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									                          APPLICATION FORM FOR ESTABLISHMENT OF
                               NEW TECHNICAL INSTITUTIONS IN
                                 ACADEMIC YEAR 2007 - 2008
                                    [DIPLOMA COURSES]

                              DIRECTORATE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION
                                         MAHARASHTRA STATE
                                 3, MAHAPALIKA MARG, MUMBAI 400 001
                        STD CODE: 022, TEL.: 22620601, 22690602, 22641150, 22641151
                                          FAX: 22692102, 22690007
                         Please contact MSBTE on this address:

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                                                    CHECK - LIST OF ENCLOSURES

        Kindly ensure that following Annextures should be enclosed with the application form before
submitting it to Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State, Mumbai & other authorities

Annexure                                                      Contents
   I                 Registration document of the Trust / Society indicating members of Society / Trust and its
       II            Land document(s) in original showing ownership in the name of Trust / Society in the form
                     of 7/12 extract/Registered Sale Deed / Irrevocable Gift Deed (Registered) / Irrevocable
                     Lease (for minimum 30 years) by Government. (Lease from Private party is not acceptable.)
       III           Land Use Certificate / Land Conversion Certificate allowing the land to be used for
                     educational purpose, from the Competent Authority along with Topo-sketch / Village Map
                     indicating land Survey Nos. and a copy of road map showing location of the proposed site
                     of the institution.
      IV             Site Plan, Building Plan prepared by a registered Architect and duly approved by the
                     Competent Plan Sanctioning Authority of the concerned State
       V             Proof of completion of building structure up to lintel level for the required area along with
                     plastering and flooring of the required institutional building on permanent site as per
                     sanctioned Building plan in the form of colour photographs giving External and Internal
                     views duly attested by the President/Secretary of the Trust/Society.
      VI             Proof of adequate working capital (Funds), in the form of either Fixed Deposits in the Bank
                     or latest bank statement of account maintained by the Society / Trust.

             Note: In case your application is incomplete on account of any one of the above, the
                    Application will be rejected summarily.


1.      Date of availability of form on website                  :                   01st December, 2006.
2.      Last date of submission of filled in application form to :
        Concern Jt. Director, Technical Education Regional
                                                                                     30th December, 2006
        Office as well as Dy. Secretary, MSBTE, Regional
                                                                                        upto 5.00 p.m.
        Office (for establishment of new institute & existing
3.      Last date of submission of filled in application form :
        with late fee to Concern Jt. Director, Technical                              06th January, 2007
        Education Regional Office (Rs. 5,000/-) as well as Dy.                          upto 5.00 p.m.
        Secretary, MSBTE, Regional Office (Rs. 3,000/-).

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Sr. No.                                             Contents

1.           SECTION I :
             General Information.

2.           SECTION II :
             Instructions for submission of proposals

3.           ANNEXURE - A :
             Norms for Land and Funds

4.           ANNEXURE - B :
             Nomenclature of courses in Diploma Engg. & Tech.

5.           Acknowledgement

6.           Submittal Form

7.           Synopsis
             Application Form

9.           Format for Recommendation of NOC from the M.S.B.T.E.

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                                                          GENERAL INFORMATION


1.           Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) Maharashtra State invites proposal for establishment
             of new technical institutions for the academic year 2006-2007 for the following Courses:




                      DIPLOMA IN APPLIED ARTS AND CRAFTS.

2.       Applicants [Societies / Trusts / Universities / Government (central / state / aided)] may download
         APPLICATION FORM from Directorate of Technical Education website : and
         submit the application form in duplicate (Original + 1 copy) to Joint Director, Technical Education
         along with payment of Rs. 5000/- towards cost of form per Course through a D.D. in favour of
         The Director, Technical Education, Maharashtra State, payable at Mumbai.

3.       Government Institutions are exempted from paying Rs. 5000/- towards Application Form Fee.

4.       All Registered Trusts / Registered Societies / Government Bodies can submit proposal under
         following conditions:

             i)       Applications from the Societies / Trusts, which are registered on or before the last date of
                      submission of the Application Form in prescribed format of Directorate of Technical
                      Education, Maharashtra State, Mumbai only will be considered.

             ii) There will be no provision for any Institution to start in a temporary building.

             iii) Applicant should fulfil all the requirements of A.I.C.T.E. including infrastructure in
                      the form of building (Approximately 75% of A.I.C.T.E. norms to be completed on or
                      before the date of inspection) on proposed permanent site and the same to be
                      completed in all Respects on or before commencement of the institute.

             iv) The cost of the application form will not be refunded in any case.

5.       DTE will not consider the courses other than those listed at Annexure B for Diploma in
         Engineering & Technology.

6.       Copy of the proposals is required to be submitted latest by last date of submission to the Following

             a. Directorate of Technical Education, 3, Mahapalika Marg, Maharashtra State, Mumbai 1.
             b. Concerned Regional Office of DTE (In Original + 1 Copy along with form fee and scrutiny
             c. Secretary, Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Bandra (E), Mumbai 51.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                               3
             d. Dy. Secretary, Concerned Regional Office, Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education,
                Mumbai / Pune / Aurangabad / Nagpur.
             e. Regional Officer & Member Secretary, Western Regional Office (AICTE), Industrial
                Assurance Bldg., 2nd Floor, Churchgate, Mumbai – 400 020.
             f. In case of Diploma in Applied Arts & Crafts copies should be submitted to Directorate
                of Art for process of application and contact to the concerned directorate for further

Note: The DTE shall not consider any proposal, which is not submitted on the prescribed
      Application form OR for any other courses, which is / are not mentioned at Item 1 of
      Section I.

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                                                                  SECTION II



1.           a) Proposals for each COURSE of institutions as specified in Section-I, Item 1, should be
                submitted on separate APPLICATION FORMS.

             b) The completed proposal on the prescribed APPLICATION FORM (in original+1) should
                be submitted to the concerned Joint Director Technical Education’s Regional Offices,
                proper channel as mentioned below :

                          i) Application for approval from the Government Aided Institutions should be submitted
                             through Chairman of Governing Body.

                          ii) Application pertaining to a University, University department or Deemed to-be
                              University should be submitted through the Registrar of University.

                          iii) Registered Society or Trust should submit their application through the Secretary of
                               the Society or Trust.

                          iv) Application for starting new Government Institution should be submitted by
                              concerned Joint Director of Technical Education.

2.           Application should include all pertinent documents supporting the information provided
             and claims made therein as per checklist.

3.           The Applicant, should indicate through certified documents, specifically the location of the
             proposed site for setting up of New Institution.

4.           Applicants should clearly indicate the educational activities or institutions (if any) being run by
             the applicant.

5.           The applicant should submit proof of the land earmarked for establishing the new institute, as
             per norms given at Annexure A.

6.           The Trust / Society should provide proof of availability of funds for construction of building for
             first year of the proposed programme, the required fixed deposit and operational fund as per
             Annexure A for starting the proposed institution. Application for loans to individuals or
             Promissory Notes shall not be accepted as proof of possession of funds.

7.           Each application must contain an Index page, which should give page numbers of all the

8.           Please do not skip any item or section in the application form. If any item is not applicable,
             record “Not Applicable” otherwise applications shall be treated as incomplete, & is liable to be

9.           Application form and enclosures preferably to be submitted in bound form along with page
             numbers. Photographs should be attested on backside with all particulars and giving date on
             which such a photograph is taken.

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10.          The proposal should be submitted in the following sequence.
             i.   Acknowledgement Form
             ii. Submittal Form
             iii. Synopsis
             iv. Application Form
             v. Xerox copies of receipt from concerned agencies as listed in the submittal form.
             vi. List of enclosures (As per checklist)

11.          In the event, the information and statements given by the applicant in the prescribed form are
             found incorrect / incomplete, the application is liable to be rejected. Any future correspondence /
             Information on such proposals will not be entertained.

12.          All Applicants whose proposals are completed in all respects and received on or before the last
             date shall be given an opportunity to present their cases along with all original documents before
             the Hearing Committee. No subsequent information regarding the proposals shall be accepted
             after the HEARING.

13.          In case an Applicant applies for more than one courses separate exclusive resources (land, funds,
             building, etc.) for each course is required.

             Note : Any enquiry or correspondence regarding status of the proposal(s) during its
                    processing shall not be entertained or replied to.

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                                                                    ANNEXURE – A

                                                     NORMS FOR LAND AND FUNDS
                                                   (As per Norms laid down by A.I.C.T.E.)

                                                       Requirement of minimum Land            Requirement of minimum
                                                                (in acres)                      Funds (Rs. In Lakhs)

  Class of New Institutions
                                                                                               Fixed           Funds
                                                    Metro / State /
                                                                               Others        Deposit to   (Excluding cost
                                                                                             be created     of building,
                                                                                                          equipment etc.)
Engineering & Technology
                                                             5.0                10.0            25              15

Hotel management &
Catering Technology                                          0.5                1.5             15              15

Applied Arts & Crafts
                                                             0.5                1.5             15              10

Note: The entire land area shall be in single piece and contiguous. However, for New Degree
Engineering & Technology Institutions proposed to be established in Metropolitan Cities / State
Capitals the land area shall not be in more than 2 pieces, with main institutional buildings on a
Plot not less than 3 Acres.

                                                                   BUILT UP AREA

Sr.                                                                            Minimum Requirement (in sqm)
NO.                                                               Instructional Administrati Circulation  Total Built
             Class of New Institutions
                                                                  Area (carpet ve (Carpet    and other    up Area
                                                                  Area)          area*       Area**
  1.       Engineering & Technology                                    1745           240        1015         3000
  2.       Hotel Mngt. & Catering                                       702           150         148         1000
  3.       Applied Arts & Crafts.                                     534              100           66          700

*Administrative area includes Principal’s Room, Strong Room. Reception, Main office,
Maintenance office, Faculty seating rooms, Store, Office, Equipment room, etc.

**Circulation and other areas include toilets, corridor, common area, etc.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                                        7
                                                                  ANNEXURE – B

                                         NOMENCLATURE OF DISCIPLINE IN
                                     DIPLOMA ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY

Course                                                  Name of the Course         Course
 Code                                                                            Abbreviation
  01              Automobile Engineering                                             AE
  02              Computer Engg. (Industry Integrated)                               CD
  03              Civil Engineering                                                  CE
  04              Chemical Engineering                                               CH
  05              Computer Technology                                               CM
  06              Civil & Environmental Engineering                                  CN
  07              Computer Engineering                                               CO
  08              Civil & Rural Engg.                                                CR
  09              Construction Technology                                            CS
  10              Chemical Technology                                                CT
  11              Construction Engg. (Sandwich)                                      CU
  12              Civil Engg. (Sandwich)                                             CV
  13              Dress Designing & Garment Mfg.                                     DD
  14              Digital Electronics                                                DE
  15              Electrical Engineering                                             EE
  16              Electronics Engineering (industry Integrated)                      EI
  17              Electronics & Tele-Communication                                   EL
  18              Electrical Power Systems                                           EP
  19              Electronics & Communication Engg.                                  ET
  20              Electronics & Video Engg.                                          EV
  21              Electronics Engg.                                                  EX
  22              Food Technology                                                    FC
  23              Foundry Technology                                                 FD
  24              Fabrication Technology                                             FT
  25              Garment Technology                                                 GT
  26              Instrumentation & Control                                          IC
  27              Information Technology                                             IF
  28              Instrumentation                                                    IS
  29              Knitting Technology                                                KT
  30              Leather Goods & Foot Wear Technology                               LG
  31              Leather Technology                                                 LO
  32              Mechanical Engg.                                                   ME
  33              Man Made Fibre Mfg.                                                MF
  34              Mechanical Engg.( Sandwich)                                       MH
  35              Mechanical Engg. (Industry Integrated)                             MI
  36              Medical Lab. Technology                                            ML
  37              Metallurgy & Material Technology                                  MM
  38              Mine Engg.                                                        MN
  39              Man Made Textile Technology                                       MO
  40              Mining & Mine Surveying                                            MS

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                             8
     41           Metallurgical Engg.                             MT
     42           Medical Electronics                             MU
     43           Man Made Textile Chemistry                      MX
     44           Petrochemical Engineering                       PC
     45           Plant Engg.                                     PE
     46           Production Engg.                                PG
     47           Packaging Technology                            PK
     48           Printing Technology                             PN
     49           Polymer & Plastic Engineering                   PP
     50           Plastic Engg.                                   PS
     51           Production Technology                           PT
     52           Production Technology (Sandwich)                PY
     53           Surface Coating Technology                      SC
     54           Sugar Technology                                ST
     55           Technical & Analytical Chemistry                TA
     56           Textile Manufactures                            TM
     57           Textile Technology                              TT
     58           Travel & Tourism                                TV

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                                                            Acknowledgement Form
                   [To be given by concerned Joint Director of Technical Education]

                          Director & Member Secretary
                          Directorate of Technical Education
                          Maharashtra State, 3, Mahapalika Marg,
                          Mumbai 400 001.


             The Secretary / Registrar / Director / Principal (To be filled by the applicant)

             This is to acknowledge receipt of your application no NI - EN / HM/ AA&C / _________ for
establishment of new technical institutions in the COURSE of DIPLOMA in Engg. / HMCT / Applied
Arts & Crafts for academic year 2007 – 2008.

                                                                                            Yours Faithfully

                                                                                        For Member Secretary &
                                                                                     Director of Technical Education

 Sr. No. of Forms for all Courses
                                       1) R. O. AMRAVATI                001        100
                                       2) R. O. AURANGABAD              101        200
                                       3) R.O. MUMBAI                   201        300
                                       4) R.O. NAGPUR                   301        350
                                       5) R.O. NASHIK                   351        400
                                       6) R.O. PUNE                     401        450

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                                 10
                                                                  Submittal Form

             From :-

             The Secretary of the Trust / Society Registrar of the University / Principal




             The Member Secretary,
             Directorate of Technical Education,
             Maharashtra State, 3, Mahapalika Marg, Mumbai 400 001.

                Subject:- Proposal for introduction of new Technical Institution in academic 2006–2007
                          Engineering & Technology / H.M.C.T. / Applied Art & Craft


      We are submitting application form (Original + 1 Copy) for starting of New Institution for
Diploma Course in __________________.

       We certify that the institution has submitted the application form for above and that the
information provided in the application form are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

         We have submitted Xerox copies of above mentioned application form to the concerned Agencies
listed below and receipt has been obtained.

(Xerox copy of receipt is enclosed herewith)

 1)          Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State, Mumbai.
 2)          Secretary, Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Bandra (E), Mumbai-51.
 3)          Dy. Secretary, Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, concern Regional Office,
             Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur.
 4)          Registrar University, (In case of S.N.D.T. & Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University,
 5)          Regional Officer & member Secretary, Western Regional Committee Office, Industrial
             Assurance Building, Churchgate-400 020.
 6)          Director of Art, D.N. Road, Mumbai 400 001. (if applicable)

                                                                                    Authorized Signatory

                                                                  Name:      _________________________________________

                                                                  Designation : ______________________________________

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                                          11
                         Proposal for Establishment of New Institution in the year 2007 – 2008

                                                            Name & Address of the
   Name and Address of the                                                                                  Name of the
                                                         Proposed Institute with survey                                                   Intake
   Applicant (Trust / Society)                                                                             Course applied
                                                           No./ Gat No. & Pin Code

Registration No. & Date of Trust / Society: ………………………………………………………………
Alongwith place of registration ……………………………………………………………………………..

Land Specifications                                     i) Area in Acres .......
                                                        ii) Category - Rural / Metro City / State Capital / Others
                                                        iii) Registered Sale deed / Gift deed / Govt. lease.
                                                        iv) Date of Registration…………………………
                                                        v) NA Certificate from the competent authority – Yes / No
                                                        vi) Mortgaged with Bank - Yes / No
                                                        vii) 7/12 Extract indicating the ownership of land in the name of Trust
                                                             – Yes / No

Land Use Certificate                                    Issued by ...............................……….. on date ...............………. for
                                                        Educational / Residential / Industrial purpose / Agricultural
Approved Building Plan                                  Approved & Issued by ...............................…………………………..
                                                        date .............…….
Funds                                                                      Number                 Amount           Name of Bank


Building                                                Progress of construction - Not yet started
                                                                                 - Less than 75%
                                                                                 - Equal to 75%
                                                                                 - 100% i.e. completed
                                                                                 (Please tick wherever applicable)

NOC from M.S.B.T.E. (Status)                            1. Whether applied for          Yes/No
                                                        If Yes, NOC No.: …………………….
Whether applied also for other                          Yes/ No
courses this year using same                            If Yes, Name of the course ..................................
land and building.                                      Application No. ...................................
Pending Court Case against
AICTE (if any)                                          W.P. No.......................... Date ..................... Filed at .......................

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                                                                    12
                                                                  Application Form

                                                                                     NI ___________


1.           Name and address (with Pin Code) of the Applicant Society/ Trust/ Government/ University

             Name : ________________________________________________________________

             Address : ________________________________________________________________

                             __________________________ Pin code :______________________________

                             STD Code __________ Fax No .: _______________________________

                             Phone No.: _______________________________________________________
                             (President /Secretary)
                             E-mail Address : _________________________________________________

                             Mobile NO. of Contact Person : _____________________________________
                             (President /Secretary)

2.           (i)          Courses Applied for (Please tick only one )
                          (Separate application to be submitted for each course)
                          (Please refer Section I, Item 1)

                               (A)       Diploma in Engg. & Tech.
                               (B)       Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering
                               (C)       Diploma in Applied Art & Craft *
                                        * To be submitted to the Directorate of Art, Mumbai.
             (ii)         Has the Society / Trust applied for more than one course using same land &

                                      YES                                   NO

If yes, please indicate other Class / Classes & Corresponding Application No. Under each class

COURSE                                       DIP IN ENGG &TECH                H.M.C.T.     APPLIED ARTS & CRAFTS

Appl. NO.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                              13
3.           Details of the Applicant Society / Trust.

                     i) The Registration No. under Society Act
                        with date and place of Registration    :___________________________________

                  ii) Registration Number with Charity
                      Commissioner with date and place        :___________________________________
             (Attach Copy of Registration of Society / Trust along with details of constitution, memorandum
             of association of the Society / Trust as Annexure - I )

4.           Detail of Member / Trustees approved by Charity Commissioner and their experience in
             running institution of higher education, technical or other professional Education and their
             academic background etc.
             (Do not attach separate list)

                                                                                          Experience in running
                                                                                            higher educational,
  Sr.        Name of the members of                                          Ph. No.         technical or other
                                                              in Society /
  No.         the Society / Trustees                                                     professional institutional
                                                                                       (In years) (Give the names)










D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                                 14
5.           Name and address of the proposed institution at the Permanent Site with PIN Code (State
             clearly whether the proposed site falls within Corporation limits of a Metropolitan City /
             State Capital / Dist. Headquarter / Rural Area *)

  Name of the Proposed                           Address of the Proposed Permanent Site      Classification of the
      Institution                                    with PIN Code & Nearest City          proposed Permanent Site

                                            Survey No. of land

                                            Village / Town

                                            State                      Pin Code No
                                            Fax No.                    STD No.

                                            Phone No.
                                            E-Mail :

                                            Nearest City :

             * Any location which does not fall within the corporation limits of Metropolitan City / State
             Capital / District Headquarters shall be deemed as Rural.

6.           Type of Technical Institution {Government (Central / State / aided) / University / Private
             etc.} proposed to be started.

7.           Name and Address of the affiliating body.
             (University / Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education)

8.           Discipline(s) proposed to be conducted from the academic Year 2007 – 2008

                                                           Duration         Entry level      Proposed Annual
                                                           of Course       Qualification     Intake Capacity

                                    Total Proposed Annual Intake Capacity

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                                15
9.           Track record of the applicant in terms of Technical / Non-Professional / Professional
             Institution run / Managed by the society / Trust. (For Society / Trust Only)

                                                                                                          Whether approved
                                                          Duration                 Annual      Year of    by AICTE Univ.
 Name and Address                     Diploma                        Discipline
                                                             of                     Intake    Establish   UGC/ State Govt./
  of the Institution                  / Degree                       Conducted
                                                           Course                  Capacity     -ment      Board / Other

10.           Land (For exclusive use of the Proposed Institution at the Permanent Site)

             i)           Location (Tick out whichever is applicable)

Metropolitan City                             State Capital               District Headquarter      Rural Area

S. No.                                        S. No.                      S. No.                    S. No.

Town / City                                   Town / City                 Town / City               Town / City

{Attach copy of letter from competent authority for classification of land, if claimed to be within
the limits of Municipal Corporation of Metropolitan City/State Capital/District Head Quarter as

             ii) Area
                [Please note that lease land is not acceptable except in case of government lease as per

                          Whether owned by the applicant Society / Trust

                            YES                                          NO

                          If yes, then

                          Area            :            Hectare                       Acres

                          (Attach Copy of land documents as Annexure - III)

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                                         16
ii)          Funds available in bank

              Funds                                Name of Bank               A/c No. / F.D.R. No.   Amount (Rs. In lakhs)


SB A/c

Current A/c

             [Attach Xerox copies of Pass Book Transaction details of last one year]

iii)         Whether the Accounts of the Applicant Society / Trust are audited.                            [Yes] / [No]
             [Attach Xerox copy of last three years]

iv)          Whether income-tax return are filed.                                                          [Yes] / [No]
             [Attach Xerox copies of last income-tax return of the applicant]

(Attach details of fund available with applicant for this proposal along with Xerox copies as above as
Annexure - VI)

12.          Building (For exclusive use of the Proposed institution at the Permanent Site)

             i) Whether building plan is approved by                                                       [Yes] / [No]
                the competent authority.

             If yes, then give name of authority _____________________________________________
             With date of approval               _____________________________________________
             (Attach copy of approved building plan as Annexure - VII)   Date :

             ii) Master plan for the entire institutional complex with the details of the plinth area including
                 area of laboratories, class rooms, drawing halls, workshops, library, administrative block,
                 hostel etc. along with the phase wise plan for construction with details of financial estimate
                 and sources of funds whether submitted. (Please tick)

                        YES                                          NO

             iii) If part of building in an existing institutional complex is proposed                     [Yes] / [No]
                  to be shared for establishment of the new Institution

                          If yes, then give details. _______________________________________________




D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                                           17
iv) Details of existing availability of Built up space at Permanent Site for this proposal [in Sq. M.]

        Sr.                   Instructional Area                       Administrative Area        Total

             v) Whether the building is adequate and suitable for conduct of courses during first year as per
                norms.                                                                     [Yes] / [No]

                          If yes, then attach layout plan and photograph of the premises at permanent site.

             (Attach copy of External and Internal Photographs of the building duly attested with seal
             by the Secretary of the Trust/Society with Date as Annexure - VIII)

             vi) Other facilities including Hostel, Canteen, Amenities, Staff quarters, etc.

13.          Whether the Maharashtra State Board Of Technical Education / University NOC has been
             obtained for starting of new technical institution.

                      YES                                         NO

             If Yes give NOC No. and Date : ______________

14.          Has concerned University or State Board of Technical Education shown its willingness to
             affiliate the proposed courses subject to AICTE approval?

                          If yes, Please attach a copy of the willingness letter

                            YES                                        NO

15.          Any other information, which the applicant may like to furnish in support of the proposal.

             (Canvassing in any form will entitle the rejection / non-consideration of application.)

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                               18

         I / We, on behalf of _____________________________________________ undertake to comply
with the Norms and Standards and Regulations of AICTE. I /We do undertake to furnish the documents
as stipulated the letter of intent within the stipulated period, failing which, my/our proposal shall be liable
to be rejected by the DTE. I agree to fulfil all the conditions as stipulated in this application form to the
best satisfaction of the DTE.

       I hereby confirm that all the information furnished in the application is true to the best of my
knowledge & belief and if any thing is found false, my proposal may be rejected.

                                                                                  (Authorised Signatory of the Applicant)

Place:                                                                          Name: __________________________

Date:                                                                           Designation: _____________________


D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                                      19
                  Format for Recommendation of the Maharashtra State Board
                      of Technical Education (No Objection Certificate)
1.           Name and address (with Pin Code) of the Applicant Society / Trust / Government / University

             Name : _________________________________________________________________

             Address : _________________________________________________________________


                             ______________________________Pin Code : __________________________

2.           Name and address (with Pin Code) of the Institution at proposed Permanent Site.

             Name : _________________________________________________________________

             Address : _________________________________________________________________


                             ______________________________Pin Code : __________________________

3.           Application No :               NI____________________

4.           Is the application in consonance with the policies, perspective plan of technical education of State
             Government / University / Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education.

                            YES                                    NO

5.           Whether applicant has:

              Experience in running and managing higher or technical educational institutions.

                            YES                                   NO            Type of Institute

              Financial soundness to establish the proper infrastructure.

                            YES                                    NO

6.           Has the recommendation been made taking into consideration the technical manpower
             requirement in the State.

                            YES                                    NO

7.           Whether proposed courses has been recommended by concerned faculty in the university / Board,
             with curriculum and syllabus along with teaching and examination schemes been approved by
             Board of Studies.

                                  YES                              NO

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                              20
8.           Whether applicant has credibility to implement proper staff-student ratio as prescribed by
             University / Board and AICTE.

                            YES                                   NO

9.           Whether applicant has credibility in the promotion of qualitative technical education in the State
             Board and University.

                            YES                                   NO

10.          Whether applicant has satisfactorily demonstrated capability to attract the teaching faculty for the
             proposed courses as per the procedure. Experience and qualification prescribed by the AICTE in
             the past.

                            YES                                   NO

11.          Recommendation (No Objection Certificate) of the University / Maharashtra State Board of
             Technical Education.

             a. Recommended for the academic year 2006 – 2007

                              Courses                             Academic Year               Intake


                                                                                  State Board of Technical
                                                                                     Education.( Seal )

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                              21
Last date for receiving Application Form for
Establishment of New Technical Institution in
Academic Year 2007 – 2008 in Regional Office,
AMRAVATI / NAGPUR is 30.12.2006.

Application should be addressed to :
The Member Secretary &
Director of Technical Education, {Desk – 10}
Maharashtra State, 3, Mahapalika Marg,
Mumbai – 400 001.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc   22
                            ESTABLISHMENT OF NEW INSTITUTION.

( To be filled by Regional Office)

FILE NO:_________________________________

                                                                                             PLEASE TICK WHEREVER
                                              Details of Documents                                APPLICABLE
                                                                                                YES         NO
A            TRUST / SOCIETY
A1.          Trust / Society Registration Certificate
A2.          Present Members of Society / Trust
A3.          Trust / Society objective and Trust / Society Deed
             LAND (whichever of the following is applicable)
 B1          Registered Sale Deed Vernacular Marathi version
                                       English version
             A) 7/12 Extract           Vernacular Marathi version
                                       English version
             B) Index II               Vernacular Marathi version
                                       English version
             C) Property Card                         Vernacular Marathi version
                                                      English version
B2           Irrevocable Gift Deed                    Vernacular Marathi version
                                                      English version
             A) 7/12 Extract                          Vernacular Marathi version
                                                      English version
             B) Index II                              Vernacular Marathi version
                                                      English version
             C) Property Card                         Vernacular Marathi version
                                                      English version
B3           Lease Deed                               Vernacular Marathi version
             (Government)                             English version
             A) 7/12 Extract                          Vernacular Marathi version
                                                      English version
             B) Index II                              Vernacular Marathi version
                                                      English version
             C) Property Card                         Vernacular Marathi version
                                                      English version
C.           Certificate from the competent authority regarding the Land
                                                                              Land USE
                                                                                   Land NA

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                               23
D.           BUILDING
D1.          Site Plan approved by Competent Authority
D2.          Building Plan Approved by Competent Authority
D3.          Coloured photographs giving External and Internal Views
             indicating proof of completion of institutional Building at
             Permanent Site duly attested by the Secretary/Chairman of
             society with date of application
E.           FUNDS (For Establishment of proposed new institute)
             a) F.D.R.(BANK)                                                          YES/NO
             b) Bank Balance Certificate (S/B, C/A)                                   YES/NO

             c) Any other                                                             YES/NO

                                                                  Signature of Jt. Director/Officer Incharge

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                                24
                                                   Acknowledgement Form
             [To be given by concerned Joint Director of Technical Education]
                                                                  TO THE APPLICANT


             The Secretary / Registrar / Director / Principal (To be filled by the applicant)






             This is to acknowledge the receipt of your application No. NI _____________ for establishment
of new technical institutions in the COURSE of DIPLOMA in Engg. / HMCT / APPLIED ARTS AND
CRAFTS for academic year 2007–2008.

                                                                                            Yours Faithfully

                                                                                        For Member Secretary &
                                                                                     Director of Technical Education

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\700b326c-93f2-4bbc-9a6e-fa2530e16a68.doc                                                 25

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