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                                                                                                   Boston Chapter of SAMPE
                                                       Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering

                                              Boston SAMPE -- FEBRUARY 2005 MEETING
                                                    THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2005

                                         University of Massachusetts Lowell
                            Department of Plastics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
                                                    FACILITY TOUR – 6 to 7 PM

                                                                  Sponsored by
                                              Professor Joey Mead and Professor Julie Chen
                                                Plastics Engineering Faculty and Students
                                                    DINNER to follow tour – 7:30 PM
                                                       University of Massachusetts Lowell
                                                              One University Ave
                                                              Lowell, MA 01854

         The Plastics Engineering Department is an internationally recognized leader in plastics engineering education with over
         3,000 graduates working in the plastics industry in leadership positions worldwide. The program combines hands-on
         laboratory experiences relevant to the industry, with the fundamental theory found in courses to produce a well-rounded
         curriculum. Constant feedback from industry and alumni enable us to stay on the cutting edge of plastics manufacturing
         and design technologies.

         UML maintains approximately 40,000 ft2 of laboratory space dedicated to plastics processing, including representatives
         from all major processing operations used in the plastics industry. The department maintains close ties with industry as
         demonstrated by the high percentage of industry sponsored research and the number of recent strategic partnerships that have
         been formed with industry. These partnerships have resulted in the creation of the Cincinnati-Milacron Injection Molding
         Center at UML and the Battenfeld-Gloucester Blown Film Laboratory. The Mechanical Engineering Department is home to
         composites processing equipment, including a braiding machine.

         More recently, UML has expanded its programs into the area of nanomanufacturing, leveraging its expertise in polymer and
         composites manufacturing. In addition to current programs in nanomanufacturing of plastics, the University has been
         awarded a National Science Foundation Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center (NSEC) The Center for High-rate
         Nanomanufacturing. This multimillion dollar center is a collaboration with Northeastern Univ. and the Univ. of New
         Hampshire. In conjunction with this center the state has awarded UML $5 million for the establishment of a Center of
         Excellence in Nanomanufacturing, with a focus on industrially relevant research. The tour will include the plastics and
         mechanical engineering facilities and a brief overview of current programs.

         DIRECTIONS: Link to Plastics Engineering
         UMass Lowell, North Campus Ball Hall, One University Avenue
         PARKING: Riverside Lot # 6 near Olney Hall # 4 – see map below
         TIME: Tour: Registration 5:45 PM, Tour starts promptly at 6:00 PM, Dinner: 7:30 PM
         MENU: Buffet Dinner – Campus Location
         COST: $15.00 (Students $7.50)

              Plastics Engineering
               Ball Hall Room 204
            (UML North -Building #2)

              For reservations, please call

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Feb 2005 SAMPE                                                   file:///Users/davidevans/Desktop/Feb%202005%20SAMPE.htm

                 Adrianna Morris at 978-934-2898
              Reservations for the buffet dinner are requested
          no later than 3:00 PM on February 15, 2005.
          Please leave your name, telephone number and company

         Boston Chapter News

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                                                          Boston SAMPE 2004-2005 Events
                                    The following events are planned. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!
          Date                       Location/Topic                                           Speaker/Affiliation
          September 23, 2004 Joint ASM-SAMPE Dinner Meeting                                   Dr. William E. Frazier,
                                                                                              FASM Naval Air Systems Command
                             MIT Faculty Club, Cambridge, MA
                                                                                              in Patuxent River, Md
                             Naval Aviation Materials Technologies
          October 14, 2004           Boston SAMPE Dinner Meeting                              Michael Buck
                                     Radisson, Chelmsford, MA                                 Phoenixx TPC, Inc.
                                     Low Cost Manufacturing Methods for                       250 Cape Hwy, Rt. 44,
                                     Thermoplastic Composites                                 Taunton, MA, 02718
          November 18, 2004 Boston SAMPE Dinner Meeting                                       David Evans
                            Radisson, Chelmsford, MA                                          Complastik
                            Nanoimpregnation for composites                                   282 Butman Rd Lowell, MA 01852
          December 16, 2004                                                                   No Meeting Holidays
          January 20, 2005           Boston SAMPE Dinner Meeting                              Bill Berg
                                     Radisson, Chelmsford, MA                                 Vermont Composites, Inc
                                     Overview of Vermont Composites, Inc.                     Bennington, VT 05201
          February 17, 2005          Tour, UMass Lowell Plastics Engineering                  Dr Joey Mead Professor, Plastics Engineering
          March 17, 2005             Boston SAMPE Dinner Meeting                              TBA
                                     Radisson, Chelmsford, MA
          April   2005               Boston SAMPE Vendor Night
          May 2005                   50th International SAMPE Symposium
          May 2005                   Election of Board Officers, Boston Chapter

         The Boston Chapter of SAMPE would like to invite you to join our February 17, 2005, SAMPE tour at the University of
         Massachusetts Lowell, Department of Plastics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Buffet dinner will be served on campus.

         ATTENTION SPONSORS: If you would like to have your company profiled in the monthly newsletter, please forward your
         ‘custom’ advertisement to Michael Benante, at Aeroindustryjobs, via e-mail

         LOOKING FOR A JOB? Through our alliance with Aeroindustryjobs, you have access to job openings with the industry’s
         leading organizations. The jobs range from entry level to executive level, and are all either Materials or Aerospace related.

         Hiring Companies: AAR, Aeroindustryjobs, Alliance Solutions, Callaway Golf, DHR International Corp., Eaton Corp., GE
         Aircraft Engines, L-3 Communications Avionics Systems, Matrix Composites, McKechnie Aerospace, Messier Services America
         Inc., Missile Defense Agency, Pacific Crossing, SAMPE, Sea Ray Boats, Smiths Aerospace, TechExpo Top Secret, Advanced
         Polymer Coatings, Aurora Flight Sciences, Cytec Engineered Materials, FLIR Systems Inc., General Dynamics Armament and
         Technical Products, HITCO Carbon Composites, Honeywell, Integrated Composites, L-3 Communications Ocean Systems,
         Modern Technology Solutions, MPC Products Corp., PCI Newco, TGV Rockets, Witt/Kieffer, Xilinx

         To review these and other positions on the Aeroindustryjobs website, go to, click Search Jobs,
         and select to search jobs “By Company”. You’ll see this employer on the drop down menu.

         Boston SAMPE and ASM Boston cosponsored the first monthly meeting in September at MIT. This event was very
         successful, and we have decided to cross-link our local web sites in order to increase visibility to both chapters. This should be of
         benefit to both chapters, and we hope to increase our collaboration with future joint meetings. The ASM International Boston
         Chapter web site can be viewed at

         SAMPE LONG BEACH 1-5 May 2005

         Personnel Protection and Blast-Resistant Protective Materials

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         Due to the continuous need to improve protection for the military, Dana Granville from the Boston Chapter and Marilyn Unroe of
         the Dayton SAMPE chapter have put together two special sessions on the subject of "Personnel Protective Materials" and
         "Ballistic and Blast-Resistant Protective Materials" scheduled for the upcoming SAMPE Conference in Long Beach.

         Talks scheduled for these sessions on ballistic protection include
         • Armor and Materials for Combat Threat and Damage Protection
         • Ballistic and Rheological Properties of Shear-Thickening Fluids Reinforced by Short Discontinuous Fibers
         • Enhanced Toughness Fibers Using Carbon Nanotubes
         • Transparent Materials Technology for the Army
         • Design, Fabrication and Evaluation of Blast Resistant Material Systems
         • Lightweight Structural Armor for Integrated Military Applications
         • Lightweight Ballistic Foamed Composites

         For further details on the conference, go to the program (pdf).

         NEW CHAPTER MEMBERS: We welcome all new members to the Boston Chapter. We extend an invitation to join us for one
         of our monthly meetings, meet the officers for the Boston Chapter and see what our chapter has to offer.

         HAVE SUGGESTIONS: Your suggestions and ideas are important. What needs improving or changing? We are dedicated to
         continuously improving the Chapter. Tell us what you like or dislike. If you or anyone you know would like to be a speaker
         please contact an officer of the Boston Chapter.

         Can we contact you by e-mail? Want your own copy of this newaletter? Please provide your address to David
         Evans at (978) 970-3214 or

                                              2004-2005 Boston SAMPE Board of Directors

          Position                  Name               Affiliation              Email                                 Telephone/FAX
          International VP &                                                                                          (603) 926-1910
                             Ray Miller                Northern Fiber Glass
          Boston Director                                                                                             (603) 926-0598
          Director &
                                    Sharon Elsworth Raytheon           (978) 440-1238
          Co-Chair                  Robert Singler     Raytheon        (978) 470-6647
          Secretary &
                                                                                                                      (978) 562-3866
          Chapter                   Barbara Parker     Radant Technologies
                                                                                                                      (978) 562-6277
                                                                                                                      (410) 306-0777
          Treasurer                 Dana Granville     Army Research Laboratory
                                                                                                                      (603) 635-9844
          Sponsor Chair             Michael Benante Aeroindustryjobs           (207) 539-2523
          UML Student
                                    Dr. Joey Mead      UMASS Lowell                        (978) 934-3446
          Membership Chair          David Evans        Complastik                       (978) 970-3210
          Past Treasurer            Michael Polito     Radant          (978) 562-3866
          Web Master                Adonna Avery       Northern Fiber Glass                      (603) 926-1910

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Feb 2005 SAMPE                                                             file:///Users/davidevans/Desktop/Feb%202005%20SAMPE.htm

                                    Boston Chapter of SAMPE -        Sponsors
                  The Boston SAMPE Chapter thanks the following sponsors for their support.
            For more information about many of these sponsors visit our Web-Site at

         Advanced Generator Technologies      Fibercote Industries                     Northern Fiberglass Sales
         Bill Pabis                           John Tauriello                           Raymond Miller
         200 Wallins Corners Road             172 East Aurora Street                   P.O. Box 2010
         Amsterdam, NY 12010                  Waterbury, CT 06725                      Hampton, NH 03843
         (518) 843-6825                       (203) 755-1344                           (603) 926-1910
         Airtech International                Engineered Fibers Technology
                                                                                       Netzsch Instruments, Inc.
         Peter Grantham                       Robert E. Evans
                                                                                       David Shepard
         5700 Skylab Road                     25 Brook Street,Suite 8
                                                                                       37 North Ave. Burlington, MA 01803
         Huntington Beach, CA 92647           Shelton, CT 06484
                                                                                       (781) 272-5353 X112
         (607) 324-3194                       (203) 922-1810
         Albany International - Techniweave   Foster-Miller                            Performance Materials Corporation
         Mike Favaloro                        Marie Reynolds                           Bonnie McSmith
         112 Airport Drive P. O. Box 6314     350 Second Avenue                        1150 Calle Suerte
         Rochester, NH 03868                  Waltham, MA 02451                        Camarillo, CA 93012
         (603) 330-5800                       781-622-525                              (805)-482-1722
         Applied Aerospace Structure Corp.    Gerber Technology, Inc.                  Raytheon Reliability Labs
         Dawn Valero                          Dudley Fenn                              Nicki Girouard
         3437 South Airport Way PO Box 6189   24 Industrial Park Rd West               50 Apple Hill Drive
          Stockton, CA 95206                  Tolland, CT 06084                        Tewksbury, MA
         (609) 750-0335                       (860) 871-3730                           (978) 858-5577
         APCM                                 Hyde Tools                               SIA Adhesives
         David Young                          Bob Willis                               Mark Quarantiello
         1366 Norwich Road PO Box 264         54 Eastford Road                         123 West Bartges Street
          Plainfield, CT 06374                Southbridge, MA 01550                    Akron, OH 44311
         (860) 564-7817                       (508) 764-4344                           (330) 374-3846
         ARC Technologies                     Kazak Composites                         Specialty Materials, Inc.
         David Hess                           Mary Hosmer                              Tom Foltz
         14 Chestnut Street                   32 Cummings Park                         1449 Middlesex Street
         Amesbury, Ma 01913                   Woburn, MA 01801                         Lowell MA 01851
         (978) 388-2993                       (781) 932-5667                           (978) 322-1972
         BRYTE Technologies                   Locktite Aerospace
                                                                                       Vermont Composites, Inc.
         Stacy Biel                           Larry Stelmack
                                                                                       Dan Maneely
         18410 Butterfield Blvd               P.O. Bob 216
                                                                                       139 Shields Drive
         Morgan Hill,                         Stafford Springs,
                                                                                       Bennington, VT 05201
         CA 95037                             CT 06076
                                                                                       (802) 442-9964
         (410) 376-3850                       (860) 432-4678
         CAD Cut, Inc.                        Lucas Industries                         Vistagy
         Ward Osgood                          David Antoniewich                        Dannielle O'Beirne
         P. O. Box 448                        P.O. Box 372                             486 Totten Pond Road
         Marblehead, MA 01945                 201 Clinton St                            Waltham, MA 02451
         (781) 639-2900                       Springfield, VT 01516                    (781) 290-0506
         Coastline International              Mathis Instruments
         Heather O’Rourke                     Charlie Hildebrand
         274 Bangor Street                    46 English Street
         Lindenhurst, NY 11757                Salem, MA 01970
         (631) 226-0500                       (978) 239-8233
         Custom Composite Innovations         Newport Adhesives & Composite Inc.
         Scott Heitman                        Tony Roberts
         5 Perry Way, Unit 12                 1822 Reynolds Avenue
         Newburyport, MA 01950                Irvine, CA 92614
         (978) 465-2211                       (949)252-4243

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Feb 2005 SAMPE   file:///Users/davidevans/Desktop/Feb%202005%20SAMPE.htm

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