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									The Ringing Roadshow                                 •   Independent producers of books, equipment,      NEW for 2008
                                                         accessories and other ringing related
The Ringing Roadshow is the primary opportunity          merchandise                                     The Advice Centre is a new and exciting
for the whole of the bellringing community to                                                            innovation for the 2008 Roadshow. It will be a
meet together. It encompasses a trade show, a                                                            separate area of the hall where visitors will have
range of learning opportunities, ringing-related                                                         the opportunity to ask any questions they have
entertainment, hands-on activities, shopping and                                                         about bells and bellringing to a variety of experts.
the chance to meet hundreds of other ringers.                                                            It is designed to provide useful, relevant, easily
                                                                                                         accessible, “down-to-earth” practical information
Tickets                                                                                                  for “ordinary ringers”. So, if you have any
                                                                                                         burning questions that you want to have
   •      £8 per day for adults                                                                          answered, or have been too shy or embarrassed
   •      Under 16s accompanied by an adult are                                                          to ask before, this is the place for you.
          admitted free – proof of age may be
          required                                                                                       The Personal Development Zone is also a new
   •      Advance booking discount – tickets £6 if                                                       initiative for this roadshow. It will provide
          booked now!                                                                                    practical opportunities for visitors to improve
                                                                                                         their ringing through the use of dumb bells,
                                                     •   Real Ale bar
Ticket order form enclosed.                                                                              simulators, video capture, practical sessions on a
                                                     •   Wide selection of on-site catering
                                                                                                         mini-ring and handbell change ringing workshops.
                                                     •   The Ringing World
Attractions                                                                                              There will also be a rolling programme of theory
                                                     •   The Central Council and its committees
                                                                                                         sessions covering topics such as improve your bob
                                                     •   Fund Raisers – individual church projects and
   •      Mini-rings to watch or have a go on                                                            doubles.
                                                         association BRFs
   •      The Advice Centre NEW for 2008
   •      Seminars led by a variety of speakers
   •      Handbell concerts and workshops by
          The Handbell Ringers of Great Britain

                                                                                                         The Roadshow Trails will allow visitors to
                                                     •   Roadshow Trails NEW for 2008
                                                                                                         concentrate on their specific areas of interest.
                                                     •   Local towers open before and after the show
   •      Commercial bell firms                                                                          There will be a Fun Trail, a History Trail and an
                                                         each day
   •      Personal Development Zone NEW for 2008                                                         IT Trail.
Accommodation                                          Food & drink

The Stoneleigh Park Lodge and the Blackdown            The on-site restaurant will be selling hot and cold
Village Hostel are both on the Roadshow site           meals during the day. There will be smaller meals
close to the exhibition hall. They are both now        sold in the gallery restaurant in the main hall –
available for booking at specially negotiated rates    sandwiches, hot baps and other snacks. For drinks
of £70 per double room in the lodge and £30 per        there will be a Real Ale bar plus hot and cold drinks
twin room in the hostel. For reservations please       available at the other outlets.
either: email or
ring 02476 690123 and mention the Ringing              Potential exhibitors
Roadshow to obtain the reduced rate.
                                                       If you are interested in being an exhibitor, either

                                                                                                               2008 RINGING
Transport                                              for a commercial purpose or to present something
                                                       that you think would be of interest to bellringers of
Stoneleigh Park is right in the middle of the          all shapes and sizes then we would love to hear from

country in Warwickshire.                               you. Full information for potential exhibitors is
                                                       available on the website or from the committee.

                                                       Contact Information

                                                       For any more detailed questions the organising
                                                       committee can be contacted direct:
                                                                                                               A festival of bells and bellringing

                                                          •   John Anderson – Team Leader                       Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire
                                                          •   Eleanor Linford – Publicity
                                                                               Friday 5th and Saturday 6th
                                                          •   Derek Smart – Facilities manager and
                                                              exhibitors contact
                                                                                                                       September 2008
It is easily accessible by car, there are good train
services to Coventry and Warwick Parkway                  •   Stephanie Warboys – Finance and tickets
                                                                                                               Everything you need to know!
stations with taxis available, and Birmingham
International Airport is nearby for longer
distance travellers.                                   Phone 07504 070030 for all Roadshow enquiries   

Maps and directions are available on the website.      The website contains all this information and a lot       A Central Council of Church Bell Ringers promotion
                                                       more. Posters and this leaflet can be downloaded.                  Registered Charity No. 270036


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