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					                                                 TRIP REPORT
                                               By Yumie Morishita

Marine Diving Fair, April 3-5, 2009

Palau voted 2nd Place in Best Diving & Resort Area!

The biggest number in the past, 51,825 people had visited the 2009
Marine Diving Fair in Japan on April 3-5! This was almost the same
number of visitors to the fair compared to last year despite the
economic recession, the number of visitors slightly increased. It was
another successful MDF for Palau with 10-tour operators and
hoteliers attending the fair and for Palau receiving two awards as a

               2004        2005     2006      2007      2008        2009
Day 1 (Fri)    7,849       6,829    7,616     7,772     7,993       8,206
Day 2 ( Sat)   20,465      21,284   22,031    22,368    23,576      23,591
Day 3 (Sun)    16,449      18,752   18,863    19.624    19,667      20,028
Total          44,763      46,865   48,510    49,764    51,236      51,825

                  2009 Marine Diving Fair Awards

Palau Destination:      2nd Prize: Best Diving Area, Overseas
                        (The 1st: Maldives, the 3rd: Philippines)

                        2nd Prize: Best Dreaming Area, Overseas
                        (The 1st: Maldives, the 3rd: French Polynesia)

Other Categories:

Palau Pacific Resort: 1st Prize: Best Diving Resort Hotel, Overseas
                      (9 years consecutive)

Palau Sport:             1st prize: Best live-aboard, Overseas
                        (9 years consecutive)

The MDF officially opened to the public after the ribbon cutting ceremony from 10am to 5pm for the next 3-
days. The awarding ceremony was held on the first day in the afternoon. PVA was honored to have Senator
Alfonso N. Diaz, Chairman of the Tourism Committee, receive the two awards for Palau, “2nd Place Best Diving
Area and 2nd Place Best Dreaming Area”. Senator Diaz joined the Marine Diving Fair to experience first-hand
how PVA promotes Palau at tradeshows. He also attended the Tokyo Palau Roadshow to observe the setup of
the presentations. Senator Diaz comments, “As a Senator and Chairman of the Tourism Committee, this trip
was an educational trip for me and I learned a lot of things about promoting a destination. I hope my
colleagues and the community will be able to see video clip of the marketing efforts that justify the need of
budget increase for PVA to continue promoting Palau as the choice destination. We have to spend more
money to make money.”

Again, Palau had a big presence at the 2009 MDF with 2-booths shared by PVA and 8-tour operators and
hoteliers: Palau Sports, IMPAC Tours, Dolphins Pacific, Carp Island Resort, Palau Royal Resort, Palau Pacific
Resort, Palasia Hotel Palau, and Sam’s Tours. Also from Palau, Blue Marlin and Splash Palau had their own
separate booth. During the 3-days, everyone put together their brochures into one packet and distributed to the
visitors to the fair as well as answering their inquiries about Palau and how to get there.
   2-booths registered by PVA co-shared with 8-Palau tour operators and hoteliers (US$1,000 co-share fee):
      1. Palau Sports
      2. IMPAC                               MDF collaterals distributed
      3. Dolphins Pacific                    PVA Japanese New Flyer – Yoroshiku Palau Flyer: 4,000 copies
      4. Carp Island Resort & Dive Center Palau Flyer (Palau Digest Flyer): 4,000 copies
                                             PVA Japanese official Guide Book: 2,000 copies
      5. Palau Royal Resort
                                             PVA Japanese official Guide Map: 2,000 copies
      6. Palau Pacific Resort
                                             Coconut candies: 625
      7. Palasia Hotel Palau                 Banana chips: 12 bags
      8. Sam’s Tours
                                                  Palau Roadshow collaterals distributed
   1-booth independent                            Coconut candies: 500       Palau beach balls: 650
      1. Blue Marlin                              Banana chips: 59 bags      PVA DVD for each CO branch: 5
      2. Splash Palau

                                                  Guam booth in the
                                                   left-hand picture
                                                   in the corner isle
                                                    then Yap booth
                                                      across Palau
                                                      shown in the
                                                  right-hand picture.
                                                    All three booths
                                                     located in one

         Palau Road Show in Japan - Tokyo, Nagoya, Niigata, Sendai, Sapporo (April 6-10, 2009)

After the success of the 2008 Palau Roadshow to the 5-major cities in
Japan, the 2nd annual Palau Roadshow to the 5-cities: Tokyo, Nagoya,
Sendai, Niigata, and Sapporo commenced after the Marine Diving Fair
this year. The Roadshow is a joint marketing and PR efforts between
Continental Airlines Japan, Palau Visitors Authority, and the Palau tour
operators and hoteliers. This year a total of 14 local tour operators and
hoteliers joined the Roadshow (last year 10 participants). A total of 380
travel agents were invited an increase of 40% compared to last year

Currently Continental Airlines operates direct flights out of 8-major cities
in Japan to Guam therefore this is a great opportunity to introduce
Palau via Guam with only few hours transit time. Due to time and                Palau Roadshow in Tokyo
budget, only 5 out of 8 cities were chosen after the Marine Diving Fair in
April and then remaining 3-cities after the JATA World Fair in
September. The arrangement has been successful and convenient as
well as save costs for the Palau participants since they attend the two
major tradeshows in Japan annually and do not need to fly back an

The set up of the Roadshow was similar to last year with presentations
from PVA introducing the destination, Continental Airlines introducing
their services and direct routes via Guam to Palau from the 5-cities, and
each of the Palau tour operators and hoteliers introduced their tourism
products and services. After the presentations, the travel agents had a
one-on-one meeting opportunity with the tour operators and hoteliers to         Palau Roadshow in Nagoya
exchange business cards and information. “All the participants both
Palau participants and Continental staff had a very good time and were
very impressed with second Palau Road Show,” said Mr. Shibamura
Tsuyoshi, PVA-Tokyo Marketing & Sales Coordinator.

The cost of the venue, equipment rentals, and refreshments in all 5-
cities were co-shared between Continental Airlines, PVA and Palau tour
operators and hoteliers. The success of the 2009 Palau Roadshow in
Japan would have not been possible without the wonderful support and
partnership of Continental Airlines, Belau Tour, Carp Island Resort,
Dolphins Pacific, IMPAC Tour, Pacific Diver Oasis, Palasia Hotel Palau,
Palau Royal Resort, Palau Plantation Resort, Palau Pacific Resort,
Palau Sport, Pleasure Island Palau, Sam’s Tours, Splash Palau, and         Above: Palau Roadshow in Niigata –
TBS dba Jungle River Cruise.                                              Palau Operators & Hoteliers meeting on-
                                                                             on-one with Niigata travel agents.
                                                                             Below: Presentation to consumers
Palau Road Show list of 14 participants
(Each paid 50,000 yen or US$500 to share cost venue/refreshments):

   1. Palau Pacific Resort: Mr Furuya, Ms Muratani
   2. Palau Royal Resort: Mr Takahashi, Mr Beppu, Mr Kojima
   3. Palasia Hotel Palau: Mr Osada. Mr Chan
   4. Palau Plantation Resort: Ms Inuzuka
   5. Belau Tour: Mr Kakau
   6. IMPAC Tour: Mr komatsu, Ms Akiyama
   7. Palau Sport: Ms Nishimoto
   8. Dolphins Pacific: Mr Tanaka, Ms Suzuki
   9. Pleasure Island Palau: Mr Hattori
   10. Pacific Diver Oasis: Ms Miyashita, Mr Miura
   11. Sam’s Tours: Mr Matsuo – 4 cities
   12. Tour Bank System: Ms Takumi – 3 cities
   13. Carp Island Resort: Ms Misa – 2 Cities
   14. Splash: Mr Yonezawa – 1 City

                                                                                Palau Roadshow in Sendai

               Palau Roadshow participants in Sapporo

                                                                                Palau Roadshow in Sapporo
                             Palau Roadshow Schedule
             Location   Venue                 Time

6th April    Tokyo      Zenkoku Choson Kaikann   10:00-16:30   100 PAX
7th April    Nagoya     Nagoya Tokyu Hotel       13:00-17:00   100 PAX
8th April    Niigata    NST YUMEDIA              13:00–17:00   75 PAX - Consumer
                                                               25 PAX - Travel Agent
9th April    Sendai     Sendai Hotel             13:00-17:00   35 PAX
10th April   Sapporo    Hotel Okura Sapporo      13:00-17:00   45 PAX
                                                 Total         380 PAX

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