Agenda - Spring CIEADH Meeting IIE Annual Convention and Exposition by ftz16498


									Conference Activities

7:30-6:30     New Faculty and Doctoral Colloquia, Saturday, May 30th
6:00-7:30     Networking Reception, Saturday, May 30th
1:00-4:00     Curriculum Innovation Award Competition, Sunday, May 31st
6:00-7:00     Auburn / University of Florida Reception, May 31st
7:00-9:00     Honors and Awards Ceremony, Sunday, May 31st
9:00-10:00    Desert Reception, Sunday, May 31st
8:00-8:15     Conference Welcome
8:30-9:45     Conference Sessions
10:00-10:45 Conference Keynote Speaker: Susan Story, President and CEO of Gulf Power Co.

                                              Agenda – Spring CIEADH Meeting
                                        IIE Annual Convention and Exposition, Miami FL
                                                    Doral Golf Resort & Spa
                                           Monday, June 1, 2009; Legends Ballroom 1

11:00-12:30   Early working Lunch

11:20         Call to Order, Distribution of the Financial Report, Jim Moore– USC

11:25-11:30 Approval of Minutes of Fall 2008 Meeting, Pat Patterson– Texas Tech

11:30-12:00   Report from the IIE Leadership, Jane Ammons– Georgia Tech and Don Greene– IIE
11:55         Don Departs for a Noon meeting

12:00-12:30 Shaking the Money Tree: NSF and the Stimulus Bill, Cerry Klein– NSF
            Manufacturing Enterprise Systems, Service Enterprise Systems

12:30-12:31   Passing of the Virtual Gavel, Jim Moore– USC; Pat Patterson– Texas Tech

12:31-12:45   ABET, Michael Leonard, IIE Director of ABET Affairs– Mercer University

12:45-1:00    ABET Discussion

1:00-1:30     Incorporating Value Engineering Principles into the Industrial Engineering
              Undergraduate Curriculum, Jim Rains and Hamid Parsaie– Lawrence D. Miles Value

1:30-2:00     New IIE Video, Including Content Discussion Bopoya Bidanda– University of
              Committee: Rakesh Nagi– University at Buffalo; Wakif Iskander– University of West
              Virginia; Paul Cohen– North Carolina State University; Cerry Klein– NSF, University of
2:00-2:30   Refreshing the IERC Committee;
            ASEE/NSF Project on the Future of U.S. Engineering Education, José Zayas-
            Castro– University of South Florida

2:30-2:40   Break

2:40-2:55   IERC Report, J. Cole Smith– University of Florida
            IERC 2009 Co-chair is John Geunes– University of Florida
            IERC 2010 Co-chairs are John O. Miller and Alan Johnson– Air Force Institute of Technology
            IERC 2011 Co-chairs are Toni Doolen– Oregon State; and Eileen Van Aken– Virginia Tech
2:55        Cole departs to receive the 2009 Operations Research Division Teaching Award

2:55-3:10   Curriculum Innovations Award Report, Omar Ghrayeb– Northern Illinois University
            Committee: Ariela Sofer– George Mason University; Gary Mirka– Iowa State
            University; Julie Higle– Ohio State University; Jacqueline Mozrall Rochester Institute of
            Technology; Richard Storch– University of Washington

3:10-3:20   New Faculty Colloquium Report, Ariela Sofer– George Mason University (Continuing)
            and Anand Gramopadhye– Clemson University

3:25-3:40   Doctoral Colloquium Report, Julie Higle– Ohio State University
            2009 Co-chair is Rakesh Nagi– University at Buffalo (Continuing)

3:40-3:50   CIEADH Survey, Jim Moore– USC

3:45        Panelists in the Sustainability Forum depart

3:50-4:00   Refreshing the Awards Committee, Pat Patterson– Texas Tech
            Committee: Andrew Schaefer– University of Pittsburgh; Larry Head,
            University of Arizona; Hossein Cheraghi– Western New England College; Jose
            A. Ventura– PennState University; Rafael Guiterrez, U Texas El Paso; Grisselle
            Centeno– University of South Florida

                       4:00-6:00    CIE/CIEADH Open Forum on Sustainability, Ginger,
                       Executive Lodge
                       6:00-7:30 Welcome Reception, Celebrating 100 Years of Continuing
                       Innovation in the Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing
                       Engineering, the first IE Department in the World
                                            7:00 Texas A&M / University of Arkansas Reception,
                                            Champions Pavilion
                                            7:30 Purdue, J. Barany Reception, Blue Monster Lawn
                                            NEXT CIEADH meeting will be Sunday, October 11,
                                            Room 204A in the Hilton San Diego Bayfront
                                            2010 IIE Annual Conference and Expo is in Cancun,
                                            2011 IIE Annual Conference and Expo is in Reno, NV

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