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									                                       Meeting Minutes
                             SERC Dynamics Study Group (DSG)
                           August 8, 2008 - 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM CDT
                         Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa
                                       Birmingham, AL

1. Administrative Items
   A. Introductions
      Art Brown called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM CDT on August 8, 2008 and welcomed the
      attendees. The attendees introduced themselves (see Attachment 1).

    B. SERC Confidentiality Policy and Antitrust Guidelines
       The SERC Confidentiality Policy statement and the SERC Antitrust Compliance Guidelines
       were reviewed. It was noted that confidential items would probably not be discussed during the

    C. Review/Approve Agenda
       The agenda was reviewed for changes and additions and was approved with two
       additions/revisions (see Attachment 2).

    D. Approve Minutes of August 10, 2007 Conference Call
       The minutes of the August 10, 2007 conference call were previously approved. Maria Haney
       previously distributed the August 10, 2007 minutes as approved minutes.

    E. Review Action Items from August 10, 2007 Conference Call
       The action items from the August 10, 2007 conference call were previously reviewed and are

                                  August 10, 2007 DSG Action Items
#     Action Items                                 Assigned To        Target Date   Action Status
1     Phil Kleckley requested that Anthony         Anthony Williams                 Complete
      Williams create a short write-up of
      experiences with the compiler associated
      with the Dynamic Reduction cases.
      Comments are to be emailed to Phil
2     Phil Kleckley will send corrections of the   Phil Kleckley       08/17/07     Complete
      UFLS Report discussed from the August
      10, 2007 meeting to the PowerTech.
3        Phil Kleckley will contact CWLP about      Phil Kleckley     08/17/07     Complete
         concerns found within the UFLS Report
         discussed from the August 10, 2007
         conference call.
4        A conference call will be set up for the   Maria Haney                    Complete
         group to review and discuss edits made
         by PowerTech on the UFLS Report.
5        Phil Kleckley agreed to inform the         Phil Kleckley     08/09/07     Complete
         SERC Regional Studies Steering
         Committee (RSSC) at their August
         meeting that the UFLS Report will be
         posted on the DSG documents area of
         the SERC Portal.
6        Phil Kleckley agreed to follow up with     Phil Kleckley     09/07/07     Complete
         the RSSC to resolve issues from the
         group relating to the usage of UFLS
7        Maria Haney will get with SERC office      Maria Haney                    Complete
         to check on the approval of the group
         using a site other than the SERC FTP
8        Maria Haney will also post the reduced     Maria Haney       08/14/07     Complete
         dynamics cases on the SERC FTP site.
9        Send a draft of the meeting action         Maria Haney       08/14/07     Complete
         items to the DSG members.
10       Develop and distribute draft minutes of    Maria Haney       08/27/07     Complete
         the August 10, 2007 SERC DSG
         conference call.

2. 2008 Series Dynamic Model Compilation for ERAG/MMWG submittal
   • Requirements and deadlines – see below.
   • Assumed models: 2009LL, 2009S, 2009F, 2009/10W, 2010S, 2014S, 2014/15W.
   • Proposed audit documentation addressing MOD-012 for each contributor.
     •   Tom Cain discussed the cases scheduled for 2008 and described the organization of the
         Progress FTP site that will be used for this effort. LTSG cases to be used as reference
         cases are on the FTP site. Tom recommended each user check their data (using the “start”
     •   Dynamics files from V29 or higher are acceptable. IDEV files from V30.3.2 will work.
     •   Users should submit a whole DYRE file to avoid the need to use an Excel file; one for each
         year if there are changes between years. It is import to properly reflect in ISD and OSD.
     •   The schedule was distributed by Tom Cain. First date is August 14, 2008 (see Attachment
     •   September 10, 2008 is the due date for the first submittal.
     •   Phil Kleckley briefed the group on audit mechanisms, suggesting that the DSG case
         coordinator identify which members have submitted their data (a receipt process) to provide

SERC DSG August 8, 2008 Meeting Minutes: Approved January 13, 2009                       Page 2 of 12
        verification documentation for future review by registered entities to demonstrate
        compliance. See Action item 1.

3. Review proposed Dynamic Model Reduction Process/Plans
   • Case selection and previous scope document. (See Attachment 4.)
   • Amendments to SERC funding process.
   • The SERC budget for 2009 includes funding for three reduced cases.
   • There is no RFP process for selecting the contractor planned by SERC.
   • The DSG discussed the idea of eliminating the dynamic reductions but after much
      discussion concluded that they are needed and useful.
   • Discussion regarding deficiencies in contractor delivery resulted in a conclusion that SERC
      will need to make an effort to “enforce” the terms of the agreement and specification of the
      work to be done.
   • The DSG discussed the cases to be reduced as follows:
       i.   Light Load – 2009L
      ii.   Peak Near-Term – 2010S
     iii.   Peak Long-Term – 2014S

4. PEC FTP Site update
   • John O’Connor outlined plans for continued use of the Progress FTP site.
   • John O’Connor to send out new IDs to DSG members who need it. See Action item 3.

5. DSG items from Joint Meeting
   • No items to report.

6. DSG items from SERC RSSC Meeting
   • Art related that the DSG Procedural Manual will need to be reviewed to surface whether any
     of the content can be classified as regional criteria.
   • Art related to the DSG that there is a NERC Planning Committee-driven, two-year cycle for
     identifying emerging issues and performing scenario analyses in the Long-Term Reliability
     Assessment (LTRA) process that may result in future stability work for the DSG.

7. Update on UFLS Standard Drafting Team – John O’Connor
   • The progress to date by the UFLS drafting team was reported by John.

8. Load modeling – Lee Taylor
   • Lee Taylor solicited whether there was interest in a Dynamic Forum (possibly in Atlanta, GA)
      to review modeling induction motor loads. The primary purpose would be to exchange
      information for members new to the issues (in anticipation of pending TPL Standard
      changes). A secondary benefit would be to explore the possibility of an aggregate induction
      motor model to be used across SERC. There was consensus on the usefulness of the idea.
   • WECC has a load model validation task force which DSG may want to emulate. We may
      want to bring in a guest.

SERC DSG August 8, 2008 Meeting Minutes: Approved January 13, 2009                     Page 3 of 12
9. Additional items – N/A

10. Next meeting(s)
    The next DSG meeting will be held on a date to be determined in 2009. The SERC office will
    make meeting arrangements and notify the DSG.

11. Adjourn
    Art Brown adjourned the meeting at 11:00 AM CDT August 8, 2008.

SERC DSG August 8, 2008 Meeting Minutes: Approved January 13, 2009                   Page 4 of 12
                                     Meeting Action Log
                            SERC Dynamics Study Group (DSG)
                         August 8, 2008 – 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon CDT
                        Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa
                                      Birmingham, AL

  #                     Action Items                         Assigned To       Target    Action
                                                                                Date     Status
 1    Propose “receipt” documentation that the            Phil Kleckley      08/16/08   Drafted &
      SDG case coordinator will use to                                                  shared
      acknowledge receipt of dynamics case data.                                        08/12/08
 2    Develop contractor punch list (scope                Art Brown / Herb   09/15/08
      document) for use with dynamic reduction            Schrayshuen
      procurement. Distribute to DSG for further
 3    John O’Connor to send guidance for use of           John O’Connor      08/16/08   Complete
      the Progress FTP site along with new IDs.                                         08/10/08
 4    Herb to provide DSG a description of the            Herb               08/15/08
      next steps that will occur after regional           Schrayshuen
      criteria are identified.
 5    Lee Taylor will initiate an invitation to a         Lee Taylor         09/01/08
      Dynamic Load Modeling Forum with a scope
      for the meeting. Location will be in Atlanta.
 10   Make arrangements for a DSG meeting next            SERC Office

SERC DSG August 8, 2008 Meeting Minutes: Approved January 13, 2009                       Page 5 of 12
                                                                                       Attachment 1

                                       Attendance List
                            SERC Dynamics Study Group (DSG)
                         August 8, 2008 – 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon CDT
                        Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa
                                      Birmingham, AL

    #                     Name                                        Company
1       Anthony Williams                                Duke

2       Kirit Doshi                                     Dominion Virginia Power

3       John O’Connor                                   Progress Energy Carolinas

4       Phil Kleckley                                   SCE&G

5       Joe Hood                                        SCE&G

6       Tom Cain                                        TVA

7       Art Brown                                       SCPSA

8       Sujit Mandal                                    Entergy

9       Rick Foster                                     Ameren

10      Jennifer Bell                                   Southern Company

11      Lee Taylor                                      Southern Company

12      Hari Singh                                      Georgia Transmission

13      Jeffrey Jones                                   Southern Illinois Power Cooperative

14      Ken Wofford                                     GTC

15      James Eslinger                                  E.ON U.S.


SERC DSG August 8, 2008 Meeting Minutes: Approved January 13, 2009                            Page 6 of 12
                                                                                 Attachment 2

                            SERC Dynamics Study Group (DSG)
                         August 8, 2008 – 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon CDT
                        Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa
                                      Birmingham, AL

1. Administrative Items
   A. Introductions
   B. Review Antitrust and Confidentiality Guidelines
   C. Approve agenda
   D. Approve minutes from August 10, 2007 meeting (previously approved)
   E. Review action items from August 10, 2007 meeting (all prior action items complete)

2. 2008 Series Dynamic Model Compilation for ERAG/MMWG submittal
   A. Requirements and deadlines—TBD
   B. Assumed models: 2009LL, 2009S, 2009/10W, 2010S, 2014S, 2014/15W
   C. Proposed audit documentation addressing MOD-012 for each contributor

3. Review Proposed Dynamic Model Reduction Process/Plans
   A. Case selection and previous scope document (see Attachment 4)
   B. Amendments to SERC funding process

4. PEC FTP Site update

5. DSG items from Joint Meeting

6. DSG items from SERC RSSC meeting

7. Update on UFLS Standard Drafting Team – John O’Connor

8. Load modeling – Lee Taylor

9. Additional items

10. Next meeting(s)

11. Adjourn

SERC DSG August 8, 2008 Meeting Minutes: Approved January 13, 2009                    Page 7 of 12
                                                                                     Attachment 3

                         2008 System Dynamics Database (SDDB) Update
                              SERC - Dynamics Study Group (DSG)
                                    Outline and Schedule

The following cases are to be created for the 2008 series MMWG dynamics cases:

                    2008 Series Model Selection
                                                            Power Flow
                    Year       Season                       Data Set I Dynamics
                    2009       Light Load (09L)                  X        X
                    2009       Summer (09S)                      X        X
                    2009       Fall (09F)                        X        X
                    2009/10    Winter (09W)                      X        X
                    2010       Summer (10S)                      X        X
                    2014       Summer (14S)                      X        X
                    2014/15    Winter (14W)                      X        X

The Stability Dynamics Data Base (SDDB) will be updated with dynamics data to fit the above

The following is a general guideline.

TVA is the SERC data coordinator and will provide (placed on the group Progress Energy ftp site):

•   2013 summer dynamics package from the 2007 MMWG Series, including power flow case, dyre
    file, and convert file (with GNET and CONL data) - for reference only. This will let folks have a
    good idea of what is in the data base already.

•    LTSG cases for all years in the above table. These cases are the ones to which we are trying
    to fit our dynamics data. (Many may already have these base cases anyway.)

•   Test SERC 2014W Base Case with last year’s DYRE data. This base case was used to provide
    the first change/error list of all generators data in the new 2014 base case that have a conflict
    with missing or incompatible data from the data provided last year for the 2013W base case.
    This base case is found in the folder “Check2014Models” on ftp site.

SERC DSG August 8, 2008 Meeting Minutes: Approved January 13, 2009                        Page 8 of 12
•   Power flow case - dynamics ready - based on 2007 Series MMWG 2013W base case). This
    case can be used to replace your area with a revised one and test submittals to see if any new
    models or changes to models are stable. Please run a drift run to see that any new or changed
    models initialize properly. (See “” on ftp site.)

The above data should provide a starting point for members to test 2008 series cases and
determine the missing data and/or revision necessary for the 2008 series cases. An initial error list
from an initialization of the 2014W base case using DYRE data for last year’s 2013W base case.
This will indicate, in general, what needs to be fixed for the farthest out case. Members are asked
to perform error checks for all years being submitted. PSSE commands EXTR/BGEN may be used
to isolate a member’s control area. Using this method and performing their own internal checks, the
members should be able to determine what additional data/corrections are required for the 2008
series cases so that all initialization errors are corrected before submitting the data to TVA.

Once all the members’ data is received, TVA will initialize each case and will work with each
member to resolve any remaining errors. For this process to be effective, it is important that
changes be provided in idev/dyre file formats for in-house testing purpose. For changes/additions
to the SDDB, either complete dyre files should be provided or the changes from last year for each
base case. Duplicate files do not need to be sent if it is clearly indicated to which cases the dyre file

For those not using PSSE, please look in the raw data files, find the data from your area from last
year and provide data in that format. Please do not submit data in Excel or any other format. If you
have any questions on how to locate your data from last year in the files provided please contact
me for assistance, or I can send the files to you that have only your data.

Once verified, changes to the existing SDDB will be submitted to MMWG/ Powertech Labs by
October 17, 2008 to complete SERC’s data update assignment.

Proposed Schedule

•   August 14, 2008: TVA to provide reference data (2011 Summer dynamics package, and
    2013W - 2007 Series SERC LTSG case).
•   September 10, 2008: New dynamics data for the all study years provided to TVA for
    compilation.   Provide idev/dyre/GNET/CONL files and identify each file with member
    abbreviations used in power flow and case ID of the data applies to.

e.g. VAP_11S_PF.idv;            Duke_07S_PF.idv;        EES_ALL_DYN.DYR

(Use ALL if the data applies to all cases, no need to send seven files with same data.)

•   September 28, 2008: TVA to initialize cases with changes received and reconcile initialization
•   October 9, 2008: All members to reconcile any remaining issues
•   October 17, 2008: TVA target to deliver SERC SDDB update to PowerTech / MMWG

SERC DSG August 8, 2008 Meeting Minutes: Approved January 13, 2009                           Page 9 of 12
•   October 19, 2008: SERC data for 2007 SDDB due to PowerTech Labs.

Based on experience, the following should be kept in mind when preparing a dynamics data file
(dyre) and submitting changes to the existing dynamics data in the SDDB:
• SDDB is based on bus names, not on bus numbers. As such, if a bus name in the power flow is
    changed from last year in any way, even an extra blank in the name, the SDDB will not
    recognize it and will consider it as missing dynamics data, even if the bus number is the same
    as in the 2007 series cases. Therefore, if a generator bus name is changed in any way, please
    provide the name change information on an appropriate change form (excel data sheet).
•   When preparing a dyre file, make sure that the bus names are exact (including spaces) after the
    first “delimiter” sign ( / ) at the end of the data for each model. It must reflect the exact same
    bus name as used in the 2007 series power flow cases. The date information is also provided
    in the DYRE file. If the format is not evident from last year’s files, or if you have any other
    questions please contact me for assistance.
•   We can give a complete DYRE file for our submittal. NO EXCEL FILES ARE NEEDED if the
    DYRE file is complete.
•   Dyre files in any PSSE version after 29 are OK.

John O'Connor will provide information about how to access the Progress Energy FTP site: 919-

SERC DSG August 8, 2008 Meeting Minutes: Approved January 13, 2009                        Page 10 of 12
                                                                                      Attachment 4

                              SERC - Dynamics Study Group (DSG)
                              Dynamic Reduction Scope Document


The objectives of this work are to:

•   Create three (3) dynamically reduced models from modified MMWG full Eastern Interconnection
    models, suitable for the regional stability studies of SERC Members. The size of the reduced
    model will depend on the reduction criterion to be provided by the SERC DSG and the size of
    the full MMWG model, and will be determined by consultation between the SERC DSG and the
•   Benchmark the reduced models with time-domain simulations for up to 12 disturbances.


The SERC DSG will provide all the necessary information and data required for the reductions.

The NERC MMWG Eastern Interconnection models (or derivative) provided by the SERC DSG will
be used as the full models from which to develop the reduced models. If significant changes are
required to the base cases (such as adding detailed representations of specific regions), these
modifications can be made by the Contractor but its associated costs are not included in the cost of
the proposal. Any modifications that increase costs must receive prior approval by the SERC DSG.
The base case models will be reduced to create models suitable for stability studies of the SERC

The following data and related information will be supplied by the SERC DSG for creating and
benchmarking the reduced models:

•   The reduction criterion. This includes the study area to be retained in full, the buffer zone to be
    retained in full, and any other items to be retained in the reduced model. Additional criteria are
    included in the following section “Reduction Criterion”.
•   Disturbances (up to 12) and the monitored quantities (up to 12 quantities for each disturbance)
    for comparing the full and reduced models.

Reduction Criteria

•   Study areas (SERC DSG to specify).
•   Buffer areas (SERC DSG to specify).
•   Retain or designate new area slack buses in areas not completely eliminated.
•   Maintain a balanced interchange schedule (0 MW total area interchange).

SERC DSG August 8, 2008 Meeting Minutes: Approved January 13, 2009                         Page 11 of 12
•   Retain tie line buses, and buses local to them, that are connected to the study area (SERC DSG
    to specify).
•   Remove dynamic models for eliminated machines, user models, and DC lines.
•   Remove user models for retained machines unless designated by SERC DSG to be retained
•   Revise time constants which preclude a ½ cycle (one-half cycle) time step as the standard
    solution. Provide to the SERC DSG a summary table of the models and parameters that must
    be changed. The SERC DSG will then confirm the changes to make.
•   Select a bus outside the study area to be the case swing bus.

Deliverables and time schedule

The following will be delivered to the SERC DSG:
• Three (3) full MMWG models modified with any changes (if any) specified by the SERC DSG
   (both powerflow and dynamics) in PSS/E V.30 format.
•   Three (3) reduced models (both powerflow and dynamics) that initialize without error in the
    PSS/E V.30.3.X>2? format.
•   A facility to change the ½ cycle data back to the ¼ cycle data.
•   Benchmarking simulation results.
•   A simplified report describing the reduced models and the benchmarking results.

Budget and Schedule

This work is expected to be completed within 8 weeks after the receipt of all required data.
Powertech will complete this project (Tasks 1 to 4) for a lump sum of US$ _________).

SERC DSG August 8, 2008 Meeting Minutes: Approved January 13, 2009                    Page 12 of 12

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