three months)
to approximately 30,000 students.            • Second semester (Mid-December to             • Medical electives (two weeks to three
                                                end of April).                                 months).
At the international level, the university
has been identified as one of the             Locations of the programs                      Application procedures
Regional Centres of Expertise on             Main Campus, Penang                            Application is to be made using the
Education for Sustainable Development,       Arts (with a selected number of courses        USM application form available at the
and has for three consecutive terms          in English)                                    International Office of Exchange Partner
been elected as the representative of         • Social Sciences (special package in         Institutions or upon request from the USM
Asia in the Commonwealth Universities            English: South-East Asian Package)         International Office. Applications are to
Study Abroad Consortium (CUSAC).              • Humanities                                  be supported by sending institutions.
The university also houses several            • Communication
                                                                                            Closing dates for applications
research centres which have received          • Management
                                                                                            • First Semester: 1st May
international recognition.                    • Accounting (all courses are in English)
                                                                                            • Second Semester: 15th September
                                              • Education
                                              • Fine Arts.                                  What exchange students can gain from
                                                                                            your institution’s student mobility program
                                             Sciences (All courses are in English)
Main campus and branch campuses                                                             Multicultural experiences due to the
                                             • Pure Sciences (Chemistry, Biology,
USM main campus: Minden, Penang                                                             diverse population of the campus. One
                                                 Physics, Mathematics)
                                                                                            multicultural experience comes in the
Branch campuses:                             • Computer Sciences
                                                                                            form of food. Penang is known as a
• Engineering Campus at Seri                 • Industrial Technology
                                                                                            heaven for food lovers, and the array of
   Ampangan, Seberang Perai Selatan,         • Pharmacy (research attachment
                                                                                            food available here represents different
   Penang                                        only)
                                                                                            cultures and ethnic groups.
• Health Campus at Kubang Kerian,            • Housing, Building and Planning
   Kelantan.                                     (includes Architecture).                   Students will also have the chance of
                                                                                            taking part in cultural activities organised
                                                                                            by the university and to experience living
                                                                                            with Malaysian families through homestay

                                                                                                                   Guide to Internships and
                                                                                                                        Studies in Malaysia
     Institution Profile

            We Lead

            APPLY TO

            Name of person
            Syahnaz Riza Sukor

            Name of department
            USM International

            Address to which applications
            should be made
            USM International,
            Building C09
            Universiti Sains Malaysia
            1800 Penang, Malaysia

                                             USM students and exchange students at the international Students Cultural Fiesta
            +(604) 653 2770/2778

            +(604) 653 2781                 You will also have opportunities to travel      enriched by multi-ethnic and multi-
                                            within Malaysia and South-East Asia and         religious local communities in a UNESCO
            Website                         at the same time be able to register for        World Heritage City. George Town offers
                        various courses offered by the university.      a real-world environment to study the
                                            The programs are multidisciplinary and          issues in the developing world while
            E-mail for enquiries            students will not be confined to only one        interactions with USM students and the
              school, but be able to take courses from        local community offer opportunities for
         different schools as long as the timetable      social learning to prepare future planners
                                            permits.                                        for a globalised world.
            Transcripts needed?
            Yes                             STUDENT MOBILITY PROGRAMS                       QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED TO BE
                                                                                            ELIGIBLE FOR STUDENT MOBILITY
                                            Types of student mobility programs
                                            available                                       PROGRAM
                                            Short-Term Programs                             Minimum academic requirements
                                            Since 2003, 20 to 30 planning students          Completed at least one year of study at
                                            from the University of South Australia          home institution, received support from
                                            (UniSA) have come every year to                 home institutions to take up the mobility
                                            Penang to undertake an international            program at USM.
                                            collaborative learning course with
                                            planning students of USM. It is a 4.5 credit-   Other skills, personality, attitudes, and
                                            unit course for the Australian students         experiences needed/preferred
                                            who immerse themselves for two weeks            Able to adapt quickly to a foreign
                                            of experiential learning, studying the          environment and willing to learn and
                                            urban issues of historic George Town in         adjust to the new environment.
                                            an authentic cross-cultural environment

78    Guide to Internships and
      Studies in Malaysia
                                                                                                                                          Institution Profile
Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM)

INSTITUTION INFORMATION                         Centres of Excellence                         The university maximises the commercial
                                                UiTM’s Centres of Excellence are the          opportunities of its researchers’ inventions
Universiti Teknologi MARA, UiTM,
                                                embodiment of the dynamic and                 and discoveries, thus helping industries
is Malaysia’s premier institution of
                                                progressive co-existence between              to lower costs, increase productivity and
higher learning that has experienced
                                                scholar and scholarship. They comprise        improve quality. UiTM encourages cross-
phenomenal growth since its inception in
                                                superior consultancy work by our own          fertilisation of ideas from all disciplines
1956. Its formation is based on a vision of
                                                figures of international standing and          so that academics and researchers
outstanding scholarship and academic
                                                reputation. The areas covered by these        are constantly challenged into forming
excellence which is capable of providing
                                                centres range from transportation to          research alliances and partnerships with
leadership in all fields of internationally
                                                soil erosion, from financial reporting to      agencies in both the public and private
recognised professional study. This serves
                                                journalism. There are currently 13 centres,   sectors.
as a catalyst for greater strides in the
                                                and the number will grow in the future.
development of the university and the
nation.                                         World-Class Innovations, Productive           LOCATIONS
                                                Industry Alliances
Academic Programs                                                                             Main campus and branch campuses
                                                At UiTM, the spirit of innovation is alive
UiTM has the broadest range of                                                                The university has expanded nationwide
                                                and kicking. Our researchers are
disciplines. Currently, there are more                                                        with one main campus, three satellite
                                                constantly winning recognition for their
than 200 academic programs offered                                                            campuses, 12 branch campuses, eight
                                                world-class innovative achievements, as
in 25 faculties in three discipline clusters,                                                 city campuses, and a ‘smart campus’ for
                                                seen in the list of awards at the Geneva
namely science and technology, social                                                         the future (refer to map below).
                                                International Exhibition of Inventions.
science and humanities and business
and management.

                                                                                                                     Guide to Internships and
                                                                                                                          Studies in Malaysia
     Student Profile

                      Student Profi  na, Australia
                      Pustika Timsi
                                       in C hemical
                      Pursuing BEng             ar
                      Engine ering, Final ye
                                     stitutio n Universiti
                       Exchange In               ), Selangor
                       Teknolo  gi Mara (UiTM
                                     tion Melbour
                       Home Institu
                                      elbo  urne
                        University, M

                                                                            What drives me to succeed         Everyone should know this
                                                                            at my student-mobility            Every country has a unique
                                                                            program                           culture, and what is
                                                                            Enhancing my résumé               acceptable in your home
                                                                            by studying in a foreign          country is not necessarily
                                                                            environment and learning          okay in another one.
                                                                            new topics.
                                                                                                              Be friendly; a smile
                                                                            The best thing about being
                                                                            a university student going        goes a long way.
                                                                            through a student-mobility        Be willing to try out
                                                                            I got to experience a new
                                                                                                              new stuff.

          Choosing my student-mobility program                              Extracurricular activities
          Finances were a major concern for me, so Malaysia suited          The Blue Mosque in Shah Alam is a place that has to be
          my budget. I also love trying out new food and Malaysia           visited. It is very majestic and I was very impressed with
          appealed to the foodie in me. Finally, hearing that UiTM had      it. Kuala Lumpur is easily accessible by bus or train. We
          one of the best chemical-engineering faculties in Malaysia        made some great friends who took us to Kuala Lumpur,
          helped me decide that Malaysia was where I wanted to go.          Genting Highlands and Perak. We went to Tioman Island
                                                                            one weekend, which was fantastic. I went swimming and
          My favourite subject                                              snorkelling and had a very relaxing time there. At the end of
          I researched water-treatment in Malaysia, which is different      the student-mobility program, I spent a few days in beautiful
          to Australia’s. Australia is a very dry country and the water-    Batu Ferringhi in Penang, where I tried out activities like jet-
          purification here is very different to Malaysia’s. I had a great   skiing and parasailing, at a fraction of the price I would have
          supervisor who helped me a lot.                                   paid in Australia.

          Foreign-student mobility life                                     Looking ahead
          We did not expect the dress code for the university to be         I am now back in Australia completing my final semester of
          what it was, so we did not bring any long-sleeved shirts. We      my degree. I plan to work in the mining industry. The student-
          were excused from wearing them as we were only there              mobility program has enhanced my résumé and I have
          temporarily and had not been told what to bring. Another          proved that I can live in a foreign culture and environment.
          thing that I found challenging was communicating with taxi        This has hopefully made me more employable, and prepared
          drivers and waiters. The university was an English-speaking       me for an international career.
          one, so we did not have many problems communicating
          there.                                                            My advice
                                                                            Do research on the country you are visiting before you go
          An important skill                                                so that you do not make any cultural mistakes. Also, be
          I knew virtually no Bahasa Melayu (the Malay language)            friendly; a smile goes a long way. The university organised
          when I arrived and had to quickly learn basic words like meat,    several functions for international students to welcome us to
          chicken and vegetables. I remember one instance where             Malaysia. We were strongly recommended to wear traditional
          I ordered fried rice with no meat, but they put chicken in it     Malaysian dress. I did so, happily, as I like to experience new
          as the word for meat (daging) in Malay means beef. So it is       things. So, be willing to try out new stuff.
          important to learn to say common words correctly, as well as
          to clearly articulate everything you say.

80   Guide to Internships and
     Studies in Malaysia
                                                                                                                                    Institution Profile
                                                                                            Towards a

STUDENT MOBILITY PROGRAMS                      Accommodation: A Home Away
                                               From Home
Types of student mobility programs
                                               UiTM Shah Alam is built on the hilltop of    CONTACT INFORMATION/
                                               300 acres of land and is able to house       APPLY TO
International Education Opportunities/
                                               some 20,000 students in its campus
Study Abroad
                                               accommodation. We offer a range of
 • Special packages/study-abroad
                                               accommodation options to suit a variety
                                                                                            Name of person
    courses or programs/summer                                                              Noraida Hj Kasim
                                               of student requirements and budgets.
    programs or schools                                                                     (Associate Professor)
                                               UiTM Shah Alam has 12 equipped
 • Exchange programs: academic                                                              Director
                                               residential halls which are conveniently
    semester (study courses)
                                               located on campus and close to classes,      UiTM International Students and
 • Internship programs/industrial
                                               while some are a short bus ride away.        Development
 • Joint theses: project-based                 University accommodation typically
                                                                                            Name of department
    developments                               comprises all the essential furniture
                                                                                            UiTM International Centre
 • Research- or scientific-orientated           – a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and
    projects.                                  chair, and a bedside table. There are        Address to which applications
                                               air-conditioned rooms and non-air-
What exchange students can gain from                                                        should be made
                                               conditioned ones. You can bring your
your institution’s student mobility program                                                 Office of International Students
                                               own computer and connect it to the
Partner Universities
                                               university network at various points on
                                                                                            and Development
The present orientation of international                                                    Universiti Teknologi MARA
                                               campus including many of the rooms in
linkages is inclined towards the sharing                                                    40450 Shah Alam, Selangor
                                               residences. There are also a number of
of expertise and collaborating on                                                           Malaysia
                                               wireless network areas on campus.
ideas and innovations as exemplified
by collaborations with our Japanese,           Health Centre                                Telephone
Korean, German, and Australian                 UiTM Health Centre was established to        +(603) 5544 2055 (Direct Line)
counterparts, to name a few.                   provide primary medical and health
                                                                                            +(603) 5544 2065 (General Line)
Currently, UiTM has more than 100              facilities to UiTM students and staff. The
partner universities.                          centre is operating in its own building      Fax
                                               which is located near Mawar College
International Students                                                                      +(603) 5544 2042
                                               and the UiTM International Centre.
UiTM is currently home to students from
more than 30 countries worldwide,                                                           Website
including Norway, Germany, Portugal,           QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED TO BE        
Fiji, Mauritius, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia,   ELIGIBLE FOR STUDENT MOBILITY
Yemen, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Sudan,         PROGRAM                                      E-mail for enquiries
Somalia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and                                          
                                               Minimum academic requirements      
Singapore. UiTM offers them a high quality
                                               Contact the Office of International
of education, a variety of co-curricular
                                               Students and Development                     Transcripts needed?
activities, an active and fulfilling student
                                               for clarification and further details.        Yes
life, good support services, as well as
a friendly welcome which starts from           Other skills, personality, attitudes, and
their first enquiry. UiTM’s dedicated staff     experiences needed/preferred
are always at hand to provide support          • Active and able to integrate well with
and advice and at the same time help              local students, cultures and study
students adjust to a different country and        environment.
culture so that studying in UiTM, Malaysia     • English-language proficiency
will be a joyful experience.                      requirement: IELTS (Band 6) or TOEFL
                                                  (550 points).

                                                                                                               Guide to Internships and
                                                                                                                    Studies in Malaysia
     Fast Facts

                           Fast Facts
                                         Top 10 tips for working and studying in Malaysia

                                 Be a smart traveller
                                 Before you go, check for the latest travel
                                 advice for your destination.

                                                       Register yourself
                                                       Remember to register your travel and contact details online at http://
                                              and at the local Australian embassy, high
                                                       commission or consulate once you arrive. This is to ensure that you can
                                                       still be contactable in the case of an emergency.

                                       Check your passport’s validity
                                       Make sure your passport is valid for the entire time that you are there.
                                       Carry extra passport photos just in case your passport is stolen and you
                                       need to replace it in a foreign country.

                                                                  Organise your money
                                                                  Organise a variety of ways to access your money overseas. Credit cards,
                                                                  travellers’ cheques, cash, debit cards and cash cards are used widely in
                                                                  Malaysia. However, do check with your bank to make sure that your ATM
                                                                  card works overseas. Also check with your bank about the ease and
                                                                  cost of transferring money internationally between accounts in Australia
                                                                  and Malaysia. Your local bank may be able to help with this.

                        Make copies
                        It is a good idea to make two copies of valuable documents – passport,
                        tickets, visas, travellers’ cheques, credit card numbers, insurance policy,
                        itinerary and phone card details – before heading off. Leave one copy
                        with someone at home and take the other one with you on your travels.
                        However, it is advisable to keep the copies separate from your originals.

                                                      Take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover hospital treatment,
                                                      medical evacuation and any activities, like adventure sports, in which
                                                      you plan to participate.

                                        Consult your doctor about recommended vaccinations and necessary
                                        health precautions to take. It is also good to find out about taking
                                        medication overseas as certain medicines are not allowed or available
                                        in some countries. For more information, check

                                                                   Know the laws
                                                                   When you are abroad, local laws apply to you. These include penalties
                                                                   for drug-related offences including possession of small amounts of ‘soft
                                                                   drugs.’ Penalties are often severe and in Malaysia, drug offenders are
                                                                   subject to a mandatory death penalty.

                                If you are offered an internship overseas by an organisation or company,
                                research to keep yourself informed and prepared for what to expect
                                and find out as much as you can about the organisation.

                                                             Useful numbers to know
                                                             The 24-hour Consular Emergency Centre (CEC) in Canberra can be
                                                             contacted for assistance from anywhere in the world at +61 6261 3305 or
                                                             1300 555 135 (local call cost within Australia). You can also contact AEI
                                                             Malaysia at +603 2146 5647.

82   Guide to Internships and
     Studies in Malaysia
  The Australian government – through the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
  (DEEWR) and its offshore arm, Australian Education International (AEI), is providing financial support for
               Australian students to take up internships in Malaysia through the provision of

                 Scholarships valued at
   These scholarships are an initiative to encourage the mobility of Australian students and to provide the
opportunity for students to gain occupational and work-related knowledge and skills in an international setting
            – adding a significant work readiness element to the Australian education experience.

                For more information on the eligibility and selection criteria, please contact
     or email

 The Malaysia-Australia Foundation (MAF) welcomes Australian students to experience studying and living in
                                      Sarawak, Malaysia under the

                 Malaysia Australia Colombo Plan
                  Commemorative Scholarship
Initiated in 2001, the scholarship program is open for Australian students to take up undergraduate studies of a
minimum duration of six months and a maximum duration of one year in any education institution in Sarawak.
The scholarship pays for a return airfare and a monthly stipend of approximately AUD$400 per student and the
host institution provides a tuition waiver. Applicants are required to secure a confirmed offer from the education
                                 institution first before applying for the scholarship.

Since its inception, approximately 50 Australian students have studied in Malaysia at a number of institutions in
     Sarawak, namely Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus (,
   Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus (, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
                      ( and INTI College Sarawak (

 For more information on the scholarship program, please contact the Australian Honorary Consul in Kuching,
                                        Sarawak at

                      For more information on Sarawak, visit

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