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									                                      FRONT COVER
                        Access in Motion 2009 Calendar
The MBTA is striving to become the global benchmark for accessible public transportation—a system
that is safe, dependable and inclusive, thereby expanding the transportation options available to all
our customers including those customers with disabilities.
A customer who is blind, a customer who uses a wheeled mobility device and a 3rd customer waits for
an approaching Red Line train at South Station.
                                        JANUARY 2009
The MBTA’s Newest Department:
Department of System-Wide Accessibility (SWA)
Under the leadership of Assistant General Manager Gary Talbot, SWA supports all MBTA
departments and works with transportation stakeholders; i.e., other agencies, organizations and
communities, to enable the MBTA to improve programs and services offered to persons with

Group photo of MBTA Department of System-Wide Accessibility staff at North Station, with a few
customers boarding an Orange Line train in background.
                                                  JANUARY 2009
     SUN                  MON               TUE        WED        THURS            FRI        SAT
                                                             1                2          3

                                                             New Year’s Day

4                    5                 6          7          8                9          10

World Braille* Day

11                   12                13         14         15               16         17

18                   19                20         21         22               23         24

                     Luther King Jr.
25                   26                27         28         29               30         31

    * Louis Braille developed a form of writing that used raised dots to encode a message. The writing
    system, published in 1829, has become the most widely used form of writing for the blind.
                                      FEBRUARY 2009
Subway Vehicle/Platform Gap Reduction Project
A number of initiatives are underway to improve access to the MBTA’s Subway system including
reducing the gap between the platform surface and the train floor.
Tracks and Platforms

The MBTA System-Wide Maintenance Improvements (SMI) and Safety departments are surveying all
tracks and platforms in an effort to improve alignment. In addition, the Operations Directorate is
evaluating all rail cars and rail car suspensions for possible adjustments that may further enhance
accessibility or reduce gaps.

New Rail Vehicle Procurement Effort

MBTA Vehicle Engineering is exploring a vehicle-based solution that would minimize or eliminate the
platform/train gap with the next generation of subway cars.
Bridge Plate Program

As an interim solution to platform/train gaps, MBTA Subway employees use a portable bridge plate to
span the gap at boarding and destination points for customers using wheeled mobility devices.

Two MBTA employees use a special measuring device to determine platform surface/train floor gap
at Orange Line station.
                                            FEBRUARY 2009
     SUN            MON               TUE          WED        THURS                FRI         SAT
1              2                 3            4          5                    6          7

8              9                 10           11         12                   13         14

                                                         Lincoln’s Birthday              Valentine’s Day

15             16                17           18         19                   20         21

               President’s Day

22             23                24           25         26                   27         28


    • AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month
                                              MARCH 2009
MBTA Rail Vehicle Design – the Next Generation
Persons with disabilities have been recruited to participate in the MBTA’s efforts to develop the
accessibility specifications for the next generation of Subway rail cars. Committee members include:
MBTA System-Wide Accessibility and representatives from the Boston Center for Independent Living
(BCIL); the Access Advisory Committee to the MBTA (AACT); Boston Self-Help; the Riders Oversight
Committee (ROC); and the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind.

Photo 1:
Seven Rail Vehicle Design Ad-hoc Committee members sit around a conference table discussing
specifications for new MBTA vehicles.
Photo 2:
Current Red Line train at station platform.
Photo 3:
Current Orange Line train approaching station.
Photo 4:
Current Green Line train in station with customers boarding.
                                                 MARCH 2009
     SUN            MON            TUE                 WED        THURS          FRI                 SAT
1              2             3                    4          5            6                     7

8              9             10                   11         12           13                    14
Savings Time

15             16            17                   18         19           20                    21

                             St. Patrick’s Day                            First Day of Spring

22             23            24                   25         26           27                    28

29             30            31

    • National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month
    • Brain Injury Awareness Month
    • National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
                                           APRIL 2009
On April 10, 2006 the MBTA and the Boston Center for Independent Living (BCIL)
Signed a Landmark Settlement Agreement:
―…This agreement is based on a shared vision between plaintiffs and the MBTA to make the MBTA a
model transit system accessible to all. There is a mutual commitment and desire to comply not only
with the letter but also the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act, with the complete
understanding that all people with disabilities must have every opportunity to be fully participating
members of our community and that fundamental to this opportunity is the right and ability to use
public transportation in an equal, effective, and dignified manner.‖

MBTA General Manager
Daniel A. Grabauskas:
―It has been my pleasure over these past three years to work with BCIL, Greater Boston Legal
Services, Independent Monitor Judge Patrick King and our newly formed Department of System-Wide
Accessibility on the implementation phase of our landmark agreement to improve accessibility for
persons with disabilities to all MBTA programs and services. I’m proud of our accomplishments to
date, especially in the areas of elevator reliability, employee training, and performance monitoring.
The MBTA remains committed to reaching full compliance as soon as possible with all Agreement
items including: improved wayfinding, customer complaint processing, emergency evacuation policies
and procedures, and platform/train gap solutions.‖

Representative plaintiffs, MBTA officials, ASL interpreter and others at South Station press event to
announce signing of MBTA/Boston Center for Independent Living (BCIL) Settlement Agreement.
                                                   APRIL 2009
     SUN             MON             TUE                WED                 THURS         FRI                SAT
                                                   1                   2            3                   4

5               6               7                  8                   9            10                  11
                                                                                    Agreement Signed.
Palm Sunday                     World Health Day                       Passover     Good Friday

12              13              14                 15                  16           17                  18

Easter Sunday

19              20              21                 22                  23           24                  25

                Patriot’s Day                      Professionals Day

26              27              28                 29                  30
                                Section 504*

    *Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, signed by HEW Secretary Joseph Califano on
    April 28, 1977
                                          MAY 2009
MBTA Operations Employee Re-Certification Training
The MBTA’s new accessibility-related training programs for Bus Operators and Subway Customer
Service Agents (CSAs) and other Subway personnel continue in 2009 with classroom and hands-on
modules that focus on assisting customers with disabilities; wheeled mobility device securement;
service animal awareness; lift, ramp and bridge plate use, and more.

Photo 1:
MBTA Subway Instructor observes train crew member at Red Line Station put bridgeplate in place to
span the train floor/platform surface gap.

Photo 2:
In outdoor bus yard MBTA Bus Instructor teaches three Operators how to deploy ramp located at
front door of bus.
                                         MAY 2009
     SUN            MON            TUE        WED        THURS        FRI        SAT
                                                                 1          2

3              4              5          6          7            8          9

10             11             12         13         14           15         16

Mother’s Day

17             18             19         20         21           22         23

24             25             26         27         28           29         30

               Memorial Day

    • National Stroke Awareness Month
    • National Arthritis Month
    • National Mental Health Month
                                            JUNE 2009
MBTA Elevator Service Improvements
MBTA elevator reliability has been in the high 90th percentile for the past two years, and almost
100% for the past year due to a new elevator maintenance contract signed by General Manager
Daniel A. Grabauskas, which changed the T's focus from elevator repair to preventative maintenance.
Not bad for the nation's first subway system!
Major projects to replace older elevators and install redundant elevators in select stations, using our
new elevator design specifications, are underway to ensure continued reliability and improved
customer access into and out of the MBTA Subway system. Oftentimes a working elevator is the
difference between an accessible or non-accessible station for many, many users including: seniors,
moms and dads with strollers, travelers with luggage, and customers with disabilities.

Customer who uses a wheelchair exits elevator at lobby level of MBTA Subway station.
                                         JUNE 2009
     SUN             MON         TUE          WED               THURS        FRI        SAT
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7               8           9            10                11           12         13

14              15          16           17                18           19         20

Flag Day                                 Bunker Hill Day

21              22          23           24                25           26         27
Father’s Day;
First Day of

28              29          30

    • National Aphasia Awareness Month
    • National Scleroderma Awareness Month
                                          JULY 2009
MBTA Internal Monitoring Program
To improve MBTA customer service, monitors from MBTA System-Wide Accessibility are riding
buses, trains and the subway, observing employee compliance with accessibility-related policies and
procedures. Monitors check items such as pulling over to curb; deployment of ramps/lifts/bridge
plates; boarding procedures; customer assistance; securement and stop announcements. Results will
be tabulated using state-of-the-art Scantron technology. Reports generated using the scanned data
will demonstrate the MBTA’s customer service performance to date including areas of operation that
need improvement.

Photo 1:
Imaging scanner and desktop computer with specialized software used to produce and read
monitoring forms in the MBTA’s Internal Monitoring Program.

Photo 2:
A team of monitors boards an MBTA bus; one monitor using a wheelchair is positioned on front door
bus ramp, a 2nd monitor follows.
                                         JULY 2009
      SUN               MON        TUE        WED         THURS        FRI        SAT
                                         1           2            3          4

                                                                             Independence Day

5                  6          7          8           9            10         11

12                 13         14         15          16           17         18

19                 20         21         22          23           24         25

26                 27         28         29          30           31
Americans with
Disabilities Act
Signed 1990
                                        AUGUST 2009
MBTA Strengthens Accessibility-Related Complaint Process
Two management oversight teams have been activated to work with System-Wide Accessibility
(SWA) to ensure that accessibility-related complaints logged through the MBTA’s Customer Support
Services Center (CSSC) are quickly investigated and appropriately resolved:
• The Department of Organizational Diversity and Civil Rights (ODCR) Civil Rights
Investigation Unit, and
• Operations Directorate Oversight Team made up of the four Subway line chiefs and three selected
managers within Bus Operations.
Help the MBTA ensure that the complaint process is working correctly by contacting 617-222-3200,
1-800-392-6100, 617-222-5146 (TTY) to log a complaint if necessary. Your feedback is critical!

Photo 1:
Group photo of MBTA Operations management team responsible for accessibility-related
complaint oversight.
Photo 2:
MBTA Customer Support Services Center Representative seated in office cubicle uses hands-free
telephone headset to assist customer.
                                           AUGUST 2009
     SUN             MON            TUE           WED                THURS        FRI         SAT

2               3              4             5                  6            7          8

9               10             11            12                 13           14         15

                                             ABA* passes 1968

16              17             18            19                 20           21         22

                                                                                        First Day of

23              24             25            26                 27           28         29

30              31

    * The Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) of 1968; (42 U.S.C. 4151 et seq.)
                                       SEPTEMBER 2009
Advances in MBTA Station, Vehicle and Web Communication
Important transit information is being shared in both visual and audio formats as the MBTA works to
improve vehicle, station and web communication for all customers.
All recent and new vehicles include dual-mode public address/visual messaging systems (PAVMS),
which provide visual and audible stop/station announcements, door opening information and
customer service messages.
Announcements within the MBTA Subway system are being upgraded as well with the installation of
new PAVMS equipment.
While the T’s enhanced Customer Support Services Center (CSSC) provides verbal transit updates
and travel information to customers in 9 languages, the T’s website (with an improved ―Accessibility at
the T‖ section on the way) displays the same information visually on your computer screen or wireless
hand-held device.

Photo 1:
Overhead visual message board above Red Line station platform announces train arrival.

Photo 2:
Female customer uses a wireless, hand-held device to obtain MBTA service updates.
                                                SEPTEMBER 2009
     SUN                 MON           TUE              WED        THURS        FRI        SAT
                                 1                 2          3            4          5

6                   7            8                 9          10           11         12

                    Labor Day

13                  14           15                16         17           18         19

Grandparents’ Day                                                                     Rosh Hashanah

20                  21           22                23         24           25         26

                                 First Day of                                         U.S. Access
                                 Autumn                                               Board*
27                  28           29                30

                    Yom Kippur

    • Sept. 20–26 Deaf Awareness Week (DAW), in commemoration of the first World Congress of the
    Deaf held in 1951
    * U.S. Access Board was created when the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 was enacted (Public Law 93-
    112), September 26, 1973
                                           OCTOBER 2009
MBTA Wayfinding Improvement Program
Finding your way through the nation’s 5th largest transit system will get easier over the next 5 years
due to an extensive initiative to improve MBTA station signage. The multi-phase project includes new
print/Braille/tactile station identification signs, directional signs, system maps, and tactile/Braille maps
depicting station layout.

Photo 1:
Prototype print identification sign for Alewife Station on the MBTA Red Line with directional arrows
and symbols for accessible exit, bus connections and parking.

Photo 2:
Customer reading prototype tactile/Braille map indicating station layout including direction/location of
elevator, escalator, platform edge.
                                         OCTOBER 2009
     SUN            MON            TUE          WED         THURS         FRI          SAT
                                                       1             2            3

4              5              6            7           8             9            10

11             12             13           14          15            16           17

               Columbus Day

18             19             20           21          22            23           24

25             26             27           28          29            30           31


    • National Brain Injury Awareness Month            • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    • National Disability Employment Awareness Month   • National Downs Syndrome Awareness
                                       NOVEMBER 2009
MBTA Emergency Evacuation Project
An interdepartmental effort is underway at the MBTA to enhance policies and procedures regarding
the emergency evacuation of customers with disabilities.
The project team is evaluating solutions such as evacuation chairs for use on vehicles, in stations and
T office buildings; and motorized carts that can be deployed within station tunnels.

Two people carry a person secured in an evacuation chair down the stairs at the end of Commuter
Rail train.
                                        NOVEMBER 2009
     SUN            MON           TUE          WED             THURS              FRI        SAT
1              2             3            4               5                  6          7
Time Ends

8              9             10           11              12                 13         14

                                          Veteran’s Day

15             16            17           18              19                 20         21

22             23            24           25              26                 27         28

                                                          Thanksgiving Day

29             30

    • Alzheimer’s Disease Month
    • American Diabetes Month
    • National Epilepsy Awareness Month
                                      DECEMBER 2009
Improved MBTA Station Accessibility
Work continues to make the entire MBTA accessible to all customers. During 2009 construction
projects were completed at the Longwood, Brookline Village and Boston College Green Line surface
stops with accessibility improvements such as raised platforms, tactile platform warning edges,
improved lighting, new track crossings, ramps/mini-high platforms and mobile lifts. In the Subway
system extensive accessibility-related projects, which include new elevators, escalators, and raised
platforms, are scheduled for completion in 2009 at the Arlington and Kenmore Green Line stations, as
well as at Maverick Station on the Blue Line. Ongoing accessibility-related construction projects at
Copley (Green Line), Ashmont (Red Line), and State (Blue/Orange Lines) are scheduled for
completion in 2010.

Photo 1:
Schematic drawing depicts outside view of reconstructed MBTA Red Line station.

Photo 2:
Photo of same station in the midst of construction with steel beams and wood pallets on ground.
                                            DECEMBER 2009
     SUN        MON                   TUE          WED        THURS         FRI             SAT
                                 1            2          3            4               5

6          7                     8            9          10           11              12

                                                                                      First Day of
           Pearl Harbor Day                                                           Hanukkah

13         14                    15           16         17           18              19

20         21                    22           23         24           25              26

           First Day of Winter                                        Christmas Day   Begins

27         28                    29           30         31
Person With Disabilities
Terminology Guide
Do not use or say…
Birth defect: congenital defect, deformity
Do use or say…
Person with a disability since birth, person who has a congenital disability.

Do not use or say…
Blind (The): visually impaired (The)
Do use or say…
Person who is blind, person with a visual impairment.

Do not use or say…
Confined to a wheelchair: wheelchair-bound
Do use or say…
Person who uses a wheelchair. A wheelchair is
a means to get around independently; it is not ―confining.‖

Do not use or say…
Cripple: crippled, lame
Do use or say…
Person with a disability, person with a mobility impairment, person who has arthritis, a spinal cord
injury, etc.
Person With Disabilities Terminology Guide, Continued

Do not use or say…
Mentally Retarded: moron, imbecile, retarded, mongoloid
Do use or say…
Person with an intellectual disability.
One can say ―a person with Down's Syndrome,‖ only if relevant to the story.

Do not use or say…
Do use or say…
Person who is not disabled. ―Normal‖ is only acceptable in reference to statistics, e.g., "The norm."

Do not use or say…
Physically Challenged: differently able
Do use or say…
Person with a disability.

Do not use or say…
Suffers from: afflicted by, victim of
Do use or say…
Person with a disability, person who has cerebral palsy. Having a disability is not synonymous with
suffering. A person with a disability is not a ―victim.‖
Person With Disabilities Terminology Guide, Continued

Do not use or say…
Deaf-mute: deaf, dumb
Do use or say…
Person who is deaf. Culturally, linguistically deaf people (that is, sign language users) are properly
identified as "The Deaf" (upper-case "d"). People who do not use sign language are properly referred
to as "The deaf" (lower-case "d") or "people who are deaf."

Do not use or say…
Hard of hearing (The): hearing impaired (The)
Do use or say…
Person who is hard of hearing. These individuals are not deaf and may compensate for a hearing loss
with an amplification device or system.

Do not use or say…
Handicapped (The)
Do use or say…
Person with a disability, unless referring to an environmental or attitudinal barrier. In such instances,
"person who is handicapped by" is appropriate.

Do not use or say…
Handicapped parking, bathrooms
Do use or say…
Accessible parking, accessible bathrooms.
Person With Disabilities Terminology Guide, Continued

Do not use or say…
Insane: lunatic, maniac, psycho, mental patient, schizophrenic

Do use or say…
Persons with a mental health disability, person who has schizophrenia, person who has depression.
It is important to remember that the development of appropriate terminology is still in progress;
however, the above terms are currently in use. Obviously, words such as "crazy," "demented,"
"deviant," "loony," "mad," and "nuts" should never be used. The term "insane" should only be used in
a strictly legal sense.
                                        BACK COVER
Governor Patrick Signs Bus Stop Bill Improving bus access and safety for all customers
Massachusetts citizens who rely on public transportation are rejoicing over the passage of House Bill
4524, which is designed to improve access and safety at all bus stops. The bill, which was signed into
law by Governor Deval L. Patrick on January 7, 2009, increases the penalty to $100 for vehicles that
are illegally parked in public bus stops throughout the state. It is hoped the statewide parking fine
increase will send a strong message that bus stops are for buses only and not to be used by private
or commercial vehicles.
While the new law increases the fine for illegally parked vehicles, the goal of the law is to change the
behavior of drivers throughout the state, thereby ensuring that bus stops are open and available for
the bus to pull to the curb and allow passengers to board and exit the vehicle safely. In addition, the
bill improves the enforcement capabilities of the state Regional Transit Authorities and local
municipalities by streamlining the ticketing/citation process.

Photo 1:
A copy of ―An Act Increasing the Fine for Parking in Posted Bus Stops‖ (i.e. ―The Bus Stop Bill),
signed by Governor Patrick, is depicted.

Photo 2:
A red symbol indicating ―No‖ or ―Prohibited‖ is superimposed over a vehicle illegally parked in an
MBTA bus stop, indicating ―Do Not Park in Bus Stops.‖

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