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UFC Betting News - UFC 114 Jackson vs Evans


The main event at UFC 114 pits recent rivals and former heavyweight champions Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (30-7) vs. “Suga” Rashad Evans (14-1-1) against each for the first time.

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Rampage Jackson vs. Evans UFC 114-May 29 , 2010 by Nick Spear

The main event at UFC 114 pits recent rivals and former heavyweight champions Quinton
“Rampage” Jackson (30-7) vs. “Suga” Rashad Evans (14-1-1) against each for the first
time. After intense verbal sparing on the 10 season of Ultimate Fighter, Jackson and
Evans were originally going to fight in August 2009 but postponed it due to a conflict with
Jackson’s role in the upcoming “A-Team.” The fighters are considered extremely well-
matched and there is no clear favorite going in to the fighter. The betting lines generally
give Jackson a slight advantage, but there is a lot of talk that Jackson is in less than
perfect shape and may be more focused on his budding movie career. This may give the
quicker Evans the chance to overcome Jackson’s brute force. This will be a very close fight
making UFC betting a tough call for this matchup.

Jackson is a PRIDE and UFC legend who has transcended the sport to achieve mainstream
popularity. He won the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship in May 2007 from Chuck
Liddell and held it for a year until he lost to Forrest Griffin in June 2008. Since then he has
beaten Wanderlei Silva December 2008, an old nemesis who had bested him in their first
two fights, and Keith Jardine in March 2009, but has not fought since then. He has spent
the last year filming the new “A-Team” movie and coaching on Ultimate Fighter Season
10. This has led to worries that he may not be in the best shape and may be rusty after
a year off from fighting, made especially worrisome by reports that he has done things
like retaken up smoking. Still, Jackson is a devastatingly strong puncher and an excellent
wrestler who can beat almost anyone when he fighting his best.

Evans also has created a significant name for himself in with UFC bettors. He holds
victories over Chuck Liddell, Thiago Silva and Forrest Griffin, which gave him the light
heavyweight title that Jackson lost. He lost the title to Lyoto Machiada in May 2009, but
won his next and most recent bout against Silva in January of this year. He took time off
between the Machiada fight and the Silva fight to appear as a coach on Ultimate Fighter
Season 10. Like Jackson, Evans is a strong puncher and a great wrestler and is considered
to be in excellent shape for the match, something to keep in mind when betting on UFC
fights like this. That scrape of information could be the difference in a win and a loss.

The variables surrounding this match make it extremely difficult to predict and also make
for a very exciting and close match. Jackson on paper may look to be the better fighter,
and if he comes out with his best he could be too much for Evans to handle. However, the
worry that he won’t be in this form and that his movie career and recent issues with UFC
president Dana White have him looking beyond his MMA career are a cause for concern.
Evans quickness and recently shown take-down skills could be a problem for Jackson even
in the best of circumstances. The bookies may favor Jackson, but this is definitely a fight
that could go either way. Get over to where everybody bets.

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