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 Keep in Touch Booklet 2009
                                                                                   December 1, 2009

Dear recent alumna/us,

We miss you! While we may not see you frequently on campus, you will always be part of the
global community of COA alumni. We are sending this booklet to highlight the myriad ways you
can stay connected to the college. It serves as an outline to multiple services — all available to you
as a COA alumna/us. Whether you are taking advantage of resources available to you or acting as a
resource for the college, we hope you will cherish your new role as an alumna/us.

We trust that your friendships with students, staff, faculty and fellow alumni will continue as you
celebrate the value of your COA education. Some alumni have found the transition from being a
student to that of being an alum awkward. We hope your COA relationships and the information in
this booklet will ease that challenge. The community of COA alumni can be a valuable resource for
networking and support.

We are always excited to hear how human ecologists from COA are making their way in the world,
whether the path is direct, winding or about to branch in a new direction. Please keep in touch and
share news of your life and your journeys with us.

Best wishes,

Mike Staggs ’96                                      Dianne Clendaniel
President, COA Alumni Association                    Alumni Relations and Development Coordinator
So, you thought governance and committee work for COA ended after that last ACM you attended?
Not so — you can still be involved in the tradition of adding your voice and making a difference in
the College of the Atlantic community, as a member of the COA Alumni Association.

Founded in 1982, the COA Alumni Association (COAAA) promotes the welfare of College of the
Atlantic and maintains a mutually beneficial relationship between COA and its alumni. COAAA
supports and provides communication between the college and its alumni as well as among its

COAAA and the Alumni Relations and Development Office work together to foster
communications, facilitate connections among alumni and bring resources to the college through
special events, including the reunion weekend, newsletters, phone-a-thons, volunteer recruiting
and website presence.

As a member of COAAA you have the right to vote at the annual meeting of the Alumni Association
each April and nominate yourself or others to serve on the governing board. In addition to setting
goals for the coming year, the annual meeting has made decisions regarding the organization’s
bylaws and policies.

For more information about the community of COA alumni and College of the Atlantic Alumni
Association, please visit                                                                                2
I mpo r t a n t Co n ta c ts

College of the Atlantic Switchboard                                     207-288-5015
College of the Atlantic "Back Door" Automated Switchboard               207-288-2944
We offer the “back door” number for COA, which eases the load on the front desk, as a way to contact
faculty and staff on campus. You can either enter an extension or use the directory.

Office of Alumni Relations and Development            Office of Admission
Dianne Clendaniel,                                    Sarah Baker, dean of admission
alumni relations and development coordinator          207-288-2944, ext. 233,
207-288-2944, ext. 268,                   Sarah Haughn ’08, admission counselor and
                                                      alumni admission volunteer coordinator
Office of Internships and Career Services             207-288-2944, ext. 330,
Jill Barlow-Kelley,
director of internships and career services           Development Office
207-288-2944, ext. 236,                   Lynn Boulger, dean of development
                                                      207-288-2944, ext. 350,
Office of the Registrar (for transcript requests)     Laura Johnson, annual fund director
Judy Allen, registrar                                 207-288-2944, ext. 327,
207-288-2944, ext. 309,
Darlene Nolin, assistant registrar
207-288-2944, ext. 224,

                                                          Regional Alum ni Networ ks

Camaraderie, shared vision, great stories and common understandings are all celebrated when
COA alumni get together. Alumni find they are inspired and grounded when they connect with one
another. Groups in the following regions are engaged in getting together for social, educational,
and community service activities. If you are relocating, the COA Alumni Network can be a good
resource for learning about a new community.

We are expanding our Alumni Networks; please contact us if you are interested in volunteering to
develop a group in your area. Call or email Dianne Clendaniel, alumni relations and development
coordinator, to get connected to any of the groups below or to start one in your region.

California — Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay
Washington, DC
Illinois — Chicago
Maine — Bar Harbor and Portland
Massachusetts — Boston
New York — New York City
Oregon — Portland
Pennsylvania — Philadelphia
Washington — Seattle                                                                                 4
Of f i c e o f I n t e r n sh ip s a n d C a reer Se r vices

The Office of Internships and Career Services is a resource available to alumni throughout every
stage of career development and life work. Whether you are looking for your first job, making a
career transition, or considering the continuation of your education, the Office of Internships and
Career Services can assist you. All career services are free of charge.

Resources include:

•	   comprehensive career and labor market information

•	   cover letter and resume assistance

•	   graduate school guidance and application assistance

•	   relocation contacts

•	   one-on-one career counseling (in person or by phone)

•	   a searchable database for jobs and internships

Another resource is the Alumni Mentorship Program. Through this program, we can assist you in
contacting alumni who may be helpful in:

•	   the job search process

•	   expanding your professional network

•	   sharing information about graduate programs

•	   offering support and advice

A mentor is anyone interested in being a resource to both current students and fellow alumni.
Learn more about participating, or sign up online

To schedule an appointment or obtain more information about the Office of Internships and
Career Services resources and services, please contact Jill Barlow-Kelley, director of internships
and career services.                                                                                   6
Re un i o n s a n d Even ts

The alumni reunion weekend at COA, when all alumni are invited back for celebration,
commemoration, conversations and fun. The weekend is filled with receptions, film and art
openings, the COAPalooza dance party, and many opportunities to see fellow alumni, COA
faculty, staff and current students. You can join the parties, exhibit, perform or volunteer.

The Alumni Association hosts an annual winter solstice party in Bar Harbor with dinner, music and
a bonfire. Welcome back the light with alumni from all eras of the college.

Many alumni return for commencement. You may relish another perspective of our distinctive
ceremony and enjoy honoring friends and new graduates.

Alumni are invited to the senior cocktail party to welcome graduating seniors to the COA
community beyond campus. The invitation is also extended to join in the annual the tug-of-war
fundraiser. The time has come for an alumni challenge to the reigning team!

Convocation is always a special occasion to kick off the new academic year. Alumni are invited
to welcome new students and hear a fellow alum speak at the ceremony. Perhaps you will dare to
dive in for the Bar Island Swim, but even if you choose not to take the plunge, you are welcome to
the community picnic.

We also plan additional events and regional gatherings for alumni throughout the year. If you wish
to stay connected, celebrate and learn with us, please be sure we have a current address and email.
Invitations are always sent electronically and many have a paper follow up.

Contact Dianne Clendaniel, alumni relations and development coordinator, to learn more about
reunions and events, to propose new ideas, to volunteer to help organize these activities, and to
keep your information current.

For more information visit                                                                                  8
A l um n i A d m i ss io n V o lu n teers

As an alumna/us, you know personally about the distinctive education offered at COA. Alumni
Admission Volunteers assist the Office of Admission in attracting bright, creative, passionate
students. As a volunteer within this network of alumni, you can help COA reach a broader range
of potential candidates and provide additional personal contact to prospective students as they
navigate the admissions process.

Prospective students gain a deeper understanding of life at COA when they can connect with
someone who has experienced it firsthand. Besides, by meeting with prospectives in your area, you
help the COA community overall by saving admissions staff some travel and reducing our carbon

If you are interested in representing COA at college fairs, interviewing prospective students,
or speaking with parents of applicants, please contact Sarah Haughn, admission counselor
and alumni admission volunteer coordinator. We also welcome learning of new schools or
organizations whose students might resonate with a COA education.

We appreciate any conversations you have about COA that may help inform or influence a
possible future student. Please be sure to talk about your COA experience with friends and
neighbors and wear your COA t-shirt proudly. And if you need a COA t-shirt, Sarah can help you
with that too!

                                                      CO A Magazine

                     COA, College of the Atlantic’s magazine, comes
                     out twice each year. Featuring essays, short stories,
                     artwork, poetry, photography, it is meant to be a
                     kaleidoscopic portrait of College of the Atlantic. In
                     it you’ll find articles by and about current students,
                     faculty and alumni, class and community notes and
                     an ongoing history of the founders of COA.

                     COA is written entirely by the COA community and
                     welcomes your submissions. Donna Gold, director of
                     public relations, is your contact at,
                     or 207-288-2499, ext 291. Please send your poems,
                     short stories, art work, article ideas and particularly
                     your 600-word revisit of your human ecology essay.
                     What does human ecology mean now that you have
                     graduated?                                                        10
A ddi t i o n a l A l u m n i Servic es

Alumni E-Newsletter
Sent throughout the year, this electronic newsletter features submissions from alumni, including
articles, op-ed pieces, poetry and other reflections. You can also read updates from the Alumni
Association, news from campus, and announcements of interest to alumni. If you haven’t
received an e-newsletter, sign up on the website or email

Alumni Web site
Visit and find links for transcript requests, news, events, volunteer
opportunities, a directory of alumni and more. The website is a doorway into learning more
about alumni services.

Campus Events
You are welcome to attend the variety of events on campus, including plays, music, lectures,
gallery openings and other fun opportunities. Check out the online calendar of events at http:// If you would like a weekly email of campus events, please send that request to

Your COA education doesn’t need to end with receipt of your diploma! You can audit or enroll
in more courses at COA. To audit contact Darlene Nolin, assistant registrar. If you prefer to
receive credit for the course, contact Donna McFarland, associate director of admission, to apply
as a special student at or 207-288-2944, ext. 230.

COA Videos Online
Want to hear Karen Waldron, Ken Cline or other faculty presentations? Wishing you could have
attended convocation? Watch video from special events, John Visvader’s human ecology forums,
alumni speaker series and more through Vimeo or YouTube, or
ITunesU For more information about COA videos, contact Zach Soares
’00, library media specialist, at, or 207-288-2944, ext 213.

Discount rate for summer programs
A 20% discount is offered to alumni who participate in field-based content courses for K–12
teachers. Or your family can enjoy a taste of the COA and MDI experience during a week
of Family Nature Camp also at a 20% discount. For more information, visit
summerprograms or contact Jean Sylvia, interim director of summer programs at
or 800-597-9500.                                                                             12
You can keep a life-long “” email address.

Facebook, COA Tribe & LinkedIn
Join hundreds of other alumni in the COA Alumni and COA Community groups on Facebook.
The COAtribe Yahoo! Group is a means for discussion, news and communication among
alumni. You can network about careers, professional development, and human ecology in action
on LinkedIn’s College of the Atlantic group.

                                        Alumni are welcome to use the library and databases
                                        on campus anytime it is open. Discounted rates for
                                        Inter Library Loan are extended to alumni, and those
                                        living in Hancock County may acquire a library card
                                        for borrowing. The library staff is happy to talk with
                                        you about any special needs you may have. Please
                                        contact director of the library, at
                                        or 207-288-2944, ext. 210, or Trisha Cantwell Keene,
                                        associate director of the library, at
                                        or 207-288-2944, ext. 211.

                                                                              Don’t Get Lost

We don’t want to lose our connection to you. Stay in touch. As an inquisitive and passionate
human ecologist, your life is likely to take several twists and turns. Send us updates on your life
changes and choices — wherever they may take you. Call us at 207-288-2944, ext. 268 or email

Let us know when you start a new job, earn a degree, receive awards, start a family or move.
When you stay in touch, we can keep you current on news about the college, invite you to
events, send you COA’s magazine, connect you to other alumni and help you network with
others in your field.

You may use one of these methods to update your personal information:

1. Web site: and click on update your contact information (The web site
   provides a directory for graduates of the college; you can find contact information about
   your peers here.)

2. Phone: 207-288-2944, ext. 268

3. Email:

We love to hear from alumni and wish to work with you on building and celebrating a global
community of COA!                                                                               14
105 Eden Street
Bar Harbor, ME 04609