Minimum Office Equipment and Software Requirements for Campus

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These minimum standards will ensure that operations, accounting, marketing and
Residence Life programs and policies can be deployed efficiently and effectively.

   Computers – must be less than 3 years old. Windows XP or Vista Operating
    System. Recommend Dell Optiplex or Latitude laptop and 2MB Memory
    minimum. One computer per full time administrative person and one computer for
    reception desk area. Recommend that one computer be a laptop for mobility and
    remote use.
         o Budget about $1,400/computer (includes software)

   Software: Windows XP or Vista and Microsoft Office professional (Outlook,
    Excel, Word, Publisher, Access).
         o Budget about $700/computer if you are not purchasing new computers.

   Office Network: Administrative office must be protected by a firewall
    appliance.(Recommend Cisco Pix 501 Firewall) Office must have a reliable
    broadband connection providing at least standard DSL/Cable Modem level
    performance. Each office or administrative computer must have a hard-wired, RJ45
    Ethernet connection.
         o Cable modem/DLS Service is approx. $69/month
         o Budget about $750 for firewall and network switches, cables, etc.

   Office Printer: Must be a networked, laser jet printer with ability to print on letter
    and legal size paper. Recommend HP 4050tn or similar printer. (Note-this is a
    production printer. CA utilizes production printers to print statements, invoices,
    letters, leasing documents, etc.)
          o Budget $1,500 for printer

   Phone System: Must have voice mail, out-calling, and multiple extensions.
    Minimum extensions to be set up 1) Manager, 2) Bookkeeper, 3) RD, 4)
    Maintenance. Prefer to have music or ad on hold feature. Recommend Avaya
    Partner or similar system.
         o Budget $3,000 for system, install, setup and training.

   Postage machine: Pitney Bowes Post Perfect Model Postage Meter
         o Budget $40/month for lease of this meter

   Phone lines: At a minimum, each property should have two incoming lines (That
    roll over) and one dedicated fax line. Marketing operations should determine if
    additional roll over lines are necessary or if a toll free option should be explored. (It
    is not acceptable to “share” office phone lines with fire alarm systems, security
    systems, gate or access systems or fax lines.)
          o Budget $40/phone line.
 Copier/Fax/Scanner/printer (Multifunction Machine): Must be networked. Must
  be digital with sheet feeder. Color option preferred (for marketing purposes).
  Machine must be 23 PPM or higher capacity and be able to handle legal and letter
  size paper.
        o Budget $11,000 purchase or $350/month lease.