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6th February 2009         Elections in June                                   Heritage Railway

Moray Resource Centre
Visit Thursday 5th March
2009 Green Roadshow

Deborah Hockney,
Waste Education
Officer, represented the
Moray Council’s Waste
Management Team, at
the recent Eco visit and
received a warm welcome
from everyone there.
Recycling has become a
way of life for many people
in the Moray area and it was
good to hear from the people       It was great to see so much interest in the Home Composting
at the centre about the effort     and Love Food Hate Waste Campaigns when I visited your
that they put in to recycle at     resource centre. I found that a few people already were
home. Litter questionnaires        composting but needed some extra advice but also a few who
were filled out by about            weren’t and needed to know how to get started and everyone
twenty people which will help      agreed that we can all do our bit to reduce the amount of
the council look at how the        cooked foods that go into our rubbish bins. There was also
general public feel about the      some interest in the Bokashi Binwhich is a Japanese system for
amount of litter on our streets    dealing with cooked food. If anyone wishes further information
and hopefully make it feasible     on any of these campaigns please get in touch with Marina
to tackle those issues that        Fraser, WRAP Waste Reduction Adviser on marina.fraser@wrap.
people feel most strongly or 07711 388902.

Lynne Laing, Energy Advisor
from SCARF (save cash and reduce fuel) Moray’s Energy Efficiency
Advice Project was available to answer questions on saving
energy in the home. “This was an excellent morning where I spoke
to lots of interested people who were looking to try and reduce
their fuel bills. A few people will be eligible for grants for insulation
and heating”

   FOR MORE INFO : | | www.moray, aware
Welcome                                                         Goodbye                    Get Steaming on “The Whisky Line” the first Moray
Resource Centre
                                                                Irene...                   At a loss for something to do this sum-
                                                                                           mer? Why not get back on track by taking
                                                                                           a ride on the Keith to Dufftown Heritage
                                                                Irene Muircroft,           Railway Line? Re-opened in 2001 by a
Magazine                                                                                   team of steam train enthusiasts the line will
                                                                who was here               take you on a 22-mile round trip from Keith
Hello and welcome to the                                        as a social work           to Dufftown, through some of Speyside’s
first edition of MRC’s new                                       student, has               most beautiful countryside.
newsletter, which we hope                                       finished her 3
you enjoy reading. It is                                        month placement            In addition, you can enjoy snacks and
planned to produce the                                          with us.                   refreshments in the Buffer Stop restuarant
newsletter four times a year                                                               car at Dufftown or visit the shop at Keith      at weekends between Easter and the end
- so this is your summer                                                                   Town Station.                                   of September with a “Santa Special” run-
edition. We are very grateful      ..but Hello Sam              .... and Hello Marie                                                       ning during December, Alan is also kept
to Stuart from the desktop                                                                 Two of our clients at MRC, Alan Stuart          busy. “I’ve loved steam trains all my life
publishing project, who has                                                                from Fochabers and Alistair Dunbar from         and have fond memories of catching one
                                   Sam MacLaren,                Marie Simpson              Elgin, volunteer at the railway - Alan as a     from Glenlivet to Elgin with my dad when I
been fantastic in helping us       is our new social            will be joining us
with the design, layout and                                                                driver cum second man/guard/building su-        was very young. We had to change trains
                                   work student who             soon to work as            perintendent and Alistair as a maintenance      at Craigellachie back then,” said Alan.
printing. It is hoped to have a
mix of articles including Centre   will be with us until        a part time OT in          man, carrying out any odd jobs that need
news, information about other      the end of July.             the Disabled Living        doing to preserve not only the train and        The railway is mainly funded by private
                                                                Centre                     track but also the station buidings. Both       hire charters but recently it has been used
services and items of general                                                              men thoroughly enjoy what they do. Said         to host a wedding reception.
interest. The newsletter will                                                              Alistair, “It can be hard work, especially in
also be available in different                                                             the summer months when the railway is           All facilities are accesible to disabled
formats, for example The                                                                   open, I can be there two or three days a        people, having level and ramp access for
Moray Companion have                                                                       week”. As the train runs on Tuesdays and        wheelchairs.
agreed to record it onto tape
for those of you who would
prefer this. It will also be
available as a pdf so you can
                                                                                           Client Social Fund
read it on a computer.                                                                     Did you know that there is more than
                                                                                           £3,000 in the Client Social Fund? The
We would welcome feedback                                                                  money has been raised by fundraising,
about the newsletter, both                                                                 donations and money that has been raised
in terms of content and                                                                    by the Christmas party which last year
presentation, and would be                                                                 amounted to £222. The Social Fund is for
grateful if you would take                                                                 the benefit of clients of MRC and has paid
the time to complete the                                                                   for a jigsaw board, Microsoft Publisher for
questionnaire to help us get                                                               a computer that is used by clients and a
future editions right. We          We were all very sorry to hear about                    donation to the cardmaking group so they
                                   the passing away of Tim Lester and Bill                 could buy some equipment. More recently         Letter from the Clic ‘n Pic Group
are also looking for a team                                                                                                                Our Clic ‘n Pic photography group
                                   Challoner. They will be much missed.                    it gave £400 to the Clic n’ Pic Photography
of clients to produce the                                                                                                                  asked the Social Fund to help with some
                                                                                           Group to purchase a second laptop and
newsletter so please let us                                                                suitable software.                              funding to purchase a laptop computer
know if you are interested. The                                                                                                            and software so I wrote to the fund with a
sooner we start working on the     Care Commission Report                                                                                  quote for the prices. We are so delighted
                                   MRC is inspected on an annual basis to ensure that      To request money from the fund all
next edition the better.                                                                   you have to do is either speak to your          with our new laptop. It has made all the
                                   we are providing a quality service that is in keeping                                                   difference to the group. If other groups
                                   with the National Care Standards. The last inspec-      keyworker, a client rep or write a letter.
I look forward to hearing your                                                             When a request is made the proposal             like us are needing help in this way why
                                   tion took place on 16th January this year. You will                                                     not ask the Social Fund like we did. They
views                                                                                      is discussed at a team meeting and the
                                   find the report on the notice board near Interview                                                       may be able to help.
Lois Heavenstone
                                   Room 1.                                                 decision about whether to give the money
                                                                                           is decided by both staff and client reps.       Josie Gillies
Snippety Bits                                                                              All Abilities Trails in Moray
On 30th March, as I was driving into the car park first
thing in the morning I was lucky enough to see a small                                     Websites guide the way with walks around Moray
flock of about 25 waxwings on a tree just inside MRC                                        Full details of all abilities trails in Moray can be found at
grounds. I rushed inside to get the camera but they                               These include town, country and coastal routes. The
flew off before I could. I love seeing waxwings. They                                       information provided gives a summary of the terrain covered, distance and estimated
are such beautiful birds. They can be seen between                                         time necessary to do the walk as well as providing a map of the route to be taken.
October and March when they come here to feed on                                           Examples of the walks are:
berries. They particularly like rowan and hawthorn,
but also cotoneaster and rose so look out later on in                                                                                       The Rothes Burn
the year. They are quite easy to spot.                                                                                                      Portnockie to Cullen Cycle Path
                                                                                                                                            Grant Park in Forres
                                                         MRC Consultation                                                                   The Old Horse Market,Keith
                                                         We aim to consult with you                                                         Barhill Circular, Buckie
                                                         on a regular basis to ensure                                                       Alice Littler Park, Aberlour
                                                         that you are happy with the
                                                         service you receive, that the
                                                         service meets the National        The Forestry Commission have also developed two walks in Moray which are suitable
                                                         Care Standards and to hear        for wheelchair users. These are at Torriston, which is just past the village of Miltonduff
                                                         of any suggestions you might      on the outskirts of Elgin and at Culbin Forest.
                                                         have to improve the service.
                                                         You will of course have been      You may also be interested in a current Moray Council public consultation document
                                                         consulted when you have a         called the “Core Paths Plan” which is in it’s final draft stage. The document focuses
                                                         review but we are also plan-      on the development of a network of core paths throughout Moray and this will be your
                                                         ning to hold a consultation       last chance to have your say. A copy of the plan can be found on the Moray Council
                                                         event very soon. Look out for     website,
Good news - Look out for a Nintendo Wii and Wii          posters and don’t miss your
Fit which has been given to MRC from Community           chance to have your say.          If you would like to view either of these sites but are not confident using a computer,
Services. We will need to purchase a television to                                         please ask a member of staff to help you.
go with it however this could be used to watch films      HAVE YOU HEARD THE
                                                         ONE ABOUT ....?
as well! Apparently the Wii Fit is a very good way of
keeping fit and improving balance and other programs
are reputed to improve memory and thinking. (I think I
                                                         The audio library is situtated
                                                         underneath the noticeboard
                                                                                           Who is the mystery man?
had better give it a try).                               in the main area. There are                                  Who is that guy        ensure that these Services are targeted
                                                         a selection of talking books                                 and what is he         in the best way to meet what the local
                                                         available for you to borrow.                                 doing here? Does       community needs. It is about sharing
                                                         If you would like to borrow a                                he actually do         information and developing the capacity
TRY THIS EASY RECIPE FOR A TASTY TEATIME                 book just make your selec-                                   anything?              of people to become more closely
TREAT                                                    tion, take it to the main office                              For those I            involved in making decisions about the
                                                         and Mo or the duty worker                                    have not had           Service. This is not about token gestures,
BELGIAN LOAF                                             will sign it out for you. There                              an opportunity         but about really working together.
1 Teacup sugar                                           is no charge and no late fees                                to meet, Hi, I’m
1 Teacup milk                                            - just remember to bring it                                  Ben Macdonald.    I have been asked to look at some of the
1 Teacup sultanas                                        back when you have finished                                   I’m here on      Services, including the Resource Centre,
4oz Maragarine                                           with it.                                                     a temporary      and think about how to strengthen the
1 Egg (beaten)                                           MEMORIES                                                     contract. If you involvement of service-users and carers
2 Teacups Self Raising Flour                             My memories grow                                             have seen me     in shaping the services. Engagement
1 Pinch of salt                                          as each day goes by                                                           is potentially much more than just
                                                                                                                      staring into space,
                                                         Some make me laugh,               it is O.K. – I’m thinking about “Getting    consultation. In the end of the day, it
Put sugar, milk, sultanas and margarine in to a pan      some make me cry.                 Engaged!” No not me – but it could be       is not for me, but for the people using
and bring slowly to the boil. Cool slightly and add                                        YOU!!                                       the services and the people running the
beaten egg, salt and flor. Mix thoroughly. Pour mix-      My memories remain                                                            services to decide what will work best for
ture into greased loaf tin and bake in a moderate oven   and are never forgot              The engagement I am thinking about is not them but I hope that the work I am doing
for approximately 45 mins to 1 hour. (Dates or nuts      They’re with me forever           a romantic one – it is about how to involve will help to kick-start the process.
may be added to mixture before boiling if liked).        when loved ones are not.          people who use Services more to help
The Tuesday Art Class
The Tuesday art class, which has
sessions running throughout the
year, is still proving a popular choice
with clients at the Centre. Here we
can relax, have fun and enjoy trying
a variety of painting media such
as watercolours, acrylics, coloured
pencils or pastels, in a friendly

Everyone is given individual attention
with help at each stage in the
creation of their own ‘masterpiece’.
Clients can work at their own pace
with no pressure or time limit to
complete a picture.

At the end of the year we hold our
own Art Exhibition in the Centre
where we display our work for all to

Join one of our sessions and bring
some colour into your life – you’ll be
amazed at what you can achieve!
Ray Dyson

                  I love the art class at Moray Resource Centre. I’ve never done art
                  before in my life, not even at school and I used to worry about making
                  a mistake but Ray, our teacher, says that mistakes are easily fixed so
                  not to worry. I love choosing a picture and then Ray shows us what
                  to do and I just do it. In the beginning it was hard but I have learnt
                  so much and there is so much more to learn. Ray is so good and so

The other people in the class are all so nice and we have a laugh. New people soon
open up and join in the fun. It’s the best thing that ever been on here and I wouldn’t
miss it for anything. In fact I have never missed a class since it started. It’s so relaxing.

We have an exhibition at the end of the year and I
was nervous about selling my painting. Ray advised
me to take it home and put it up in the sitting room
to look at every day and then decide if I wanted
to sell it. I did this and realised that I got a lot of
pleasure from it and so thought the buyer would too
– so I sold it. My son has one of my paintings in his
flat. He tells people that his mum painted it and they
can’t believe it because they knew I wasn’t good at
painting in the past.

I love the class and all of the paintings that I have
done. My only complaint is that the class is only on once a week.
Mary Milton
Client Reps
                  Would You Like to                                                Changing Lives:                                   IS was founded in 2001, as a direct
                                                                                                                                     response to calls from the grass

                  Become a Client Rep?                                           Active Citizenship
                                                                                                                                     roots of the disability movement for
                                                                                                                                     a new national organisation, which
                                                                                                                                     would give us a voice strong enough
                  Client Rep Election to take place in June
                  An election will soon be held to appoint new Client Reps
                                                                                for Disabled People                                  to be heard by policy makers. It is
                                                                                                                                     run by disabled people themselves
                                                                                                                                     for, as we have the experience of
                  to take over from Henry, Gregor and Michael. This can be          Inclusion Scotland Roadshow                      disability, we are best placed to
                  a rewarding and challenging role to play in the running                                                            speak out on the issues that are
                  of MRC and requires a firm commitment to attend Team              6th February at Moray College                     important to us and affect our daily
                  and Client Rep Meetings on a monthly basis, acting as                                                              lives. Already over 60 disability
 Anne Briscoe     spokesperson for clients on issues regarding the service.    Back in September last year, we had an email          groups from throughout Scotland
                  Prospective candidates should therefore take a keen          from Inclusion Scotland (IS) asking about ideas       have joined in partnership with us.
                  interest in developing the service as well as encouraging    where they could hold a roadshow one-day in
                                                                               Moray looking at the issues pertinent to the lives
                  clients old and new to use and gain skills.                  of people with disabilities in Moray.
                                                                                                                                     Our role is to enable meaningful
                                                                                                                                     communication and consultation
                  Another important part of the role is to take part in        Inclusion Scotland is a consortium of organisations
                                                                                                                                     between disabled people in
                  interviewing applicants for vacancies within the centre.                                                           Scotland and policy makers at local
                                                                               of disabled people and disabled individuals.          and national government levels
                  Training and support will be given as required. If you are   Their aim to draw attention to the physical,
                  interested in taking on this demanding role, you should                                                            and with bodies such as the NHS,
                                                                               social, economic, cultural and attitudinal barriers   all of whose decisions and policies
                  speak to your keyworker who will help you prepare your       that affect everyday lives of disabled people in      can profoundly affect us. We want
 Henry Brown      canvassing leaflet.                                           Scotland. It was decided the theme in Moray was       to reverse, through civil dialogue,
                                                                               to be empowerment and active citizenship for          partnerships, capacity building,
                  Look out for posters going up in June!                       disabled people.                                      education, persuasion, training
                                                                                                                                     and advocacy, the current social
                                                                               June Mackie agreed to chair the day, with talks       exclusion experienced by disabled
                  How have you found being a client rep?                       from Bill Campbell and Ruth Forrest from Inclusion
                  I have enjoyed being a client rep because I like helping                                                           people.
                                                                               Scotland. David Dick talked about living with a
                  people. I felt apprehensive at first but soon felt more       disability from a local perspective and Jennifer
                  relaxed.                                                     Walker talked about where Moray Disability Forum
                                                                               currently stands.
                  What does being a client rep. involve?
                  We attend team meetings once a month. It is a good           Afternoon discussion sessions covered issues
Alistair Dunbar
                  thing to do but I found the meetings a bit long. I helped    on Housing, Direct Payments and Independent
                  one person with a personal issue, just listened and didn’t   Living, Access to Sport and Leisure and NHS and
                  give advice. I feel this helped the person. We also work     Disabled People.
                  together to organise the Christmas party and interview
                  new members of staff.                                        There were 54 people there, 44 service users and clients, on a cold wintry day with snow
                                                                               on the ground. Originally, there were to be approximately 70 people in all on the day
                  What did you enjoy doing the most?                           including speakers but the weather took its toll. It was a very interesting and informative
                  Talking to people who have a problem. I like to listen. It   day, with lots of inspiration and energy flowing, more than enough to keep us warm. One
                  has been enjoyable working with the other client reps.       of the aims was to re-invigorate the Moray Disability Forum and to get it back on the road
                                                                               again and a part of the morning was set aside to discuss how it might happen.
 Gregor Ewan      What do you feel you have gained from being a client
                  rep?                                                         There was a good level of interest in reconvening the Forum and we have already set
                  It has helped me get my confidence back. I like to help       the ball rolling to take this onto the next stage. Some of the issues discussed in the
                  people.                                                      afternoon workshops could easily become focus issues for the Forum to look at and
                                                                               move forward with. Keep your eyes open, there will be a mail shot coming out soon
                  What kind of person do you think would make a good           inviting people to join the forum if you have not already expressed the interest.
                  client rep?                                                  It was a very good day in spite of the weather and the general feedback was very positive
                  Someone who listens and who does the job to be done.         indeed. There is the need for voices to be heard and this was a great starting point.
                  You have to do your part and not just leave it to everyone   From my own point of view, I felt really thrilled about what happened on that day and
                  else. Someone who is happy so they can cheer people          really excited to consider where this is going! The forum can change lives and your voice
                                                                Anne Briscoe
                                                                               can be heard by the decision makers.
Mike Mackenzie
Interview with Mike Devenney,                                                             Taster Sessions
Principal of Moray College
When does enrolment for a course need to be completed by?
From now until the first couple of weeks after a course has started.

How can I find out about courses and when can I enrol?
Information can be obtained from the College, its website and the prospectus. You can
enrol from now until the first couple of weeks after a course starts.

How can I find out about funding and whether this affects any benefits?
The Student Finance staff can offer help with funding. Some higher education
students may be eligible for a Disabled Student’s Allowance to assist with the cost of
support needs at college. Funding can affect benefits. The College and the Benefits
Agency can offer information and advice.

How accessible are the college facilities, such as toilets, canteen and lifts for
students with a disability?
Reasonably accessible, making improvements is an ongoing process.                         For information on any taster please speak
                                                                                          to Arlene (Monday to Wednesday) or Lois
What help is available to students who think they may have a learning disability?         (Thursday and Friday) and LET US KNOW
Students should make staff aware of any learning disability, as early as possible,        IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR FUTURE
preferably on the application form. There is a team that can assist by offering advice    TASTERS.
and arranging relevant support. The college has a wide range of equipment, aids and
software which can be loaned when necessary.                                               Monday         Card making - new
                                                                                                          members welcome
If extra support is required are measures in place right at the start of the course?       Tuesday        ART - fully booked
Students should disclose any disability as early as possible so that support can be put
in place as soon as possible.                                                              Wednesday      Table Top Gardening
                                                                                                          Yoga                         Future tasters - Look out for posters on
If a student requires a carer or personal care, does the college provide these                                                         the taster board so you can sign up for
services?                                                                                                 Music                        them
Although the college does not provide personal care, it has a very clear remit to work
with both the student and personal care provider making reasonable adjustments to          Thursday       Relaxation
                                                                                                                                        Tuesday        new art session starts
ensure that the provision of personal care is not a barrier to attending college.                         Computing - run by                           10th July - priority will
                                                                                                          Moray College - speak to                     be given to people who
Does the college provide transport for students with mobility difficulties?                                your keyworker if you are                    were not allocated a
Transport can be provided and is assessed on an individual basis. There are 11                            interested.                                  place in the previous
designated disabled parking bays at the college.                                                                                                       session
                                                                                           Friday         Photography - new
If students have health issues, perhaps needing extra time off due to their health                        members welcome               Wednesday      Yoga - new sessions
needs, what can the college do to accommodate this?                                                                                                    start beginning of
College staff are sympathetic to students needs and can assist those experiencing                                                                      August
genuine difficulties. Help can be in the form of handouts, extra time to complete and
allowance for re-submissions or re-sits.                                                                                                Thursday       Relaxation - new
                                                                                                                                                       session starts beginning
Does the college offer a confidence-building course to help individuals get back                                                                        of August
into education?                                                                                                                                        Family tree - could run
Although the college does not specifically run confidence-building courses, they do run                                                                  on any day - if you are
other courses that can help. Kickstart is designed to help those returning to learning                                                                 interested let us know
or who need to brush up on their skills and runs for 6 sessions over July and August.
Headstart is designed to help those claiming disability or incapacity benefits to return                                                 TBA            Doric
to work.

Sam MacLaren
Garden News
All’s rosy with garden funds
Good news, garden funds are looking
healthy due to two donations, one from
Mike Gray and the other from Alan Main.
The intention this year is to build on last
year’s successes. We aim to grow new
potatoes and tomatoes for sale again.
Hayracks have arrived and will be planted
up soon.                                    a new ‘Floral Trail’. This is still under
                                            discussion but it looks like this year in
We are eagerly awaiting the construction of the garden could be an exciting one. All
the pergola, from Robertson’s the builders. volunteers are most welcome.
They’ve agreed to donate both materials
and labour. We’ve received an invite from   Thanks for everyone’s hard work so far,
‘The Friends of Andersons’ to be part of    From the ‘ diggers and pullers’

                    Moray Resource Centre
                    Maisondieu Road
                    Elgin                 01343 551339
                    IV30 1RX    

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