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									                               Conversations That Matter
         Communicating more authentically and effectively at work
Do you and your team
     Waste time in unproductive meetings?
     Avoid important conversations?
     Ignore issues hoping they will just go away?
     Miss agreed upon deadlines?
     Keep having the same conversations over and over?
     Misunderstand requests and agreements?
     Rehash old ideas instead of exploring true innovation?
     Disagree on important strategic and tactical decisions?

If so, then you could be more productive and less frustrated by having Conversations That Matter.

Conversations That Matter
    Get to the heart of issues and reach real resolution
    Take advantage of creative potential to develop great ideas
    Make work more meaningful and inspire increased commitment
    Use emotional intelligence to connect with co-workers & customers
    Include clear requests and agreements to ensure shared understanding

Leslie Becknell leads individuals and teams to discover new possibilities through teaching how to have Conversations
That Matter. Much of what really happens in organizations happens in the context of a communication. Results are
determined by the conversations we have (and don‟t have) with others. Because of this, Leslie uses a model called The
Conversation Meter to convey communication concepts and provide a framework for self-assessment. You learn to
access your personal wisdom to guide you to be more effective in conversations, particularly in high stakes, high stress

The Approach
Leslie customizes her approach to best meet your needs. To ensure long-term change and impact, she prefers to work
over time to reinforce learning and support you in having Conversations That Matter. She combines various methods of
working with teams to drive results and meet organizational objectives. She designs programs that incorporate:

    Keynote Addresses to large audiences to introduce new concepts and inspire them to action;
    Facilitated Sessions for current work groups to address a specific business issue (generate a new product, develop
     a meaningful brand, introduce change to the organization) and learn new skills;
    Interactive Training for associates to learn advanced skills and practice applying them;
    Follow-on Reinforcement through individual coaching with thoughtful, objective feedback to ensure that you
     incorporate the new behaviors into your life;

Areas of Focus
     Leadership Conversations that Matter
True leadership means engaging in meaningful conversations with those you lead and inviting them to bring all their
gifts to work. Demonstrate the courage to shift from authority to authenticity, from certainty to exploration.

Leadership Conversations involve maintaining a perspective of curiosity to discover possibilities. You focus on how you
are being as much as on what you are doing and saying.

We will identify the rules that govern and limit leadership styles, and identify the cultural and personal barriers to
leading in more connected ways. You will not learn pre-packaged “how-to‟s” of communication. Through discussion
and exercises, you will better understand your limiting patterns and inherent gifts. You will learn to shift from habitual
behaviors to more effective conversations that inspire commitment and productivity.

Use Leadership Conversations when you are ready to explore the potential of bringing more creativity and commitment
to your work. Maybe you sense there could be an easier and more effective way to lead and achieve your heart‟s
desires. With new understanding and committed coaching from Leslie, you can lead in a more natural and fulfilling
    Productive Conversations that Matter
To avoid wasting time in meetings and conversations, you need to learn the skills of productive conversations. These
are not impersonal task oriented conversations which bulldoze over people. A truly productive conversation engages
the other people and enrolls them in a common objective to move forward.

Productive Conversations include clear requests and authentic agreements where all parties have explored, understood
and committed. By learning how to uncover hidden issues and listen for underlying concerns, you can handle problems
before they derail a project.

Leslie can provide an ongoing Productive Conversations program to develop the productive communication capacity of
a work team or facilitate a focused Productive Conversations session to address a specific opportunity or challenge.

     Innovation Conversations that Matter
Ideas are what drive growth and create competitive advantage today. Organizations need the innovative ideas that are
possible when people express their creativity through their projects. When you have the courage to bring your creative
self to work, you take more risks and develop better ideas. When you see your work as a creative expression, you feel
more committed and become more productive.

Team dynamics can inhibit or enhance idea generation and realization. When your colleagues are committed to
exploring possibilities and expressing perspectives, you truly collaborate. If you want to enhance productivity, look at
the dynamics of the conversations to find impediments to moving forward.

Leslie will guide you to release both the personal and group blocks to creativity. She will teach you proven techniques
to enhance your individual creativity and support the team to develop into a community that invites and fosters
innovative ideas.

Use a focused Innovation Conversations session when you need to develop new ideas to address a specific opportunity
or challenge, and an ongoing Innovation Conversations program to develop enduring creative capability for yourself
and your team.

    Presentations that Matter
When presenting or running a meeting, the goal is to affect your audience by introducing new information or inspiring
change or action. As presenters, we often focus on our own goals, fixating on the content we want to deliver. A more
potent way to present is to shift attention to the audience and what will best move them to the desired state of
increased capability. Shift from „presentation mode” to “conversation mode” to be more compelling.
We look at your strengths as a presenter and maximize your gifts for greater impact. Understanding the different
perspectives of your audience allows you to connect with them. You will explore your style and develop the courage to
display your own flair.

Use Presentations that Matter to enhance meeting effectiveness, develop powerful speaking capabilities and increase
your impact.

    Cross-Functional Conversations that Matter
Projects often involve people coming together from varied functions in the organization to meet a vital objective like
launching a new product or solving a complex problem. The varied experience and perspectives that people bring
value to the team, and often cause misunderstandings and logjams.

Leslie helps members of a cross-functional team learn to appreciate each others‟ differences and communicate more
effectively across functional boundaries. You will be able to identify and resolve conflicts that arise from different
agendas and priorities.

Use Cross-Functional Conversations that Matter to enhance a team‟s productivity and creativity when launching a new
team or to address issues on an existing team. Leslie combines meeting facilitation and training to enhance a team‟s
capability to work together more effectively and efficiently.
    Meetings that Matter
Too many hours are wasted in meetings, and yet you need to gather to share information, generate possibilities, solve
problems, and make decisions with varied people. If you want to have Meetings that Matter , Leslie can help you clarify
objectives, design a productive meeting, and facilitate the meeting in a way that actively engages all participants.

Using Meetings that Matter ensures forward movement on a project and generate meaningful conversation about the
real issues at hand. Leslie supports you in addressing difficult topics and problematic process or people issues.

Leslie can facilitate a focused Meetings that Matter session to address a specific opportunity or challenge, design large
scale Meetings that Matter to roll out strategies or key information, or provide support for ongoing project or team
Meetings that Matter.

    Strategic Conversations that Matter
Exploring and developing the right strategy is the cornerstone of organizational effectiveness. Too often, a limited
number of people create and understand the vision and strategy, and most of the organization is moving in varied
directions. Sometimes even among the leadership team, there is disagreement or misunderstanding that has not been

Strategic Conversations ensure that you consider varied points of view and develop an effective strategy that addresses
the concerns of different constituents like investors, customers, employees, and the community. You will connect with
your original dreams for the organization and consider varied opportunities.

Use a focused Strategic Conversation session when you need to develop or refine a strategy or create a meaningful

    Customer Conversations that Matter
Some of the most important conversations in your organization are those with your customers or clients. It is easy to
remain focused on your agenda and objectives and miss the valuable information that comes from deeply listening to
your customers and what they need. A long-term, mutually beneficial relationship emerges from Customer
Conversations that Matter.

Leslie teaches your sales and client serving staff to listen beneath the surface concerns of your customers and to ask
genuinely curious questions to understand your customers.

Use Customer Conversations that Matter training to enhance your organization‟s ability to serve its customers and
increase sustainable sales. Leslie provides training for sales staff or support with difficult customer situations.
Leslie Becknell has extensive marketing knowledge and innovation experience generated in 15 years with the premier
marketing organizations IBM, Procter & Gamble, and The Coca-Cola Company. She combines this blue chip corporate
experience with a deep understanding of personal development. With these dual perspectives, Leslie helps clients develop
improved communication, heightened creativity, and emotional intelligence to have a direct and practical impact on the

Leslie has been studying individual potential for the last decade. Working with the Center for Authentic Leadership as a
student and leader for over seven years, she guides leaders toward meaningful and productive communication.

Leslie is studying part time at Andover Newton Theological School and was a Lay Minister at the Unitarian Universalist
Congregation of Atlanta for five years. After a 15 year career focused on marketing and innovation for IBM, Procter &
Gamble, and The Coca-Cola Company, Leslie created her own firm to deliver workshops, keynote addresses, and individual
coaching. She works with individuals and organizations to realize their full potential by enhancing inter-personal
communication and expressing unique talents.

Leslie is a vibrant public speaker, engaging workshop leader, and constructive individual coach. She is an effective facilitator,
working with small focused work teams to over 100 global marketing professionals. She is trained in various creativity
techniques, including Creative Problem Solving, London based What If!‟s Productive Creativity and The Five Faces of Genius
innovation training

She is a leader at the international annual conference, Creative Problem Solving Institute , and with the Center for Authentic
Leadership. She has a Masters of International Affairs from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. She
finds inspiration for new ideas through inquisitive travel, extensive reading, avid workshop and conference attendance, and
generally staying awake and paying attention.

Leslie is an internationally recognized expert in the area of innovation, creative leadership, and cultural trends. Her speaking
engagements have included:

   Fast Company‟s Realtime conference, Philadelphia, PA
   Human Capital Forum, Aspen, CO
   Future Trends 2002, Los Angeles, CA
   Product Development Management Association (PDMA) International Conference, Orlando, FL
   Food and Beverage Innovation, Chicago, IL
   Food Industry Conference, Melbourne, Australia Marketing Idea Creativity Lab, Chicago, IL
   International Design Forum, Singapore
   Future Trends 2003, Miami, FL

Leslie's clients include the following companies:

The Home Depot               Levi Strauss & Co.
Bank of America              The Coca-Cola Company
Emory Healthcare             Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Wells Fargo                  Centocorp
LendingTree                  The Mountain View Group
Boost Mobile                 Intercontinental Hotel Group

                                                    Leslie Becknell
                                                   617.431.5285 land
                                                    404.583.6064 cell
                                                  148C Herrick Road
                                               Newton Centre, MA 02459

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