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									Marketing and Communication
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Talking about the rules 2.0
16th FCN-Team Meeting, Lyss, Switzerland

Dr. Patrick Seifried   28.09.2009
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                                  Break it down:
                                  From New Media
                                  towards Social Media

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Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants

                      Digital Immigrants in   Digital Natives in
                      average use             average use
                      1.8 media.              5.2 media.

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Migration towards New Media in Facts and Figures

                                  video at
                        327 437 views since September 14th, 2009
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Some Impressive Facts of Social Media

           More video were uploaded to        in the last 2 month than what
           new content had been aired 24*7 since 1948 on             .

           The number of unique visitors               get every month,
           collectively is 10 Million with summarized 200 years of business.

           The number of unique visitors                               get every
           month, collectively is 250 Million and non of them exist 6 years ago.

           Obama leveraged online social networks to raise $55 million within 29

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Which Message Attracts You Most?

       1. We have a climate change?

       2. I turn my air condition on. Do we have a
                climate change?

       3. Do we have a climate change?

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What is Social Media?

                                  Social Media refers to
                                  activities, practices, and
                                  behaviors among communities
                                  of people who gather online to
                                  share information,
                                  knowledge, and opinions
                                  using conversational media.
                                  Conversational media are web-
                                  based applications that make it
                                  possible to create and easily
                                  transmit content in the form of
                                  words, pictures, videos, and
                                  Source: The Social Media Bible; Lon Safko, David K. Brake

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The Impact of Social Media Marketing and

                                  Do you want to communicate with
                                  your current and potential customers?
                                  Do you want to create awareness
                                  about your products and services?
                                  Do you want to create reputation
                                  about your products and services?
                                  Do you want to get product
                                  improvements and ideas from your
                                  Does your website need more
                                  Do you want your website to rank
                                  higher on search engine results?

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The Usage of Social Media Marketing and

            Community                  Online              Online           Search Engine
             Building                Promotion          Conversation        Optimization

            Establish client        Generate new        Generate new           Increase
               community               clients          product ideas        website traffic

               Building                                     Client           unique visitors
                                   Online campaign
             awareness and                             conversation and
                                    & promotion
               reputation                                 consulting            Increase
                                                                               page rank
             Identify the                                Work against
                                   Online Branding
              target group                             negative publicity
                                                                             Link exchange

             Social media          More profit, less    Online Market        Improve search
              presence                  costs             Research          engine positioning

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                                   A closer look at social
                                   media using an

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THE Social Network Facebook and it s Fantastic
and Unique Story

                                                 Key facts
                 Active Users Growth from         50% of FB active users log on every
                  Feb 2004 to Sept 2009           day.
                                                  The fastest growing demographic is
                                                  those 35 years old and older.
                                                  More than 6 billion are spent on FB
                                                  each day (worldwide).
                                                  More than 40 million status updates
                                                  each day.
                                                  More than 10 million users become
                                                  fans of pages each day.
                                                  Each month uploaded or created:
                                                       2 billion photos

                   Feb 2004           Jan 2009         14 million videos
                                                       45 million active user groups
 Statistics on September, 27th 2009
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Facebook goes Mobile, here some Statistics

                                   More than 65 million active
                                   users currently accessing
                                   Facebook through their mobile
                                   People that use Facebook on
                                   their mobile devices are almost
                                   50% more active on
                                   Facebook than non-mobile
                                   More than 180 mobile
                                   operators in 60 countries
                                   working to deploy and promote
                                   Facebook mobile products.

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10 Largest Facebook Countries and the 10 Fastest
Growing in September 2009

  10 Largest Countries                                          10 Fastest Growing Countries

       United States               86,406,460                    China         100.58%   6,920
       United Kingdom 20,214,180                                 Taiwan        11.14%    322,900
       Turkey                      13,104,960                    Vietnam       8.91%     74,460
       Canada                      12,862,140                    Philippines   6.77%     360,360
       France                      12,245,140                    Iraq          6.05%     4,800
       Italy                       11,573,640                    Romania       5.17%     15,300
       Indonesia                   9,642,620                     Sweden        5.11%     127,760
       Australia                   6,572,900                     Ireland       5.1%      47,220
       Spain                       6,554,500                     Ukraine       4.81%     7,780
       Argentina                   6,380,080                     Qatar         4.49%     8,500
 Statistics on September, 27th 2009;
Page   14   Dr. Patrick Seifried
Facebook Active Users Listed by Target Groups for
the US in September 2009

                                                                 Total of
                                                                 86 406 460
                                                                 Female (57%)
                                                                 49 004 980
                                                                 Male (43%)
                                                                 36 918340
                                                                 Percentage of
                                                                 Global Audience:
  Statistics on September, 27th 2009;

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                                   There are new rules
                                   for Marketing and
                                   Public Relations.

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Some Old Rules of Marketing

            Marketing simply meant advertising (and branding).
            Advertising needed to appeal to the masses.
            Advertising was one-way: company-to-customer.
            Advertising was exclusively about selling products.
            Advertising was based on campaigns that had a limited life.
            Creativity was deemed the most important component of advertising.
            It was more important for the ad agency to win advertising awards
            than for the client to win new customers.
            Advertising and PR were separate disciplines run by different people.
            Source: The new Rules of Marketing & PR, David Meerman Scott

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Some Old Rules of Public Relations

            The only way to get ink was through the media.
            Companies communicated to journalists via press releases.
            Nobody saw the actual press release except a handful of reporters
            and editors.
            Companies had to have significant news before they were allowed to
            write a press release.
            Jargon was okay because the journalists all understood it.
            The only way buyers would learn about the press release s content
            was if the media wrote a story about it.
            PR and marketing were separate disciplines run by different people
            with separate goals, strategies, and measurement techniques.
            Source: The new Rules of Marketing & PR, David Meerman Scott

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The Long Tail of Chris Anderson is One Reason for
the Success of Social Media.

                                           Marketers must shift their thinking
                                          from the short head of mainstream
                                          marketing to the masses to a strategy
                                          of targeting vast numbers of
                                          underserved audiences via the web.
                                           Source: The new Rules of Marketing & PR, David Meerman Scott

               Dependence on: The Long Tail, Chris Anderson

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Some New Rules of Marketing and Public Relations

            Marketing is just more than advertising.
            PR is for more than just a mainstream media audience.
            You are what you publish.
            People want participation, not propaganda.
            Instead of causing one-way interruption, marketing is about delivering
            content at just the precise moment your audience needs it.
            Companies must drive people into the purchasing process with great
            online content.
            Blogs, podcasts, e-books, new releases, and other forms of online
            content let organizations communicate directly with buyers in a form
            they appreciate.
            On the Web, the lines between marketing and PR have blurred.
            Source: The new Rules of Marketing & PR, David Meerman Scott

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                                   Which social media
                                   platforms and how to
                                   combine them?

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So, We Have to Establish a Community, We Need
OUR Audience

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Meanwhile there are Umpteen Social Platforms.
Which Should you Select?

Page   23   Dr. Patrick Seifried
Social Media Activities without Integration.

               Blog                Fanpage                    Newsletter    Website

             Groups                               Blog-Post   Facebook     Twitter

                     YouTube                 Flickr                        MySpace

Page   24   Dr. Patrick Seifried
The Method of YOOSCOCIAL Integrates different
Platforms to a Complete Social Media Strategy.

Page   25   Dr. Patrick Seifried
What are the Tools in the World of Social Media
Marketing and Communication?

micro-blogging                                             podcast

 follower,                                               video / tv

                               discussion       e-book

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Word of Mouth Marketing and Communication
Generates Awarness within a Community

                                 video at
                       11 388 032 views since July, 1st 2009
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The Social Media Case of

                                                                           Key facts

 Traffic Growth from Jan 2009 to Sep 2009
                                                                            Social Media activities started in
   7 00 0                                                                   March 2009
   6 00 0                                                                   Total traffic on our domain has
                                                                            increased by 9 times
   5 00 0
                                                                            Our website and blog are now
   4 00 0
                                                                            popular on social networking sites.
   3 00 0
                                                                            We have over 3 617 followers and
   2 00 0                                                                   following 3 119 on Twitter as well as
                                                                            339 fans on Facebook, within 7
   1 00 0
                                                                            months. LinkedIn has 294 members.
            J an   Feb    Mrz      Apr    M ai   J un J ul 0 9 Aug   Sep    Our translator database has
            09     09     09       09     09     09            09    09     increased by at least 3 times, having
                                                                            over 3 000 translators in more than
             Blog        Website         Website.Mobi        Total
                                                                            220 language combinations.

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                                   Thank you for
                                   your attention!
                                   Any Questions?

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Feel Welcome to Follow me on Social Networks


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If you have questions,
please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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