PAEC hearing on review of the Auditor-General's audit findings and by wlv27253


									PAEC hearing on review of the Auditor-General’s audit
findings and recommendations on State Investment in
Major Events

Greg Wilson, Deputy Secretary, DPC
2:00 – 3:00 pm, 25 November 2008
DPC’s response to the Auditor-General’s report

      •   welcomed the audit and its findings
      •   indicated that the recommendations would be given careful consideration
      •   noted the need for flexibility in the choice of economic assessment tools
      •   noted that the benefits of major events extend further than economic benefits

                                      Policy and Cabinet Group
Action since the Auditor-General’s report

     Recommendations being implemented by other agencies – mainly DIIRD

     DPC is being consulted in this process

     This work is building on a generally sound decision-making framework

                                    Policy and Cabinet Group
DPC’s role in Major Events

     In 2006 DIIRD became responsible for the overall management of major events

     Minister for Tourism and Major Events, supported by DIIRD, leads work in this

     Generally, DPC’s input to matters relating to major events is through advice to the
     Premier and Cabinet members on major events proposals

                                    Policy and Cabinet Group

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