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									Welcome to the City of Olomouc and Olomouc Region

                                                                                            The Olomouc Region constitutes a northern part of Central Moravia. In the north,
                                                                                            it borders on Poland – the borderline is 104 Km long. Consisting of five districts
                                                                                            (Olomouc, Prostějov, Přerov, Šumperk and Jeseník), the Region covers 6.5 per
                                                                                            cent of the Czech Republic’s total area. It is the eighth largest and sixth most
                                                                                            populated of 14 Czech regions. The age pattern of the population is slightly above
                                                                                            a national average with more than 40 per cent of inhabitants in productive age.
                                                                                            Secondary education establishments are numerous and diverse here, ranging
                                                                                            from classical grammar schools to vocational schools with extensive
                                                                                            language curricula (usually English, German and French).
                                                                                            Palacký University, second oldest in the Czech Republic, has its home in Olomouc.
                                                                                            While the northern part of the Region is hilly due to the Jeseníky Mountains
                                                                                            (with the highest peek Praděd, 1492 m), the central and southern parts consist
                                                                                            mostly of lowlands whose fertile soil and ample waters of the River Morava make
                                                                                            them suitable for agriculture. The geographic profile of the area influenced
                                                                                            its historical and economic development. The Olomouc Region is vastly
                                                                                            industrialized. Most workers are employed in manufacturing and construction
                                                                                            companies. Leading industrial sectors are: mechanical engineering, metalworking
                                                                                            industry, and manufacturing of electrical and optical appliances.
                                                                                            Other major companies manufacture textiles, glass,
                                                                                            and building materials. Services for entrepreneurs have developed dynamically.
Czech Republic
                                                                                            According to the EU request, the Olomouc Region joined
Capital: Prague (Praha) • Area: 78,864 km2
                                                                                            with the Zlín Region into a so-called
Population (as of 30 June 2004): 10.213,480 • Population density: 130 inhabitants per km2
                                                                                            Nomenclature Unit of Territorial Statistic NUTS II – Central Moravia.
Unemployment rate (as of 30 June 2004): 9.87%
                                                                                            Such units can get grants and subsidies from the EU sources.
Olomouc Region
Area: 5 159 km2 • Population (as of 30 June 2004): 635,741                                  Development opportunities are ample. Medical establishments capitalize

Population density (as of 30 June 2004): 123,9 inhabitants per km2                          on skilled specialists and state-of-art equipment.

Unemployment rate (as of 30 June 2004): 11,53 %                                             Olomouc, the capital of the Region, is the second largest urban reservation area

City of Olomouc                                                                             next to Prague. Thanks to its geographic position, the Region

Area: 103,36 km2                                                                            is an important crossroads of roads and railways.

Population (as of 31 December 2003): 101,268                                                Cities of Olomouc and Přerov have always been major

Important institutions: District, Regional and High Court;                                  junctions of north-south and east-west mainlines.

District and Regional Prosecutor’s Office; Palacký University;
Seat of Archbishop of Olomouc and Metropolitan Bishop of Moravia; Headquarters
of Land Forces of the Czech Republic; Regional Development Agency for Central Moravia;
Regional Board of Commerce; Supreme Office of the Olomouc Region (since 1 January 2001)

1 Chrám Sv. Mořice           2 Panská ulice
    St. Maurice’s Church        Panská Street
                                 A Place in the Heart of Europe

                                                           The City of Olomouc (101,000 inhabitants) is one of most important Czech cities.
                                                           Thanks to its history, the ancient University, sophisticated culture and arts,
                                                           and its geographic position in the very centre of Moravia, it has always attracted
                                                           tourists, businessmen and entrepreneurs. Olomouc is easily accessible by road
                                                           and rail. With the D11 motorway and R35 highway completed, the accessibility
                                                           of the city will improve. Even better, Olomouc will become an important crossroads
                                                           of two major international routes – the only Czech city after
                                                           Prague to have such opportunity. From the point of view of economics,
                                                           the City of Olomouc is an industrial city with emerging services.
                                                           Its growth potential is vast due to its advantageous position, a long tradition
                                                           of manufacturing and skilled workforce. Both the City and the Region are open
                                                           to everyone willing to capitalize on its comparative advantage.


1 Caesarova kašna – detail
    Caesar’s Fountain – detail
2 Horní náměstí
    Upper Square

3 Herkulova kašna
    Hercules’ Fountain

4 Klášterní Hradisko
    ’Hradisko’ Monastery

5 Přemyslovský palác
    Palace of the Premyslides

6 Caesarova kašna
    Caesar’s Fountain

7 Arcidiecézní muzeum
    The Archdiocese Museum

8 Výstaviště Flora
    ’Flora’ Exhibition Area

9 Historické centrum
    The City Centre

                                    8                  9
                 More Than Nine Centuries of History

                                                                                  First written document mentioning Olomouc dates from 1055. As for its history
                                                                                  and importance in the past, Olomouc can be compared only to Prague.
                                                                                  It is the best-preserved historical city of Moravia, having the second largest urban
                                                                                  reservation area, next to Prague. Beside a vast complex of historical buildings
                                                                                  and monuments noted for their architectural and cultural values, a well-preserved
                                                                                  pattern of medieval streets is protected, too. The city centre boasts a unique piece
                                                                                  of monumental Baroque sculpture and architecture – the Trinity Column
                                                                                  (the Honourable Column of the Most Holly Trinity). In 2000, the Column appeared
                                                                                  on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, being the 10th Czech monument
                                                                                  to be honoured this way. Justifying his design, Václav Render, the stonemason
                                                                                  and mastermind of the project, send a letter to the Fathers of the City saying:
                                                                                  ‘To the glory of the Lord, Our Lady and saints, I wish to erect a column so splendid
                                                                                  and high that it will have no match in any other town.’ Started by Václav Render,
                                                                                  the tallest Baroque sculptural group in Central Europe was finished by his successors
                                                                                  – Franz Thoneck, Jan Václav Ignác Rokycký and Augustin Scholz.
                                                                                  Sculptures and decorations were made, among others, by Filip Sattler and Andreas
                                                                                  Zahner. 35 metres high, the marvellous gallery of sculptures was constructed
                                                                                  in 1716–54 and subsequently consecrated by Cardinal Troyer in the presence
                                                                                  of the Empress Mary Theresa.


Role of the Church
The impact of the Roman-Catholic Church on the city life
and its spiritual, political and economic development has always been
immense. The Bishopric of Olomouc was founded as early as 1063
and the importance of the city grew after it was promoted
to the Archbishopric in the 18th century. Numerous church buildings
and monuments that attract thousands of tourists and visitors every year
are a proof of this fact. (The City of Olomouc has the highest ‘per-capita’
rate of these buildings of all Czech towns and cities.) Even today,
Olomouc is a religious centre of Moravia. During his visit in 1995
The Pope John Paul II promoted the Church of the Visitation
at Svatý Kopeček to the rank of Basilica Minor.
                                                Centre of Education

                                                                                          Thanks to its University and a dense network of elementary and secondary school,
                                                                                          the City of Olomouc plays a role of a major centre of education whose importance
                                                                                          reaches far beyond borders of the Region.

                                                                                          Olomouc is a home of the ancient Palacký University – one of ten Czech universities
                                                                                          – and twenty-two secondary schools of different kinds. Founded as early as 1573,
                                                                                          the University has currently seven faculties and more than fifteen thousand students.
                                                                                          It is the biggest educational institution of the Central Moravia NUTS Region.
                                                                                          Experts lecture European law at the ‘European Chair’ – a department of European
                                                                                          law established by the EU at the University’s Faculty of Law. A regional level
                                                                                          of education is above a national average, which makes a promising outlook
                                                                                          for the future development of the Region.

                                                                                          Language Teaching in Olomouc
                                                                                          There are two elementary schools with extended language curricula in Olomouc.
                                                                                          At the same time, Olomouc is the only Czech city to have as many as three bilingual
                                                                                          secondary schools. Starting from the age of 11 or 12, pupils study certain subjects
                                                                                          in English, French or Spanish. Foreign students can enrol at Palacký University
                                                                                          and study medicine at its Faculty of Medicine for the MUDr degree (in English);
                                                                                          attend a one-year Course of Central European Studies at the Philosophical Faculty
                                                                                          (in English) or a one-year Course of Central European Law at the Faculty of law.
                                                                                          The Faculty of Science offers a wide range of PhD studies in English. From the session
                                                                                          of 2005/06 on, the Philosophical Faculty will start the Euroculture Programme
                                                                                          prepared and implemented in cooperation with several renowned
                                                                                          European universities. Lectures will be held in English, too.
                                                                                          An international elementary school was opened in September 2001 under the aegis
Research Centre
                                                                                          of the International School of Prague. The school was instigated by Philips and the
Research activities of the University, its contacts in abroad, and participation
                                                                                          City of Olomouc. It is currently attended by pupils of the age between 5 and 13.
in international projects raise hopes that a major international research centre might
emerge in Olomouc. A project of a scientific park launched in June 2001 is an important
                                                                                          Palacký University, Olomouc
step in this direction. The park called ‘The Centre for Innovations and Transfer
                                                                                          Integration into the EU
                                                                                          To support the research, teaching and studying of issues of the integration,
of Technologies’ is aimed at helping newly established
companies focused on biotechnology. Currently, a Park is being extended.                  the University established the ‘European Documentation Centre’. It should serve

www.cittup.cz                                                                             teachers, researchers and the University students. Documents published by EU

British Centre                                                                            institutions will be available to other interested parties, too, namely to those

The British Centre was established at Palacký University in January 2002. Its library     who work for legislation bodies, financial institutions, industrial companies

and multimedia study room are open to students and staff of the University, but not       and private enterprise.

only to them. The public and anyone interested in the English language are welcome.        1 Univerzitní knihovna             3 Předávání diplomů
                                                                                             The University Library             Students Getting Their Degree Certificates
Britské centrum KUP, Křížkovského 14, 771 11 Olomouc, Tel.: +420 585 631 874
                                                                                           2 Ukončení studia – promoce        4 Posluchárna Lékařské fakulty
Fax: +420 585 631 874, E-mail: bc-kup@rupnw.upol.cz, www.tin.upol.cz                         A Graduation Ceremony              The Faculty of Medecine – a Lecture Room
                                       Traditions, Culture, Sports

                                                                                            Olomouc has always been an important centre of learning and culture in Moravia.
                                                                                            Many excellent artists and composers visited the city, including W. A. Mozart
                                                                                            (who composed several pieces here, e.g., his 6th Symphony in F) and Gustav
                                                                                            Mahler. The Moravian Theatre has four ensembles of drama, opera, operetta
                                                                                            and ballet. Best organists from all quarters of the world can rise to the occasion
                                                                                            at an annual International Organ Festival: concerts take place at St.
                                                                                            Maurice’s Church where the largest Baroque organ by M. Engler survived to our
                                                                                            days. Beside, Olomouc is a home of the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Museum
                                                                                            of Regional History, Musical Theatre, Museum of Arts, numerous choirs, chamber
                                                                                            orchestras and bands, and many small galleries. Another major project
                                                                                            – the Archdiocese Museum – is currently under construction.
                                                                                            The abovementioned institutions prepare a wide range of cultural events every year.

                                                                                            Sports and Leisure Time
                                                                                            The City of Olomouc is an important sports centre. Thanks to first-league football,
                                                                                            handball and basketball teams, local fans can enjoy extraordinary experiences.
                                                                                            The whole Region offers a wide range of leisure-time activities from tennis,
                                                                                            bowling, squash and mini-golf, to fitness centres, to biking and horse riding.
                                                                                            In Olomouc, a football stadium, ice-hockey arena, swimming pool, sports hall
                                                                                            and tennis courts are situated in an immediate neighbourhood of the City centre.
                                                                                            Together, they form a vast sports complex that offers enjoyment of sport.
                                                                                            Beside usual facilities (fitness centres, squash courts, bowling and ninepin alleys)
                                                                                            a visitor can find here an exceptional facility – an outdoor climbing rope
                                                                                            playground. The Olomouc ZOO hosting more than 200 animal species is situated
                                                                                            in splendid surroundings at Svatý Kopeček. Visitors can stroll among rhesus
 5                                                                                          monkeys running at large in a newly built monkey safari, the only in Central
                                                                                            Europe. (Another safari of this kind is in Denmark.) Those who like playing golf
Folk Customs and Traditions                                                                 can visit Dolany-Véska, about 10 km from Olomouc. Here, in a picturesque hilly
Traditional folk culture is still alive in Olomouc and its vicinity. Country houses have    landscape, a first part of an 18-hole golf course has been recently opened
been carefully restored and preserved. Numerous examples of our ancestors’ skills           to the public (see: www.golf-olomouc.cz). A visitor can see this – and much
and craftsmanship can be seen at the Open-Air Museum in Příkazy (near Olomouc)              more – during a sightseeing flight: planes start from the Olomouc airfield.
and the Village Museum in Střelice (near Uničov). There are many folk choirs, bands         As for the City itself, it offers a wide range of stylish restaurants, discotheques,
and ensembles that perpetuate old traditions and give them new content. Local               nightclubs, music clubs and hotels where every guest will find a home from home.
costumes from the Haná countryside attract wide attention at folk festivals and
traditional events like the King’s Ride, Shrovetide with a masked procession, country
fairs, harvest festivals, folk weddings and other traditional feasts, now almost extinct.    1 Činohra Moravského divadla                   4 Zoo na Svatém Kopečku
                                                                                                The Moravian Theatre                           The ZOO at Svatý Kopeček

                                                                                             2 Chrám Sv. Mořice – interiér                  5 Areál golfového hřiště Véska
                                                                                                St. Maurice’s Church – Interior                The Golf Course at Véska
The Information Centre of the Statutory City of Olomouc
                                                                                             3 Folklorní soubor
www.olomouc-tourism.cz, e-mail: infocentrum@olomoucko.cz                                        A Folk Ensemble
                                 Environment and Agriculture

                                                                      The Olomouc Region has a beautiful countryside. Its protection and environmental
                                                                      planning has been emphasized in last years. The area where the Jeseníky foothills
                                                                      merge into the plain of the River Morava offers wonderful leisure-time opportunities.
                                                                      The historical centre of Olomouc is encircled by 47 hectares of green parks
                                                                      – a real treasure of the City. International flower exhibitions (FLORA) take place
                                                                      there every year. The ‘Litovelské pomoraví’ Natural Park – 9,600 hectares
                                                                      of floodplain forests – lies nearby. It is not too vast but famous because
                                                                      of its unique nature and a good state of preservation.
                                                                      The Park was entered into an international list of protected fenlands
                                                                      (so-called Ramsar Convention). It is interwoven with cycling routes that will soon
                                                                      become a part of a proposed Moravian Route running alongside
                                                                      the River Morava and connecting Moravia to the Danubian Route in Austria.

                                                                                                                                 1 2
                                                                                                                               Výstaviště Flora Olomouc
                                                                                                                               ‘Flora Olomouc’ Exhibition Area

                                                                                                                                 3 4 5
                                                                                                                               Litovelské Pomoraví
                                                                                                                               ‘Litovelské pomoraví’ Natural park

Important Agricultural Area                                                   5

Farming and agriculture have a long tradition in the Region
that belongs to most fertile areas of the Czech Republic.
Totally, 79,100 hectares of land is used for agricultural purposes;
arable land covers 86 per cent of this area. Virtually all farmland
is privately owned. Due to a favourable climate local farmers grow
wheat, brewing barley and fodder cereals. Beside, all kinds
of vegetables are grown, as well as hops. First-rate meat and milk
come from here, too. Meat and dairy cattle are crossbred with
stock from EU and Canada.
                                           Major Industrial Area

Major Olomouc – Based Companies With a Long Manufacturing Tradition
                                                                                                                                 A long tradition of manufacturing industry goes back to the 19th century.
 Company                          Field of Activity                     Established / History / Trends
                                                                                                                                 Although traditional sectors like food processing industry and machinery
 FARMAK a.s.                      Production of pharmaceutical          Production started in 1934; The company                  have always prevailed, there are other important plants that manufacture
                                  substances, semi-finished products    established in 1992 as a successor
                                  and pure chemicals                    to Farmakon state-owned company;                         chemicals, electric appliances, plastics and building materials. Thanks
                                                                        Participates in the Responsible Care Programme.
                                                                                                                                 to investments from abroad, new plants have grown in industrial zones,
 Hanácký masokombinát a.s.        Production of meat products           City abattoir founded in the early 1900s;
                                                                        The company established in 1994;                         producing mostly machinery and electronics. A new printing plant started
                                                                        Produces pork, beef and ostrich meat.
                                                                                                                                 to work recently.

 ISH a.s.                         Production of casting and modelling   Established in 1907;
                                  devices.                              Since 1997 divided into two legal entities;
 ISH - Čerpadla a.s.              Production of pumps and irrigators.   EN ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality.

 Moravské železárny a.s.          Production of parts of machinery      Its history goes back to 1st quarter of 19th
                                  (casts, forgings, pressed pieces)     century; The company established in 1994;
                                  and fittings                          EN ISO 9002 Certificate of Quality.

 Nestlé Česko s.r.o               Production of chocolate               More than a 100 years’ tradition; In 1999
 ‘ZORA’ detached plant            and chocolate candies                 bought by Nestlé food concern (Switzerland)

 Obráběcí stroje Olomouc s.r.o.   Production of machine tools           Established in 1922;
                                                                        Current legal status since 1993.

 OLMA a.s.                        Processing of raw cow milk,           Dairy established in 1970;
                                  production of dairy products          New bottling line for PET bottles put into
                                                                        service in 2002
                                                                        (in cooperation with Alopak, Norway);
                                                                        EN ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality.

 Solné mlýny a.s.                 Production and sale of salt           Production started in 1924;
                                  and salt products                     The company established in 1992;
                                                                        EN ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality.


                                                                                                                1 2 Farmak a. s.
                                                                                                                3 MILO, Hanácký masokombinát
                                                                                                                4 Solné mlýny a. s.
                                                                                                                5 Obráběcí stroje Olomouc s. r. o.
                                                                                                                6 ISH - Čerpadla a. s.
                                                                                                                7 OLMA a. s.
                                                                                                                8 Moravské železárny a. s.
                                                                                                                9 Nestlé Česko s. r. o., závod Zora
                                                                                                                     ‘Zora’ Detached Plant

                          Current Economic Development

                                                                                                   Besides supporting the competitiveness of traditional manufacturers,
                                                                                                   the City of Olomouc tries to attract new companies and industries.
                                                                                                   Services and retail trade have experienced massive boom, too.
                                                                                                   Olomouc has become a real shopping centre of the Region, as most important
                                                                                                   hypermarket chains (Globus, OBI, Carrefour, Ahold, Makro, Olympia etc.)
                                                                                                   built their stores in the City and surroundings.
                                                                                                   Logistic companies came in their wake. The fact that new investors
                                                                                                   – both Czech and foreign – keep coming suggests that they find favourable
                                                                                                   conditions here. Skilled workforce, an advantageous geographic
                                                                                                   position of the City, its rich history, romantic ambience and quality
                                                                                                   of life undoubtedly contribute to its attractiveness.

The City’s Ambitious Design
A vast are near the Olomouc railway station is currently being reconstructed.
A new building of the Olomouc Region’s Supreme Office is situated in the immediate
neighbourhood, and so is the Olomouc Regional Centre, a complex of office and commercial
accommodation that is to become a new dominant feature of the City’s skyline. First two stages
of the reconstruction were completed in 2002, including a City-operated underground                   6

car park for 341 cars – a part of the Park-and-Ride system.
Accommodated with a congress hall, galleries, clubs and leisure-time facilities and situated        1 McDonald’s

nearby the main station, the Regional Centre has the makings of a major congress centre.            2 Snímek přednádražního prostranství
                                                                                                       The front area of the main railway station
                                                                                                       in Olomouc
Due to its latest equipment, strategic position and high-grade traffic infrastructure,
                                                                                                    3 Přednádražní prostor – podzemní garáže
the Centre will become a perfect place for congresses, educational activities and social events.       Underground car park

                                                                                                    4 ’Globus’ Hypermarket
                                                                                                    5 Prostranství před budovou Olomouckého kraje
                                                                                                       The Square in Front of the Supreme Office Building

                                                                                                    6 Budova Olomouckého kraje
                                                                                                       The Supreme Office of the Region
                                                      Investors From Abroad

   Foreign Investors in Olomouc
                                                                                                                   New Plant            Foreign investors capitalize on well-prepared industrial zones.
Company                                   Field of Activity                   Owner / Co-owner
                                                                                                                   Opened in:           Two zones had been prepared – with a government aid – after 1998.
Pavelkova Industrial Zone in Hodolany
                                                                                                                                        Currently, they are completely built-up and used, mostly by investors
SIWE a.s.                                 Production of forming,              WEBA tool manufacturer (Austria)     1998
                                          cutting and bending tools                                                                     from abroad. The City attracts big companies but also does its best
                                                                                                                                        to support small and medium-sized local enterprises and the Scientific
RAF Armatury s.r.o.                       Manufacturing of taps               RAF RUBINETTERIE (Italy)             1999
                                                                                                                                        and Technical Park of Palacký University. For this purpose,
Sucker-Müller-Hacoba s.r.o.               Assembling of textile machines      Partly owned by German capital:      2000
                                                                                                                                        the City of Olomouc will draw financial means from the EU funds.
                                                                              MOENUS Textilmaschinen AG
MAFRA a.s.                                Printing of local newspapers        Czech-German company partly         June 2001             In addition to new development zones, the City is planning
                                          and regional mutations              owned by Rheinische Post
                                          of national papers                  regional publishing house (Germany)                       to reconvert old unused ‘brownfield’ areas.
                                          (notably MF Dnes)
TIMKEN                                    Manufacturing of needle and roller An American company, part of the      Autumn 2001
Česká republika s.r.o.                    bearings for automotive industry Timken Co., leading global
                                                                             manufacturer of bearings
                                                                             and alloy steels
Keplerova Industrial Zone in Holice

FARDIS CZ s.r.o.                          Production of polyethylene          Subsidiary company of FARDIS NV      Spring 2000
                                          materials                           (Belgium)
M.L.S. Holice spol. s r.o.                Production of alternators, sale,  French company Leroy Somer SA          Autumn 2001
Group Leroy Somer                         maintenance and repairs           (division of Emerson Electric Co.
                                          of rotating electric motors       multinational corporation)
                                                                             is a 100-per-cent owner
                                                                            of M.L.S. Holice s.r.o. since 1994
Senior Automotive                         Production of aluminium and steel British division                       Autumn 2001
Czech s.r.o.                              pipes for automotive industry     of SENIOR Flexonics Inc
Czech Republic Onamba s.r.o.              Manufacturing of cable harnesses ONAMBA Co., Ltd. (Japan)                Winter 2001
                                          for electronic industry                                                                                8
Horní lán-Nová Ulice
Grundfos s.r.o.                           Sale and maintenance                Division of Grundfos multinational   Head office for
                                          of pumps                            corporation (Denmark)                Czech Rep. Founded
                                                                                                                   in Olomouc in 1999
Kappa Packaging Czech s.r.o.              Manufacturing of corrugated         Division of Kappa Packaging          1994
Kappa Empack plant                        cardboard packing                   (Netherlands)
Other foreign investors in Olomouc
DRUMORA spol. s r.o.                      Manufacturing of metal              Kendrion PT Holding B.V.             1998
                                          frame structures and                (Netherlands)
                                          functional modules
Česká drožďárenská                        Manufacturing and sale of yeast Subsidiary company of SELIKO a.s., 1999
společnost a.s.                                                           partly owned by French capital;    Old yeast factory
                                                                          division of LESAFFRE Group         estd. in 1976
Prominent                                 Facilities for water treatment,     Partly owned by German capital;      1992                          9
Dosiertechnik CS s. r. o.                 dosing devices and chemical         Division of ProMinent Group

    1 Slavnostní otevření Torrington ČR s.r.o.      6 TIMKEN ČR s.r.o.
        Torrington (TIMKEN)                         7 TIMKEN ČR s.r.o.
        – Opening Ceremony
                                                    8 Czech Republic Onamba s.r.o.
    2 Senior Automotive Czech s.r.o.
                                                    9 Grundfos s.r.o.
    3 SIWE a.s.
                                                    10 M.L.S. Holice s.r.o.
    4 Mafra a.s.                                        Moteurs Leroy Somer

    5 RAF Armatury s.r.o.                           11 Fardis CZ s.r.o.
                                                                                       10                                                                   11
                                                    Support to Investors

                                                                                                 Clearly, Olomouc has a vast growth potential. The City attracts investors – both
                                                                                                 manufacturing companies and those active in the tertiary sector – thanks to its tradition,
                                                                                                 skilled workforce and good accessibility by road and rail. Pursuant to the Programme
                                                                                                 Proclamation of the City Council, the Statutory City of Olomouc responds to the demand
                                                                                                 by preparing favourable conditions for the investors. Detailed measures were stipulated
                                                                                                 in the ‘Development Strategy of the City of Olomouc and its Micro-Region’ approved
                                                                                                 by the Olomouc City Government in 2001. (www.olomoucko.cz/forinvestors)

                                                                                                 Strategic Vision
                                                                                                 Olomouc and its vicinity should become an agglomeration of regional importance.
                                                                                                 At the same time, it should:
                                                                                                 • Rise to an European level, capitalize on its best traditions, inspire and be inspired
                                                                                                 • Strengthen its position in Central Moravia and be a good neighbour and partner
                                                                                                 • Increase a level of skills and education and improve quality of life in all aspects
                                                                                                 • Create attractive entrepreneurial environment; boost the local economy, involve
                                                                                                   it in international cooperation and make it a new driving force of the Moravian economics
                                                                                                 • Be an open and easily accessible crossroad for people, products and ideas

                                                                                                 Rules and Preferences
                                                                                                 As concerns supporting investors from abroad, the City has rules of its own that follow

4                                                                                                similar lines as the government system of incentives and subsidies. Since Olomouc
                                                                                                 is a home of the University, the City prefers investors focused on research,

Olomouc City Hall, Dept. of Economic Development                                                 light manufacturing industry, sophisticated technologies and strategic services.
Horní nám. 1, Olomouc, E-mail: hosp.rozvoj@mmol.cz
                                                                                                 First and foremost, the City is willing to support:
Regional Development Agency for Central Moravia                                                  • Development of latest technologies and bio-technologies • Investments from abroad
Horní náměstí 5, Olomouc, www.rarsm.cz, E-mail: rarsm@rarsm.cz                                   • Development of services (tertiary sector) • Development of applied industries
Centre for Innovations and Transfer of Technologies, Palacký University                          • Restructuring and transformation of traditional industries
Šlechtitelů 27, Olomouc–Holice, E-mail: cittup@upol.cz, www.cittup.cz
                                                                                                 The Regional Development Agency for Central Moravia (RARSM) has been active
Other enterprise-supporting institutions:                                                        in the Olomouc Region since 1996. It was founded by the Association of Central Moravian
Supreme Office of the Olomouc Region, Dept. of Strategic Development
                                                                                                 Towns and Villages and by the City of Olomouc. Thanks to its effort, the Region could finance
Jeremenkova 40a, Olomouc, www.kr-olomoucky.cz
                                                                                                 several dozens of development projects from EU funds. The CzechInvest uses the Agency
District Chamber of Commerce, Opletalova 1, Olomouc                                              as its information office. The Agency cooperates with the City Hall’s Department of Economic
www.hkol.cz, E-mail: info@hkol.cz
                                                                                                 Development in assisting investors that come to the City. Investors are also assisted by the
Olomouc Labour Office, Vejdovského 4, Olomouc, www.upoc.cz                                       District Chamber of Commerce and the newly established Regional Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                                                 Both the Chambers do their best to prepare favourable conditions for businessmen.
                                                                                                 The Centre of Palacký University for Innovations and Transfer of Technologies (CITT UP)
1 Základní kámen MLS Holice s.r.o.                  3 Slavnostní otevření Torrington ČR s.r.o.
    M.L.S. Holice s.r.o. – The Headstone Ceremony      (TIMKEN)                                  encourages research activities and sees to it that results of research work have commercial
                                                        Torrington (TIMKEN) – Opening Ceremony
2 Jednání na RARSM
    Meeting in RDA                                  4 TIMKEN Česká republika s.r.o.              effects. Hopefully, new companies focused on sophisticated technologies will emerge.
                                           ‘Olomoucko’ Micro-Region

                                                                  Area: 356 km2
                                                                  Population (incl. the City of Olomouc): 133,250

                                                                  The Micro-Region called ‘Olomoucko’ (i.e., Olomouc Country)
                                                                  consists of the City of Olomouc and 25 neighbouring villages largely
                                                                  depending on the City. Inhabitants of the villages come to the City in search of jobs,
                                                                  health care, secondary and higher education, shopping and other services,
                                                                  and – partly – cultural and sports events. On the other hand,
                                                                  citizens of Olomouc come to the villages to spend their leisure time,
                                                                  do sports, relax and sometimes look for building plots for houses
                                                                  or business premises. The City cooperates with the villages in development
                                                                  planning to enhance the competitiveness of the Micro-Region on Czech
                                                                  and European market. The villages of the Micro-Region abound in sights
                                                                  and prepare numerous cultural activities to attract visitors every year.



1 Kartouzka, Dolany
    Ruins of the ‘Kartouzka’ Monastery
    in Dolany

2 Litovelské Pomoraví
    ‘Litovelské Pomoraví’ Natural Park

3 Příkazy, Hanácký skanzen
    The Open-Air Museum of Haná in Příkazy

4 Bohuňovice
    The Village of Bohuňovice

5 Hanácká svatba ve Velké Bystřici
    A Costumed Wedding in Velká Bystřice

6 Pouť ve Štěpánově
    A Village Fair in Štěpánov

7 Přírodní koupaliště Poděbrady
    ‘Poděbrady’ Natural Swimming Pool

                                             6                7

                                                                                                               In 2004, the Statutory City of Olomouc updated its 2005–2008
                                                                                                               Tourism Development Programme.
                                                                                                               The programme has proceeded from a previous ten years’
                                                                                                               project prepared by the Viennese University of Economy in 1998.
                                                                                                               The City has emphasized several strategic objectives targeted
                                                                                                               on building awareness about the destination,
                                                                                                               improving its image, promoting tourism products efficiently,
                                                                                                               and cooperating with other similar subjects.
                                                                                                               From 1996 on, the City of Olomouc has participated in the European Cities
                                                                                                               Tourism (an association of tourist agencies of European cities) – the only
                                                                                                               existing professional organization to promote interests of the cities in the field
                                                                                                               of tourism and to coordinate their efforts. This network comprises more than
                                                                                                               92 big cities of 30 countries. Olomouc has been active namely
                                                                                                               in compiling tourism statistics, public relations, and City Card programmes.
                                                                                                               Based on the experience shared by other members of the Association,
                                                                                                               the City of Olomouc introduced a so-called ‘Olomouc Card’ in 2001,
                                                                                                               that is currently being transformed into a ‘Olomouc Region Card’.
                                                                                                               Thus, the European Cities Tourism helps its member Cities thrive in the face
                                                                                                               of great competition. In October 2000, Olomouc together with other four
                                                                                                               European cities became a founding member of the AVEC
                                                                                                               (Alliance of Cultural Cities of Europe). Currently, the Alliance
                                                                                                               unites 30 European cities whose enormous historical heritage,
                                                                                                               when properly preserved and sustained, can contribute
                                                                                                               to their further development. To this end, member cities prepare studies,
                                                                                                               share know-how, organize educational stays, and implement cultural heritage
                                                                                                               programmes. On a local level, each city closely cooperates with universities,
                                                                                                               associations, experts, and all key players who play active part in this field.

                                                                                                               www.europeancitiestourism.com, www.avecnet.net, www.avecnet.com
Hotels and Accommodation
Facilities                            Number of Facilities                   Number of Beds                                                                          1 Kašna Tritonů
                                                                                                                                                                         Triton Fountain
Four-star hotels                               4                                  241
                                                                                                                                                                     2 3       4 Horní náměstí
Three-star hotels                              9                                  679                                                                                              Upper Square
Two-star hotels                                2                                  108                                                                                5 Bronzový model města
Motels                                         3                                  101                                                                                    Bronze Model of Olomouc
Boarding houses                              13                                   333                                                                                6 Výstaviště Flora Olomouc
Hostels*                                     10                                   434                                                                                    Flora Olomouc Exhibition Area

Bed & breakfast                                1                                     2
CELKEM                                       42                                 1 898
* Student hostels: + 700 beds from 1 July to 15 September
The number of overnight stays at Olomouc’s hotels and accommodation facilities averages 207 thousand a year.

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