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Trip report - undergo training trip report

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									-job training debriefing report
 golden autumn, Tan Kwai fragrance. Stroke, undergo training of two years is up, today
I am honored to stand here. To report on-job training course of two years, gain and
 over the past two years, I passed through the military Academy of Business
Administration, Hankou Zhuyeshan working group, Po Fu Technology Development Co.,
Ltd. Jingmen any business manager, personal entrepreneurship materials and
communications products in four stages laying out the basis of learning, working
learning experiences, entrepreneurship and development of the road. Recalling
undergo two years of training time, and I learn a lot, feel a lot.
 one course
 (a) lay a basis for learning. An old saying: life-long learning. Just leave the
government agencies, I know their abilities and the gap between social demand and
decided to charge the first to learn of Wuhan University. I used to study the
administration, for the integration of all aspects of the business community, I chose
Business Administration, specializing in the "marketing" and, after more than six
months learning the market economy in theory have a certain grasp for the next working
business foundation.
 (b) working experience in school. As the saying goes: to apply their knowledge. After
completing the study in Wuhan University, I participated in a talent exchange
organized by Han, candidates serving in Hankow Zhuyeshan group. Period in the company,
I contacted the Metro in the Han, Carrefour, Hualian and other large retailers, Wuhan,
a large wholesale market, the commodity trade flows with deep-level contacts and
experience. Recommended by a friend after I returned to the city of Jingmen Bao Fu
Technology Development Co., Ltd. office manager. Foreign markets and local markets
through the link, carried out color plate, the coal business, and achieved initial
 (3) business and development. "Development is the last word." Based on business needs,
and I have to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hainan and other coastal cities, visits a number
of companies, enterprises, contact the owner of various businesses and middle
management, coastal economic development model and enterprise management Youle
deeper level of understanding. In becoming familiar with the local market, I began
to try to separate business, a preliminary exploration of the building materials,
communications products, business management, in the fierce market competition, the
struggles, succeeded in getting a world of their own.
 second harvest
 First broadened horizons, learn to use the full range of thinking to understand the
social, think about life. Working out the time to learn, I personally experienced
the private, state-owned, joint-stock companies and production of different nature
such as manufacturing, commerce, communication, and other various industries.
Different work experience for me to market economy have deepened our understanding
of the law. In the knowledge economy and the influx of the network economy, global
economic integration, the new economy, technology, information, integrity, team
spirit is very important. Leave their posts before the face of work in the rural
agriculture, rural areas and farmers, is difficult to integrate into the entire
business community, undergo training has made me feel a zero distance to the market
as the center of industrial production, experience in business development and social
progress of the times the pace and feel of the market economy and prosperity.
 community is a big stage, life should be more ways to find their own role. I remember
just out of government agencies, who take into account other people's eyes because
of the fear fear hands feet, have civil servant status and because it is too
embarrassed, because of tight budget and can not have sea swim. Then start working
through the study, I came to realize, "face worthless, things were done, and will
have a face." Person's life should be to achieve self-worth and social value of the
process. Our young people into the market economy as long as the tide of courage,
the courage to join the main battlefield of economic construction in order to make
contributions in different positions in order to prove worthy of their own youth,
worthy of a great era.
 second experience of the competition, accelerating their continuous updating of
knowledge and personality of continuous improvement. Ruthless business competition,
we need is efficiency in information access, decision-making, implementation of any
part reflect the slow and opportunities. These must be comprehensive knowledge and
quick information. In order to improve corporate governance, I economic law,
financial management and other aspects of serious study. In continuous learning,
broaden their knowledge level. From working out to their business, from the previous
orders from other people to do that on your own projects, each phase experienced a
variety of unexpected difficulties, has fresh in mind. A project, from the early stage
of preparation with a single to the contract is signed, to the late delivery of funds
from the factory recovery, I deliberate, careful thinking, lest there a little flawed,
or they will come to naught, Nong Buhao bankrupt. In order to meet customer needs,
every time I shipped overnight with the car, in order to have accidents on the road,
I almost sleepless night, that feeling makes me realize the true meaning of hard work,
tempered the courage to suffer, dare to take the bad, responsibility of the individual.
In different working environment, I understand the business community access to all
levels and in different working environment and improved my Duirenduishi approach.
These are for my future posts in the civil service and laid a solid platform to make
 3 is the temper of the self, to improve its own survival skills and competitiveness.
In the fierce market competition, judge me on the market, making things good offices
of the ability has been greatly improved. From the hasty decision to critical thinking;
layers of referrals from one thing to be thinking their own independent decision
making; in a matter dependent on others to coordinate all aspects of their
relationship to complete a project independently. After studying the various stages
of training, I felt a sense of self in the man experienced a profound transformation.
At the same time, in practice, I realized that life must adhere to a basic business
principle that "cross": relationship to information resources experience = success.
Information is the key, in the era of commodity economy, access to information means
and methods must be the most advanced and most efficient; public relations is a
prerequisite, co-ordinate the relationship, the relationship between various aspects
of resource integration, for the development of early entrepreneurial Zhe especially
important to customers; capital is the fundamental, venture capital is required,
otherwise it will be impossible; experience is to ensure that the necessary industry
standards, quality standards and business processes to master, but not a stoppage
of the early entrepreneurs and to be thin to explore. Four elements, and is a success.
These are precisely the weaknesses of the civil service, a real difference, the value
of life and struggle for the realization of the civil service, must dare to go out
and increase skills in practice, can only experience rainbow after the rain, get
involved in deep water after the dragon.
 fourth, make a group of friends, expand space for development of life. Undergo
training in the process of widening the channels of communication exchanges, savings
and valuable relationship resources. These relationships, some are in the trouble
between the truth and get to know see a sincere friend, and some see integrity in
business and make business partners, these relationships will expand resources for
development of life, a life that can not be more than a of the wealth.

 revelation first competition in a market economy is the core of market-oriented,
customer-centric. It is not an empty slogan, but require the enterprises to research
and development, production, marketing, promotion must be to meet customer needs and
create value for customers for the idea. In reality, convenient, practical and
effective means to meet customer needs, high quality, brand, innovation is creating
value for customers.
 second is the market rate of economic development lies in the degree of emancipation
and the reform efforts depends on the thinking of opening up. To deeply understand
the "three benefits" criterion of scientific, creative, dare to do first in order
to seize market opportunities and develop their own.
 third of local economic development, business growth, brand name is built not only
inseparable from the government, but not completely controlled by the government.
He needs to government policy, finance, environment, support real sense of autonomous
decision-making, make their own decisions. Need to manage the government a
service-oriented government, optimized processing system with post-approval.
 learning and increase their abilities, achievements in the end beam exercise. Here,
I am grateful to the district government to undergo training in this first opportunity,
it is rare in my life a memorable experience, so I became rational, strong, diligent,
honest, and more responsibility, I firmly believe I am the future of her life will
go more solid.

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