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									                     2004 - 2005 Academic Year                                                                 Winter 2004

Board of Directors
                            Staying in touch....
President                   Dear Fellow Ironmen,
 Claudia Janecek
                               I’d like to begin by telling you that I consider it an honor and
 Publicity Committee           privilege to serve as Superintendent of Unit 5 schools. After
Vice President              retiring as Principal of NCHS in 2002, I thought that my public
  Norman Hester             school career was behind me. Life is sometimes a mystery, and I
  Scholarship Committee     have decided that it is impossible to know what might be around      the next corner. That being said, I do have to say also that being
Secretary                   principal of our wonderful high school for twelve years was a true
  Gayle Adam Nord           blessing, and one for which I will always be thankful.
  Traditions Committee         Like many of you, I have enjoyed visiting the new NCHS, opened in 2003 on Raab Road       northeast of Normal. It is a spectacular facility, one that will serve the needs of present and future
Treasurer                   students for many years. If you haven’t been there yet, I encourage you to stop by. If you are
  Diana Vaughn Koening      able to visit during the school day, I know that the staff will be pleased to show you around.            Our former building is now Kingsley Junior High School, named for the street that runs past
                            the school. The conversion seems strange to many of us, especially after the demolition of the
Diana Ropp Green            oldest (1927) section of the building, but KJHS is very functional and well suited as a middle
  Web site Committee        school. The staff there will be equally pleased to show off their school if you are able to visit.
Gary Hopkins                   Like many school districts in Illinois, Unit 5 is facing significant challenges. We have
Dora Schuler Kelley         achieved a balanced budget in the Educational Fund for the first time in a number of years,
  History Committee/        but that came only after significant reductions of over $5 million from 2003-2004. Funding
  Historian                 will continue to be a serious issue, especially as we continue to grow in enrollment. The average
Sandi Hill McBurney         enrollment growth in Unit 5 over the last ten years has been in the neighborhood of 2% per
  Homecoming                year, but the growth from last year to this year was 4%. NCHS currently is within 150 students
  Committee                 of optimal capacity. NCWHS has room for approximately 300 additional students. Space needs
Flora Rodgers Poling        at the elementary and middle school levels will probably need to be addressed before we reach
  History Committee/        capacity at the high schools.
  Historian                    I encourage you to stay in contact with NCHS and Unit 5. Our district website,,
Steve Rader                 is an excellent resource. Through the Unit 5 home page, you may access the NCHS home page,
Andrea Wilson Raycraft      enroll in Unit5 Connect, an e-mail list service through which you will receive periodic messages,
  Homecoming                or find a wide variety of other information of interest.
  Committee                 Best wishes. Go Iron!
Dorothy Siebert             Sincerely,
  Distinguished Alumni      Alan Chapman
                            NCHS Class of 1965
Gordon Stark                Superintendent, McLean County Unit District No. 5
  Membership Committee
  Traditions Committee     Tour NCHS...
Judy Fritzen Watson
  Publicity Committee          Tours of the NCHS building are open to all Alumni of NCHS, family
                               and friends. During the school year, tours are available on Saturday.
                               Tours are also available during the summer on Friday and Saturday.
                               Schedule your tour by contacting Dr. Jeanette Nuckolls, Principal, at
                                      or 309/728-5034.
                                                     Homecoming 2004
                                           Congratulations to Queen Abby Spachman
                                                  and King Addison Hoover.

                                            Congratulations to Mrya Rousey Linden,
                                                         Class of 1945
                                               2004-2005 Distinguished Alumni

photo courtesy of YouNameItSports!

Congratulations to.....                                            NCHS Class of 1949
     Gordon Ropp, Class of 1951, McLean County Chamber               observed another milestone......
of Commerce, Outstanding Service to Agriculture Award.                  The Class of 1949, also known as the “49 ‘ers”
     Dr. Alan Chapman, Class of 1965, on his induction into        celebrated their 55th class reunion on October 23rd and
the ISU College of Education’s Hall of Fame and on his             24th. On Saturday morning, the 23rd, Dr. Jeannette
roll as advisor for Beyond the Book, 2004-2005.                    Nuckolls gave us a tour of the new NCHS building.
     Dan Kelley, Class of 1966, on being elected Vice-                  That evening, we had social time and dinner at
President of the Illinois State University Alumni Association.     Lakeside Country Club. Fifty classmates, spouses and
     Dr. Larry Nord, Class of 1967, on his election as             guests attended. Also former faculty attended:
President of the McLean County Medical Society and on              Home Ec. – Mrs. Mary (Forsythe) Stipanowich and her
his election as trustee representing the 10th District for the     husband Jim; Biology – Mr. Royal Diveley; and Social
Illinois State Medical Society.                                    Studies/Coach – Mr. Paul Harris. Some classmates and
     Mike Mouser, Class of 1968, McLean County Chamber             faculty unable to attend sent letters.
of Commerce, Farmer of the Year.                                        Music was provided by Karen Sperlin and
     Scott Lay, Class of 1989, recently named Sales Market         co-musician, Phyllis. They played songs of the ‘40’s and
Specialist for Bayer CropScience U.S. business operations.         ‘50’s and, of course, our Normal High Pledge song
                                                                   which we all sang along.
                                                                        The door prize drawing was a framed collage of
                      Marc Alwes                                   Normal Community High School.
                 Marc Alwes, Class of 2003 and                          On Sunday, the 24th, some of us met at 9:30 a.m.
                                                                   at Shannon’s Five Star Restaurant for breakfast.
              son of Mike and Melanie Alwes, is
                                                                        It was an enjoyable weekend....Dora Schuler Kelley.
              stationed at Ramadi, Iraq with the
              1st Marine Expedition Force.
                 Marc was interviewed on                           Call for Distinguished Alumni!
              ABC ‘s Nightline during a special                         Please put your thinking hats on...nominate
              on the Fox 2/5 Company about                         a fellow NCHS graduate for the 2005-2006
the redevelopment.                                                 Distinguished Alumni Award.
 You can reach Marc at                              It’s easy to do. Submit your nominee (name,
or write to him at PFC Alwes, USMC Fox2/5                          address, telephone number) along with a brief
UPNS PLT., UIC 40360, FPO –– AP96426-0360                          synopsis of your nominee’s accomplishments to
                                                                   Dorothy Siebert at or 208 S. Oak
Good luck Marc!
                                                                   Street, Normal, IL 61761.

Stay informed, stay involved,                                      NCHS Traditions Walkway......Phase I and II are
 stay in touch.....                                                complete! Our thanks to those from all over the country
     The NCHS Alumni Association is very proud to                  who have purchased over 500 bricks!
support the alumni, students, teachers, parents and                     Commemorative bricks are still available. to Wouldn’t
friends of Normal Community High School.......past,                it be wonderful to honor every NCHS grad (over 22,000
present and future!                                                strong) with a brick. Let’s do it––reserve your
     Your Association can assist in locating your                  commemorative brick(s) today!
classmates for reunions, class activities, etc.....provide lists        How can you participate? The possibilities are endless...
of your classmates, print mailing labels or lend you our           purchase a brick for yourself, your child(or children), in
2003 Alumni Directory for classmate information.                   memory of a loved one....or use your imagination!
     Join your Alumni Association today! Contact Gordon                 We want to fill our Walkway! Contact Gordon Stark
Stark for more information at              at
                  New Association Members                                                Anniversaries
Barry Chapman, ‘67                Whickey Hopkins, ‘69                              25th Wedding Anniversary
Mary Linda Cox, ‘71               Kathryn F. Leighton, ‘04                    David ‘62 & Deborah Lamberti, 8/4/04
Steve Parker, ‘86                 Patricia Fleming ‘86                 Lisa Moore Steadman ‘78 Pete Steadman ‘78, 11/24/04
                                                                                    50th Wedding Anniversary
                Scholarships, Grants & Awards                      Helen Holsema Fillipponi ‘54 & Jack P. Fillipponi ‘54, 11/20/04
       Sara Fink, ‘02, Richter Research Grant, Knox College
             Jessica Thornton, ‘03, Harry Hightower                                        Retirements
                 Youth Community Service Award                      Susie Giese Conlon, ‘68 from Illinois Farm Bureau, 35 years
     Jenna Voigt, ‘04 Sam Walton Scholarship, Asbury College
                                                                                            In Memory
                             Weddings                                                 Jack S. Babb ‘52, 1/20/04
       Cory Cramer ‘88 to Lisa Marie Brennan on 3/13/04                      Cindy Campbell Hospelhorn, ‘64, 1/30/04
        Katie J. Bourke ‘98 to Jay Hobson, ‘96 on 6/19/04                  Beverly Joann Litherland Johnson ‘50, 3/14/04
      Meredith J. Rogers ‘00 to Taylor Thompson on 6/19/04                    Gillian Gumbrell Braksick ‘82, 4/21/04
         Bridget Bernardi ‘98 to Ryan Scott on 7/10/04                              Tammi Jackson, ‘04, 9/20/04
              Kate Mecherle to Wes Hunt on 7/10/04                               Edna “Billie” Van Huss, 10/03/04
         Jamie Nicole Theil to Robert Martin on 7/17/04                        Mary Lou Ernst Nunn, ‘68, 10/5/04
           Michele Stith ‘98 to Kevin Smith on 7/17/04                           Dale V. Biedenharn, ‘43, 10/9/04
           Steve Guane ‘93 to Erika Davey on 7/31/04                           Muriel Wolfe Doenitz, ‘22, 10/14/04
        Jennifer Lane ‘95 to Derek Atteberry on 8/21/04                       Florence Schenkel Littell ‘52, 10/23/04
            Jennifer J. Miller to A.J. Kerber on 8/28/04                      Edna Wilhelmina Goetze, ‘39, 11/1/04
        Nicholas Frank ‘95 to Miranda Smith on 8/31/04                          Jo Anne Billhymer Ferrara, 11/7/04
      Mark Stombaugh ‘99 to Cassidy Klimkewicz on 9/4/04                           Verlin H. Troyer, ‘49, 11/25/04
           Dr. David Zich ‘86 to Julie Novi on 9/18/04                             Delores L. Wiese, ‘60, 12/8/04
         Steve Kuhnke ‘95 to Lindsey Smith on 9/17./04                            Marlin E. Miller, ‘46, 12/13/04
           Steven W. Rever to Lee Ann Hill on 9/23/04                           Jason “Mick” Smith, ‘88, 12/29/04
        Anthony Smith ‘90 to Jennifer Voyles on 9/28/04                          Lynda Lowery Burns, ‘68, 1/5/05
       Jennifer Kemp ‘96 to Trent McPherson on 10/2/04                             George Kaveney, ‘66, 1/24/05
          Kristina Kirby ‘80 to Bradley Cole on 10/2/04
         Theresa Graf ‘96 to Tony Chambers on 10/9/04
       Connie M. Gullett to Mark A. Gullett on 12/18/04

Class Reunions
  Class of 1945, 60th Class reunion...Friday, June 24 - 26, 2005
Friday, at 6 p.m., Conklin’s Dinner Theatre, Goodfield, IL, Buffet dinner & musical - “The Taffetas”; Saturday,
June 25th, 10 a.m., tour of new NCHS & Traditions Walkway; Holiday Inn of Normal - Class picture taken, 6 p.m.
sharp! Sunday, June 26th, 1 p.m., picnic at Charles and Maxine Neubauer's Farm in Shirley. Class members will be
contacted April 1st for final times/plans/reservations. For further information, contact Flora Rodgers Poling at
309/452- 1829 or Mildred Thompson Ferguson 309/452-2059.
  Class of 1955, 50th Class reunion...Contact Frank & Lois (Scheets) Lipscomb at 342 Fieldcrest Street, Normal, IL
61761 or
  Class of 1980, 25th Class reunion...for further details and updating your addresses, contact Eric Stockweather at
309/766-7373 or 309/838-5244, and at
  Class of 1985, 20th Class reunion...Friday’s event is possibly a Happy Hour, Saturday evening events at Lakeside
Country Club along with a tour the new high school. Contact Ann Sutter Cash at

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