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                       Company Information
Company Name                    VS SOLUTION TECHNOLOGY PTE LTD
Main Office Address:            Block 43, Simei Rise
                                #06-27, Singapore 528785
Mailing Address:                29, Pasir Ris Street 72, TWR5,
                                #03-19, Singapore 518768
Sales Director:                 Danny Hui
Accounts Director               Judy Lo
Telephone No.:                  (65) 93232807
China Mobile:                   (86) 13913509393
Fax No.:                        (65) 65880388
Email Address:                  dannyhui@singnet.com.sg
Website:                        www.vs-solution.com
Date Established:               May 2003(VS Solution) April 2006 (VSST)
Registration Certificate No.:   200603551R
GST Registration No:            20-0603551-R
                             About Us
     VS Solution primarily started in May 2003 in selling and buying Used
Equipment for PCB manufacturing and semi-con industries. We provide solution,
 consultation, cost effective, quality, quantity, customer satisfaction and meeting
                      customers required delivery time (JIT).
 VS Solution had officially converted to Private Limited in April 2006 named as
                    VS Solution Technology Pte Ltd (VSST)

         VSST buys and sells only good used equipments to supply in this
Electronic Manufacturer supply chains. We also provide warranty on all machines
    if they are install and commission by our engineers or appointed partners.

           VSST starts to represent various products for the Electronics
Manufacturing and Semi-con industries in September 2003. We also provide after
sales service and support our customer with commitments and quality whatever it
VSST has appointed distributors located in
Singapore, Thailand, Philippine and China in October 2003,
Europe in March 2004 and USA in June 2004.
North and South America in 2007

VSST was appointed as the Master distributor for Hepco SMT
Inc in 2005 and Glenbrook Technologies, Inc. in Jan 2006. We had also
signed a distributorship an agreement with SMTTools for South East Asia
in May 2005. In 2007, we have our own brand for Table Top X-Ray machine.
In 2008, we are honor to be the distributor for Nortec Inc.

VSST has joined    partner with V-Soltes Electronics Co., Ltd in 2005. VSST has
become a partner with V-Soltes and our responsibity is to have our machines
installed world-wide. We are also looking for distributors that has the experience
dealing with Reflow and wave soldering machines. In 2006, we had develop our own
Auto Optical Inspection machine.

VSST begins to be one of the Global Outsourcing
In May 2004. By using our Strategic Outsourcing Network, it
enables us to provide clients almost any high quality
product at the most competitive prices by manufacturing
in Suzhou, Shanghai and Dongguan and Shenzhen China.
VS Solution/VSST        has gain trust from many
customers and business partners today.
We are well known in the industries and
has been recognized worldwide since May
2003. Up to today, we have sold numbers
of good running and excellent used
Equipments globally.
VS Solution Technology Pte Ltd is proud
   to announce our newly set up Sales,
       Service and Support offices.
             Suzhou SIP VS Technology M&E Co., Ltd.
                      Tel: 86-0512-62925272
                     Mobile: 86-13913509393
                     Fax: 86-0512-67635028
                   Contact Person – Danny Hui
                 Email: dannyhui@singnet.com.sg

                        Appointed Distributor
      Bangkok, Thailand – Mr Adul Chaiput (DKK Engineering)
           Malaysia – Miss May – (VS Solution Services)
        USA – Mr Julio R. Montjoy (Technical Device Inc, )
        USA - Mr Dave Crissey – SMT Source/SMT Supplier
          North America – Mr Carlos Santos ( ACMTEC)
       South America – Mr Marcelo Ramalho (Almont Brazil)
              Vietnam – Mr Joe Lee (NST Technology)
     Europe / Philippine / India / Vietnam / Indonesia – Still Open
    Machines always available for sales
Screen Printer       - MPM / DEK / KME / Panasert / Fuji / Others
SMT Pick and Place   - Fuji / Siemens / Universal / Panasert / Juki / Others
IC Mounter           - Fuji / Siemens / Universal / Panasert / Juki / Others
Reflow Oven          - Heller / BTU / Vitronics / Electrovert / Others
Wave Solder          - Electrovert / Soltec / Sensbey / Hollis / Others
Glue Dispenser       - Fuji / Camalot / Panasonic / Others
ICT Tester           - Agilent / GenRad / Teradyn
Stencil Cleaner      - EMC / Kerry / SmartSonic / Others
AOI System           - Sony / Agilent / Teradyn / JVC / Others
X-Ray System         - Agilent / GlenBrook / CR Tech / Nicolet / Others
Paste Inspection     - Cyber-Optics / Agilent / Malcolm / Others
SMT Feeders          - Fuji / Panasert / Siemens / GSM / Juki / Others
Spare Parts          - MPM / DEK, etc
Conveyor             - Loader/Unloader, Conveyors, etc
Others               - Accessories
 Product Partners - SMT
            Lead Free Reflow Oven – China
          Screen Printer – Under Development
       Stand Alone & Table Top X-Ray Machine
 All SMT Pick & Place Nozzles and Parts - Singapore
     Solder Paste for Lead-Free and Non Lead-Free
Fuji CP4-3 & CP6/7 Feeders Calibration Jig – Singapore
            Stencil Cleaning System - China
          Solder Paste Height Checker – China
PCBA Inspection System (360 Degree rotation) – China
       PCBA Hand Held Inspection scopes - USA
           KIC Reflow/Wave Profiler - USA
              Solder Paste Mixer – China
     Loader and Unloader/Conveyor System - Korea
                 Stencil Wipes - China
         SMT Splice Tape and Tooling - China
                  SMT Filter – Taiwan
            BGA Inspection System – USA
             BGA Rework Station – China
      Auto Apply Label / Thermal Printers – USA
Product Partners – Thru-Hole
    Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine - China
All Machines Type Auto-insertion parts - Singapore
       Soldering and rework Station - China
       ELM Tape Dispenser System - Japan
        Wave Temperature Profiler - USA
        PCB Depanalizer Machine – USA
     Hepco Cutting & Forming Machine- USA
     Manual Insert Conveyor Line - Singapore
            Magnifying Lamp – China
              ESD Products – China
      PCB In-line Cleaning Machine – USA
    Rework Connectors Solder & De-solder Pot
Product Partners – Semi-con and Others

            Ionizer Equipments – China
             Clean room Wipes – China

           SMD Parts Counter – Taiwan
      SMT Printer Wipes Rolls for all Brands
 PCB Magazines Rack and all PCB Handling Solution
     Nortec Labels Application Supplies - Israel
Industrial Factory Automation
           Vision Machine
      Customize Conveyor System
           Router Machine
           Labeling System
         Dispensing Machine
            Jig & Fixture
           Industrial Oven
                       Contact Us
VS Solution Technology Pte Ltd is looking forward to be one of
                your business partner in the near future.

    For more information, sub-contracting in overseas, quotations,
looking for new / used equipments, buying or selling any of your used
 equipments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to meet
  your objective and requirement to our best abilities and knowledge.

   VS Solution Technology Pte Ltd is known as the best sourcing
       supplier in the Electronics and Manufacturing Industries.

 Contact us now at dannyhui@singnet.com.sg for more enquiries or
      visit us at www.vs-solution.com for products information.

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