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City of Boulder by Levone


									City of Boulder
2010 Human Services Fund
Request for Proposals

                           Proposal Due Date: April 8, 2009, 5:00 pm
2010 Human Services Fund
The City of Boulder Department of Housing and Human Services Division of Community Services (CS) is
issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to ensure that funding provided by the City is expended in a strategically
focused manner designed to achieve the goals of the Housing and Human Services Master Plan. The City expects
to be able to award approximately $2.6 million in 2010. The 2010 Human Services Fund (HSF) Request for
Proposals consists of three parts:
 Part 1: Instructions
 Part 2: Data Tables
 Part 3: Background Information

All agencies and organizations – public or private, for profit or not-for-profit, governmental or non-governmental
– are eligible to receive funding under this Request for Proposals. Agencies and/or organizations must be legal
entities that propose to serve Boulder city residents. In general, the HSF funds programs, not entire agencies.

Deadline for Proposal Submission
All proposals must be submitted on or before 5:00 pm on Wednesday, April 8, 2009. An original and 7 copies (8
total) of your proposal must be received by the Division of Community Services by 5:00 pm. If weather or
emergency conditions cause City of Boulder offices to close, the deadline will be extended 24 hours (to April 9,
5:00 pm); otherwise, no extensions will be granted. Faxes and email submissions will not be accepted.

Review Process
All proposals in response to this RFP will be reviewed and considered by the Human Services Fund Technical
Review Committee (TRC) in the spring and summer of 2009. There will be an opportunity for applicants to meet
with the TRC during this time. The Division of Community Services anticipates that the TRC’s recommendations
for funding will be presented to the City Manager for approval in the fall of 2009. Contract negotiations for
successful applicants will be held with CS in the fall of 2009 for the program year beginning January 1, 2010.

The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive informalities and irregularities in proposals
received, and to accept any portion of any proposal or all items proposed if deemed in the best interests of the

Funding Cycle
The Human Services Fund operates on a two-year funding cycle. An RFP for 2011 will not be issued, nor will
agencies be required to submit proposals for 2011 funding. Allocations for 2011 will be determined based on
2010 HSF awards and available funds, as determined by projected tax revenues.

Use of Funds/Contract Requirements
Funds provided by the City of Boulder under this RFP are intended to serve Boulder city residents. If your
proposal is selected, funds will be provided through a contract between your agency and the City, which will be
negotiated in the fall of 2009. You will be required to keep records on the number of Boulder city residents served
with this funding, including characteristics such as age, gender, income, and race or ethnicity. Successful
applicants will be required to submit these data and other indicators of the progress of the program to CS in semi-
annual progress reports on the use of City funds as specified by contract. The City may terminate the contract for
the failure of the Contractor to perform adequately any of its covenants. At its discretion, the City may conduct a
financial audit and/or site visit of funded applicants.

For Additional Information
Please contact Richard Johnson, Manager, Division of Community Services, at 303.441.4196 or Erika Krouse,
Administrative Specialist, at 303.441.4157 if you have any questions about this RFP.

Part 1: Instructions
Proposals submitted in response to this RFP must follow the outline presented below. Your proposal must
respond to one Priority Area only. If you wish to request funding from more than one Priority Area, you must
submit a separate proposal for each. A maximum number of pages is listed after each major section. You are not
required to submit the full amount of pages for each section, but you may not exceed this limit.

I. Need for Program/Services (2 Pages Maximum)
This section should describe the population you intend to serve and the specific problems they face, as well as
other services available in Boulder that address these problems.

A. Target Population.
Identify and describe the population to be served by your program – both demographically and geographically.

B. Problem Statement.
Describe the problem faced by your target population that will be addressed by your proposed program. Describe
any emerging trends in this field. Do not describe how your program will address this problem.

C. Services in Boulder.
Describe existing services in Boulder (other than your own) that attempt to address this problem. Which needs are
left unmet by these services?

II. Proposed Program/Service (3 Pages Maximum)
This section should describe your program/service, with specific information on the results you expect to
accomplish and the major activities for achieving the goals of your program.

A. Program Description.
Describe how your program/service plans to address the problem discussed in the previous section. Be sure to
include: (1) the goal of your program; (2) the type of services to be provided; (3) methods (including locations)
you will use to serve your target population; (4) what benefits your target population will receive; (5) how you
will conduct outreach to your target population; and (6) how you will involve clients in program design.

B. Comparison to Current Program
If you received HSF funding in 2009 and are making significant changes to your program in your 2010 HSF
proposal, explain these differences. If your 2010 program is unchanged from your 2009 program, please write
only “Proposed 2010 program is essentially the same as the 2009 funded program.” If you are asking for an
increase in funds from what you received from the HSF in 2009 (beyond cost-of-living), describe what specific
value would be added by these additional funds; e.g., new population served, elimination of/reduction in waiting
list for services.

C. Cost-per-Client/Contact
Provide an estimate of your cost-per-client and cost-per-contact for services provided by the program you
propose. Discuss how each of your estimates was determined. These should be based on the total cost of the
program, not just the funds requested from the City. In addition to this overall cost estimate, you have the option
of providing a cost-per-service estimate for each service provided.

D. Long Range Plan
Describe your long range plans for this program or service. In this discussion you should address your plans for
future service delivery, collaboration, and other sources of funding for the program. What are your current and
future strategies for sustainable funding for your program? Will you reach out to local businesses and community
resources for funding, and if so, how?

III. Organizational Management (3 Pages Maximum)
In this section you should provide enough information about your agency/organization for the review team to
judge whether you will be able to successfully complete the program you propose.

A. Experience
Provide a short description of the programs and services you provide, including the length of time your agency
has delivered these services, established relationships with other relevant agencies and your experience working
with the proposal’s target population. Discuss how cultural inclusion is integrated into your agency’s operations.

B. Operational Structure
Discuss how your agency is operationally organized and the roles, responsibilities and expertise of agency key
management staff. Explain the powers of your Board of Directors (or equivalent) and indicate how often it meets.
Discuss how diversity is reflected among your Board membership, executive staff and operational staff (e.g., age,
service consumers, disability, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation).

C. Staffing Plan.
Explain your staffing plan for this program. Include: (1) how many FTEs will work on this program if your HSF
request is fully funded; (2) what staff will do; (3) their credentials; (4) their qualifications/experiences in working
with your target population; (5) their cultural/linguistic competency with your target population; and (6) how
many volunteers you use and what functions they serve in your program. If you are subcontracting with agencies,
organizations or individuals for certain aspects of your program, you must include a letter or memorandum of
agreement for each subcontractor in Section IV, Documents/Tables.

D. Additional Information on Agency Management (Optional)
Please provide any additional information to reviewers which you feel is important in understanding your
agency’s management.

E. Additional Information on Your Financial Situation (Optional)
Please provide any additional information to reviewers which you feel will provide a better understanding of your
agency’s financial situation, or future financial challenges that you face.

IV. Documents/Tables
Each of the following documents must be included in this section of your proposal. If you are unable to supply
any of the following, please submit a paragraph explaining why you are unable to include each specific item.

A. Agency/Organization Mission Statement
Provide your agency’s or organization’s mission statement, as adopted by your governing board. (Please ensure
the date of adoption is included.)

B. Organizational Chart
Provide an organizational chart of your agency that indicates how your proposed program fits into your
organizational structure.

C. Financial Information
Please provide documents under both sections (1) and (2).

(1)      Please provide either a., b., or c.:
    a. Your most recent audited financial statements. You should include the audit report, the statement of
financial position or balance sheet, the statement of activity or income statement and the statement of cash flows.
    b. Your most recently filed tax return. You should include pages 1-4 if you filed a Form 1120 (a corporate
tax return) or pages 1-6 if you filed a Form 990 (non-profit tax return); or
    c. If the audit or tax return is not complete, please provide the most recent internal financial statements,
balance sheet and income statement for the year-end under audit.

If your financial statements are part of a large organization, in addition to the above, please submit the department
“profit and loss” or “change in net assets” report that corresponds to the above information.

(2)    Your most recent internal financial statement. These should include a balance sheet and income
statements. These statements should not be older than February of 2009.

D. Verification of Non-Discrimination Policy
Provide written and signed verification that you possess and enforce a non-discrimination policy in accordance
with the City of Boulder’s non-discrimination ordinance, and that appropriate measures are taken to ensure
services to persons with disabilities and low-income persons. The City of Boulder non-discrimination ordinance is
available from HHS/CS at 303.441.3140 or at

E. Fees for Service
If you charge for your services, describe your fees for service – how they are determined and the range of fee
schedules. If you have a sliding fee scale for services, include a table that details fees for clients of differing
income levels.

F. Subcontracts (not necessary for all proposals)
If you are subcontracting with agencies, organizations or individuals for certain aspects of your program, include
a contract or memorandum of agreement for each subcontractor that details what services they will provide and
the payment they will receive.

G.     Part 2 Data Tables
You must fill out and include Tables 1-13 (Tables 1-14 if you are submitting a request for child care or preschool
funding), found in Part 2 of this RFP.

Deadline for Proposal Submission
All proposals must be submitted on or before 5:00 pm on Wednesday, April 8, 2009. An original and 7 copies (8
total) of your proposal must be received by the Division of Community Services by 5:00 pm. If weather or
emergency conditions cause City of Boulder offices to close, the deadline will be extended 24 hours (to April 9,
5:00 pm); otherwise, no extensions will be granted. If your proposal is not submitted by 5:00 p.m. on April 8,
2009, you will receive no funding for the years of 2010 and 2011, and you will need to wait two years to apply for
funding again with the City of Boulder. Faxed and email submissions will not be accepted.

Applicant: please fill out this form and include it on the top page of each copy of each application.

Proposal Abstract 2010 HSF
                                                            Total Amount Requested: __________________

A.        Priority Area           (Check the Priority Area under which you are applying)

□    Early Childhood                       □    School Age                         □   Critical Infrastructure
□    Child Care and Preschools             □    Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

B.        Agency Information
  Agency Name                                          Program Name

  Street Address

  City                               Zip Code

  Telephone                          Fax                                 Website

  Executive Director:
  Mr./Ms./Dr.         Name                               E-Mail Address
  (circle one)

  Who is filling out this RFP?

  Mr./Ms./Dr.         Name                                       Title
  (circle one)

  Phone                                     E-Mail Address

C.                 Program/Service Abstract           (do not exceed this space)


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