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									                                         Sammy Hall
Sammy’s musical ability was evident early on as he            With our children being our most precious resource,
began singing in church with his father at 4 years of         Sammy saw a need and established SchooldazTM.
age. His childhood was very normal; he came from
a loving family and enjoyed typical childhood                 The SchooldazTM Crusade, which features concerts at
activities.                                                   schools and universities throughout the World, appeals to
                                                              all ages, inspiring a rapport with all who hear him. Though
Sammy’s introduction to drinking also came early,             there is no single answer or cure-all for the overwhelming
at the age of 13. By the age of 21 he was a full-             problem our country is facing; through programs like
fledged alcoholic. Also by this time he was the lead          SchooldazTM much has been accomplished to combat this
singer with Florida’s top rock group, and was                 destructive epidemic. He has ministered to over 1,500,000
becoming increasingly dependant on alcohol and                young people and seen over 50,000 give their lives to
drugs. As Sammy saw his best friend die from an               Jesus Christ!
overdose, he began to recognize his life was in
turmoil. Sammy realized he had turned his back on             Sammy has spent several years in the convention arena,
the one person who could give him everything he               doing special functions for corporate groups such as
needed, Jesus Christ. Sammy turned his life over to           Quixtar, formerly known as Amway. His desire to return to
our Lord and Savior in the late 1960’s and                    his roots is self-evident.
overcame his dependencies.
                                                              We celebrate the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ with a
Sammy, with his musical abilities and God given               ministry dedicated to sharing Jesus, one song at a time,
talents, then created Sammy Hall Evangelistic                 thru high-energy performances of Christian Contemporary,
MinistriesTM, a non-profit organization; now                  Country, and Gospel style music. We offer programs for
founded over 30 year’s ago and has ministered to              church services, revivals, youth groups, summer camps,
Millions of people all over the world.                        conventions and many other special events.

Sammy realized through his own past, that drug                Sammy Hall is straight up, telling the truth. He’s been where
and alcohol dependency is one of the major                    you may be - in trouble, addicted, lonely or even abused.
problems facing our society, particularly among our           Lives are changed though our ministry and we may have
children.                                                     the answers you’ve been looking for.

Press & Artist Quotes
“It’s love in it’s purest form, giving all, asking nothing.    “Sammy is an all around, dedicated Christian” – Gary S.
– Lawayne Satterfield                                          Paxton

“They count not their success in the volume of                 “The secret of living - they key to a happy life is GIVING.
applause, the number of albums sold or the words or            Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile
praise given. Rather, they are concerned with the              DREAM. Sammy Hall, is a great singer- as anybody who
individual lives that the Spirit, working through them,        has heard him knows, but more than that he is a man who
touches and transforms.” –Tillie Lowry, Gospel in              has learned the secret of living. Sammy is a man who
Song Program WLTC, Gastonia NC                                 gives. . . of himself.” – Dexter Yeager

“It spoke to me of commitment, It spoke to me of               “Sammy Hall sends a message of hope, letting kids know
Love, It spoke to me of talent” – Stephen Speer                they can be hooked on a good thing!” The Observer,
                                                               Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
“Here is a man that is heard by people who normally
don't listen” – Little Willie Wynn                             “Sammy has a very smooth, professional harmony, and
                                                               his stage presence is classy” Power Source Magazine

                                  Booking: Frank Mills • 910.489.22 •
                                 Matthew Kimball • 804.695.4600 •

                                       PO Box 4777 • Sevierville, TN 37864
                       865.932.7000 Office • 865.932.0785 Fax •

                                       Sammy Hall
The Band
Sammy Hall – Lead Singer, Acoustic Guitar
Sammy Hall was born August 10th in Sanford North Carolina, the son of James & Ione Hall. He has two sisters
Bernice and Voncile, wife Jacki, a daughter, Cori, two sons, Monte and Brannon and two grandchildren, Sabrina and

Sammy began his professional musical career in Fort Lauderdale Florida with the MorLoks. He moved on to the
Birdwatchers and became the lead singer in Florida’s top rock group. During this time Sammy opened for groups such
as Paul Revere and the Raiders, Grass Roots, Beach Boys and Dave Clark 5, just to name a few.

Sammy later formed the “Sammy Hall Trio” releasing a single album. A name change and the “Sammy Hall Singers”
were formed. During this time Sammy began Schooldaz and ministered to youth of all ages across the country,
speaking against substance abuse. It was during this period of Sammy’s life that many corporations had heard of the
works Sammy was doing with our youth. He was invited to perform and before Sammy knew it, he was motivating
business people across the country. With this, the group “Sammy Hall” was born. They released over 13 albums and
charted through out the years.

As his own children began to grow up, Horizon was formed and sons Monte and Brannon followed in their fathers
footsteps. Some years later Brannon decided to go out into the world and Monte and Sammy then formed Samson
and began working closely with Frank Mills, fostering a number one hit on the Christian Country Music charts
(CCMA), “Like Father, Like Son”

Sammy has been nominated for two dove awards and topped charts around the country through the years. His most
recent album “Rewriting the Story” has received rave reviews. It’s been said “Sammy Hall’s greatest song had not yet
been sung", yet this album is a testament that his “sound” is "a vocal kaleidoscope...unique to the human voice."
Improvisational and passionate, it is real, multi-generational, and positive”

Frank Mills – Bass Guitarist, Backup Vocalist
Frank was born December 14th in Essex NC to Mr. And Mrs. Murzie Mills. He is the fifth of six children with four sisters
and one brother. His background is Native American of the Saponi Tribe from Hollister NC.

At the age of nine, Frank met Sammy at a Church in Rocky Mount, NC. He was so impressed to see someone playing
an instrument other than the traditional organ or piano in church. From that night on a friendship began with Frank and
Sammy's families. At age ten, Sammy gave Frank his first real guitar and taught him his first song.

Frank has headlined in the gospel music industry with such groups as Quinton Mills, Gary McSpadden, The Hoppers,
plus doing numerous recording session with many great gospel artist.

Michael Lane – Keyboards, Backup Vocalist
Michael Lane was born July 16th in Kinston, NC. His wife Shannon and their son Ethan are the loves of his life.

Michael began singing in church with his mother at the age of 4, writing his first song at age 12. Not knowing how to
play any instruments and not getting the sound he was looking for from others, he taught himself to play the piano and
accomplished the gospel sound he was looking to hear.

Michael played with his first gospel group in 1995. Since then he has continued to hone his skills and has blessed the
Sammy Hall Ministry with his talent. Michael states: “I have a love for music that is greater than life itself”; and it shows
when he’s doing what he loves to do best- Singing praise to the Lord!

                                 Booking: Frank Mills • 910.489.22 •
                                Matthew Kimball • 804.695.4600 •

                                      PO Box 4777 • Sevierville, TN 37864
                      865.932.7000 Office • 865.932.0785 Fax •

                                         Sammy Hall
MorLoks                   Nothing but Lies / Elaine                            Loks                                 1964
Birdwatchers              Girl I Got News For You / Eddies Tune                Scott                  27            1966
Birdwatchers              Hey Schroeder / Can I Do It?                         Marlin                               1967
Birdwatchers              Dreamin' In The Rain / You Don't Need A Reason       Victory                2000          1968
Sammy Hall Trio           God + Nothing = Everything                           Christian Folk         FCS1969       1969
Sammy Hall Singers        Turned On To Christ                                  Christian Folk         FCS1970       1970
Sammy Hall Singers        God + Nothing = Everything                           Christian Folk         FCS1971       1971
Sammy Hall Singers        What’s It All About                                  Christian Folk         FCS1972       1972
Sammy Hall                How Great Thou Art                                                          1176          1972
Sammy Hall Singers        All Things Are New                                   Christian Folk         FCS1973       1973
Sammy Hall                If Nobody loves You, Create The Demand               Impact                 R3313         1974
Sammy Hall Singers        Get Together                                         Christian Folk         FCS1974       1974
Sammy Hall                If You Can’t Believe In Love                         Impact                 R3376         1975
Sammy Hall                Get Together                                         Christian Folk         FCS1975       1975
Sammy Hall                Sammy Hall Live (Double LP)                          Impact                 R3399         1976
Sammy Hall                A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Hell            Newpax                 NP33018       1976
Sammy Hall                Don’t Let Anyone Steal your Dreams                   Newpax                 NP33038       1977
Sammy Hall Singers        Let’s Make Tomorrow Together                         Christian Folk         FCS1977       1977
Sammy Hall Singers        Redemption Draweth Nigh                              Christian Folk         FCS1978       1978
Sammy Hall                I’ve Never Been To Heaven                            Neotric                NMR-2712-LP   1978
Sammy Hall Singers        Plenty of Time                                       Christian Folk         FCS1979       1979
Sammy Hall Singers        Hooked On A Good Thing                               Christian Folk         FCS1980       1980
Sammy Hall                Sammy Hall Live (Single LP)                          Sammy Hall             SH1166        1981
Sammy Hall Singers        King Jesus                                           Christian Folk         FCS1981       1981
Sammy Hall                Crazy Over You                                       WC7                    SH-1164       1981
Sammy Hall Singers        Power                                                Christian Folk         FCS1982       1982
Sammy Hall                Reminiscence                                         Tudor Records          NHM 1122-02   1982
Sammy Hall                Love Is A Puzzle                                     Tudor Records          TR1146        1982
Sammy Hall                Dream Sessions                                       WC7                    SH-1165       1985
Sammy Hall                Everybody Has A Dream                                WC7                    SH-001        1986
Sammy Hall                My Best To You                                       Sammy Hall             8183CD        1990
Sammy Hall                Kids                                                 Sammy Hall             C-0860        1992
Horizon                   Dream On                                             Sammy Hall             14501CD       1993
Horizon                   Futuristic Triangle                                  Sammy Hall                           1994
Horizon                   Running Down A Dream                                 Sammy Hall             DIDX 017610   1995
Horizon                   Yesterday & Today                                    Sammy Hall                           1996
Horizon                   Getting Ready To Win                                 Sammy Hall             11841CD       1996
Horizon                   Set No Limits                                        Sammy Hall             14260CD       1997
Horizon                   Our Best To You                                      Sammy Hall             10885CD       1997
Horizon                   Hero’s & Legends                                     Sammy Hall             12696CD       1998
Samson                    No Apologies                                         Reformation Records                  1997
Samson                    Like Father, Like Son                                Mercy Street Records                 2001
Sammy Hall (2)            Rewriting The Story                                  RSI Records                          2004

MorLoks: Sammy Hall, Don Henry, Johnny Hartigan, Ronnie Armstrong & Milton Wall
Birdwatchers: Sammy Hall, Jerry Schills, Bobby Puccetti, Joey Murcia, Eddie Martinez
Sammy Hall Singers: Sammy Hall, Bernice Torres, Don Torres, Mike Torres & Voncile Dekker
Sammy Hall: Sammy Hall, Mike King, Lenny Stadler, Rowena Jennings, Sue & Jeff Duffield,
Horizon: Sammy, Monte & Brannon Hall
Samson: Sammy Hall, Monte Hall & Frank Mills
Sammy Hall (2): Sammy Hall, Frank Mills & Michael Lane

                                  Booking: Frank Mills • 910.489.22 •
                                 Matthew Kimball • 804.695.4600 •

                                       PO Box 4777 • Sevierville, TN 37864
                       865.932.7000 Office • 865.932.0785 Fax •


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