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									PGT AND YOU
Staying In Touch
Issue 2                                                                             Fall 2002

Message From the PGT
                    I am pleased to            We have prepared a detailed report on our
                    introduce the second       work over the past year, the 2001 - 2002 Public
                    issue of our Services to   Guardian and Trustee Annual Report. If you
                    Adults newsletter,         are interested, you can obtain a copy from
                    “Staying in Touch”.        your Case Manager or from the Publications
                    This edition will          page on our web site at
                    provide you with useful    I welcome you to provide us with any feedback
                    information the many       or comments you may have regarding our
                    projects that our          service as well as any suggestions you have
                    Adults        Services     for future issues of Staying in Touch.
department has been involved with since
the last newsletter was published.

The past year has been one of progress
and client service improvement for our
                                               Jay Chalke
organization. We are working very hard to
improve our services. This includes making     Public Guardian and Trustee of BC
our service faster, improving our telephone
response and working even more closely
with the family and friends of our clients.

Welcome to the Second Edition
This edition of the newsletter will focus on
the services we provide and how our office
is keeping pace with government changes
and protecting the interests of our clients.
If you have questions after reading the
newsletter, or if you have any suggestions
on what you would like to see addressed in
future newsletters, please feel free to
contact your Case Manager, who would be
happy to discuss these with you.

                          PUBLIC GUARDIAN AND TRUSTEE’S VISION
          “Rights, Choices and Security for all British Columbians”
PGT AND YOU                                                                     STAYING IN TOUCH

Frequently Asked Questions                            considers your long-term needs. There are
What is a Case Manager?                               a variety of investment options (Pooled
                                                      Funds, RRSP’s, etc.) available and our financial
The Case Manager manages your financial and           and investment staff ensure the best option
legal affairs on your behalf. To make decisions       is chosen for you. If your money is invested
about your funds or legal issues, your case           in our Premium Money Market Fund, the
manager consults with you and your support            average rate of return is 4.5%. If you want
network to make sure the decisions reflect            more information about these investment
your wishes, values and beliefs as much as            options, please visit our website at
possible. If specifically authorized by the 
Courts, the Case Manager may also manage
a client’s personal affairs which includes            How does the PGT manage your Legal
health-care & personal-care decision making.          Affairs?

What is a Financial Assistant?                        On a daily basis, the Case Managers and legal
                                                      staff work to protect our client’s legal
The Financial Assistant works closely with            interests. Some common legal matters that
your Case Manager to administer your funds            we deal with on behalf of our clients are:
for you. The Financial Assistant makes sure
that the PGT receives your                                                ·     pursuing ICBC and
income so that we can pay           Client Services provides                    WCB claims
your bills and purchase items       service to 3,566 clients
                                                                          ·    retaining counsel for
on your behalf.                    Each Case Manager works
                                        with about 220 clients                 clients who may
What is a Regional                  The PGT has investigated over              have been charged
Financial Officer?                 350 legal issues this year for our          with a criminal
                                                clients                        offence
This is our accountant on the         The PGT sold approximately
team who has expertise in               50 properties this year            · finalizing family legal
investment, tax and debt               The PGT makes over 600                matters i.e. divorces
                                   health care decisions per year as
management.                         Temporary Substitute Decision          · engaging in civil
What is Committee of                                                        litigation to recoup
Person?                                                                  funds that may have
                                                             been mismanaged or fraudulently
The PGT acts as Committee of Person for 122                  taken from our clients prior to our
clients. When we are Committee of Person,                    involvement
the Case Manager is responsible for making
complex health-care and personal decisions.    As required, the Case Manager and legal
                                               counsel will
How does the PGT manage your retain a lawyer
money?                                         on your behalf.
                                               Generally, all
The PGT is responsible for managing all your c o s t s
assets. We do this by reviewing your situation associated with
and when necessary, we complete a the legal action
personalized investment plan for you that
                                               are paid by you.
PGT AND YOU                                                                   STAYING IN TOUCH

Service Improvements and                            Advocacy on your Behalf
Accomplishments at the PGT
                                                    During this time of public sector change and
At the PGT we have accomplished a great             constraint, the PGT continues to advocate
deal over the last year. This past year we          for all clients to coordinate the best quality
set specific goals that were measured for           service possible. We will continue to ensure
service and that were audited by the Auditor        that you receive all the benefits and funding
General. Some of these goals were to:               to which
   ·   set up budgets within 3 months of            you are
       receiving a new client                       entitled.
                                                    S o m e
   ·   secure property within 3 months of           examples
       receiving a new client                       of      the
   ·   pay client bills within 15 working           steps we
       days                                         have taken
   ·   process client income within 5               to advocate on your behalf are:
       working days                                    ·   sending a letter to the care facilities
   ·   complete case plans for all                         addressing the issue of facilities
       Committee of Person clients                         charging more user fees

The case plans detail your wishes about                ·   entering into service contracts for
travel, health, personal and property issues.              companion and music therapy
This year our goal is to make sure every new               services
Committee of Estate client has a case plan          When we enter into a contract on your behalf,
within 6 months of becoming our client. We          we ensure it is with an agency and not a
are proud to say that we not only met a             private individual to protect your safety, legal
majority of last year’s goals but in most           interests and to ensure you are not liable for
cases, we exceeded them.                            extra costs.
Our improved telephone system has been              Over the past two years, our staff and legal
working extremely well since it was set up          counsel have taken a key role in seeking
about two years ago. This system gives you          compensation for clients that suffered trauma
the option of speaking to a staff member who        caused by sexual abuse at Jericho Hill School
will take a message instead of you leaving a        for Deaf and in developing individual legal
message in your Case Managers’ voicemail            suits for compensation for a number of clients
box when he/she is unavailable to take your         who were sexually sterilized while patients
call.                                               at Riverview Hospital. These cases are
                                                    underway at this time.
Our satellite office at Riverview has been in
operation for about two years now and is            Addtionally, we identified clients who were
serving our clients there very well.                infected with Hepatitis C from tainted blood

PGT AND YOU                                                                     STAYING IN TOUCH

products and ensured that they were                   to the laws about advance planning for
registered with the appropriate class action          financial and personal care decision making.
suit. Some clients have already received
compensation.                                                Public Guardian and Trustee of BC
                                                              700 - 808 West Hastings Street
                                                                 Vancouver, BC V6C 3L3

                                                      Client Services:
                                                      If you require further information or you would
                                                      like to speak with your Case Manager, please
                                                      contact us at the appropriate telephone or fax
                                                      number listed below:
                                                      Team 1 - Vancouver Island/Interior/Kootenays
Woodlands Project Update
                                                      Ph: (604) 660-4453
In July 2002, the Ministry of Children and            Fax: (604) 660-9498/9479
Family Development (MCFD) released ex-
Ombudsman, Dulcie McCallum’s report                   Team 2 – Vancouver/Richmond/West Vancouver/
regarding allegations of abuse at the                 Burnaby/Sunshine Coast
Woodlands School. The Public Guardian and             Ph: (604) 660-2476
Trustee of British Columbia has been provided         Fax: (604) 660-9498/9479
with some MCFD records that McCallum
specifically identified. A special project team       Team 3 – Surrey/Delta/Port Coquitlam/New
has been formed at the PGT and the team is            Westminster/Fraser Valley/Northern BC/North
currently contacting our clients and arranging        Vancouver
interviews with them. The PGT’s role is to            Ph: (604) 660-4480
ensure that our clients’ legal and financial          Fax: (604) 660-9498
interests are protected throughout this
process. If you have any questions about              If you need to contact a Client Services Manager,
this project or would like to speak about your        call (604) 775-0438.
own circumstances with a member of the                Toll free number: 1-800-663-7867 (Enquiry BC)
special project team, please call 1-800-663-
7867. To view a copy of Ms. McCallums
report, visit
What’s coming up in the Future
In the Spring of 2002, a review of Powers of
Attorney and Representation Agreements
was completed. The report’s main
recommendation was that Enduring Powers
of Attorney should remain the main advance
financial planning tool. Changes will be made

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