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					Information and Communication
       Technologies in Switzerland
    The Swiss ICT Sector:
    a Wealth of Investment Opportunities

        Information and Communica-
    tion Technology, ICT, is an impor-       Some Statistics
    tant sector of the Swiss economy.
    Opportunities for investment in          •   Telecommunications companies in Switzerland turn over some US$ 20
    Switzerland’s ICT sector include             billion annually and employ about 50,000 people, according to SICTA,
    research partnerships, support and           an industry association.
    sales subsidiaries, and international
    headquarters.                            •   More than 110,000 workers in Switzerland are employed in the IT
                                                 sector, according to the Federal Office for Professional Education and
        Foreign investors will find a large       Technology.
    pool of multi-lingual IT professionals
    experienced in developing software       •   IT spending in Switzerland is more than US$ 9 billion a year, according
    and solutions for a wide range of            to International Data Corporation.
    industries, including software for the
    control of manufacturing and auto-       •   The IT sector ranks third in Switzerland’s in terms of sales after the
    mation equipment, mobile, Internet,          pharmaceutical and financial industries, and is one of the top five
    banking, and pharmaceutical ap-              employers in the country.
                                             •   When it comes to its ability to participate in the ‘Information Revolution’,
        An exciting development in re-           as International Data Corporation calls it, Switzerland is among the top
    cent years has been the increasing           ten nations worldwide. The IDC 2003 Information Society Index reports
    number of startup companies in               that Switzerland outranks the UK, Ireland, Germany and Japan.
    mobile communications, integration
    of IT solutions, Internet, network se-
    curity, encryption systems, bioinfor-
    matics, and packaged software. This
    suggests that innovation and entre-
    preneurship is an emerging facet of
    the Swiss ICT cluster.

        In terms of where ICT workers
    are employed, it is primarily in the
    banking, logistics, transport, and
    automation sectors. Others are
    consulting firms that specialize in
    integrating software and networking

        Emerging sectors, such as bio-
    informatics, embedded systems,
    lab automation, wireless and mobile
    communications are also strong
    sources of new jobs. Most focus on
    supplying software to specialized
    niches, as opposed to consumer
    and enterprise-oriented software.

                                          A Workforce
                                          for Global ICT

    Some of the largest employers
of ICT professionals in Switzerland
are foreign firms. Companies such
as Siemens of Munich, Germany,
EDS Corporation of Plano, Texas,
Dell, HP, Reuters and Orange SA of
France have invested significantly in

    Siemens Switzerland Software
House, whose turnover in 2003 was
US$ 1.2 billion, employs about 3,200
people across Switzerland develop-
ing software and solutions for use in
telecommunications and networking
equipment, automation, building
controls, and transport systems.

     EDS Corporation employs some
1,000 people in Switzerland. Its lat-
est milestone was the investment in
a new Air Transportation Center of
Excellence in Zurich. This supports
the company’s global and regional
growth strategy for its portfolio of
applications development, mainte-
nance and management services for
airlines, airports and aircraft mainte-   Employment in ICT sector in Switzerland 1980 to 2010
nance service providers.

    Hewlett-Packard, the leading                                      1980                 1990      2000      2010
technology solutions provider from                                                                             estimates
Palo Alto, California, invested mas-       IT
sively in Geneva, locating its EMEA        professionals              80,000               100,000   110,000   120,000
headquarters there, employing over
600 people in strategic functions          – with special-            300                  4,100     16,500    45,000
including R&D.                             ized training

     Reuters, the global information       Telecommuni-               30,000               39,000    51,000    59,000
company, providing information             cations profes-
tailored for professionals in finan-        sionals
cial services, media and corporate
markets, established in Geneva its         – with special-            3,000                8,000     20,000    35,000
regional headquarters for Europe,          ized training
Middle East and Africa. The com-
pany employs directly around 450           – with special-            110,000              139,000   161,000   179,000
professionals in Geneva.                   ized training

   In the telecommunications sector,       Total special-             3,300                12,100    36,500    80,000
France’s Orange SA employs some            ized trained
1,500 people. The company’s Swiss
operations are based in Lausanne.         Source: Federal Office for Professional Education and
                                          Technology, Bericht zur Situation Berufsbildung ICT in
                                          der Schweiz, 2003.
    Enabling ICT –
    The Swiss infrastructure

        According to IDC, Switzerland is
    among the top ten countries world-          Mobile market                    1998      1999       2000       2001      2002    2003
    wide, when it comes to the quality
    and depth of its ICT infrastructure.        Mobile subscribers (’000)        1,698     3,058      4,639      5,276     5,736   6,177
    The infrastructure is described as
    the penetration of traditional fixed             contracts (’000)             1,108     2,004      2,932      3,121     3,421   3,581
    lines, broadband access lines, mo-
    bile phones, PCs, Internet users and            prepaid (’000)                 590      1,054     1,707      2,155     2,315   2,596
    Internet servers per million popula-
    tion. It also looks at the quality of
    Internet connections and levels of          Fixed market                     1998      1999       2000       2001      2002    2003
    e-business development, of online
    commerce and of Internet/web lite-          PSTN access lines (’000)         3,884     3,622      3,382      3,240     3,163   3,086
                                                ISDN access lines (’000)           334       531        727        861      913     924
         The affordability of Internet ac-
    cess, telecoms market competition,          Total access lines (’000)        4,274      4,153     4,108      4,101     4,077   4,010
    security of the Internet infrastructure,
    government support for ICT devel-               of which ADSL (’000)             –          –          1        33      195     487
    opment, laws governing the Internet,
    ICT skills of the workforce and qual-
    ity of ICT supporting services are          Broadband market                 1998      1999       2000       2001      2002    2003
    also factors in the ranking.
                                                ADSL subscribers (’000)              –          –          1        33      195     487

                                                Cable-modem                          6         14        52        120      260     350
                                                subscribers (’000)

                                               Source: BAKOM

    E-Government in Switzerland

        The move toward making public services and              February 2004. The state considers Linux as a ‘future
    information more available via the Internet, called         potential standard operating system for the desktop’.
    e-government, is underway in Switzerland. Driving
    the effort is a decision by the Swiss government in             At the same time an inter-departmental project
    2003 to make sure that the country moves into the           called the ‘Information Society Initiative’ has been un-
    top third of the European e-government rankings by          derway since 1998 to promote the use of information
    the end of 2005. To reach this goal, the          and communications technologies. Its goal is to en-
    project was launched.                                       courage students and teachers to exploit the latest in
                                                                Internet, mobile, and computing technologies. Run by
        The Federal Administration gave its endorsement         the Interdepartmental Committee for the Information
    of the use of Open Source Software at the end of            Society (ICIS), its website is
                                                              in Switzerland

     Computers and bioinformatics have become essen-              As for education there is a Masters degree in bioin-
tial tools for the biologist just as the microscope and the   formatics available through collaboration by the Swiss
test tube are. Today new drugs cannot be discovered           Institute for Bioinformatics and the Faculties of Scien-
without extensive use of bioinformatics. Switzerland’s        ces and Medicine of the University of Geneva and the
universities produce excellent researchers and infor-         Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lausanne.
matics specialists. This combined with a thriving phar-
maceutical industry and government funded research          The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich
                                                        also offers courses in bioinformatics through an inter-
at the universities has proved to be rich soil for building
a bioinformatics cluster in Switzerland.                disciplinary program at its Institute of Computational
                                                        Science. Zurich-based researchers have developed a
    Companies such as Novartis, Nestle, F. Hoffmann-    powerful new bioinformatics programming language
La Roche Ltd, and Serono are the anchor firms in the     known as DARWIN and they are participating in
Swiss bioinformatics cluster. They are not only consum- BioOpera, an important component in grid computing
ers of bioinformatics products and services, they are   for bioinformatics.
also collaborators and co-developers.

   In addition, startup companies in the field of bioin-       Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics
formatics are flourishing in Switzerland, winning market
share, creating jobs, and establishing their products as          A pioneer in the development of proteomics data-
key suppliers to the global biopharmaceutical industry.       base and analysis tools is Dr. Amos Bairoch. He is a
                                                              Professor of Bioinformatics in the Department of Struc-
     Intel Corporation and Hewlett-Packard have invest-       tural Biology and Bioinformatics at the Faculty of Medi-
ed significant resources in a high-performance comput-         cine at the University of Geneva and group leader of the
ing center for bioinformatics in Switzerland. The goal        Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. The SIB was estab-
is to develop and analyze new genomic and protein             lished in 1998 as a non-profit organization to promote
data generated by researchers at the Swiss Institute of       research, development of software and to provide edu-
Bioinformatics, the Universities of Lausanne, Geneva,         cation, training and service activities within the field of
and Basel, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in       bioinformatics. Today its responsibilities are expanding
Lausanne (EPFL), and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer          and it is widely recognized as a leader in the develop-
Research in Lausanne. It is called the Vital-IT initiative.   ment of proteomics and bioinformatics worldwide.

                    Examples of Swiss bioinformatics companies

                    Name of company                           Description
                    Genedata AG                               Genedata is a bioinformatics company that specializes in developing software
                    Basel                                     systems in the functional genomics area. Headquartered in Basel with subsidiaries
                                                              in Munich, San Francisco and Boston.
                    GeneBio                                   GeneBio is the exclusive commercial representative for software and databases
                    Geneva                                    emerging from the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB). Products include
                                                              SWISS-PROT, PROSITE, SWISS-2DPAGE and the PHENYX software platform.
                    Therastrat                                Therastrat’s products predict the toxicity of a new drug using computer-based
                    Basel                                     tools and database. Its first software product was launched in 2003.
                    Statoo Consulting                         A consulting firm specialized in training medical and biotechnology researchers
                    Lausanne                                  in data analysis, data mining, and bioinformatics. Customers include Novartis,
                                                              Serono, and Nestle Research Center.
                    GeneProt SA                               GeneProt is specialized in proteomics tools. Its partners include Novartis, Serono,
                    Geneva                                    Hewlett Packard, Bruker Daltonics, Waters Corporation and the Swiss Institute of

    SWX Swiss Exchange –                                            are Swiss and foreign companies which fulfill specific
    A leading global exchange services                              liquidity criteria on the SWX Platform, have a free float of
    provider                                                        minimum 20% and a free float-weighted capitalisation of
                                                                    at least CHF 100 million. What is more, a broader diver-
         The SWX Swiss Exchange ranks among the world’s             sification is achieved by capping the weighting of each
    most technologically advanced securities exchanges.             individual stock to 10%. The SXI® family celebrated a
    Backed by the strength of Switzerland’s financial mar-           first on 21 June 2004 with the launch of two new indi-
    ketplace, it resolutely pursues an internationally oriented     ces that reflect one of Switzerland’s most prominent
    strategy. In transnational collaboration with partner           sectors: The sector universe of the more focused SXI
    organizations, the SWX Swiss Exchange provides first-            Bio+Medtech® sub-index contains biotechnology, ad-
    rate securities exchange services to all parties involved.      vanced medical devices, medical supplies and health-
    Not only is its broad product palette a convincing fac-         care providers, while SXI LIFE SCIENCES® also includes
    tor in this regard, but also its fully integrated and totally   pharmaceuticals.
    automated trading, clearing and settlement system that
    remains unique in the world (Swiss Value Chain). At the
    click of a mouse an order is executed, cleared, paid for        SWX Swiss Exchange –
    and confirmed.                                                   A member of SWX Group

         The SWX Swiss Exchange is the nexus for interac-                The SWX Group is a holding entity and retains
    tion between participants, issuers and investors in an          stakes in some leading financial utilities in Europe, such
    efficient and transparent securities market. It is the           as the SWX Swiss Exchange (100%), virt-x (100%),
    home exchange and determinative market for the shares           Eurex (50%), STOXX (33.3%) and EXFEED (100%). virt-x
    of internationally leading companies.                           is the first pan-European blue chip platform on which all
                                                                    European blue chips can be traded electronically. Lon-
                                                                    don-based virt-x has the status of an FSA ‘Recognised
    SWX Swiss Exchange –                                            Investment Exchange’ and is the home market for all
    A fertile ground for companies                                  constituent stocks of the SMI index. Eurex, the merger
                                                                    of SOFFEX (the former Swiss Options and Financial Fu-
         The SWX Swiss Exchange offers innovative, inter-           tures Exchange) and DTB (the German Futures and Op-
    national companies access to the Swiss capital market.          tions Exchange) created what has become the world’s
    Home to a host of Swiss blue-chip shares (traded on             largest derivatives exchange. This platform owes its
    virt-x) like Nestlé, Novartis, Roche, Serono, UBS, Unaxis       success to the easy, decentralized, reliable and efficient
    and Zurich Financial Services, it is also a very alluring       access it affords to the world’s most liquid derivatives
    venue for other public companies. A public placement            market. STOXX, operated as a joint venture between
    of securities in one of its trading segments affords com-       the SWX Swiss Exchange, Dow Jones & Company and
    panies a high degree of global visibility among investors,      Deutsche Börse AG, computes the key underlying in-
    particularly those who have an increased interest in            dices for derivatives trading. STOXX also offers a wide
    specific sectors. An initial public offering in Switzerland      range of European industry-specific securities indices.
    is an attractive opportunity for companies to raise equity      EXFEED is the one-stop source of real-time Swiss and
    capital, especially those in the life science, IT and micro-    European financial data.
    and nanotechnology industries.

                                                                                            Further Information
    SWX Swiss Exchange –
    A basket of tailor made index families                                                  SWX Swiss Exchange
                                                                                            Issuer & Investor Relations
         At the index level, companies listed on the SWX                                    Selnaustrasse 30
    will be distributed among three index families: the SPI®                                P.O. Box
    Family, the SMI® Family and the SXI® Family. This re-                                   CH-8021 Zurich
    grouping will allow improved benchmarking and extend                                    Phone +41 (0)58 854 22 45
    the range of benchmark indices. The SXI® index family                                   Fax     +41 (0)58 854 22 40
    covers sectors of particular significance for the Swiss                        
    economy. Eligible for inclusion in this family of indices                     
                                        Swiss ICT Firms
                                        Active on a Global Scale

    Switzerland’s home-grown ICT companies are lead-              ‘To constantly innovate, develop, sell and market the best software to power
ers in their niche markets. Companies such as Unaxis         mobile phones and embedded devices, Esmertec needs the top people in the in-
and Kudelski deliver cutting edge technology to the          dustry. Switzerland’s high standard of living, excellent infrastructure and the beauti-
world’s ICT market. At the same time many emerging           ful Alps and scenery help to make Esmertec an attractive working place.’
packaged software firms are located in Switzerland.
                                                                 Alain Blancquart, CEO, Esmertec.
Some examples:
   More than 65 million mobile devices are running                ‘We benefit from being in Switzerland due to the availability of finance and a
Esmertec’s software to enable games, advanced mes-           trained workforce. Not only the education system, but also the attitude to work of
saging and applications. The company employs more            the staff is excellent. There is an attitude about quality that is ingrained. Politically,
than 100 people.                                             Switzerland is solid and the government is enterprise-friendly. And geographically,
                                                             being located in the heart of Europe is an advantage.’
Swissbit Group AG
     This Bronschhofen-based company sells more than             Roger Knobel, COO of the Swissbit Group.
US$ 100 million worth of memory products a year. It
was created via a management buyout of a division of
Siemens Switzerland AG. Swissbit Group produces 4                 ‘Switzerland, central in Europe and with strong influences from Germany,
million units a year and reports sales of its memory mod-    France and Italy, is traditionally multilingual and hosts a melting pot of different na-
ules which are found in PC, servers, USB flash memories       tionalities. Comfone, a Swiss company with an international presence, benefits from
and compact flash cards. It employs 200 people.               these factors by employing a workforce that speaks a multitude of languages and
                                                             possesses IT and Telecom know-how accumulated from around the world. Fur-
Comfone AG                                                   thermore, our customers across the globe enjoy the highest standard in quality, an
    More than 40% of the existing mobile network             attribute that Switzerland’s service providers are renowned for.’
operators in over 100 countries worldwide use Com-
fone’s roaming services. Comfone enables a billion               Oscar Derrer, CEO Comfone
mobile phone calls each month to roam over networks
around the globe. The company employs a staff of 70
in Switzerland, with sales teams in Europe and regional          ‘Besides the fact that ultra low power design is a strength in this region, there is
sales divisions in Latin America and Asia Pacific.            a steady source of technically-oriented professionals. Eighty percent of our work-
                                                             force is located in Switzerland. The school system here delivers graduates who are
EM Microelectronic                                           exact and quality conscious, but their creativity is preserved.’
    Many of the chips for cutting-edge ICT devices,
including the computer mouse (more than one billion              Mougahed Darwish, EM Microelectronic.
chips shipped), smartcard ICs (leading vendor in the
Asia region) and radio frequency ID systems (number
one world-wide) emerge from EM Microelectronic, a                ‘GeneBio’s experience in the bioinformatics field, together with the renowned
company of the Swatch Group. The company’s turnover          expertise in proteomics brought by our partners here in Geneva (the Swiss Institute
in Swiss francs is in the nine-digit range and the largest   of Bioinformatics and the University, notably) places us in an ideal position to provide
proportions of its chips are actually used in applications   research scientists with the ultimate tools to transform this mass of heterogeneous in-
other than watches.                                          formation into integrated and structured biological knowledge. Geneva scientists have
                                                             pioneered proteomics and the area is known as a center of excellence in this field.’
Geneva Bioinformatics (GeneBio) S.A.
    Since 1997, GeneBio strives to shape biological             Nasri Nahas, CEO GeneBio
knowledge by applying its efforts to the following areas:
    Discovery: with a focus on the identification of con-         Training: GeneBio is addressing the increasing
text-sensitive information that characterizes proteins       demand for comprehensive and easily accessible pro-
in dynamic networks, offering its clients and partners       teomics-based bioinformatics intelligence. Above all, it
leading innovative tools and solutions that shape hetero-    provides a unique first-hand insight into the capabilities
geneous information into relevant biological knowledge.      of the renowned SWISS-PROT knowledgebase and its
In addition, GeneBio distributes leading knowledge da-       linked information resources and tools.
tabases that provide a high level of annotation as well as
in-depth up-to-date information.                                And others, such as IXOS, Ericsson, Ascom, SAP.
    Global ICT Firms
    Invest in Switzerland

        Many of the world’s leading IT companies have in-
    vested in Switzerland. Some have located their global,
    European, or regional headquarters in Switzerland,
    while others have located international finance, support,
    or research and development activities here.
        Examples include HP, Autodesk, Verisign and IBM.
    Furthermore, HP and Intel have invested in bioinformat-
    ics research and Sun Microsystems has invested in the
    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich (ETHZ) as
    a Center of Excellence in biomedical research.
        Younger firms have also chosen to invest in Swit-
    zerland’s ICT sector. Google recently opened an R&D
    center. JBoss Ltd, a leading open source software firm,
    established its R&D and European headquarters and
    eBay recently expanded its operations in Switzerland.
        One of the most common reasons for locating an IT
    or telecommunications business in Switzerland is the
    workforce. It is multi-lingual, technically sound, and well

    EDS Corporation, Plano, Texas
       EDS is a worldwide leader in supporting business in
    a wide range of industries with IT Outsourcing, Business
    Process and Application services. The company has
    been in Switzerland since 1985 and currently employs
    some 1,000 people in Switzerland.

                             ‘The stable yet independent economy, excellent skill sets and favorable
                         economic working conditions and regulations make Switzerland the perfect
                         place to invest.’

                             Stefan Leser, EDS Vice-President and Managing Director Transportation EMEA

    Brocade Communication Systems, Inc., San
    Jose, California
        Brocade is a world-leading storage area network
    company whose European, Middle East, African and
    Latin American headquarters have been based in Ge-
    neva since 2000. The firm also runs its customer train-
    ing and support operations for all of these regions at its
    Geneva site.

                              ‘Switzerland has exceeded our expectations as an international headquarters
                         location. The country initially got the nod over alternative candidates Belgium and
                         Ireland primarily because of its reputation for high quality, productivity and lifestyle.
                         Other criteria included easy access to European markets, a technology-savvy
                         multilingual workforce and its role as a major technology centre in Europe. The in-
                         vestment in Switzerland was part of an expansion program in EMEA that included
                         offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, France and operations in Denmark, Spain,
                         Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands.’

                             Ian Whiting, VP EMEA & Latin America Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
                                           Comprendium Software Group
                                               Document management and Content Integra-
                                           tion company Comprendium relocated its European
                                           headquarters to Baar in Switzerland in early 2004. The
                                           company’s multilingual enterprise content management
                                           software is winning significant market share in Europe.

     ‘We are in the process of aggressively targeting new markets such as those in
Italy and France. And Switzerland fits ideally into this strategic picture, providing a
ready source of multilingual employees as well as a central location convenient for
both our old and new markets. From this point of view, Baar has distinct advantages
over our other locations and over our head office in London.’

    Giovanni Bindoni, CEO of Comprendium Software Group.

                                           Quark Inc., Denver, Colorado
                                               QuarkXPress software is the layout tool of choice
                                           for millions of publishers in almost every country in the
                                           world. With a global reach and a multicultural customer
                                           base, Quark has to provide support in many languages.

    ‘The multilingual character of Switzerland was an important consideration when
Quark was selecting a location for its European customer service and technical
support center. The workforce in Neuchâtel has proven to be very diverse, which
gives Quark an advantage in the European marketplace.’

    Kamar Aulakh, President and CEO of Quark.

                                           Dspfactory SA Waterloo, Canada
                                               Six-year-old Dspfactory SA has located its Euro-
                                           pean headquarters and R&D in Marin near Neuchâtel.
                                           The Canadian company revolutionized the hearing aid
                                           industry with its ultra-miniaturized, ultra-low power,
                                           DSP-based programmable chips. The company is now
                                           poised to do the same thing in mobile phone headsets,
                                           mobile communications and other portable and wear-
                                           able audio device markets.

    ‘The skills and highly specific knowledge of designing low-power, digital signal
processors is in the minds of my employees and it is our greatest asset. I travel
more than 200,000 km a year and see how other companies work. Most firms have
a chaotic approach. The Swiss team is very structured. We achieve more here, with
higher quality, and with fewer people.’

    Peter Balsiger, President Dspfactory SA.

     A Leading                                                                                   ‘The density of international talent and capital networks found
                                                                                             in Switzerland is important to our company, SpringBay Partners.

     Position                                                                                As a young and growing organization, SpringBay Partners is con-
                                                                                             cerned with optimizing its resources. Establishing our European

     in Research                                                                             operations in Switzerland has enabled us to tap into a wealth of
                                                                                             global connectivity, innovation and capital. It has also helped us
                                                                                             to develop a global business without spreading resources across
                                                                                             multiple countries. These considerations are important in our
         Switzerland takes up a leading position in teaching and                             business of accelerating the internationalization of European high-
     researching ICT technologies. Advanced degrees in ICT                                   technology companies in the US and Asia. We have developed an
     topics can be earned at the two Federal Institutes of Tech-                             important part of our capabilities in the ICT sector and are con-
     nology, one in Lausanne and the other in Zurich, as well                                vinced that Switzerland is the best location for our company.’
     as at several cantonal universities. Three quarters of basic
     research in Switzerland is performed at these institutions.                                  Emmanuel Savioz
                                                                                                  Founding Partner of SpringBay Partners
         Blue chip ICT companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, Sun
     Microsystems and Oracle actively recruit Swiss PhDs for
     their leadership teams. What is valued is the Swiss educa-      acquisition and generation, scientific visualization, as well
     tional focus on problem solving. As opposed to churning         as virtual reality and medical simulation.
     out code, students learn to understand the entire engi-
     neering process from vision and analysis to design and              Research at the Institute of Computer Science at the
     testing.                                                        University of Basel is directed towards the development
                                                                     of numerical algorithms applied to the solution of a wide
                                                                     range of technical and scientific problems.
     Research in Information Technology
                                                                          Building on a foundation that includes the invention of
          Higher education in information technology is con-         the computer languages Pascal, Modula and Oberon, the
     cerned with how to create better software systems, attack-      Institute of Computer Systems of the ETHZ works on the
     ing various aspects of the software hierarchy. For example,     advancement of programming languages and operating
     the hyper-database research group and the information           systems.
     and communication systems research group at the Swiss
     Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) are spe-           Located in Manno, the Swiss Center for Scientific
     cialized on middleware systems and heterogeneous data-          Computing (CSCS) provides the Swiss scientific and com-
     base systems. Flexible, open software system design is a        putational community with high performance computing
     topic of the Software Composition Group at the University       and networking resources and hosts a research group in
     of Bern. Long-time data archiving is the focus of study for     computational sciences. It promotes scientific computing
     the Database Technology Research Group at the Univer-           via collaborative research and development projects with
     sity of Zurich.                                                 academic and industrial partners in Switzerland, Europe
                                                                     and worldwide. CSCS is part of the ETHZ.
          Improving the user interface to replace the mouse
     and the keyboard with more natural input modes such as
     speech, pen, body movements, or even direct capture of          Switzerland’s early adoption of Grid Computing
     brain activity, improving systems to access indexed ar-              Two research groups in Switzerland, the European Organization for Nuclear Re-
     chives of multimedia content, improving technologies that       search, known as CERN, and the Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics, are playing key roles
     support human to human communications, these are the            in developing a whole new generation of ICT technologies known as ‘grid computing’.
     objectives of IDIAP (Dalle Molle Institute for Perceptual Ar-        Geneva-based CERN is the same research organization that laid the foundation for
     tificial Intelligence,, a semi-private research    the Internet revolution when British researcher Tim Berners-Lee created the hypertext
     institute located in Martigny. The company leads several        protocols for the World Wide Web. In many ways, grid computing is like the Internet and
     national and international projects in these areas, including   the Web. A grid network makes available the processing power from clusters of con-
     a National Center of Competence in Research (www.im2.           nected computers, whereas the Web makes available applications and content on each
     ch) and collaborates with EPFL, ETHZ, and major universi-       connected machine.
     ties in Switzerland and abroad.                                      CERN is managing and driving the development of the European Union-funded Da-
                                                                     taGRID project, already in its second phase of development.
         Computer Graphics is another key area of advanced                The other major grid project underway is the Swiss BioGrid. It supports large-scale
     research in Switzerland. This is enabling a wide range of       computational applications in bioinformatics by utilizing distributed high-performance
     applications in science, engineering, art and entertain-        computing, high speed networks, massive data collections and archives, as well as
     ment. The MIRALab, an interdisciplinary creative research       the necessary software tools and data integration capabilities. Five university research
     laboratory, at the University of Geneva, is known for ad-       teams are involved in the projects, as well as Novartis AG in Basel, Switzerland.
     vanced simulations of human structures and movements.
     In Zurich, the Computer Graphics laboratory of the ETHZ
                                                                     Source: OECD, Science Technology and Innovation
     explores new fundamental methods for interactive image          Scoreboard, 2001.
                                        Teaching and Researching
                                        in Information and
                                        Communication Technology
    Telecommunications research and education at
Swiss universities is comprehensive, from the physical            The institutes and laboratories at Swiss universities closely cooperate with
layer (where electrical impulses, light or radio signals,     industry where the likes of IBM, Unaxis, Nortel Networks, ABB, Sprint, and HP
are converted into a bit stream), to the network layer        participate in advanced research projects. In Zurich, for example, IBM opened its
(where information is switched and routed) and up the         wafer-processing lab to a university research group. In exchange students test and
applications layer (where end-users get the benefit from       refine the design of cutting edge devices. IBM’s benefit is, that it receives function-
high-speed or wireless or mobile networks.)                   ing prototypes, but more importantly, IBM has access to a steady supply of trained
                                                              engineers who can work its newest technology.
     Physical layer researchers profit from outstanding
Swiss basic research in physics, applying that know-how
to solving bottlenecks in broadband networking. The In-
stitute for Quantum Electronics of the ETHZ, for example,
is developing optoelectronic waveguide components and
semiconductor prototypes for fiber optic networks.                  Distance learning is one of the most important end-user applications enabled
                                                              by new telecommunication technologies and new media. The Swiss Virtual Cam-
    Exploiting the Swiss tradition in microprocessors         pus, a joint effort, will connect all Swiss universities to boost research in e-learning,
and advanced sensors, researchers at the ETHZ are             as it is commonly called, and create a state of the art teaching infrastructure.
working on ubiquitous computing projects, trying to
wirelessly connect objects, including clothing, forming
a world-wide distributed system several orders of mag-
nitude larger than today’s Internet. The Electrical Engi-         Academic Institutions                 Semi-Private Research
neering department is working on the required hard-                                                     Institutions
ware, while the Distributed Systems Group addresses
the design and how to implement the infrastructure                                Univ. of Basel
needed to enable communication and cooperation be-                                                                               Univ. of St. Gallen
tween the various smart objects.                                                                            ETH Zurich
                                                                                      Basel  IBM       Univ. of
    Two aspects of mobile communication are ad-                                              (European Zurich
dressed at the EPFL. The Institute for Computer                                CSEM          R&D Center)
Communication and Applications is renowned for its                             Neuchâtel
Terminode Project, exploring the concept of a mobile                                          Univ.    IKK Lucerne
                                                                         Univ. of
network without a fixed infrastructure. In this project, the              Fribourg             of Berne
terminals are the nodes. The approach to the research
includes the physical, network, and applications layers.                   EPF Lausanne
At the Mobile Communication Lab, information and cod-
                                                                                     Dalle Molle
ing theory is applied to wireless communications, work-                              Institute,
ing towards a vision of communications and access to              Univ. of           Martigny
information any time, anywhere.                                   Geneva                                                    CSCS,Manno

    Swiss universities have made significant contribu-
tions to signal processing for efficient transmission of
audio and video data. For example the Signal Process-
ing Laboratory at the EPFL has significantly contributed           The University of Fribourg is one of the very few
to the development of parts of the MPEG standard now          places in the world to offer an Executive MBA degree
used in audio CDs and digital TV.                             in Telecommunications Management, as well as an
                                                              Executive Diploma in Telecommunications Management.
    Secure communication has not been neglected
here. Switzerland has built an outstanding reputation              The IBM Zurich Research Laboratory is a presti-
for excellence in security theory. Currently, the Crypto-     gious European R&D Center in the world. Among other
graphy and Information Security Research Group at the         activities, the IBM Center in Zurich is very active in mo-
ETHZ is developing new algorithms for encryption and          bile computing and e-business. It track technologies
new applications supporting the development of the            that are key to mobile computing such as the Wireless
information society.                                          Application Protocol (WAP).
     Increased Productivity
     for Swiss Companies
     Operating in Europe
         For Swiss companies operating globally, a smooth          along their own laptop to benefit from the service – they
     communication between headquarters and branch of-             can just let the local Swisscom Eurospot representa-
     fices is pivotal. Modern communication technologies            tive know how many PCs they need and the requested
     have improved the efficiency of information exchange           number will be at their disposal during the meeting. On
     between employees, partners and customers by grant-           top of that, Swisscom Eurospot also provides enhanced
     ing mobility and flexibility. The dissemination of mobile      interactive platforms such as video-conferencing and
     phones was a major step in this direction – offering us-      webcasting technology. If employees of internationally
     ers the ability to stay in touch whilst traveling. And now,   operating Swiss companies want to have a meeting
     new communication services based on High-Speed                organised by the local Swisscom Eurospot office, all
     Internet Access bring yet other dimension of productivity     they need to do is let the hotel receptionist know – and
     for professionals on the move.                                Swisscom Eurospot takes care of the rest.

         Employees of global and multilingual Swiss compa-             Maximum security is at the core of all of Swisscom
     nies are used to communicating efficiently across their        Eurospot’s High-Speed Internet access offerings. At
     whole organisation by means of High-Speed Internet            1700 locations across Europe and another 1000 loca-
     Access. Swisscom Eurospot, headquartered in Geneva            tions coming soon, internationally active Swiss com-
     and a subsidiary of the Swiss telecoms operator Swiss-        panies can safely connect to their corporate intranet or
     com, offers these professionals the value-added service       e-mail remotely via VPN technology without having to
     of staying connected when on the move. Using Swiss-           fear connection hijacking, data eavesdropping or unau-
     com Eurospot’s High-Speed Internet Access service,            thorized access to their corporate network.
     employees can securely access their corporate net-
     work, e-mail and the Internet while staying at hotels or          Professionals of Swiss-based international organisa-
     attending meetings. Locations offering High-Speed In-        tions using Swisscom Eurospot’s High-Speed Internet
     ternet Access services powered by Swisscom Eurospot          Access services are reliably supported by the latest
     are located close to every Swiss branch office across         network structure and hardware technology resulting
     Europe and can easily be found through the location          from the involvement of Swisscom Innovation, the Cen-
     finder at                           tral Research and Development resources. If they need
                                                                  assistance, they can rely on immediate accurate 24/7
          Professionals can get overnight, always-on, plug        assistance from the customer care hotline located at
     & play access in the privacy of their room in just two       the headquarters in Geneva in English, German, French,
     clicks, a service which is automatically billed on their ho- Italian, Dutch, Spanish and, if they wish, in Swiss Ger-
     tel invoice. Even light traveling professionals not carrying man and Romansch. Even when traveling abroad, busi-
     a laptop can work at high-speed via the fully-equipped       ness professionals from Swiss companies can always
     self-service workstations located in the business area       feel at home.
     of most hotels. These are complete with high-speed
     connectivity, office applications and printing facilities.
     Swisscom Eurospot’s wireless service in the lobby area
     and all guest rooms gives professionals the luxury of not About Swisscom Eurospot
     being confined to their desk. They can work while drink-
     ing a cup of coffee at the bar, stretching out on the bed         Swisscom Eurospot is one of         be purchased at the locations or
     in their hotel room or can productively use the waiting      Europe’s leading providers of High-      at Swisscom Eurospot’s e-shop at
     time until their meeting starts.                             Speed Internet Access-and Confer-
                                                                  ence Services for hotels and confer-
          Swisscom Eurospot adds even more value to Swiss ence organizers. Its pan-European                     Headquartered in Geneva,
     businesses operating globally by means of its confer-        network already spans more than          Swisscom Eurospot is a subsidiary
     ence services. Whether large-scale cross-organisational 2,700 points of presence, including           of the Swisscom Group and has
     conferences or small meetings between marketers of           well-known chains such as NH Ho-         offices in Germany, the UK, the
     branch offices, Swisscom Eurospot ensures that the            tels, Hilton, Kempinski and Holiday      Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy
     event goes off without a hitch. Throughout the meeting, Inn, plus the locations made avail-           and Portugal. Swisscom posted an-
     attendees have access to their corporate VPNs at their       able by Swisscon Eurospot’s roam-        nual sales of 10 billion Swiss francs
     fingertips and executives can use the Internet to train       ing partners: Swisscom Mobile, Telia in 2003 and has around 16,000
     the Sales force by demonstrating marketing material on- Homerun and Sonera. Access can                employees.
     line. In addition, professionals are not required to bring
Switzerland – A Prime Business
Location for ICT Companies

                    Switzerland is home to more than 7,000 SMEs ac-
                tive in ICT that value a business environment supporting
                rapid solid growth in Europe. Leading reasons for such
                a competitive marketplace, include:

                •   A highly skilled and quality-conscious workforce,
                    experienced in precision operations – a world leader
                    in terms of productivity

                •   A sophisticated scientific environment with leading
                    edge competence

                •   More working hours per year of any nation in Europe
                    and a flexible labor market

                •   A moderate tax regime for companies and

                •   A liberal regulatory framework and a responsive,
                    efficient administration

                •   Unrestricted access to the European market of more
                    than 360 million consumers for all products and
                    services from Switzerland

                •   A central location at the crossroads of Europe, in
                    the heart of one of the world’s leading high-tech
                    manufacturing centers between France, Germany,
                    Italy and Austria

                •   A cosmopolitan international environment with a
                    workforce conversant in English, German, French
                    and Italian.

                Other good reasons to invest in Switzerland:

                •   A long tradition of watch-making combining
                    precision skills, extraordinary craftsmanship and a
                    unique understanding of materials and alloys

                •   An excellent transportation infrastructure

                •   A health-conscious and well-off population that
                    provides a base for the growth of a first-rate
                    healthcare sector

                •   First-rate public and private schools

                •   An excellent lifestyle

     We Are Ready                                                    Investing and
     When You Are…                                                   Doing Business
                                                                     in Switzerland
                                                                     Location:Switzerland will be pleased
                                                                     to provide you with further informa-
                                                                     tion about Switzerland as a location for
                                                                     your company.

                                                                     Please visit our website at:


                                                                     Manfred W. Herr
                                                                     Chief Representative for Europe
                                               Eric                  Location:Switzerland
                                               Scheidegger           Stampfenbachstrasse 85
                                               Ambassador            P.O. Box 651
                                                                     CH-8035 Zurich
                                               State Secretariat     Phone +41 43 300 56 00
                                               for Economic          Fax    +41 43 300 56 05

         ICT opens up an enormous market potential. Swit-            Mario Brossi
                                                                     Senior Representative for North America
     zerland holds a strong position in these technologies           Location:Switzerland
     – clearly stronger than its size would indicate. In several     633, Third Avenue, 30th Floor
     fields, Switzerland even has a considerable lead. This           New York City,
     brochure on ICT is an initial introduction to remind you        US-New York, NY 10017-6706, USA
     that in Switzerland, you will be able to find what you           Phone +1 202 745 7924
                                                                     Fax     +1 202 232 1050

     •   A highly productive and skilled workforce                   André Zimmermann
     •   A flexible labor market                                      Senior Japan Representative for
     •   A liberal regulatory framework
                                                                     Embassy of Switzerland
     •   Low corporate and individual taxes and moderate             5-9-12 Minami Azabu
         ancillary labor costs                                       Minato-ku
     •   An excellent communication and transportation               Tokyo 106-8589, Japan
                                                                     Phone +813 3473-0121
                                                                     Fax     +813 3473-6090
     •   A central location close to your operating business
     •   High quality of life and a cosmopolitan environment         Location:Switzerland Headquarters
     •   Attractive incentives and public support                    Export and Investment Promotion
                                                                     Effingerstr. 31–35
     •   Efficient and business friendly public administration        CH-3003 Berne
                                                                     Phone +41 31 323 07 10
         More information on doing business in Switzerland is        Fax    +41 31 324 86 00
     also available in our Handbook for Investors, which con-
     taints everything you and your advisers need to know in
     making your site decision. You will readily notice that it is   Osec Business Network Switzerland
     easy and uncomplicated to start a business in our country.      Stampfenbachstr. 85
         Our senior representatives for Europe and North             P.O. Box 492
     America will gladly assist you. As soon as you have             CH-8035 Zurich
                                                                     Phone +41 1 365 51 51
     identified where in Switzerland you would like to invest,        Fax    +41 1 365 52 21
     you can count further on the professional and efficient
     consultation and support services of the Cantonal and 
     regional industry and trade promotion offices.
         Whether you are a sizeable investor or an entrepre-
     neur, you are personally welcome in our country.
         You have my word on it!
ICTsuisse                                                                              EPFL
Information and                                                                        Swiss Federal Institutes of
Communication Technology
                                                                                       Technology Lausanne
P.O. Box 515 / Kramgasse 5
CH-3000 Berne 8
Phone +41 31 328 27 20
                                            Addresses                                  School of Computer and
                                                                                       Communications Systems
                                                                                       Bâtiment IN
Fax     +41 31 328 27 30
                                                                                       CH-1015 Lausanne
                                                                                       Phone +41 21 693 53 23
                                                                                       Fax      +41 21 693 39 09
SICTA                                       TechnoArk                        
Swiss Information and Communi-              TECHNO-pôle Sierre 5
cations Technology Association              CH-3960 Sierre                             CSEM, the Swiss Center for
Laupenstr. 18a / P.O. Box 7923              Phone +41 27 452 22 22                     Electronics and Microtechnology
CH-3001 Berne                                                Rue Jaquet-Droz 1 / P.O. Box
Phone +41 31 380 11 80                                      CH-2007 Neuchâtel
Fax    +41 31 380 11 81
                                                                                       Phone +41 32 720 51 11                              The Innovation Promotion Agency            Fax    +41 32 720 57 00                                (KTI/CTI)                        
                                            Federal Office for Professional Education
SIMSA                                       and Technology                             University of Neuchâtel
Swiss Interactive Media and                 Effingerstr. 27                             Avenue du 1er Mars 26
Software Association                        CH-3003 Berne                              CH-2000 Neuchâtel
P.O. Box 1211                               Phone +41 41 724 65 75                     Phone +41 32 718 11 11
CH-8032 Zurich                              Fax     +41 41 724 65 50                   Fax    +41 32 718 10 01
Phone +41 0848 800 125                                                  
                                                                                       Institute for Communication
                                            University of Berne                        and Culture IKK
BAKOM / OFKOM                               Institute for Information Systems          Bruchstr. 43/45 / P.O. Box
Federal Office of Communications             Prof. Dr. Joachim Griese (emeritus)        CH-6000 Lucerne 7
Rue de l’Avenir 44, P.O. Box                Engehaldenstr. 8                           Phone +41 41 228 77 71
CH-2501 Bienne                              CH-3012 Berne                              Fax    +41 41 228 77 85
Phone +41 32 327 55 11                      Phone +41 31 631 47 85           
Fax    +41 32 327 55 55                     Fax      +41 31 631 46 82                              
                                                                                       Software School Switzerland
Ecademy                                     University of Fribourg                     Morgartenstrasse 2c / P.O. Box 325
Dr. Bernhard Reber, Managing Director       International Institute of Manage-         CH-3000 Berne 22
Peter Merian-Strasse 86 / P.O. Box          ment in Telecommunications                 Phone +41 31 33 55 272
CH-4002 Basel                               Prof. Dr. Stephanie Teufel – Director      Fax    +41 31 33 30 625
Phone +41 61 279 18 08                      Av. de Tivoli 3                  
Fax     +41 61 279 18 09                    CH-1700 Fribourg                   Phone +41 26 300 84 30                     CERN – European Organization                              Fax      +41 26 300 97 94                  for Nuclear Research
                                                                CH-1211 Genève 23
Swiss Private Equity & Corporate                                  Phone +41 22 76 761 11
Finance Association SECA
                                                                                       Fax     +41 22 76 765 55
P.O. Box 4332                               Dalle Molle Institute for Perceptual
CH-6304 Zug                                 Artificial Intelligence           
Phone +41 41 724 65 75                      Prof. Dr. Hervé Bourlard – Director
Fax    +41 41 724 65 50                     Rue du Simplon, 4 / P.O. Box 592           FONGIT – the Geneva Foundation                                CH-1920 Martigny                           for Technological Innovation                                 Phone +41 27 721 77 11                     Fondation Genevoise pour l’Innovation
                                            Fax      +41 27 721 77 12                  Technologique
Swiss Center for Scientific                                  Chemin des Aulx 18
Computing (CSCS)                                                 CH-1228 Plan-les-Ouates / Geneva
Dr. D. Maric, Managing Director
                                                                                       Phone +41 22 884 83 00
Chief Technology Officer for national High   ETHZ                                       Fax    +41 22 794 66 65
Performance Computing and Networking        Swiss Federal Institute          
Galleria 2 / Via Cantonale                  of Technology Zurich             
CH-6928 Manno                               Zurich Information Security Center
Phone +41 91 610 82 11                      IFW C 43.2                                 MIRALab
Fax      +41 91 610 82 82                   ETH Zentrum                                University of Geneva                              CH-8092 Zurich                             24 rue du General Dufour                                 Phone +41 1 632 72 43                      CH-1211 Geneva 4
                                            Fax    +41 1 632 11 72                     Phone +41 22 379 77 69
University of Basel                                       Fax     +41 22 379 77 80
Institute of Computer Science                      
Prof. Dr. Helmar Burkhart – Director
Klingelbergstr. 50                          Department of Computer Science
CH-4056 Basel                               ETH Zentrum                                Swiss ICT and E-Business Directory
Phone +41 61 267 14 60                      CH-8092 Zurich                   
Fax      +41 61 267 14 61                   Phone +41 1 632 72 70                   Fax    +41 1 632 16 20                  

Project team
Location Switzerland:
Irenka Krone-Germann, Lukas Raaflaub,
André Güdel, Manfred Herr, Michael Mayer

Swisscom Eurospot:
Katja Grünblatt

Simone Kriesi

AWK Group:
Dr. Adrian Marti, Dr. Michele De Lorenzi

BBF Visual Communication, Basel

                                                        8.2004 5000 SE-331-BRO-E-A4

Location:Switzerland, State Secretariat
for Economic Affairs seco

Valerie Thompson, a Zurich-based journalist, provided
research assistance with this report.