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Mechanical Systems                                           Electrical Systems
The buildings at the Agricultural Center that are heated     The Agricultural Center is located north of Stephen-
and cooled are typically served by packaged air condi-       ville on College Farm Road near East Lingleville Road.
tioning equipment with direct expansion refrigeration        The Farm is metered at a single point on the electrical
cooling and gas-fired or electric heating as opposed to       distribution lines near the intersection of College Farm
hydronic heating and cooling. The Agricultural Center        Road near East Lingleville Road. The electrical distribu-
is not in close proximity to the Main Campus; there-         tion system for this area is overhead throughout the
fore, expansion at the Agricultural Center does not          area. From the electrical metering point, the over-
impact the Main Campus Central Plant demands. The            head distribution lines continue into the Farm area. A
new buildings proposed for addition to the Farm that         detailed analysis of this system was not performed due
will likely require heating and cooling are the following:   to insufficient metering information and infrastructure
  • Master Plan 2014                                         information for this system. Buildings in the Agricul-
       ▫ Building 301 - Support Building for Horticulture    tural Center will be demolished as listed below:
       ▫ Building 302 - Teaching Pavilion
       ▫ Building 306 - Ag Systems Management
 • Master Plan 2020
   ▫ Building 401 - Meat Lab
   ▫ Building 407 - Support Building at the Driving
These buildings will either be served by packaged air
conditioning equipment with direct expansion refrig-
eration cooling and gas-fired or electric heating or
stand alone hydronic heating and cooling for the larger      The loads of these buildings are unknown due to insuf-
facilities. There is no Central Plant proposed for the       ficient data. Therefore, estimating the reduction in
Agricultural Center.                                         load from the utility was not possible.
                                                             Several buildings and facilities will be built at the Ag-
                                                             ricultural Center. The buildings and facilities and their
                                                             estimated loads are listed below:

                                                                                               CAMPUS MASTER PLAN
                                                                                 Tarleton State University - Stephenville, TX

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