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									                               Entry Visa/Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
What is an Entry Visa?
A temporary resident visa is an official document issued by a visa office abroad that is placed in
your passport to show that you have met the requirements for admission to Canada as a
temporary resident (either as a visitor, student, or worker).
Note: International Students who are only going to the US do not require a valid Entry Visa to re-enter
Canada as long as their Study Permit is still valid.
  1. Apply for your entry visa at least 1 month before your departure date, 2 months if you are
     mailing in the application (applying while in Canada).
   2. Apply for a Multiple Entry Visa and not a Single Entry Visa to be able to leave and re-enter
      Canada more than once until the expiration date of your entry visa.

First Steps:
   1. Check to see if you need an entry visa.
          a. Visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website for a complete list of countries that
             require an Entry Visa: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp.
   2. Apply for your entry visa before arriving to Canada, before coming back, or before leaving
          a. Your entry visa may expire while you are in Canada; this is fine AS LONG AS your study
             permit is still valid. If you are planning to travel outside of Canada you can renew your
             entry visa at a Canadian Consulate, Embassy or High Commission in the country you are
             traveling to (see option a) or by mailing in your application from within Canada (see option

a. Applying from outside of Canada
    1. Visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website at
   2. Download the Temporary Resident Visa package
   3. Read the Instruction Guide
   4. Complete the Application form and attach the required documents
          a. Application Form [IMM 5257]
          b. Document Checklist [IMM 5484]
   5. Pay the fee and get the necessary receipt
          a. Visit http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/offices/apply-where.asp, click on the visa
              office responsible for the country where you live or that you are visiting, and read your
              guide to determine the appropriate fees, currency, and where to pay them.
          b. The current fee per person is CAD$75 for a single entry visa, CAD$150 for a multiple entry
              visa or CAD$400 for a family (multiple or single entry).
   6. Deliver in person, or mail-in your Application Form and supporting documents
          a. Visit http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/offices/apply-where.asp to
          determine where you need to submit/send your application
b. Applying from within Canada
   1. Check your passport validity and keep the following things in mind:
          a. Your passport should be valid for at least 3 months from your intended date of
             arrival in Canada.
          b. If your passport is nearing expiration, you should obtain a validity extension or a
             new passport PRIOR to submitting your TEMPORARY RESIDENT VISA
          c. The validity of your TEMPORARY RESIDENT VISA cannot be longer than the
             validity of your passport.
   2. Choose the nearest Canadian Consulate outside of Canada to which you can mail your
      Most University of Toronto international students send their application to Buffalo, USA or Detroit,
   3. Visit the appropriate website
          a. If you chose Buffalo visit http://geo.international.gc.ca/can-am/buffalo/
          b. If you chose Detroit visit http://geo.international.gc.ca/can-am/detroit/
   4. Read the Instruction Guide
   5. Download, fill-in and print the Application Form (IMM 5257 PILOT PROJECT)
   6. Download, fill-in and print the Document Checklist (IMM 5484)
   7. Photocopy your study permit
   8. Get a letter of confirmation of enrollment from your Registrar verifying your student status as well
      as your academic transcripts.
   9. Pay your fees
      Check the fee schedule to determine the appropriate fee
        a. Fees must be paid by certified cheque or money order (if applying in person, fees
            may be paid by Canadian or US cash in the exact amount of the fee).
        b. The fee must be payable to "The Canadian Consulate General”
        c. The fee must be drawn on a US or Canadian bank
   10. Mail your application, fees, and supporting documents preferably through registered
       mail so you can track your documents.
       The mailing cost is approximately $15 – $20 through Canada Post. The closest
       Canada Post location is in Shoppers Drug Mart at South Common Mall.
        a. Buffalo Address
            Canadian Consulate General
            Immigration Regional Program Centre
            1 HSBC Center, Suite 3000
            Buffalo, New York 14203-2884 U.S.A.

          b. Detroit Address
             Consulate General of Canada
            Immigration Section
            600 Renaissance Center, Suite 1100
            Detroit, MI 48243-1798

Note: Most applications are processed within 1 - 28 days, you need to add the additional mailing
time which is approximately 5 to 10 business days through Canada Post.

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