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									        communications,data and electrical services

                        telephone systems /services
                        data cabling infrastructure
                        electrical services
                        security /surveillance systems
                        fibre optic networks
                        LAN and WAN infrastructure
                        consultancy & project

24 Hour Service Freephone 0800 322 322
                                                             the company
                                                             mission statement
                                                             our commitment
                                                             prior experience

           the company

           MultiMedia Communications was established to provide a total solution of quality services
           to the Computer and Communications Industry by way of Fibre and Copper Cabling
           systems, Electrical and Switching systems, Telecommunications products, Services
           and Consultancy.

           mission statement
           MultiMedia Communications dedicates its services to the requirements of our
           clients and to the public in general through the provision of superior management
           services and project implementation.

           MultiMedia Communications Ltd is committed to being the preferred Telecommunications
           Company by seamlessly delivering high quality solutions to our customers in a timely
           and professional manner to ensure total satisfaction, and to provide an environment
           that is challenging and rewarding for our staff.

           MultiMedia Communications Ltd’s aim is to provide a technically excellent, comprehensive
           and cost effective installation service that saves you time and money, eliminating your
           requirement to deal with several different companies.

           company philosophy

           our customer
           We succeed as a result of the many customers/clients that repeatedly use our services.
           MultiMedia Communications Ltd focuses on the customer’s needs, and endeavours to
           always meet and exceed their expectations. Our responsibility does not cease with
           the delivery of products and services to new customers, as we will continue to
           remain committed to building long-term relationships with our existing customers.

           our technology
           MultiMedia Communications Ltd recognises that technology is advancing rapidly. To
           continue to be at the forefront we must constantly introduce new products and services
           coupled with ongoing training for our people. The convergence of data and voice
           technologies coupled with higher bandwidth platforms are examples of these new
           developments. MultiMedia Communications Ltd is already well advanced down this
           path with a leading edge product range, which include Air Blown Fibre cabling systems,
           and VOIP PABX business systems. Allowing our clients to communicate between
           themselves and their markets more efficiently than ever before.

           our people
           The focus of MultiMedia Communications is to provide a high level of expertise and
           quality of work. This is achieved by a team effort and having a team with a wide range
           of skills and relevant qualifications. Our staff members are highly motivated and focused.

           our commitment

           MultiMedia Communications Ltd is aware that our success is dependent on our timely
           and professional delivery of service and constantly maintaining an emphasis on service
           and support. This is to ensure that customer service drives the company; as a
           consequence technical support is always available. Emphasis is placed on customer
           satisfaction and this comes down in the end to having the right people on our team.

           MultiMedia Communications Ltd strives for quality, as this is our number one objective.
           To maintain quality processes it is necessary to employ quality people.

           our quality principles are:

           •   We are committed to total quality
           •   Customers do business with us because the quality of our products and services
           •   Quality is everyone’s responsibility
           •   Quality per for mance will be constantly reviewed and followed up
           •   Preventive measures and the elimination of defects will be given top priority
           •   Product quality are as impor tant as costs and accurate deliver y

           All staff employed by MultiMedia Communications realise that our clients confidentiality
           is of the highest priority, this is reaffirmed at regular training meetings. Staff are fully
           conversant with all aspects of client and document security and have NDA’s in place.

           health and safety
           MultiMedia Communications does not only comply with OSH requirements but a firm
           commitment to the well being of our staff and anyone who comes into contact with us
           as we deliver services. We also have a Health Safety Manual and Policies document.
           This is available for your perusal should you require it.

           professional services

           MultiMedia Communications can add significant value to your organisations infrastructure
           requirements by way of an integrated design, build and project management services.
           Being a concise Company, we can readily reorganise when required to implement a
           particular time critical project through to fruition. As a facilitator of network construction
           we offer the following professional services:

           • Project Design
           • Total Project Management
           • Testing, Commissioning and Documentation
           • Cost Control and Invoicing Systems
           • Site Specific and Quality Assurance Planning

           we provide assistance by:
           Becoming a single source for your entire Communication, Data and Electrical Network
           needs, MultiMedia Communications, is the only Telecommunications Company in
           Canterbury that presently provides all of the following services:

           • Civil Network Design and Construction
           • Copper Cable insertion, Jointing and Testing
           • Optical Fibre Splicing, analysis and commissioning
           • Wireless system implantation
           • Voice/Data installation services
           • Structured Cabling Solution
           • Security Solutions and systems
           • Mains and UPS Power systems
           • Transmission Room Rack Construction and cabling
           • Property Management Services
           • Consultancy regarding network, infrastructure and cost saving alternatives
           • Negotiation with local authorities Service Authorities, Government Departments,
             Property owners, Tenants and the like to ensure ongoing project facilitation
           • Electrical installation and servicing
           • Fault diagnosis and restoration
           • Air Blown fibre Systems

           Throughout the years that we have been involved in the Communications Industry we
           have always aimed to make sure that the latest advances in technology were applied
           to Customers, helping to make them more cost-effective and successful businesses.

           installation services
           Civil works, including:
           Directional drilling
           Vault installation
           Cable and fibre insertion using the latest techniques

           Fibre Optics including:
           Multimode local area networking
           Vault setup
           Closure preparation and installation
           Fusion splicing, single and multimode
           OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflexometer) testing
           OFDF (Optical Fibre Distribution Frame) Installation and Fusion splicing
           Link loss testing
           Visual fault testing
           Fault restoration

           Copper Cable Solutions including:
           Structured cable solutions
           Coaxial installations, faults and servicing
           Underground network construction and maintenance
           Network design and engineering
           Computerised fault diagnostics
           Network cable jointing and commissioning
           Fault restoration

           Electrical solutions including:
           Installation, jointing and testing to and including 11kv
           Switchboard installation
           Extensive earth testing and repair on power network systems including new
           earth installs
           Cable fault detection and repair
           Fault diagnosis in industrial and commercial installations
           General work shop tool maintenance
           Electrical installations with lighting design
           UPS distribution systems design and implementation
           Automation systems

           Data networking including:
           Installation of active data switching units
           Hubs / switches / routers / computer hardware
           Local area networks LAN
           Wide area networks WAN

           Wireless systems implementation including:
           LAN and WAN wireless infrastructure
           High speed internet access points

           CATV technology including:
           Design and build solutions
           Satellite receive systems
           Terrestrial based receive systems
           Commercial distribution systems
           Sky approved technicians
           prior experience

           MultiMedia Communications and its people have been involved in a wide variety of
           projects throughout New Zealand and specialise in delivery of services to Telco Standards.

           Clear Communications—Installation and splicing of Copper networks and connection
           of business customers in various cabinet area in Christchurch. Splicing and commissioning
           of Christchurch Fibre infrastructure

           Saturn Communications—Splicing and commissioning of central Fibre infrastructure
           and cabinet nodes in the Wellington network rollout

           TelstraClear—Setting up a provisioning division to implement the delivery of voice and
           television services to residential customers in Christchurch. Surveying and installation
           of Spread Spectrum antennas for high speed internet services.

           TelstraClear—Provisioning of voice and Data Networking Services to the business
           sector. Ongoing cable insertion & fibre splicing contracts throughout the South Island

           Sky Television—Implementing service delivery of Terrestrial and Satellite television
           services to residential and commercial customers.

           IBM—Ongoing contract for installation of fibre and structured cabling platforms throughout
           the South Island including Canterbury District Health Board, Universities and Polytechnics.

           Nurse Maude—Installation of the Fibre backbone and structured cabling throughout
           the entire campus

           Dunedin International Airport—Design and installation of air blown fibre backbone,
           structured cabling and services throughout the entire new airport including live cutovers
           of airline clients

           Montecristo Construction—Complete electrical fit out of 300 room hotel complex and
           associated restaurants

           Canterbury Fibre Networks Ltd— Design and build of the first stage of a rollout of a
           new Fibre Optic Network in Christchurch encompassing 12k/m of backbone infrastructure
           and connection of a number of customers

COMPANY NAME                MMC/MultiMedia Communications Ltd

DIRECTORS                   Mike Gardiner (Executive Director)
                            Andrew Fowler (Executive Director)
                            John Yeoman (Director)

OFFICES                     15c Byron Street
                            PO Box 3019
                            Telephone: 03 963 0840
                            Facsimile: 03 963 0841

                            Bank of New Zealand
                            Riccarton Christchurch

GST NUMBER                  96-918-399


key personnel
Mike Gardiner                                  Andrew Fowler
Managing Director                              Operations Director
Cell: 029 777 7710                             Cell: 029 777 7711
Email:                      Email:

Bruce Franks                                   Chris Spanton
CEO                                            Financial Controller
Cell: 021 421 072                              Direct Dial: 03 977 3608
Email:              Email:

Steve Gardiner                                 Lloyd Galloway
Voice Platforms & Service                      Fibre Projects Manager
Cell: 029 777 7716                             Cell: 029 777 7722
Email:                     Email:

Peter McElroy                                  Murray Jackson
Network Manager                                Service Team Leader
Cell: 029 777 7723                             Cell: 029 777 7738
Email:                     Email:

Phil McClintock                                Garry Bolt
Fibre Team Leader                              Electrical Team Leader
Cell: 029 777 7751                             Cell: 029 777 7740
Email:                   Email:

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