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Trip report - directly responsible for safety trip report

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					 good grasp of safety in production, establish harmonious XX
 - XX town, directly responsible for safety trip report
 distinguished leaders, comrades: 2005 I am in charge of XX town of safe production.
Over the past year, the district government under the correct leadership, the higher
the support of the security under the guidance of the production sector, seriously
and actively perform their duties in accordance with the "three represents" important
thinking, earnestly implement the provincial, city and district on the safety
production of a series of important instructions and deployment, closely around the
promotion of economic development and ensure social stability and concentrate efforts
on the implementation of the work of production safety, effectively preventing the
occurrence of various types of major accidents, safety town 2005 situation is
generally stable production.
 year ago, the town of accidents in 359 cases, 13 deaths (including traffic accidents
accounted for 12 people), wounded 465, the direct economic loss of 582,400 yuan, the
number of incidents of deaths, casualties respectively over the same period last year
58.85,8.3,69.7, direct economic losses down 38 compared to last year.
 review in 2005, I, as XX Town, directly responsible for production safety, in
fulfilling its functions as the major work done.
 1, strengthen leadership, improve advocacy efforts to raise public safety awareness
 safety leadership is the key, publicity is the premise. I am the town party committee
and government attach great importance to production safety work, the first sound
leadership mechanism and control mechanism. To the community, a high sense of
responsibility and political responsibility, at every level, level one for the town
was established at all levels of the units generally headed by the top leaders of
the safety lead agency, formed a top to bottom , supporting linkage operating
mechanism; town government security office, equipped with four full-time staff, a
part-time staff, decoration of the office, to improve working conditions, and
developed the system. Second, step up publicity to raise awareness of national
security. Combination of "safe production" requirements, conduct extensive "Safety
Month" activities, we developed issued a "XX town," Safety Month "plan", held a
"Safety Month" rally. The main work -
 (a) carry out the "Safety Act" learning campaign. Full use of all media and forms,
continually promote the importance of safety and the laws and regulations. In 2005,
the town of security do I have to publicize and distribute all types of safety leaflets
more than 30,000 pictures, and Zhang. In densely populated areas, major traffic
junctions hanging safety posters, and the traffic police, to strengthen road safety
publicity, "Wu Jin", went to primary and secondary schools, corporate road safety
publicity, educated more than 9,000 people; through the village (neighborhood)
committees for distribution to households in cases of road traffic safety propaganda
sheets more than 6,000 sheets. Fire Safety Division and a half, together with the
Public Security Bureau, has been to the village, neighborhood, business distribute
fire safety leaflets picture and the fire of knowledge about 8000, to help them with
organizing "11.9" fire special promotional activities, the town has a total of
investment promotion fund more than 20,000 yuan.
 (b) to strengthen professional training for staff safety. With the town's rapid
economic development, enterprise, public entertainment and mobile population,
increasing safety management, inspection and more important. To further enhance the
company's safety awareness in public places of entertainment, the town has organized
a number of the 2005 safety training: (1) organizing training a registered safety
officers, training officers 80; (2) the responsible persons Safety training phase,
training a total of 70; (3) organized two training practitioners of dangerous
chemicals, a total of 150; (4) Fire safety training held in three phases, a total
of 450 people. According to the company to adjust our production to add the security
key technical personnel, to ensure that production steadily carry out "security for
the production, the production must be safe."
 (c) self-help skills training to carry out security activities. Combination of safe
production activities in all units at all levels generally established and improved
production safety accidents within the emergency response plan. United Laboratories,
Philips and other companies and schools to carry out a safety and escape, self defense,
self-help, self-protection, fire fighting, fire equipment, skills training, and
carefully watched the safety video organized video.
 (d) knowledge to carry out missionary activities, campus safety, the town carried
out in primary and secondary schools "safe with me on campus," student written
proposal for the signature campaign theme and the "Hand in Hand" activities. Caused
by the parents of students in a letter to all parents deeply educational.
 big way to safety through missionary activities, the town departments at all levels
to further enhance safety awareness, self-protection was significantly improved.
 second, clear objectives, responsibility, the full implementation of safe
production responsibility system,
 district safety committee in accordance with City Safety issued safety indicators,
the town party committee and government from the political, about overall situation
in order to right people's lives and the spirit of responsibility for state property,
the responsibility for implementing the target level by level, up and down in the
town formed a responsibility system. This regard, special efforts should be four to
 first goal. In accordance with the "who are in charge is responsible for",
"Production management must secure the principle of" legal representative is the
first responsibility for safety of people in this region, the departments,
enterprises, the village has overall responsibility for production safety
requirements, the town implemented "A Pair of responsibility" system, establish and
improve the safe production responsibility for the network, down to every level of
safe production responsibility to the various units, decomposition of the
implementation of the enterprise, workshop and team. Town government enterprises,
public institutions, the village (neighborhood) committees and primary and secondary
schools in 2005 were entered into a "safe production responsibility", provides for
strict liability goals, implement the responsibility system for year-end assessment
of the completion of the annual target The unit shall be rewarded for outstanding
instruction objectives in accordance with the responsibility for punishment.
 second is the organization and the whole town leaders have established safety systems,
improve the security management network and the necessary rules and regulations.
 third is the personnel. Focused on solving some officers, it was steward of the
problem. A charge of various units to determine the leadership of the village
(residents) with a full-time staff, also established an information security
management focal point, the enterprises to set up safety departments, with full-time
cadres, one for each shop based screeners.
 4 is the implementation of the measures. Each unit will work safety, finances,
materials, technology, implementation steps, methods implement.
 3, centralized management, focused, and intensive special rectification and safety
 safety is a social system, need to participate in all walks of life. Therefore, the
activities carried out, we implemented a "graded responsibility, centralized
management, coordination and cooperation, focused, concentration and control", in
2005 we have organized large-scale safety inspections 50 times. Zhen'an commissioned
collaborative town public security, comprehensive management of public entertainment
and other relevant departments, enterprises (169), individual shops and bazaars,
schools and have carried out a detailed inspection of forest. And more than 2,000
"three small place" in a number of troubleshooting. On the problems found during
inspections, timely corrective measures, and a deadline for rectification. After each
inspection, I have called for security to do truthfully written report submitted to
the town committees, governments and competent leaders. To further enhance road
traffic safety. The first half of last year, the town's road safety the number of
incidents and the death toll rose, the road safety situation is grim. I Zhen'an
commissioned to take timely measures, starting from June 1, recruitment of 10 traffic
assistant to help manage. Safety Office and the district town of Work Safety Bureau,
the District Bureau of Transportation, District Traffic Control Point, the district
traffic police brigade on the road of the town I was troubleshooting traffic black
spots and made a rectification plan. Meanwhile, at the District government required
that all road traffic black spots rectification, it had invested more than 30 million,
set zebra crossing, fence, deceleration zone, street lighting, warning signs, to
eliminate safety hazards, to improve traffic safety in our town .
 good grasp of all special items at the same time, the town safe to do focused,
troubleshoot potential problems in a timely manner to carry out safety inspections.
In 2005, we also carry out the work on the town a number of safety inspections, led
by the security office, organizing the police station, business, exchange control,
power supply, soil on the area and other departments within the enterprise, station
point, the power industry, construction industry boiler and pressure vessel, key
channel, the public, civilian facilities and other key units, part of regular ad hoc
inspections, raids and spot checks, investigation and risks, identify problems,
deadline for correction. Examination, the scope of the individual without a license
and operating an illegal gas station point over proposed ban views; on the illegal
operation, use nonintact line, nude line unit immediately stopped and a deadline for
correction; on non-standard operation, there are security risks on construction sites
adopted a power outage, downtime cleaning. Inspection on all units, in particular
the existence of potential safety problems of the units registered in time, regularly
visit, see the implementation of corrective measures to eliminate potential safety
problems as soon as possible so that corrective measures are truly implemented.
Seasonal changes, we carried out in due course the necessary safety checks carried
out during the rainy season, "three defenses" checks carried out during the winter
fire, explosion, freezing, poisoning prevention for the content of the "four anti-"
check, the effective containment of the various Class of security incidents.
 over the past year, I work on the town to make some safety efforts, the town is
relatively stable production safety situation. However, the requirements were higher,
with the new development is still a big gap between the work there are still some
weaknesses and problems, mainly: First, that leadership primary individual units
outstanding safety efforts, as if grasping family planning efforts ; Second, focus
on the development of individual private enterprises, light security, not to safety
in the first place, not a sound system, fire facilities, poor; third business unit
of electricity is not standardized, line more prominent problems in aging and so on,
these issues to be in the future work, take effective measures to solve them.
 in the new year, I will Plenum party guided by the spirit, earnestly practice the
"Three Represents", consolidate the achievements, innovation, seriously listen to
the views of inspection teams, to correct insufficient, further implement the safety
production responsibility system, fully grasping the town I work safety, economic
development and social progress to create a favorable security environment, to create
safe, harmonious, civilized, rich and make a positive contribution to the new XX.

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