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					Part II– The Classical Period 1000 B.C.E. – 500 C.E.- Pages – 30- 33
Short essay:
   1. Describe the characteristics and chronology of the classical era?
   2. How did classical belief systems shape social structures and gender relations?
   3. Describe the changed geographic locations of classical civilizations.

Study Guide – Chapter 2 – Classical Civilization: China

      Section 1 – Identify and explain significance of key concepts and terms –
                                  - Pages – 35 - 44

Shang        dynasty         Dao yin/yang       Zhou Middle Kingdom
Mandate of Heaven            Confucius  Filian Piety Qin    Shi Huangdi Great
Wall Han Wu ti               Legalism   calligraphy  astronomy    patriarchal
      “Son of Heaven”        Analects   Laozi

Fill in the Blanks
    1. Confucianism and Daoism had little influence upon china and Chinese society until
    the late 900s?      True         False
    2. A family of kings called a ______________ ruled over china during the classical
    3. The period when the Zhou dynasty disintegrated is called the ______________.
    4. During the Zhou dynasty, _____________ traveled to many parts of China
         preaching political virtue.

Essay Answer: One to two Paragraphs (Must have thesis) Chose one

1. What caused the rise of Confucianism?
2. How did Confucian philosophy support the political structure in China?
3. What were the strengths and weaknesses of classical Chinese society?

                   Section 2 –Economy and Society– Page 44 – 49

Silk Road    Mandarin
Answer questions
    1. What were the three main social groups in classical China?

Document Analysis: Teaching of the Rival Chinese Schools (Page 42)
   1. Who wrote it? (Attribution includes biographical references)
   2. What was the author’s point of view?
   3. How reliable is the document? Why?
   4. What was the intent or purpose behind the document?
   5. Who was the intended audience?
   6. What is the document’s tone?
1. In Depth – Women in Patriarchal Societies – Answer Question on Page 46

Essay – In what ways did the three philosophical movements of classical China
shape its civilization?