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					 rural safety debriefing report
 I line my town, bear primary responsibility for safety is to everyone's safety over
the past year, the work trip as follows, please be considered .
 1, 2006, the basic work safety conditions
 over the past year I was the county, the county government under the correct
leadership, the strong support of higher authorities to actively perform their duties,
in accordance with the "three represents "important thinking, conscientiously
implement the Party Central Committee and State Council and provincial, city and
county safety production work on a series of important instructions and a major
deployment, closely focus on promoting economic development and ensure social
stability, and focus on good job security the implementation of the production work,
effectively preventing the occurrence of various types of major accidents, so that
our town's business continuity, health, high-speed development. In 2006 my good
safety situation in town to promote the industrial economy and different levels of
development investment, industrial output value reached 1.738 billion yuan last year,
Bi Zeng 7.7, the introduction of foreign 23 cases, contracted foreign investment
reached 250 million yuan. Over the past year, production safety work, I caught the
following main aspects of work:
 1, grasp the leadership of the implementation of safe production responsibility
 safety work is good job, whether to implement the responsibility system, The key
is leadership. To this end, I first do a good job leading this off, set up by a town
deputy secretary of the directly responsible for the safety leadership team,
comprising members from the party office, business office, the land, traffic
management by the public security branch, the introduction of Office, the labor is,
the power supply, industrial and commercial sectors such as the composition of the
concrete work for the town's safety, so that responsibility to the people, and
measures; followed by grasping the implementation of responsibility system, township
government and village officers, departmental units, the responsible persons have
signed letters of responsibility for production safety and fire prevention will be
entered into the work of production safety responsibility system step by step
extension of the sequential implementation, formed at every level, level one
responsible for work safety situation of joint management . Request the units, and
enterprises to work safety put on the agenda, implement the responsibility system.
Finally captured accidents implementation of administrative accountability system.
We have been assessing the scope of this work to include responsibility. Require
departments and agencies, business area the total number of security incidents and
deaths in charge, in accordance with the "who are in charge is responsible for" the
principles for a major accident as a result of improper handling, and be held
accountable. Authority officers in the joint efforts of the town over the past year,
due to the leadership in place, the responsibility to implement effective measures,
and no serious accidents in production special.
 2, grasping check and eliminate potential dangers of accidents
 good grasp of the work of production safety, inspection is the guarantee. In 2006
the town had a total of 6 safety inspections, inspection enterprises 260 rectification
notices were issued 1500. In safety inspection, so that "three combinations": First,
check with the combination of rectification hidden; second inspection and
accountability on the other; 3 is to check with the establishment of long-term
mechanisms. Over the past year, we mainly do a good job as a number of check:
 (a) grasping the work of enterprise security, enterprise production and security
in the win-win situation. Security is the enterprise survival and development of
security related to the state, collective property and safety of the people. A serious
problem for some companies produce light weight safety orientation, safety awareness
among employees weak phenomenon. Town committee and town government attaches great
importance, on the one hand to strengthen publicity and education and training over
the past year, organized two people in charge of the training of 250 people, business
people from thinking to improve the safety awareness and improve their response to
emergencies skills, on the other hand continuous inspection and supervision, strictly.
Required safety equipment qualified to do business, complete electrical wiring neat,
clearance, security lanes, the overall quality of qualified personnel safety. At the
same time the introduction of enterprises have settled down, the requirement to
improve the safety facilities, such as pass the inspection, not production, truly
safety first, production of the first to enable enterprises to achieve security and
stability in development.
 (b) liquefied petroleum gas sales market rectification breakthrough difficulties
to eliminate the risks. In recent years, due to the improvement of living standards,
more and more use of coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas caused by the chaotic conditions
of point of sale, in such cases, the town committee and town government swear held
a meeting of heads of the leaders, of remediation programs, led by the city
construction office, public security, industry and commerce, and labor departments
cooperate closely with their duties, join forces to take strong measures to resolutely
against a number of unlicensed, illegal immigrant illegal underground point of sale,
on the operation of a group of sick cylinder failure was ordered to stop using. Through
regulation, so that our town of liquefied petroleum gas sales market management has
been standardized to ensure the safety of LPG sales.
 (c) do a good job stone field rectify and standardize quarry operation safety
management. The town a total of 14 stone field, but most of the old stone field
machinery and equipment, management, more confusion, accidents occur. Regard to this
situation, we increased the intensity of stone field management. Last year, the town
government transferred the land, economic affairs, public security, industry and
commerce, electricity, labor, and other departments of the town's stone field special
inspection and rectification, the rectification of the notices were issued 13,
cut-off 3 copies of notices and certification of the stone field a comprehensive
inventory, missing document or license is strictly prohibited quarry mining operation.
At the same time seized the illegal purchase of explosives, detonators quarry group.
Through regulation, so I Town, or the document management market chaos has been
improved and standardized the stone field in my town, safety management system,
improved security, increased safety awareness among employees at the quarry.
 (d) do a good job of public entertainment and construction of special regulation,
to avoid Qunsiqunshang accidents. 2006 May and December, transferred the party-run
town government, economic Office, Planning Office, built by village, cultural centers,
labor, trade unions, power supply, and public security departments of the larger town
of my 8 Kara ok restaurant, foot massage center, the building one by one check. Through
careful inspections, improved facilities for fire safety responsibility system and
the fire, cleaned up part of the illegal construction and chaos of scaffolding, frame
and other phenomena, effectively preventing the Qunsiqunshang accidents.
 3, grasping Publication to Raise the safety awareness
 good safety work, focus on safety education is the premise, so I study, publicize
and implement the "Safety Regulations of Guangdong Province" and related security
knowledge as grasping good work safety is an important task. The variety and effective
safety publicity and education activities, such as by posting banners, posters and
printed safety brochures, sent out propaganda trucks, organizing safety knowledge
consulting, information security knowledge and use of television and other means of
publicity, by extensive, massive social campaign to effectively mobilize the masses
to participate in safety activities, "security for the production, production must
be safe," enjoys popular support, effectively improving the safety awareness of all
the people. 2006, 8 motorcycles were dispatched security vehicles. Play safe ad 30
times, 89 hanging banners, putting up posters 1138, issued in 720 copies of publicity
 2, Problems
 even though the town I work in a lot of work safety in production, but the facts
tell us that security must not have no room for complacency, the current work of
production safety in our town there are still some outstanding problem:
 1, some of the staff of safety awareness is more weak, low job skills. In particular,
quarry, construction sites and their workers poorly educated, no formal job skills
training, self-protection in the course of their work ability is poor, illegal
operations, working recklessly phenomena often occur.
 2, employees of labor protection measures are not implemented. In particular,
plastic plants, electroplating factories, knitting and other industries are still
working in the workplace environment is poor, labor supplies the phenomenon have not
been paid to occupational diseases buried fire.
 3, investigation and punishment is not enough security risk rectification, the lack
of powerful means of
 throughout the year we carried out safety inspections, coupled with the town to do
the daily conduct of the irregular economy inspection identified a large number of
Some hidden dangers of accidents or the absence of timely corrective treatment, if
any, companies in the finished product warehouse, use ordinary fluorescent tubes,
each inspection to issue a rectification notice, each inspection as usual,
incorrigible. Business owners in order to save the behavior of economic sacrifice
human lives, the government regulation on how enforcement is still a topic to be
 4, "Combo", "triple play" enterprises resurgence of the phenomenon. In many safety
checks last year, we found a new run of individual enterprises and individuals exist
some old business people and goods mixed deposit of "combo" or "triple play"
 3, to the direction of
 (1) to further implement the responsibility system for improving safety in
production. The village (neighborhood) committees, the enterprise (thing) business
unit, including the primary and secondary schools should the request by the town
government signed letters of responsibility for safety to ensure the safe production
responsibility system implement.
 (b) increase the propaganda and safety, improve the safety awareness of all the
people. Safety is a matter of life and property safety of the event, is a major event
in maintaining social stability. To achieve fundamental improvement of safety, the
key is to improve the quality of all the people of the safety culture, and strengthen
people's self-protection. Women In accordance with Jiang Zemin's "three represents"
requirement, earnestly publicize and implement the implementation of the party and
the country on the safety of the principles and policies, grasp the safety improvement
measures implemented. The factories and mines, schools should take various forms,
carry out extensive publicity and education activities of the safety, give full play
to the role of news **** comprehensive town cadres and the masses of workers to improve
my safety awareness and self-protection.
 (c) According to who is in charge, who is responsible and pay attention to all safety
inspections. Functional departments must take total responsibility, must assume
their responsibilities, work together and do the special inspection. Urban run to
further clean up and rectify market and sales of LPG cylinders and construction sites
construction safety special rectification work, the economy run factories and
enterprises to strengthen production safety supervision and inspection, land the rock
field to do a good job tackling the special inventory public security, culture, to
strengthen the station, the fire special rectification of public entertainment,
education do to help in the electricity sector do the work of the school's safety
and security, the center nursery should not be ignored.
 (d) to carry out extensive safety and technical training, to implement licensing
system for. In the enterprise security the responsibility to implement the
registration system, and comprehensively improve the corporate management staff
safety awareness and safety skills, the establishment of a political quality of the
hard, technical and comprehensive safety management team.
 (5) Increase penalties accident, properly handle the various types of labor disputes
and reduce the incidence of mass petitions and actively carry out treatment after
the accident, to maintain prosperity and stability and promote healthy development
of enterprises.
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