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					                                              EDCS MARCH Parent Page
                                               Preschool – High School
           Norman Hartman                 Lucinda Hume               Melony Marciniak               Stan Ellingson
              Administrator              Co-Administrator               Principal                    Asst. Principal
              To contact the school office, please call 252-5400 or email us at Also
              please visit our website at for calendar events/updates.
                                         The Parent Page is now on the web!!

                                     FROM THE DESK OF MRS. marciniak:
        CONGRATULATIONS to the Boys Basketball Team! They played in the ACSI State Championship last weekend
and did a fantastic job! They lost first place by only six points! Congratulations, Guys!
Basketball roster: (no particular order) Gerome Harris, Ean Stokes, Jaylin Chivers, Carrington Hill, Demetrius Smith, Matthew
Smalls, Isaiah Taylor, Andrew Stewart, Alex Kennedy, Allen Harris, Dieter Archer, and Phillip Harris.
        The Lady Eagles also had a fantastic undefeated season, leading them to the regional tournament! Congratulations,

        Classroom requests for the next school year will be taken only from Kindergarten parents as it is their first year in school
and from 1st grade parents as it is their first full day of school. All other class placements will be done by grade level departments
during the month of May and given to Mrs. Marciniak. Teachers will be assigned to these classes at the end of June.

            EARLY DISMISSAL NOTICE!!                                                       OPEN HOUSE

                                                                            Join EDCS on Saturday, March 21st & Saturday,
  Parents, please don’t forget about our early dismissal
                                                                   April 4th from 2:00-4:00pm for our annual Spring
  on Friday, March 21st. Students are being dismissed              Community Open Houses!
  early that day so that we can do some “spring                             Please invite your friends and family who are
  cleaning” to prepare for our March Open House on the             interested in affordable private education for their children.
  following day. Afternoon Kindergarten will not be in             They will be able to tour the facility and meet our teachers
  session that day. Also, lunch will not be served that            and administration.
  day.                                                                      It is the mission of EDCS to assist the family in
                    DISMISSAL SCHEDULE
                                                                   training students to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives.
                                                                            EDCS offers Preschool through 10th Grade, all
                   11:00am Kindergarten                            day Kindergarten, or ½ day program. We use the
                   11:15am 1st grade                               ABEKA curriculum, and we are a member of ACSI.
                    11:30am 2nd & 3rd grades                       Spanish is offered for all grades.
                    11:45am 4th grade                                       All of our teachers are certified, and enrollment is
                                                                   over 350.
                    12:00pm 5th & 6th grades
                                                                            Special note to our parents: If you can help by
                    12:15pm 6th-9th grades                         greeting guests or being a school tour guide, please call the
                                                                   school office at 252-5400.
  * No P.M. Daycare available on this day!
  ** A separate note will come home regarding the
  bus schedule for that day.

 Did you know… PACE is Parents Advancing Choice in Education
       PACE offers scholarships based on financial guidelines, which EDCS accepts
       Students who retain their PACE scholarships can use them through college in an accredited Ohio college
       You can apply by calling 228-PACE
                                                    CANDY SALE
      All candy bar sale monies must be turned in no later than Friday, March 9th in order for students to participate
in Out of Dress Code Week and/or the school party. Out of Dress Code Week (March 9-13) is for students who
sold 1 full box of candy, and the school party is for students who sold 2 full boxes of candy. The school party is
scheduled for March 12th at 1:30pm.

         SCHOOL KITS                                 EDCS EMPLOYMENT                                 LOST & FOUND
                                                   OPPORTUNITIES AM/PM                      Lost and found is located in the
 Order sheets for school kits will be         If you are interested in helping out at       cafeteria. If your student has lost
 sent home soon. A price guide and            the school for the 2009-2010 year,            anything, please check by Monday,
 supply lists will be included for grades     please call Karen Winnett at the school
 K-6. Kindergarten Kits are mandatory.        office. We have a Kindergarten daycare
                                                                                            March 2nd. After that, the lost and
 Grades 1-6 are optional. All orders          position to fill, and will be looking for     found will be cleaned out. Thank
 need to be in no later than March 31.        lunchroom help.                               you.

                      FROM THE NURSE                                                  EDUCATIONAL APPAREL
         *COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU COUGH!                            Educational Apparel will be in gym the on Thursday, March
                 *WASH YOUR HANDS!                                    5th, from 2:30-6:00pm for their Spring/Summer uniform sale.
                       What is the flu?                               Available for immediate purchase will be Spring/Summer
 The “flu” is a contagious disease called influenza which is spread   items such as shorts, short sleeve shirts and a limited amount
 from person-to-person through the air when someone with              of jumpers, skirts and pants.
 influenza sneezes or coughs. Symptoms include: fever, chills,
 muscle aches and pains, sweating, dry cough, nasal congestion,                           RE-ENROLLMENT
 sore throat, headache, general tiredness, loss of appetite.
 Please remember that if your child vomits or has diarrhea to keep
                                                                      If you haven’t turned in your re-enrollment packet, please do
 them at home for 24 hours after the episode. Remind your children
 to use their “good hand washing” technique to avoid passing germs.
                                                                      so now. The re-enrollment fee will change to $100 starting
 ** The clinic is in need of Kleenex and bathroom size Dixie cups.    March 1st. Please be sure to secure your student’s place for
                      Thank you for your generosity!                  the 2009-10 school year. Space is becoming limited.
                           EdChoice families
                                                                                       Holiday Aid Update
 EdChoice renewal forms have been coming into the school
 office at a steady pace. We have some families that haven’t          East Dayton Christian was one of 98 schools that
 turned in their forms yet. Please keep in mind that the deadline     participated in the 2008 Holiday Aid food drive. We
 for renewal is April 18th. The State will not extend the
 deadline for any reason. Your application must accompany a           collected 427 pounds of food which equates to 1.1
 utility bill, pay stub, etc., that has your name listed with your    pounds per student! Thank you for your
 current address. This is your proof of address in order for the
                                                                      participation and for sharing your blessings with
 State of Ohio to process your application.
                                                                      those less fortunate.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the ACSI Spelling Bee participants. These students competed on Saturday,
January 24th at Emmanuel Christian School. We want to thank them for all their hard work and preparation
for this event.


WHAT’S NEW AT EDCS? Post Secondary Enrollment Options for high school students
     EDCS will be participating in a program which allows Ohio high school students to earn college credit and/or high school credit
through the successful completion of college courses. This program is open to 9th-12th grade students. Sinclair Community College,
University of Dayton, and Wright State University participate in this program.
     EDCS 8th & 9th graders and their parents are invited to a meeting Monday, March 9th to learn more about this program and receive the
necessary forms to participate. The meeting will take place in the church sanctuary at 6:30pm with
Mrs. Hume.
                                                            PARKING LOT

                                 HELP US KEEP YOUR STUDENTS SAFE!

           1. When entering or exiting the parking lot, please refrain from using you cell phones.
              * We need your attention.
           2. Eastman A.M. Drop Off Line: Only the first two vehicles should allow students to
              exit and proceed to the building.
              Spinning Rd. A.M. Drop Off Line: First vehicle only!
           3. Please do not exit the line early. Exit only with attendant’s signal.
           4. Be ready! Vehicles/busses behind you are waiting. Do not call students back
               to the vehicle if they forgot something. Park and come into the building.
            5. Parents who park and walk up to the building should cross the parking lot only at the
               attendant’s signal. Help us keep you safe.


SPRING AND ITS STORMS WILL SOON ARRIVE. In case we experience power outages, it is important for
each classroom to be equipped with a flashlight and batteries. During our inspection of these items, it has come to
our attention that several of our flashlights have reached the end of their usable life. If you are able to supply a
flashlight and/or batteries, the donations will be greatly appreciated! These can be dropped off in the school office at
your convenience. Thank you in advance for your generosity!


                                        ATHLETIC DEPARTMENTAL NOTES

Basketball Camp is coming up shortly. Wright State will be assisting, including JV teams. Second grade through
ninth grade students may participate. Information will be going home soon.

Booster Club: Volunteer needed to start a parent-run booster’s club to support the athletic department. Please
contact Coach Kemper if interested.

Gym Floor: Thank you to all who have donated funds to the expansion of our gym floor. We still need about
$5,000 toward this project. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

                                               NOTES OF INTEREST…

We are proud to announce that East Dayton Christian Junior High has been chartered with a National Junior
Honor Society chapter. This service organization recognizes students who excel in the areas of scholarship,
leadership, service, character and citizenship. Application materials were distributed to 7 th & 8th grade students
who have a cumulative junior high GPA of 3.6 or higher on March 2. These applications are due back to the
main office by Thursday, March 12. All new members will be inducted in a special ceremony on
Monday, March 30.

We are two days over our designated inclement weather days for this school year. These days will be added to the end of
the school year. Also, dates for Spring Break: Good Friday, April 10th and the following week, April 13th-17th. Students will
return to school on Monday, April 20th.
Don’t forget to continue collecting Box Tops for Education. These can be turned into the classroom teacher.

EDCS Commercial Schedule for the beginning of March: View the school commercial on WDTN Channel 2.
     March 1 at 5:05am; March 3 at 5:21am; March 4 at 6:12am & 8:45pm; March 9 at 7:10am & 12:39pm.

New Addition Update: We are moving forward with our plans for our new building addition. The City of Riverside
has required a conservation survey of our existing retention pond, which is currently underway. Plans for a
groundbreaking ceremony will be announced soon.

Mortgage pay-off update: We have currently received $66,262,46 toward our pay-off. Thank you for your
continued support!

*         *         *         *         *          *         *         *          *

                                         TIPS FOR OUT OF DRESS CODE DAYS

Just a reminder that students may wear loose fitting, ankle length pants/jeans (no lowriders, no holes/rips, and no
writing on pants/jeans). T-shirts must be appropriate, fitting into the EDCS philosophy. Dresses should hit the top of
the knee or longer. Shirts and dresses must have sleeves. If you have questions about attire, please call the school
office, 252-5400.

*              *               *               *              *               *              *        *       *

                                                         ALUMNI NEWS

   Congratulations to Freshman alumnus, Colin Kanzari, for qualifying for the 2009 USA Swimming Zone Select
Camp. Twenty-eight swimmers (male and female) will be selected in each of the four zones. Fifteen athletes of
each gender will be selected based on IMX point scores; then the fastest swimmer in each zone, in each Olympic
event, will be invited. The camp will take place May 21 st-24th at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. We wish Colin
the best as he competes.
   Also, this past weekend, Colin was in Canton, Ohio, to compete in the State High School Swim Meet in the 500
Freestyle. Colin is ranked 7 th in the state. We will update you when we hear the results from this meet.

NOTE: We love to hear about what our alumni are achieving! If you hear or read about them, please let us know so
we can acknowledge them.

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