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              Backbone magazine continues to increase its distribution through corporate alliances and
              industry trade shows. The total distribution is broken down as follows:

              100,000      to The Globe and Mail: metropolitan areas and paid subscribers only
              5,000-10,000 to corporate distribution alliances (depending on the issue) through such
                           organizations as Grand and Toy (to their best tech customers), KPMG
                           (to their best tech customers), SMB owners/customers, Air Canada lounges,
                           Industry Canada, numerous tech associations, recruiting firms and
                           consulting firms
              3,000-5,000 on newsstands and at trade shows/events
              Total average distribution: 110,000. Total readership: 330,000 (according to an Ipsos-
              Reid survey of 3 readers per copy). Backbone magazine distribution is audited by Canadian
              Circulations Audit Bureau (CCAB/BPA Worldwide)

              Backbone is distributed at most major technology-related events across Canada—many in
              conjunction with either media sponsorship or booth space. In the past 12 months we have
              distributed Backbone at the 150+ events listed below.

              Event Distribution
              Upcoming events can be found on our Web site: www.backbonemag.com/events.
              Sampling of 2009 distribution at events below:

              July 2009
              Toronto Executives Association Weekly Meeting,        May 2009
              Toronto                                               e-Health 2009, Quebec City
              Geoweb, Vancouver                                     eBC: eCommerce and Understanding Online
              eBC: eBusiness Summer Special, Vancouver              Payment Systems, Vancouver
              BCTIA: Business Survival Strategies Webinar,          ISCM Money Chase: Bootstrapping for Growth,
              Vancouver                                             Markham
              Digital Alberta: Digital Painting Workshop, Calgary   Cyber Security and Your Business: How to Protect
              Vancouver Greentech Exchange, Vancouver               Your Customers from Online Threats, Vancouver
                                                                    CVCA’S 2009 Annual Conference, Calgary
              June 2009                                             BCTIA: CTO Roundtable - SR&ED Claims,
              Canary Derby, Vancouver
                                                                    CIPS Toronto: BCM and the bottom line, Toronto
              BCTIA: Essential E-Marketing Strategies Webinar:
              Social Strategies, Vancouver                          Vancouver Enterprise Forum: Fireside Chat with
                                                                    Greg Peet, Vancouver
              IIMA: Digital Marketing for Travel and Tourism,
              Vancouver                                             Centre for Outsourcing Research & Education:
                                                                    Energy Conference, Calgary
              eBC: Social Media: What’s in it for you and your
              small business? Vancouver                             Wired Woman Vancouver: eDiscovery and Forensic
                                                                    Technology, Vancouver
              ALI: Social Media for Government, Edmonton
                                                                    You, Me & Green IT, Toronto
              Canada’s Digital Economy, Ottawa
              ISCM: A Clean Tech Gathering, Markham
                                                                    Canadian CommTech Show and Seminars, Kelowna
              The Canadian Telecom Summit, Toronto
                                                                    IIMA: Paid or Organic? How to Get Top Search
              Vancouver Greentech Exchange, Vancouver
                                                                    Engine Results, Vancouver
              Digital Alberta: Association’s BBQ, Calgary
                                                                    webcom Montreal: Social media, interactive
              IIMA: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter Workshop,           communications & Web 2.0, Montreal
                                                                    Future Play 2009 at GDC Canada, Vancouver
              Ontario Centres of Excellence: Mind to Market
                                                                    Game Developers Conference (GDC) Canada,
              Innovation Series, Toronto
              Search Engine Strategies 2009, Toronto
                                                                    Digital Alberta: Convergence in Media, Calgary
              ASAP: From Strategic Alliances to Ecosystems,
                                                                    Vancouver Greentech Exchange, Vancouver
                                                                    Ontario Centres of Excellence: Discovery 09,
              nextMEDIA, Banff
              FPL Canadian Electronic Trading Conference 2009,
                                                                    ALI: Social Media for Government, Ottawa
                                                                    ERA: Drop off computers and electronics for
              ALI: Results-based Management for Government,
                                                                    recycling at EPIC, Vancouver
Massive Technology Show, Toronto                   Vancouver Enterprise Forum: Fireside Chat,      Vancouver Enterprise Forum: Venture Capital
Professional Development Summit 2009,              Vancouver                                       Outlook 2009, Vancouver
Halifax                                            SaskInteractive Summit 2009, Saskatoon          eBC events in January, Vancouver
Storage Networking, Vancouver, Calgary,            Social Media Showdown, Toronto                  Angel Forum: Get Investor Ready, Vancouver
Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto                          Digital Alberta: Events in March, Calgary       Pacific Northwest Wireless Summit,
                                                   IN: The Interactive Exchange, Toronto           Vancouver
April 2009                                         eBC events in March, Vancouver                  FPL Canadian Electronic Trading Conference
BCTIA: Bridging the gap between Product                                                            2009, Toronto
                                                   Financial Forum & Wealth Management Expo,
Management and Marketing, Vancouver                Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary                     McMaster World Congress (30th), Hamilton
                                                   Centre for Outsourcing Research & Education,    IIMA: Winning With Mobile Marketing in
IT.CAN/LSUC Spring Training Program,
                                                   Toronto                                         2009, Vancouver
eBC: Measuring the Success of Your Web Site        IIMA: The Social Media Starter Kit: A
with Web Analytics, Vancouver                      Workshop in Online Branding, Vancouver          December 2008
BCNET 2009 Conference: Green Technologies          CVCA’S Networking Receptions, Saskatoon,        BCTIA Events in December, Vancouver
for Research and Learning, Vancouver               Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver                    IIMA: Expand Your Reach With A Successful
Vancouver Enterprise Forum: Fireside Chat          Vancouver Board of Trade - ON-LINE              Multi-Lingual Web Strategy, Vancouver
with Technology Legend Ken Spencer,                PROTECTION, Vancouver                           Infonex: Government Web 2.0 & Social Media
Vancouver                                          Canadian Institute: Intensive Course in Media   2008, Victoria
Digital Alberta: AGM, Calgary, Edmonton            Relations, Vancouver                            Infonex: Public Sector Internal
WowGao: Government Technologies                    Wired Woman Vancouver: Events in March,         Communications, Ottawa
Conference & Expo, Toronto                         Vancouver                                       eBC events in December, Vancouver
WowGao: Health Technologies Conference &           ACETECH Symposium at Whistler, Whistler         Launch of CATA-China Business Portal,
Expo, Toronto                                      2009 Private Equity Symposium, Toronto          Toronto
next 2009: CMA National Convention and             MoMoVan: Web 2.0 and Mobile Gaming and          Seminar on How to Do Business in Central
Showcase Forum, Toronto                            Entertainment, Vancouver                        Europe, Markham
ALI: Social Media Summit, Toronto                                                                  Canadian Institute: Social Media, Toronto
FITC: A Design & Technology Event, Toronto         February 2009                                   Reboot: 11th International Westcoast Security
IM 2009: Information Management                    CVCA’S Professional Development Seminar,        Forum, Vancouver
Conference, Toronto                                Toronto
Centre for Outsourcing Research & Education:       Canadian Institute: Intensive Course in Media   November 2008
The fourth Annual Global Sourcing Forum,           Relations, Toronto                              DIG London Industry Conference: digital
Toronto                                            PodCamp, Toronto                                interactive gaming, London, Ontario
Shop Online 2009, Toronto                          BCTIA Events in February, Vancouver             ISCM Seminar: Graduate Students – Profit
Infonex: Public-Private Partnerships, Edmonton     York Technology Association Marketing           from their Knowledge, Toronto
ERA: Drop off computers and electronics for        Bootcamp, Toronto                               IIMA: Enterprise 2.0 Executive Boot Camp,
recycling, Vancouver                               Open Dialogue: Social Media Marketing,          Vancouver
Canadian Institute: Intensive Course in Media      Toronto                                         Canadian Telecommunications Forum (5th),
Relations, Saskatoon                               Profectio: Personal Branding, Toronto           Ottawa
Digital Alberta: The Art of Visual Story Telling   Vancouver Enterprise Forum: Social              eBC events in November, Vancouver
Workshop, Banff                                    Networking Tools for Business Development,      Vancouver Enterprise Forum: Fireside,
IT360° Conference & Expo 2009, Toronto             Vancouver                                       Vancouver
IIMA: Google Analytics 101 Workshop,               Social Networking Tools for Business            Centre for Outsourcing Research & Education,
Vancouver                                          Development, Vancouver                          Toronto
mesh 2009, Toronto                                 Cloud Computing Conference, Toronto             ID2008: Privacy & Identity Theft Conference,
meshU, Toronto                                     IIMA: The Future of Web Development,            Vancouver
Wired Woman Vancouver: Spring Fashion              Vancouver                                       BCTIA Events in November, Vancouver
Event, Vancouver                                   Enterprize Canada, Vancouver                    Canadian Health Informatics Awards Gala,
Massive Technology Show, Vancouver                 Reboot: 10th Annual Privacy and Security        Toronto
                                                   Conference, Victoria                            COACH Fall Forum, Toronto
March 2009                                                                                         nextMEDIA: Monetizing Digital Media,
SMX Search Analytics, Toronto                      January 2009                                    Toronto
Canadian Institute, Calgary                        BCTIA Events in January, Vancouver              webcom Montreal: 5th edition, Montreal
London Tech Week, London, Ontario                  York Technology Association luncheon,           IIMA: Write for the Web and Get Results,
                                                   Toronto                                         Vancouver
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit,
Toronto                                            IDC: Service Management Maturity                The MBA Tour, Vancouver, Toronto,
BCTIA Events in March, Vancouver                   Roundtable, Toronto                             Montreal