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									                       University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
                       MKTG 600 Marketing Strategy (MBA Core)
                            Course Materials and Schedule
                                      Summer 2003

General Information
Instructor:         Professor Thomas Gruen
Office:             Dwire 246
Phone:              719-262-3335
Web address:
Course prerequisites: None

Course Materials for Summer 2003 MBA Marketing Strategy Course

         Course Text: Framework for Marketing Management, Second Edition by Philip Kotler.
          (Note: Students who have purchased or wish to use Kotler’s 11th edition Marketing
          Management text may use this text in place of the Framework text. The Marketing
          Management is a longer and more complete (and more expensive) version of the Framework
          text. Everything contained in the Framework text is included in the Marketing Management
          text, but only elements contained in the Framework text will be included on the
         Case Packet from
         Course Simulation: The Marketing Game, third edition, a simulation by Mason and Perrault

MKTG 600—Marketing Strategy Projected Semester Schedule for Summer 2003

 Week          Topic for Class Discussion               Assignment    Case            The Marketing
 Module 1      Goals of Marketing Strategy:             Kotler 1, 2   None            Introduction:
               Discovering, Creating, Communicating,                                  Read Preface
 May 27        Delivering, and Extracting the Value                                   and Chaps 1-3
 Module 2      Marketing Strategy Making and Planning: Kotler 3, 4    Encyclopedia    Form Teams
               Business Strategy and Marketing Strategy               Britannica (A   Read Chaps 5-
 June 3                                                               & B)            6 and appendix
                                                                                      A; Run
                                                                                      tutorials 1-4
 Module 3      Marketing Research and Competitive       Kotler 5, 8   Reagan-Bush     Run tutorials
               Information                                                            5-8, take quiz
 June 10       (; Laddering)
 Module 4      Consumer and Business Buyer Behavior     Kotler 6, 7   Miele & Co.     Team strategy
               (Conjoint analysis)                                                    due;
 June 17
                                                                                      Round 1 due
Week        Topic for Class Discussion               Assignment      Case            The Marketing
Module 5    Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Kotler 9        Custom          Round 2 due
            (STP)                                                    Research (A)
June 24     (Cluster Analysis)
Module 6    Product and Brand Management             Kotler 10, 11   Eastman         Round 3 due
            (Perceptual Mapping)                                     Kodak
July 1                                                               Funtime Film
Module 7    Services Marketing                       Kotler 12       Laura Ashley/   Round 4 due
                                                                     FedEx BLS
July 8
Module 8    Pricing                                  Kotler 13       Cumberland      Round 5 due
July 15                                                              Industries
Module 9    B2B, Channels, and Supply Chain Mgt      Kotler 14, 15   WESCO           Round 6 due
July 22
Module 10   Integrated Marketing Communications      Kotler 16       Reynolds        Round 7 due
            (Duncan: Process and Content)                            Metals
July 24                                                              Company
Module 11   Sales Force Management and On-line       Kotler 17       Vector          Round 8 due;
            Marketing                                                Marketing       Team final
July 29                                                                              report due
Module 12   Exam
July 31

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