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					Security BU
S    it

Jacques Seneca

Gemalto is the leading provider of secure digital identity solutions
          Banks, Enterprises,
enabling Banks Enterprises Governments & other Public Authorities to
deploy secure and convenient hardware-based strong authentication
credentials, solutions, systems, and services. These apply for travel, ID,
Healthcare, Badges and Internet access to protect identities and data, as
well as to provide strong authentication and help performing securely
online transactions.
Forward-Looking Statements
This communication contains certain statements that are neither reported financial results nor other historical
information and other statements concerning Gemalto. These statements include financial projections and estimates
and their underlying assumptions, statements regarding plans, objectives and expectations with respect to future
operations, events, products and services and future performance. Forward-looking statements are generally identified
by the words "expects", "anticipates", "believes", "intends", "estimates" and similar expressions. These and other
                                                                               forward looking
information and statements contained in this communication constitute forward-looking statements for purposes of
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cannot guarantee future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements. Factors that could cause actual results
to differ materially from those estimated by the forward-looking statements contained in this communication include, but
are not limited to: the ability of the company's to integrate according to expectations; the ability of the company to
achieve the expected synergies from the combination; trends in wireless communication and mobile commerce markets;
     company s
the company's ability to develop new technology and the effects of competing technologies developed and expected
intense competition generally in the companies' main markets; profitability of expansion strategy; challenges to or loss of
intellectual property rights; ability to establish and maintain strategic relationships in their major businesses; ability to
develop and take advantage of new software and services; the effect of the combination and any future acquisitions and
investments on the companies' share prices; and changes in global, political, economic, business, competitive, market
and regulatory forces. Moreover, neither the companies nor any other person assumes responsibility for the accuracy
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any of the forward-looking statements after this date to conform such statements to actual results, to reflect the
occurrence of anticipated results or otherwise.
           Authentication & identification solutions for
           governments enterprises and banks
                From investment to profitable growth                                          Government                        Identity &
                                                                                              Program (GP)                      Access
                       Growth endorsed by market dynamics in all
                                                                                                 26%             FY08           Management
                       geographies and solution sales                                                          € 216m           (IAM)     20%
                       Margins set to improve with better                                                         14%
                       industrialization, solid pricing p
                                        ,       p     g pattern and
                       global leverage on opex

                       y              g      (   )
                Identity & Access Management (IAM)                                           Revenue (€m)                              EBIT%
                       Leverage the shift to strong authentication                              140                                        20%

                       Leverage relationship with banks and telcos                              120                                        15%

                       Expand partner network for corporate market                                                                         10%

                Government Programs (GP)                                                                                                   0%
                                           p       g
                       Unrivalled leadership in fragmented market                                                                           5%

                       Capture growth from e-Identity ramp-up                                    40
                       Increase per-country revenue by leveraging                                20                                        -15%
                       our broad portfolio of solutions
                                                                                                 0                                          20%
                                                                                                       H1'07   H2'07    H1'08      H2'08
Note: Revenue variation stated at constant exchange rate, and by reference to 2007 revenue

       y              g
Identity & Access Management
Market Drivers                                  Gemalto offer
 Secure access to eBanking services               One Time Password Solution offer
               e banking
   # of online e-banking users                                  Connected Token

   Increasing level of fraud                       OTP
 In the Corporate environment
   Fraud & Data leakage                        CAP
                                                                        User &
   Employee mobility                                                   Password
   Cloud computing
 I      i
 Increasing need f 2FA (2 F
                 d for    Factors              SIM-OTP
                                                           SMS OTP
                                                  Others include: converged badges,
 Convergence of physical and logical
                                               secure USB dongles, readers, ...
  access control

Value creation                                    Success factors
 Increase enterprise productivity with
                                y                    Expertise in Security and Cryptology
  secure mobility of employees                       Indirect sales channels
 Grow internet business for the banks: fraud         Critical size
 reduction, increased services, lower costs          Remote device management

            Strong Authentifcation is at the core
            of multiple IT Security verticals

                 Identity Security             ~ 4B$
                 oIdentity Administration
                                                                     ~ 2B$                     Data security
                                                                                             o Encryption oData at Rest
                                                               Federation                    o Scanning oData in Use
                 –Role & Entitlement Mgt
                                                                                        Data o Monitoring oData in Motion
                 –Privileged-User & Password Mgt                               Encryption                                             ~ 2B$
                                                        Web SSO                     (DLP)
                 oIdentity Data Infrastructure                     ~ 0.9B$
                                                      Converged       Core
                                                       Badge      Authentication
                                                                     M k t
                   Building Security                                               Detection        Network security
                                                                                               o   Threat Management
                   o Security equipment (doors,               eBanking - eCommerce
                     video, access card, readers,…)
                                       ,        , )                                            o   Secure Content Management
                                                                                               o   Security, V l
                                                                                                   S                 bilit
                                                                                                         it Vulnerability
                   o Software Management
                                                                                               o   Intrusion, Detection, Prevention   ~ 14B$
                                            ~ 50B$

                                                          Internet Transaction security
                                                          o   Signature (web and document)
                                                          o   Web transaction
                                                          o   Fast and automatized signature circuit
                                                          o   Audit
                                                          o   Notary service (i.e. timestamp)                ~ 2B$
Source: Gartner, IDC, Gemalto

Government Programs
Market Drivers                                 Gemalto offer
 Secure the links between individuals and
   Identity fraud
   Ensure privacy

 Product demands
   Regulations act as booster for the demand
   Adoption of standards
   Shortening renewal cycle
   Emerging needs of value add application:
   eGov, eVerification,

Value creation                                  Success factors
 Trusted infrastructure for eServices to        Expertise in Security and Cryptology
   d    fraud in dematerialized economy
 reduce f d i d        t i li d                 Ability             d ff h          l
                                                Abili to master and offer the complete
 Security and privacy protection
                                                Trust (track record and references)
 Cost reduction and efficiency
                                                Local presence
 (e.g. healthcare, driving license)

Government Programs: a young and
attractive market

 Remains a young and promising
 market                                       2012 Global market breakdown
    New application continue to emerge
    e-Identity cards set to be the key
    driver for growth in the coming
 Market unique attributes
    project-based                                       € 6B
    long sales cycles
    strong lobbying
    some national preferences
 Typical contract value breakdown        Source: PIRA

    1/3 for documents
    1/3 for services (e.g. enrollment)
    1/3 for the systems

  Gemalto covers the full value chain

Allynis     Fully personalized
                                          + Long-term customer
Secure      Secure Document
se ces
services          g    pp
            Managed Applications
                                          + M lti years contracts
                                            Multi          t t

            Turn-key Identity solution
Coesys      Enrolment    Issuance
Secure      Application                   + In-depth customer
solutions                                   relationship
            Local Professional Services

Sealys      Travel Documents              + Strong deployment
Secure      ID Cards                        revenues
documents   Healthcare Cards              + Multi years contracts

                       g          project references
            Unrivalled government p j
                               Government e-Documents References
                 40                                                       e-Driving
                                                                          e Driving License

                 30                                                                                                                                new e-Document
                                                                                                                                                   contracts in 2008


                       Gemalto       Comp #1      Comp #2       Comp #3       Comp #4       Comp #5
                                                                                                                            Revenue growth of
                                                                                                                            in 2008*
                                           Gemalto Global References

                                                                                                                           25            turnkey solutions
                                                                                                                              and operated service projects

Note: Revenue variation stated at constant exchange rate, and by reference to 2007 revenue- Map shows only references that have been made public

         p               p            growth and value
    Well positioned to capture future g

     Sustainable Market              A Unique Combination                  Solid Business
      Growth Drivers
      G                          +       of Strengths
                                           fS                         =       Outlook

       Security concerns and         Preferred access to                        p
                                                                          Undisputed leadership p
I      data leaks                    Government, Banks and                in security technologies
                                     Telecom Operators                    and Government
A      Increasing need for                                                references
M      connectivity / mobility
                  y          y       Increasing converging use
                                     of devices (EMV CAP,                 Organic growth with
       Compliance rules              dongles, handsets)                   complementary
                                                                          expansion opportunities
       Security threatened by
               y            y        Unrivalled installed base
       Identity fraud while          and global reach                     Long term contracts in
       protecting privacy                                                 GP

G                                    Ability to offer best in class
       Government services                                                Recurrent business set
                                     i t     t d ff       d      i
                                     integrated offer and services
P      operating cost reduction                                           to increase

       Renewal cycle set to          Positioned for trusted               Sound profit expansion
       shorten to keep up with
                     p p             operated service