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									         Date    23 January 2004
Contact person   Prof.dr.ir. J. van Eijk
       Subject   Symposium on Advances in Applications of Active
                 Magnetic Bearing Technology

                                                                           Delft University of Technology

                                                                           Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and
                                                                           Marine Technology
                                                                           Advanced Mechatronics

                                                                           Mekelweg 2
                                                                           2628 CD Delft
                                                                           The Netherlands


                 Dear Sir/Madam,

                 Advanced performance of motion devices ca n be obtained with bearing technology that
                 provides non-contact frictionless operation. For some decades active magnetic bearings
                 have held the promise to deliver this performance. The complexity of the integration of
                 non-linear actuation, sensors, dynamics and control have however limited the
                 application in industrial environments.
                 During the last decade great advancements were made in this field, in particular for
                 rotating systems. Presently, a large number of magnetic bearings are used in specialised
                 equipment such as vacuum pumps or high speed turbo systems.

                 The increasing understanding of this technology and the availability of processing power
                 for digital control will enable new applications in the near future. In the Netherlands
                 different groups are working on developing such applications. The Dutch technology
                 program “IOP-Precisietechnologie” sponsors a one day symposium to share the results in
                 these groups with you. The organisation from the Technical University of Delft, in co -
                 operation with the IEEE IAS & PELS & PES Chapter, would like to invite you to attend
                 this symposium and to learn about this exciting new technology.

                 During the symposium presentations will be given by Prof. R. Herzog from University of
                 Applied Science of Yverdon / MECOS Traxler AG, Switzerland, and by representatives
                 from IOP-projects on magnetic bearings and from Philips CFT.

                 We cordially invite you to join us in Delft on the 17th of March 2004.

                 Looking forward to meet you,

                 Prof. dr. ir. J. van Eijk

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