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									   Stories, Comics, and Games - Oh My!
Making Learning Stick For Your Audience
                       Learning 2007 Presentation
                                 October 23, 2007
                                        Dan Bliton
                                     Jim Hollahan
We don’t want you to leave here
knowing what we had to say.

We want you knowing what you

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I. Welcome

II. Stories

III. Visual Storytelling

IV. Board Games

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Approaches for Making Your Learning Stick!

          Storytelling                  Visual Storytelling                   Board Games

Improves retention                 Makes oral and written text more   Model interactions and
                                   concrete                           interrelationships of real things

Engages learners                   Increases the number of concepts   Allow variable victory conditions
                                   learned                            through a combination of external
                                                                      actions and internal rules

Yields deeper, more accurate       Improves recall                    Allow the use of existing
learning                                                              knowledge to change the outcome
                                                                      (teach experientially)

Enables emotional connections      Taps into existing visual acuity   Force users to collaborate or
and advocacy                       skills                             compete

Offers knowledge instead of data   Facilitates action-based stories
                                   with limited text

Impacts affective domain

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  How do you turn a
 boring story about a
machine into a sticky
story that will produce
 An example from Sources of
    Power, by Gary Klein

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Malfunctioning machine case-study story

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Action story

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 Answer the ABCs to turn a case study into a story

      Action - What is the starting event?
      Background - What is the situation?
      Conflict - What needs to specifically happen?
      Development - What happens and who is involved?
      End - Why is this valuable?

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 Use a Visual Storytelling technique to help mold the story




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 A case study is made interesting

 The boring story of a
malfunctioning machine              The courageous story
                                          of Karen

  The story now provides simulation (knowledge
about how to act) and inspiration (motivation to act).
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 Story Checklist

      Action orientated

       Source: Adapted from Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

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   Performance skills
Story Matrix
                                                                Performance Skills
                                   Culture/      Execution   Sales       Service     Teamwork   Me

  S          Success                             Frozen Suit NFL         Nordstrom/ Little      Trust story
                                                                         Macy       League
  R          Failure                                                                 Little     Trust story
  Y                                                                                  League

  T          Fun                   Frozen Suit
  Y                                Masie/ Mom
             Legends                             NFL/ Navy               Nordstrom/ US Hockey
                                                                         Macy       Team

    Source: Craig Wortmann, What’s Your Story.

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           Animation Link
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 Visual storytelling is sticky and an effective instructional
 Visual storytelling (Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Manga):
 • Makes oral and written text more concrete – more understandable
 • Increases the number of concepts learned
 • Improves recall
 • Taps into existing visual acuity skills
 • Facilitates action-based stories with limited text

       Source: Stephen Cary

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 Visuals can help stories be more understandable –
 Example: Macbeth | Act I, Scene 2
 This is the sergeant
 Who, like a good and hardy soldier, fought
 'Gainst my captivity.--Hail, brave friend!
 Say to the king the knowledge of the broil
 As thou didst leave it.

 Doubtful it stood;
 As two spent swimmers that do cling
 And choke their art. The merciless
 Worthy to be a rebel,--for to that
 The multiplying villainies of nature
 Do swarm upon him,--from the Western isles
 Of kerns and gallowglasses is supplied;
 And fortune, on his damned quarrel smiling,


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 Have you seen the Manga section at your local bookstore and

 “It's old news that shojo is hot. And the corollary, that girls are pushing
 graphic novel sales, is well known. What's less well known is that young
 female creators are among the hottest new comics artists.”
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  Many members of the EYE
  generation are already skilled in
  how to read comic book materials
   The members of the EYE generation are
   visually acute. They play video games,
   watch movies, and read comic books.

   NARUTO is the most popular Manga in                                   3           2
   the nation. The series holds:
           11 of the top 12 slots in the
           2006 list of best selling comic
           book materials
           Sold more than 2 million                                                      a
                                                                     b       4
           copies nationwide
           Has appeared in the USA
           Today Top 150 bestseller list

   Can you read Manga like the
   EYE generation?
                                                                             6   5
Source: Naruto Vol. 1: The Tests of the Ninja by Masashi Kishimoto

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 Quiz Time – Write down the answers to the following
 question and then raise your hand

      Name 5 live action movies made from
      comic book materials
      – GO

           A movie series only counts once. Example all
           Superman movies count as one (Superman
           doesn’t count – since I told you)
           You can work with your neighbor, but then you
           must name 7 movies

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 Top 15 best live-action films from comic book materials

 1.  Sin City - Source Material: Graphic novel by Frank Miller
 2.  Batman Begins - Bob Kane's DC Comics series, Frank Miller's 'Batman: Year One'
 3.  Spider-Man 2 - Marvel Comics series by Stan Lee and Stephen Ditko
 4.  Superman: The Movie - DC Comics series created by Jerry Siegel and Joe
 5. X-Men United - X-Men graphic novel 'God Loves, Man Kills'
 6. A History of Violence - Graphic novel by John Wagner
 7. Hellboy - Dark Horse comic strip
 8. Ghost World - Graphic novel by Daniel Clowes
 9. Blade II – Marvel Comics series
 10. Road to Perdition - Graphic novel by Max Allan Collins (based on a manga, 'Lone
     Wolf and Cub')
 11. 300 - Graphic novel by Frank Miller
 12. V for Vendetta - Graphic novel by Alan Moore and David Lloyd
 13. Men in Black - Marvel Comics series
 14. American Splendor - Harvey Pekar's autobiographical comic books
 15. Mystery Men - 'The Flaming Carrot' comics

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   Source: L10 (

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