Reading Fluency (1302009) Name by hxi78964


									 Buddy Reading:

 What is it?
    using student coaches to help increase the student level of achievement

 What does it look like?
    paired students, different grades, reading together
    older students listens to younger student read aloud
         o gives descriptive feedback
         o set goal for next week
         o older student reads aloud to younger student

 Why buddy read?
    using student coaches, with the performance standards, to help increase the level of
      achievement in students (Glenview Elementary)
    increase self-confidence
    help develop independent learning skills
    develops goal setting
    connects students who may not normally develop a relationship
    teaching strengthens own skills

 How does it work?
    older student prepares a plan, takes the plan and the performance standards to work with
      their buddy
    criterion base

 Support Documents
    Performance Standards (e.g. grade five)
    Oral Fluency Reading Rubric
    Buddy Reading Rubric (older & younger)
    Buddy Reading response sheets (older & younger)
    Buddy Reading Lesson Plan from binder
    “Good Readers ”Reading Strategies

Introductory Lesson by Michelle (via V-Class) (tape lesson)

   1.   theory behind a buddy reading
   2.   buddy reading behaviours (Michelle)
   3.   video clip (already cued in each classroom)
   4.   brainstorm „what a strong reader does while reading aloud?”
   5.   grade four Performance Standards for Reading Literature
- handout Performance Standards (5s to 7s) (4s to 6s) (2 cover sheets)

- first few lessons (getting to know each other, building trust, oral reading list)

- older students designed questions to help get to know each other

- to find a book that their little buddy may enjoy and to read the first chapter to peek their

- test video clip on VClass

- run off Performance

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