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									Everybody’s Business

Mental Health Awareness
What is CAMHS?
CAMHS is the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. CAMHS
promotes emotional well-being and delivers preventative services and
treatment to children and young people with mental health problems.

CAMHS is a partnership between Surrey County Council, Surrey’s Primary
Care Trust, NHS delivery trusts for mental health and voluntary organisations.

Surrey CAMHS is more than a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.
Health, education, social care and voluntary organisations contribute to the
service to ensure it is multi-disciplinary and delivers excellent results to all its
users. Delivery of the strategy takes place at a local level through Local
Implementation Groups who are accountable to the countywide strategy
group and are represented on it.

How do we work?

We work in different ways with people, depending on their needs.

We support teachers, youth workers and people working with children and
young people

      By giving training and advice around how to spot mental health
      By offering advice about how to create an environment that helps
       prevent emotional difficulties developing

For more information please see www.surrey-camhs.org.uk

Everybody’s Business Training
Everybody’s Business is a training resource for all front-line staff who work
with young people, but who are not mental health specialists. It is a national
core training course which is aimed at increasing mental health awareness
including an overview of what mental health is, how CAMHS are structured,
mental health problems and disorders and what helps children and young
people who have developed mental health problems. The training is delivered
via an online training package. This e-learning will be supported by area-
based twilight sessions which will be rolled out across the county over the
next two years and will be delivered by CAMHS staff.
Outcomes of the training
Aims of the training

   To generate an awareness of the contributory factors to mental health and
    ill health.
   To foster a climate in which the positive and negative aspects of diagnosis,
    naming and labeling can be explored.
   To enhance confidence in identifying mental health problems and develop
    an understanding of more serious disorders that require specialist
   To promote a shared understanding of how the tiered system works and
    how it can be integrated with the levels of service described in Every Child
   To develop an awareness of local services and their contribution.
   To explore the issues involved in inter-agency working
   To encourage personal and professional efficacy in working within the
    CAMHS structure and local systems.
   To reinforce existing competence in working with young people and
   To build confidence in working with mental health problems.

Learning outcomes for participants
By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

   Provide a definition of mental health.
   Begin to discriminate between being psychologically healthy and mentally
   List and begin to expand upon those factors within the child, the family and
    the environment that increase the risk of / resilience to mental health
   Name the common mental health problems and disorders occurring in
    children and adolescents.
   Highlight the positive and negative aspects of naming and labeling.
   Show familiarity with the diagnostic categories in ICD-10
   Demonstrate an understanding of those mental health problems that may
    be considered less serious and can be treated at tier 1.
   Discriminate between less serious mental health problems and more
    serious, enduring and complex problems and disorders requiring
    intervention from specialist CAMHS.
   Describe the four tiers of CAMHS, specifying the relationship to universal,
    targeted and specialist levels, as described in ECM.
   Delineate clearly the role of the tier 1 practitioner in relation to CAMHS.
   Produce a summary (written and/or graphic) of local services within the
    tiered structure.
   Evaluate their own role as tier 1 practitioners.
   Demonstrate their skill in speaking, listening and observing.
   Discuss knowledgeably what works in working with children and young
   Show an awareness of their own areas for skills development and future
    training needs.

An evaluation of the outcomes of the training will be undertaken by CAMHS.

How to access the training
If you are interested in going forward with this training you will need to contact
your manager who will provide you with the necessary details to allow you to
register on the Everybody’s Business online course. The twilight sessions to
support the e-learning will run in different areas over the course of the next 2
years and the exact programme is currently being drawn up. It is likely that
the first will be in the autumn in the North West (either based at Camberley or
Woking Connexions Centres).
How to contact CAMHS

CAMHS primary mental health teams

Borough                   Telephone number

Runnymede                 01784 884817
West Elmbridge

East Elmbridge            0208 224 7878

Epsom, Ewell & Banstead   01372 204120

Mole Valley               01306 502708

Tandridge                 01883 388303

Redhill                   01737 287002

Guildford                 01483 783344
Surrey Heath
Multi-disciplinary (Tier 3) CAMHS Teams
Borough               CAMHS Clinic Address        Telephone
                                                  number (for
                                                  urgent concerns)
Runnymede             CAMHS                       01932 722561
Spelthorne            The Ramp, St Peter's
West Elmbridge        Hospital, Guildford Road,
Woking                Chertsey, KT16 0PZ
East Elmbridge        Emberbrook Health Centre    0208 224 7878
                      14 Raphael Drive
                      Esher, KT7 0EB
Epsom and Ewell       The Willows                 01372 204120
Banstead              St Ebba's Hospital
                      Epsom KT19 8NW
Mole Valley           Dene Street Clinic          01306 502708
                      32 Dene Street
                      Dorking, RH4 2BZ
Tandridge             Langley House               01883 388303
                      Church Road
                      Oxted, RH8 9LH
Redhill and Reigate   Kingsfield Centre           01737 277701
Horley                Philanthropic Road
Merstham              Redhill RH1 4DP
Guildford             CAMHS                       01483 783330
                      61 Buryfields
                      Guildford, GU2 4AX
Surrey Heath          Frimley Children's Centre   01483 782900
                      Church Road
                      Frimley, GU16 5AD
Waverley (Farnham)    Farnham Health Centre       01252 724044
                      Brightwells, East Street,
                      Farnham, GU9 7SA

Youth Counselling Services
West Surrey Youth Counselling Service
Tel: 0845 600 2516

Heads Together
Tel: 01737 378481

Open House
Tel: 07932 047 778
Useful resources
For professionals                       imprisonment. It seeks to minimise
                                        the harm imprisonment causes to
CAMHS resources                         children and families.
The following publications are          http://www.prisonersfamilies.org.uk/
available from CAMHS for
professionals:                          Dove Self-Esteem Campaign
    What is CAMHS booklet for          This website is part of the Dove
       young people: explaining the     Self-Esteem fund and is aimed at
       CAMHS service and process        young girls. It contains some really
    What is CAMHS booklet for          good video clips about body image
       parents: as above                which could form useful talking
    Self-harm resource pack:           points for class discussion. It also
       contains a DVD offering          contains ideas and activities for
       useful advice to                 building self-esteem for girls in
       professionals working with       today’s image obsessed world.
       young people who may be          http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.
       self-harming                     co.uk
    Feeling Good Week
       resource pack: prepared for      First Steps
       this year’s Feeling Good         NHS-led service offering friendly
       Week and contains ideas on       advice and information on mental
       group activities and events      health and emotional issues to the
       to boost self-esteem (ideas      public and employers. Its aim is to
       can be used all year round,      help people to find their way back
       not just during Feeling Good     to wellbeing. Also offers Emotion
       Week)                            Gym sessions which offers advice
                                        on managing stress, anxiety, anger
    Primary Mental Health Team
                                        and low mood. (For East Surrey
       annual report
    CAMHS annual service
All information is available from the
                                        FourS training
website at www.surrey-
                                        The Course & Conference
camhs.org.uk or please contact
                                        Programme for 2008- 2009 offers a
Emma Harris on Tel: 020 8541
                                        range of stimulating centralised
7760 or email:
                                        events for the full spectrum of
                                        subjects and audience groups in
                                        the school community.
Action for Prisoner’s Families
APF is the national membership
organisation representing the
needs of families affected by
Jigsaw4U                                the CAMHS Feeling Good Week
Jigsaw4U supports children and          resource pack. To download the full
young people, and their families,       54 page resource pack go to
who have experienced loss and           www.scope.org.uk/imaginethediffer
trauma. It offers training, mentoring   ence
and advice
http://www.jigsaw4u.org.uk              Surrey Young Carers
                                        Promotes the needs of young
Just like me.org.uk                     carers in all settings.
Part of the ‘See me’ campaign,          http://www.sycp.org
which aims to stop the stigma of
mental illness. The site contains       Surrey Children and Families
video clips and fact sheets, which      website
could be useful when dealing with       A comprehensive information
mental health issues in the             service for parents/carers and
classroom.                              professionals in Surrey on the
http://www.justlikeme.org.uk            services available for children in
                                        need and their families. Click on
Sainsbury Centre for Mental             SPES – supporting parents/carers
Health                                  for information on all parenting
Works to improve the quality of life    courses run in east and west
for people with mental health           Surrey and other local parent
problems by influencing policy and      support initiatives.
practice in mental health and           www.surreycafis.org.uk
related services.
http://www.scmh.org.uk/                 The Royal College of
                                        Psychiatrists fact sheets
                                        Offers a range of fact sheets on
The charity’s website offers a          topics such as depression, alcohol
number of valuable resources,           and drugs, obsessive compulsive
including publications, fact sheets
                                        disorder, sleep problems and
and awareness materials.                stress.
http://www.sane.org.uk/AboutSANE        http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk

SCOPE imagine the difference
SCOPE has put together a new
resource pack designed for
teachers of Key Stages 1 and 2 to
deliver lessons, assemblies and
circle-time activities about
celebrating diversity and difference
in a fun, engaging and thought-
provoking way. Examples of
activity sheets are included within
Relax for Health                       YoungMinds
Sally Elias and her colleague, both    YoungMinds offers a range of
ex-teachers, have launched Relax       training solutions for all
for Health which offers relaxation /   professionals who work with
meditation (non denominational)        children aimed at increasing
workshops. Having previously just      knowledge and understanding. This
worked with the general public they    includes specialist training on
are launching into schools over the    participation and bespoke training
next year and are offering some        for more specialist requirements.
taster sessions as part of their       http://www.youngminds.org.uk/prof
Relax for Health roadshow.             essionals/
See www.relaxforhealth.net or
contact Sally Elias for more
information on 01306 740394 or
07787 566 212.

The Mental Health Shop
Is an online resource for mental
health publications, leaflets,
booklets, videos, DVDs and more.
Founded by Mental Health Media.
For Parents / Carers

Antidote: Campaign for                    Family Links Surrey
emotional literacy                        A registered charity promoting
Antidote aims to create an                emotional literacy, nurturing and
emotionally literate culture, where       relationship skills in families and
the ability to handle emotional life is   schools through a 10-week course,
as widespread as the capacity to          for children in primary schools and
read, write and do arithmetic.            parents/carers in parenting groups.
www.antidote.org.uk                       Tel: 01483 225596
Anti-Bullying Alliance
Established by the NSPCC and              Kidscape
NCB, it brings together 65                A registered charity which aims to
organisations into one network with       keep children safe from harm or
the aim of reducing bullying and          abuse. The website gives advice to
creating safe environments in             young people and parents/carers.
which children and young people           www.kidscape.org.uk
can live, grow, play and learn.
www.ncb.org.uk/aba                        MIND
                                          This national mental health charity
                                          supports people experiencing
Bullying online
                                          mental distress. The website
This website provides help and
                                          contains online leaflets on a wide
advice on bullying issues for pupils,
                                          range of mental health issues and
parents/carers, governors and
teachers. It also includes legal
advice, school projects and
suggestions for work in class and         NSPCC Child Protection Helpline
youth clubs.                              Offers support and advice to young
www.bullying.co.uk                        people who have a problem or are
                                          worried about someone else.
                                          Tel: 0808 800 5000
Cruse Bereavement Care offers
help to anyone who has suffered
the loss of a friend or relative.
                                          Parentline Plus
Tel: 020 8332 7227
                                          Offers help and advice to
                                          parents/carers on bringing up
                                          children and teenagers.
Family Line Surrey                        Tel: 01702 559900
Confidential help line for anyone         www.parentlineplus.org.uk
who lives or works in Surrey and
needs advice or support on family
issues. Tel: 0808 800 5678
Samaritans                             Surrey Young Carers
Provides an email advice service       Support for young people who look
and telephone helpline 08457 90        after a family member with an
90 90 and lots of useful information   illness or disability.
and advice about mental health.        Tel: 01737 248111 or 01483
www.samaritans.org.uk                  568269
Self-harm and young people             www.surrey-youngcarers.org.uk
Website of the national enquiry into
self-harm and young people. Useful     SYPS (Surrey Young People’s
information sheets for teachers and    Service)
families and good links section.       Advisory service for young people
www.selfharmuk.com                     offering information on drugs and
                                       Tel: 01737 773482
Stop It Now! Surrey
Stop It Now! aims to prevent child     Surrey postnatal depression
sexual abuse by increasing public      Information and details of local
awareness and empowering people        support for women and families
to act responsibly to protect          affected by PND. Includes
children. Freephone helpline           discussion board.
Tel: 0808 1000 900                     www.surreypnd.nhs.uk
Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm
                                       Mental Health Foundation
                                       Leading national charity for mental
Surrey Children and Families           health and has a wide range of
website                                downloadable information on a
A comprehensive information            wide range of mental health issues.
service for parents/carers and         www.mentalhealth.org.uk
professionals in Surrey on the
services available for children in     The NSPCC After Sexual Abuse
need and their families. Click on      Project (ASAP)
SPES – supporting parents/carers       Offers a therapeutic service to help
for information on all parenting       children and young people who
courses run in east and west           have experienced sexual abuse.
Surrey and other local parent          Tel: 01372 375372
support initiatives.                   surreycw@nspcc.org.uk
Surrey Domestic Abuse Helpline
                                       Aims to help everyone affected by
Offers confidential support, advice
                                       severe mental illness to recover
and information. Can also put you
                                       and enjoy a better quality of life.
in touch with local outreach
                                       Rethink has a lot of information to
workers and refuge.
                                       support the families of people with
Tel: 01483 776822 Surrey
                                       mental illness.
24-hour helpline
                                     Youth In Mind
Royal College of Psychiatrists
                                     Provides information for
The website includes online fact
                                     parents/carers on children and
sheets for parents/carers and
                                     young people’s emotional and
young people on a range of mental
                                     mental health. It has a good book
health issues including
bereavement, eating problems,
depression, divorce, and stress.

YoungMinds parent information
Provides information and advice on
child mental health issues.
Tel: 0800 018 2138
For young people
Tel: 0800 1111
This website provides information
to children and adults on issues of
concern to children. It includes
factsheets about different kinds of
abuse, bullying, bereavement, peer
pressure, and stepfamilies.
Includes free downloadable
citizenship, PSD and pastoral care
teaching pack.

It’s not your fault                       www.There4me.com
This website is a useful resource         Child Protection Helpline: 0800 800
for people who are worried about          500 freephone 24-hours a day
their parents splitting up. It includes   Textphone: 0800 056 0566
ideas about young people's                www.nspcc.org.uk
feelings which may be of use to
teachers exploring these issues.          PAPYRUS
  www.itsnotyourfault.org                 Is a UK resources and support for
                                          those dealing with suicide,
Lifebytes                                 depression or emotional distress –
LifeBytes is a website which gives        particularly teenagers and young
young people aged 11 - 14 facts           adults.
about health in a fun and                 www.papyrus-uk.org
interesting way.
www.lifebytes.gov.uk/indexmenu.ht         RU OK?
ml                                        Self-help for teenagers developed
                                          by professionals including
Mind body and soul                        educational psychologists,
Website provided by the Health            psychologists, psychiatrists and
Development Agency aiming to              GPs. We always encourage
give young people, the low down           teenagers to seek advice if they are
on health in a fun and interesting        having problems, but the site may
way.                                      be the first step in this process.
www.mindbodysoul.gov.uk/                  www.ru-ok.com

The NSPCC website has a Kids
Zone which contains details of the
child protection helpline for young
people who have problems at
home or are being bullied. There is
also a children's website at
The Site                               YoungMinds
Website connecting young adults in     National charity committed to
the UK to the best information, help   improving the mental health of all
and advice available, to help them     children and young people.
make informed decisions for            Website provides information and
themselves. Includes sections on       advice for children and young
mental health, drugs, and alcohol.     people, parents and professionals.
www.thesite.org                        YoungMinds run a telephone
                                       service giving information and
There for me                           advice to anyone with concerns
If you've got worries or need some     about the mental health of a child
advice, There4me.com can help.         or young person. Open Mondays
The site is for all 12-16 year-olds    and Fridays, 10am - 1pm;
living in England, Wales, Northern     Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
Ireland and the Channel Islands.       Thursdays, 1pm - 4pm. Freephone
It's to help you find solutions to     0800 0182 138.
your problems.                          www.youngminds.org.uk

Teenage Health Freak
Teenage Health Websites Limited,
is taken from the ‘Diary of a
Teenage Health Freak’ series. The
worldwide success of the diaries
identified a demand for cringe-free
health information specific to

Youth access
Youth Access is the national
membership organisation for young
people's information, advice,
counselling and support services.
Helpline: 0208 772 9900 open
Monday to Friday 9.30am-5pm
Specific mental health
Abuse                                     Jigsaw4U supports children and
Barnardo's                                young people, and their families,
Helps children, young people and          who have experienced loss and
their families over the long term to      trauma. It offers training, mentoring
overcome the most severe                  and advice
disadvantages - problems like             http://www.jigsaw4u.org.uk
abuse, homelessness and poverty -
and to tackle the challenges of           Bullying
www.barnardos.org.uk/what_we_d            Anti-Bullying Alliance
o.htm                                     The Anti-Bullying Alliance was
                                          established in July 2002 by NSPCC
ADHD                                      and NCB and brings together 65
                                          organisations into one network with
ADDISS                                    the aim of reducing bullying and
The National Attention Deficit            creating safe environments in
Disorder Information and Support          which children and young people
Service - Registered charity              can live, grow, play and learn.
providing information and                  www.ncb.org.uk/aba
resources about ADHD.
Tel: 020 8906 9068                        Kidscape
www.addiss.co.uk                          Kidscape is a registered charity
                                          that aims to keep children safe
Anxiety                                   from harm or abuse. The site
                                          includes advice for young people
BBC Online: Anxiety                       and parents who are being bullied
Part of the BBC's Mental Health           as well as publications and leaflets
site, with user-friendly advice and       produced by the organisation.
info about anxiety disorders.             www.kidscape.org.uk
ty.html                                   Depression

Bereavement                               Calm
                                          Telephone helpline (no website) for
Cruse                                     young men who are depressed or
Cruse Bereavement Care offers             suicidal. Open every day, 5 pm to 3
help to anyone who has suffered           am. Freephone: 0800 585858.
the loss of a friend or relative. Tele:
020 8332 7227
Depression Alliance                    BBC Online: Eating Disorders
Charity offering help to people with   Part of the BBC's Mental Health
depression, run by sufferers           site, with user-friendly advice and
themselves. Website contains           info about eating disorders.
practical information about            www.bbc.co.uk/health/mental/eatin
depression, as well as details of      g_disorders.shtml
Depression Alliance campaigns
and local groups.                      Gemini
www.depressionalliance.org             User-friendly website offering
                                       practical advice and support for
Drugs and alcohol                      people with eating disorders and
                                       their families, carers and friends.
National Drugs Helpline                www.gemini.selfhelp.btinternet.co.u
Information and advice for anyone      k
in the UK concerned about drugs.
Free, confidential telephone           SANE
helpline open 24 hours a day. Tele:    One of the UK's leading charities
0800 77 66 00.                         concerned with improving the lives
www.ndh.org.uk                         of everyone affected by mental
                                       illness. Website gives practical
Trashed                                advice on a range of mental health
Comprehensive drug information         problems and treatments.
site for 16 - 25 year olds.            SANELINE is a confidential
www.trashed.co.uk                      telephone helpline offering practical
                                       information, crisis care and
Eating Disorders                       emotional support to anybody
                                       affected by mental health
Eating Disorders Association           problems. Telephone: 0845 767
Leading charity providing              8000 (charged at local rates).
information, help and support          www.sane.org.uk
across the UK for people whose
lives are affected by eating           Self-harm
disorders. Website offers
information and help on all aspects    Nation Children's Bureau: Self
of eating disorders. EDA also runs     Harm and Young People
self-help and support groups, and a    The website of the national inquiry
telephone helpline service from 9      into self-harm and young people. It
am to 6.30 pm, Mondays to              has useful information sheets for
Fridays. Telephone: 01603 621          teachers and families and a good
414. They also run a Youthline         links section. It also has up-to-date
service for people under 18, from 4    research on the issue.
pm to 6 pm, Mondays to Fridays.        www.selfharm.org.uk/default.aspa
Telephone 01603 765 050.
Aims to offer a comprehensive
source of help and information on
youth suicide and deliberate self-


Is a UK resources and support for
people dealing with suicide,
depression or emotional distress –
particularly teenagers and young

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