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									                      Royton & Crompton School
                           A Specialist Science College

April 2009
                                            rocket‟s payload into space. Royton
       Royton and Crompton                  and Crompton‟s cargo could be signed
              School                        cards, models, mementos, names and
                                            signatures of everyone in school.
                                            There will be a competition in school to
                                            decide what should be sent, with
                                            winners having the chance to be
                                            involved in viewing the launch in
                                            September. The pupil who designs the
                                            winning NOVA 2 Mission emblem
                                            could win the opportunity to press the
                                            launch button.

                                            “Blast off on a virtual learning journey
Newsletter July 2009                        through space from Earth to the
                                            farthest reaches of the known
                                            Universe. Expand your educational
School Reaches for the Stars                experience by taking advantage of
and Rockets to Success                      Starchaser‟s        SPACE4SCHOOLS
                                            fantastic and varied programmes,
                                            covering subjects ranging from rocket
The largest rocket ever to be built and
                                            propulsion to exploration of the Solar
flown in Europe was on display at
                                            System” says Steven Bennett, founder
school on Friday 24th April, prior to its
                                            of Starchaser Industries.
launch from Morecambe Bay in
                                            “We are excited by the visit of the
                                            Starchaser team to school. The school
Starchaser is Britain‟s only commercial
                                            has a good reputation, offering a wide
rocket, R & D Company and has been
                                            range of opportunities in a variety of
building and launching rockets since
                                            disciplines. We are enthusiastic about
1992.    It is working towards the
                                            involvement in the Schools Fellowship.
creation of a totally reusable rocket
                                            Royton and Crompton pupils are
system that can safely launch tourists
                                            soaring to success and this rocket will
into space.
                                            give a great boost to scientific study.”
The Starchaser team conducted a             Sally Ogden – Assistant Headteacher -
number of presentations throughout          Director of Science College.
the day whilst displaying the
Starchaser NOVA 2 at the school to
help raise the profile of science and
technology based subjects. The team
is offering school the opportunity to
become involved in sending part of the
Science College                         During the day the 270 eight and nine
                                        year olds were engaged in a variety of
On Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd July     activities including street dancing with
two groups of Year 10 pupils were       French flair. There was Latin American
privileged to attend the National       salsa and flamenco dance classes
Specialist Schools and Academies        delivered by the school‟s own
Trust Science Conference to act as      Andalusian member of the Modern
guides to conference delegates. The     Foreign Language Department - Miss
first day was held at the Museum of     Lourdes Roldån Gómez. There was
Science and Industry, the second day    Spanish art and competitive games of
at the Hilton Hotel.                    boules. Gourmet sampling of Spanish
                                        specialities were provided by La Tasca
The     pupils   were    wonderful      Restaurant from Manchester. There
ambassadors for our school and          were workshops on French and
conducted the tasks well and with       Spanish culture with sample lessons in
pride.                                  both languages. The finale took the
                                        form of an X factor-style talent
We received many positive comments      competition.
from both delegates and the
conference organisers.                  Representatives from the current Year
                                        7 pupils were foreign ambassadors for
Well Done Year 10 !                     the day.

                                        “We are delighted to welcome our
                                        potential future pupils to this exciting
Astronomical Gift                       day of cultural and linguistic pursuits.
                                        We have a growing department with a
Thanks to Mr Cyktor we have recently    significant increase in interest in
been awarded a 70mm telescope.          foreign languages amongst our pupils.
This has been awarded by the Science    Visitors will notice pupils in the school
and Technology Facilities Council and   flourishing in a purposeful and orderly
the Royal Astronomical Society.         environment. In an atmosphere of
The Society for Popular Astronomy is    learning, there is a high level of
all about fun. There‟s so much          achievement.
happening in the skies above. The
SPA brings the excitement of the        We are keen to share our enthusiasm
universe to everyone. Whether you are   and provide a memorable experience
old or young, a beginner or an          for pupils in our neighboring primary
experienced sky watcher, you will get   schools” said Mrs. Caroline McKinlay –
a great deal from SPA, Britain‟s        Head of Modern Foreign Languages
brightest astronomical society !        Department.
Despite the challenges of the British
weather if you wrap up warm you will
be rewarded with some splendid sights
                                        Lunch with an
Young Linguists Activity Day
                                        Italian Flavour
On Wednesday 29 April pupils
from Year 4 in local primary schools    From Thursday 21st May lunch had an
were welcomed to Royton and             Italian flavour. For the following five
Crompton School – Specialist            weeks a group of pupils and staff
Science College for a day with a        spent their lunchtimes learning a new
different accent.                       language.
The Community and Lesser Taught            Chinese. Lai In Pang from Year 8 has
Languages Project (COLT) was               taken his GCSE and Can Sheng Tan
launched at Manchester Metropolitan        from Year 11 has taken GCSE and AS
University last May. The aim is to         level ” says Mrs. Caroline McKinlay –
encourage the teaching of community        Head of Modern Foreign Languages
languages for example Arabic, Urdu         Department.
Italian and Chinese with no distinction
made between them and European
Languages. It works with existing
language networks in schools and in
Higher Education.
                                           Pupil Broadcasters
The project also supports those            hit the Airwaves
teachers planning to introduce these
languages. It hopes to build bridges
                                           On Friday 19th June a group of pupils
between      supplementary       and
                                           at Royton and Crompton School –
mainstream schools and to build on
                                           Specialist       Science        College
existing research into attitudes to
                                           experienced broadcast technology by
community languages.
                                           preparing their own virtual radio report
                                           for Radio Key 103.
COLT student ambassadors Elena
Davitti & Malgorzata Gasior delivered
                                           Oldham Aim Higher have partnered
language sessions including games,
                                           with Key 103 to showed pupils across
cultural quizzes and homework tasks
                                           Oldham how they can have their
with prizes galore as rewards for
                                           dream careers following a university
                                           degree. The Key 103 bus is a roving
                                           classroom     equipped    with   radio
The staff from different areas of the
                                           technology. Workshops were provided
school as well as the Languages
                                           in Math‟s and English, helping pupils
Department have been brushing up
                                           to gain grades they will need in order
their Italian, ready for their holidays.
                                           to progress towards higher education.
The pupils who would normally be
learning French or Spanish were
interested to discover another tongue.
                                           Twelve pupils from the Gifted and
It was fun for all involved.
                                           Talented and Oldham Aim Higher
                                           group engaged in a creative writing
“We are delighted by how well
                                           task using the modern technology of
received these taster sessions have
                                           pod casting. They prepared a script,
been, thanks to Elena & Gorcha. We
                                           recorded it and added music. Within 4
have a growing department with a
                                           hours there was a finished product
significant increase in interest in
                                           which potentially could be heard as a
foreign languages amongst our pupils.
                                           radio broadcast.
Next year we are offering Italian as
                                           Mrs Ogden – Assistant Headteacher
part of the KS3 options. Visitors notice
                                           who organized this activity said-
pupils in the school flourishing in a
                                           “This was an exciting opportunity to
purposeful and orderly environment. In
                                           work in an innovative way. Working
an atmosphere of learning, there is a
                                           with creative professionals using
high level of achievement.
                                           cutting edge technology continues to
                                           broaden the experiences we offer at
We are keen to share our enthusiasm
                                           school. In an atmosphere of learning
and provide a memorable experience
                                           there is a high level of achievement.
for all. This year we are delighted to
                                           Our pupils flourish in an orderly and
have been able to enter two
                                           purposeful environment.”
candidates for public examinations in
The Lionheart Challenge                     Credit Crunch Game to play with
                                            pupils from Blackshaw Lane Primary
On Thursday June 18th all Year 9 boys       School. On Thursday the RAF “flew”
took part in an event sponsored by          in to speak to groups of Year 9s & 10s
Lionheart Challenge Business Coach.         about careers in the service using
Every pupil was provided with a             math‟s skills. There was an „al fresco‟
demanding     project    diary   which      math‟s trail for Year 7s.      Visiting
involved them individually and within a     speakers from “Teach UK” brought
team in an exacting series of tasks to      inter-active involvement of pupils into
produce a product that would help the       their presentations on Personal
public to become healthier.                 Finance, linking in with the Careers
                                            Dept. The Liverpool University Math‟s
The tasks included a business               Society rolled out their fun –filled
analysis, decision-making and delivery      roadshow with prizes galore for those
of a presentation to the whole group        with mathematical prowess. There was
plus a panel of three judges and the        a ”Math‟s Alive” display with a poster
Head of Year Mr Mather.                     competition throughout the week. Year
                                            10s learned about the Golden Ratio.
Congratulations to the winning group –
Michael Muir, Nathan Mumford, Ben           Mrs Julie Ball – Head of Mathematics
Nakoneczyj, Thomas Needham, Oliver          says
Norris, Jordan Nuttall, Lewis Pawley,       “As a Science College we specialise in
James Payton & Kieren Percy who will        Science & Mathematics which are
now compete against schools from            important, necessary and highly
across the area in Liverpool on July        marketable skills. This has to be good
6th.                                        news for our pupils and their parents.
They will take part in a demanding
entrepreneurial challenge, accessing        This special week is for all staff to be
leading edge ICT and business               involved in mathematics related
expertise, ultimately delivering a series   activities   whatever    their     usual
of key business outputs before an           specialisms.    In this school pupils
eminent panel of commercial judges.         flourish in a purposeful and orderly
Good luck to the boys. If they win they     environment. In an atmosphere of
will go forward to the finals on July       learning, there is high level of
13th.                                       achievement”.

Mrs Garner – Enterprise Coordinator.
                                            Summer Music
It all Adds up to Success                   Spectacular

Commencing Monday July 6th the              A Summer Music Spectacular was
focus of the whole school curriculum        staged in the hall on Thursday July
was mathematical. The launch of a           9th. The show featured performers
week of special events was in the form      from all year groups in the school.
of an inter-school quiz – an on-line link
between Breezehill & The Radclyffe          This year the show will leave the “X
schools involving Year 9s & 10s. A          Factor” and “Britain‟s Got Talent” in
financial planning activity was based       the shade. The first half of the evening
appropriately on organising a holiday       took the form of a talent competition.
                                            There will be scintillating singers,
A fair trading game for Year 9 also         dazzling dancers nimble - fingered
had a financial theme with an ethical       instrumentalists       and        choral
context. Year 8 pupils designed a           performances by outstanding GCSE
music students. The panel of judges        Year 9
adjudicated performances and the           Nicole Lamont – Silver in the discus
winners reprieved there performances
to entertain their families, friends and   Mixed fortunes in the track events but
guests.                                    well done to all the girls who
Acting Head of Music – Miss Sarah          represented school.
Milson says

“The school has a long tradition of
excellence in music, setting a standard    Special congratulations go to :
for others to follow. There are many
talented pupils who are given a            Daryl Burgess Year 7 Oldham
showcase in which to perform. They         Schools Hurdles Champion
know that they will receive rapturous
appreciation from their friends and        Emily Shaylor Year 8            Bronze
families. This is a wonderful way for      medal in the 800m
pupils at Royton & Crompton to
demonstrate what they love to do and
what they are successful at. ”             Tennis

                                           The girls took part in the Nestle Team
                                           Competition and the Oldham Schools
GCSE Results Day                           Tennis Tournaments. Although school
                                           did not win, the girls played to the best
GCSE Results Day is Thursday 27th          of their ability. Well Done !
August 2009. Pupils can collect their
results from the Hall at 10am until 12     There has also been a tennis coaching
noon.                                      session held every Thursday at
                                           7.30am by a coach from Milnrow
If Pupils cannot attend they can           Tennis Club „Peter Tetlow‟. Thank you
nominate someone to collect their          to the 14 boys and girls from Years 7
results on their behalf providing the      and 8 who have supported the
nominated person has a signed letter       sessions.
authorising them to do so.

Alternatively you can send a stamped,      Rounders
self addressed envelope to Mrs.
Greenwood, Exams Officer.                  Teams from Years 7, 8 and 10 have
                                           played fixtures throughout the season.

                                           Although the teams have not reached
Girls P.E.                                 the Cup Finals, they have improved
                                           their skills throughout the season.
                                           In the Senior Rounders Rally the Year
The Oldham Schools Field and Track         10 team finished in 6th place.
Championships were very early this
year. In the field events congratulation   In the Junior Rally both Year 7 / 8
to all those girls who represented         excelled themselves. Both teams
school and particularly the medal          reached the final remaining unbeaten
winners.                                   throughout their sections.
                                           Unfortunately both teams lost their
Year 7                                     respective finals but they have made
Danielle Partington - Silver in the        fantastic progress this season. Well
discus                                     Done
School Uniform                            emblems or slogans, no baseball caps
                                          or other similar headwear.
Many thanks for your co-operation in
maintaining our high standards of         PE kit – Girls & Boys
school uniform.
Please note sensible plain black          Navy blue shorts; plain white t-shirt or
shoes only; no trainers, no               white t-shirt with school logo; plain
platforms, no boots and no logos.         white     socks;     suitable   footwear
Please do not purchase black Velcro       (trainers, football boots, plimsolls);
trainers or trainer type footwear as      towel            for          showering;
these are not acceptable for wearing in   tracksuit/sweatshirt may be worn
school.                                   outdoors with the permission of the PE
Girl’s school uniform codes:
Black box pleat Trutex skirt - knee       General:
length only
    – code Trutex J00716                  Jewellery or badges are not permitted.
Please note this is the only skirt        Studs and ear rings, including all body
permissible to wear in school.            piercings are not allowed, even when
    –                                     covered.
Black tailored Trutex trousers            Make-up is not permitted
    - code JWT446                         Extreme hairstyles should be avoided
Please note these are the only            Advice is always available from your
trousers permissible to wear in school    son/daughter‟s Head of Year about
and have the Royton and Crompton          any uniform issues.
logo on the waistband.

Black or white socks or plain opaque
tights; patterned tights are not          School Holidays
acceptable.                               2009 / 20010
Boys school uniform codes:                School Opens          School Closes
Black tailored trouser
- code TVT776                             Wed 2nd Sept 09       Thurs 22nd Oct 09
                                          Mon 2nd Nov 09        Fri 18th Dec 09
Black socks                               Mon 4th Jan 2010      Fri 12th Feb 2010
                                          Mon 22 Feb 2010       Thur 1st Apr 2010
Both boys and girls:                      Mon 19th Apr 2010     Fri 28th May 2010
                                          Mon 7th June 2010     Fri 16th July 2010
Plain white school shirt with top neck
fastening button - not a polo shirt.      On Monday, 3rd May 2010 school will be
                                          closed for the May Bank Holiday
Years 7 to 10 – Jade green, Trutex
crew neck sweatshirt with the school      School opens to pupils on
logo. Please note that the wearing of     Wednesday 2nd September 2009
the sweatshirt is compulsory.
                                          Start Times
Year 11 – black, crew neck school         Year 7                 8.30am
sweatshirt with the school logo. Please   Year 11                9.00am
note that the wearing of the sweatshirt   Years 8, 9 and 10     10.00am
is compulsory

Plain dark coat; no leather or denim         Wishing you all a well and
jackets or hooded tops. No large                   worthy break

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