CG PSC (epm-2)

       CG PSC-epm Organization
                 CAPT Catherine Haines

              epm-1                      epm-2
        LCDR C. L. Gow            CDR G. T. Prestidge
•   Advancements            •   Assignments
•   Separations/RELADS      •   5 CACs
•   Extended active duty    •   28 AOs
•   Integrations            •   7 Non-rate/“A” School AOs
•   Retirements
CG PSC-epm-2 Responsibilities
• Manage assignments
   – Based on Service, Unit & Member needs
• Individual career counseling
• Provide input on retirement, separation, EAD, CIR,
  & integration requests
• Guidance on enlisted assignment policies
                   AY10 Timeline
                            ALCGENL 075/09

•   Jun – Aug 09                CG PSC-epm-2 road shows
•   15 Jun – 31 Aug 09          Commands validate PALs
•   15 Jun – 31 Aug 09          Career counseling available
•   16 Jun – 27 Aug 09          Command visits @ CG PSC
•   31 Aug 09                   Command concerns due
•   25 Sep 09                   Shopping lists published
•   25 Sep 09 – 23 Oct 09       Commands validate shopping list
•   27 Nov 09                   E-Resumés due
•   Mid October                 Special Assignments orders issued
•   Nov 09 – Mar 10             AOs develop slates/issue orders
             Special Assignments
• Members desiring a tour outside of their specialty should
consider Special Assignments (SA)
• The SA process is completely separate from the regular
assignment process
• Timeline (much EARLIER than other assignments)
   – AY2011 Tour complete personnel should be considering options now
   – E-Resumes with Command endorsement due in Spring 2010 for members
     tour complete in in AY2011
   – See SA website for specific program requirements and deadlines

• POC: CWO Steve Merchant (202) 493-1291
Annual Special Assignments Timeline
Programs are CGIS, CMCs, Recruiting, CCs, CPOA/LAMs/MLEA Instructors, CPO
Barracks, CDA, EOAs, and PAL positions listed as MCPO, SCPO, CPO and POs.

• NLT 31 March:             All program ALCGENLs released
• May:                      Program panels convene & shopping List
                            released via ALCGENL
• Mid June:                 Program packages & e-resumes due.
• July – August:            Prioritize & select candidates; coordinate
                            reporting dates & issue orders
• Mid October:              All special assignments orders issued
Competing Concerns

          Needs Of The Unit
• Maintain operational readiness & continuity of command
• Desire members with appropriate pre-arrival training
  & competencies
• Ensure timely assignment process with minimal gaps
• Maximize assignments to position/pay-grade matches
• Take command concerns into account when making
  assignment decisions
          Command Visits
•   Held at CG PSC from June through August
•   XOs should contact CG PSC-epm-2 to schedule
•   Command concerns shall be submitted to CG PSC-epm-2
    no later than 14 days prior to command visit
•   Command concerns may be submitted via message or
    e-mail to CG PSC-epm-2 POC by 31 Aug 09
        Command Concerns
•   Should address the following (at a minimum)
    –   Unit’s PAL discrepancies
    –   Anticipated RELADs/discharges
    –   Projected retirements
    –   Pending medical issues
    –   Fleet-up opportunities
    –   Command endorsed extension requests
    –   Special competency & skill set requirements
     Concerns Of The Member
•   Leadership development
•   Geographic stability
•   Special needs
•   Educational opportunities
•   Spouse employment opportunities
•   Incentive/specialty pay
•   Job satisfaction
•   Equitable sea/shore rotation
•   Reliable/consistent/equitable assignment process
        Needs Of The Service
• Prioritize mission critical positions
• Ensure return on transfer & training investment
• Maintain effective assignment & advancement process
• Attract/develop/retain/deploy diverse, qualified workforce

•   Mission execution
            Overseas Assignments
                        Sec. 4.H, CG PERSMAN
•   Members should ensure they will screen successfully before
    listing overseas positions on e-Resumés
•   State in e-Resumés comments that the PERSMAN has been
    reviewed and mbr meets requirements.
•   Command endorsements shall address member’s suitability
    for overseas assignment
•   Commands must complete overseas screening within 10 Days
    of issuance of orders.
•   Per 4.A.5, CG PERSMAN, members may request 1-year tour
    increase. Requests must be submitted to EPM-2:
         – Prior to reporting to overseas unit, or
       – Within 12 months of reporting to overseas assignment
       – Tour length increases are not tour “extensions”
              Special Needs Program
                       COMDTINST 1754.7 (Series)
•   Provides support for members who have dependents w/ diagnosed
    & professionally documented long-term medical, physical,
    psychological, mental, and/or educational disabilities.
•   Enrollment is mandatory. Needs must be validated every 2 years.
•   AOs will “clear” assignment with Work Life prior to issuing
• Recommend enrolling prior to submitting E-Resume
•   Enrollment does not guarantee a specific unit, nor does it
    preclude members being assigned to afloat units.
                    Art. 4.B.8, CG PERSMAN

•   Contact AOs early in assignment season
•   Tour lengths may be adjusted to effect transfers
•   Married Couples:
    – Will not be assigned to same ship, restricted unit, or unit
       with < 60 members
    – With Dependents will not normally be assigned to shipboard
       duty simultaneously
•   Needs of Service may preclude ability to co-locate members.
                  Assignment Priority
                           ART 4.B.4 CG PERSMAN

Assignment    Billets   Assignments per
  Priority   CG wide          Yr                                   Units

                                               Overseas Restricted Units; AVDET GTMO and
    1          190           190                         PATFORSWA AFLOAT

                                          Overseas Afloat; Polar Icebreakers, LORSTA Shoal Cove
    2         1070           650                         AK; PATFORSWA ashore
                                          Inconus Afloat; LEDETs, HITRON, MSSTs, Special Cmd
                                            Aides, Recruit CCs, Int'l Training Div, CG Recruiters,
                                            PSUs, Station Neah Bay, Sta Quillayute River, MSD
                                          American Samoa, qualified Surfmen, Dive Lockers, Nat'l
    3         7700           3900                               Strike Force

                                           Overseas Ashore; ATG riders, Area Training Teams,
                                          UTB/MLB STAN Teams, MLC Food Service Asst & Trng
                                            Teams, Int'l Ice Patrol, Comdt/Vice Comdt drivers,
    4         1800           600              STA Grand Isle, STA Eastport, STA Jonesport

    5        17,000          5000                             Inconus Ashore
              CREATING A

  (1)    Professional growth opportunities
        – Sea duty
        – Career diversity
           • Includes geographic diversity & different unit types/platforms
        – Qualifications you have or need for professional development

  (2) Your assignment priority

  (3)    The sea/shore rotation for your rating
        Assignment Factors
• Member desires            •   Advancement status
• Assignment policies       •   Performance
• Assignment priority       •   Willingness to obligate
• Command concerns          •   Competencies
• Time in geographic area   •   Physical condition
• Time at current unit      •   Security clearance
• CO’s recommendation       • Service Need
• Sea to shore ratio
The Assignment Process
•   Identify tour complete candidates
•   Receive & review COMCONs provided by commands
•   Identify potential fleet-ups
•   Shopping list promulgated
•   Members submit e-resumes
•   Identify & pool candidates
•   Assign members based on assignment factors
•   If no applicants, identify possible candidates
•   Issue orders
    Obligated Service Requirement
                    Art. 4.B.6, CG PERSMAN

•   Must obligate service (OBLISERV) prior to executing orders.
    Amount of required OBLISERV noted on PCS orders.
    • < 6 years active duty INCONUS; OBLISERV full tour
    • > 6 years active duty INCONUS; OBLISERV 1 year
    • OUTCONUS/Special Assignments; OBLISERV full tour

•   Commands must advise CG PSC-epm via message if members
    fail to OBLISERV.
   Separation In Lieu Of Orders              Retirement In Lieu Of Orders
         Art. 12.B.7, CG PERSMAN                   Art 12.C.11 CG PERSMAN

•Members on Indefinite Enlistment          •Retirement Eligible members in
(>10 but <20 years) in receipt of orders   receipt of orders
•Requests must be submitted to PSC-        •Requests must be submitted to PSC-
epm via message within 15 calendar         epm via message within 15 calendar
days of issuance of PCS orders             days of issuance of PCS orders
    – Effective date of SILO is                 – Effective date of RILO is 01
        normally within 90 days of                 September of current AY.
        orders issue date

•Considered on case-by-case basis; approved/disapproved based on Service
                  Art. 12.C.11, CG PERSMAN

•   Submit requests to CG PSC-epm-1; 6-24 months prior to
    retirement date

•   Retirements normally approved Sep thru Dec
    • Minimizes gaps during summer transfer season

•   Command endorsement shall contain acknowledgement and
    acceptance of temporary position gap if retirement will occur
    outside of normal retirement window (Sep thru Dec)

• 112 Afloat (only MONOMOY accommodates females); 80 Ashore
• 5 BM Middle East Training Team (METT): Deployed to certify Level II
Non-compliant Boarding Teams in CG & foreign military. Requires LE
experience at TACLET, MSST DSF, or MSRT; plus Instructor endorsement.
• 9 E-5 thru E-9 Redeployment Assistance & Inspection Detachment
(RAID): Will become PCS positions for AY10. Message to follow in Fall 09.

        • Priority 1 or 2        • Overseas Screening
        • 15 days of R&R         • Secret Clearance
        • Additional pay         • BTM Physical Fitness test w/in past 6 months
        • Tax exemptions         • Meets COMDT’s Weight Standards
                                 • CO Endorsement for PATFORSWA
   Maritime Enforcement Specialist (ME) Rating

• ME Manpower Requirements Analysis completed:
   – Recommended Rating Size: 1095 Active & 1217 Reserve
• Unit Types
   – Stations, Sectors, DSF Units, Major Cutters, & CG Police Dept
• Remaining Timeline
   – JUL 2009: ME Lateral Solicitation Message
       • Lateral open to all CG Ratings
   – OCT/NOV 2009: ME Lateral Panel
       • Selection process w/established criteria
   – 01 JAN 2010: ME Rating Stand-Up
       • Personnel will transfer upon tour completion
                   New Initiatives
• Modernization:          AY09 Modernization positions are expected to be fully
  implemented and the AY10 process will contain fewer position changes than
  AY09. This will be reflected in the shopping list.
• LORAN:       Plans to terminate, continue, or expand the LORAN mission are
  currently undetermined; a decision is expected in September. Plans are being
  developed to have impacted personnel transfer in the normal AY10 process if
  LORAN units are closed.
• New MK EPO Screening Process: ALCGENL 066/09
  For MK1 thru MKCS EPO assignments, submit e-resume to request to screen
  for EPO by 10JUL09.
• Body Mass Index (BMI): ALCOAST 469/08 - Max allowable
  body fat will be reduced by 1% on 01OCT09. Non-compliance may have
       assignment impacts. See COMDTINST M1020.8G Art.
             Call or e-Mail Us
• To Reach CG PSC-epm-2:
   • Main Phone: 202.493.1230
   • FAX: 202.493.1269
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