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									                                Test Valley & Eastleigh LIG
                                Minutes of the meeting
                                Mills Arms, Barley Hill, Dunbridge
                                Time: 10.30 am to 12.30 noon

                    Minutes of the Meeting

                     Monday 12 April 2010

           People who were there today: Nigel Harvey-Whitten
           (HCC), Florence Garland (Admin), Elizabeth Hall (Andover
           Mencap), Rosie Sutcliffe (HCC), Liz Niziolek (EAP and s/u),
           Helen Roberts (EAP), Lorna Wise (CASS Mid Hants),
           Sharon Manzur (Enham), Janet House (Connexions), Jackie
           Pryce (HCC), Albert & Rita Kinsey (parents/carers), Judith
           Clayton (Choices Ad), Anne Jones (AAA), Elizabeth (HARB,
           PCP Coordinator), Sheila Denis (Signpost), Melody Mew

             Apologies: Bernadine (s/u), Henry (s/u), Michelle Bonnel
           (Eastleigh & Romsey Borough Mencap), Emma Dyer (HCC),
           Dan Stoneman (HCC), Carole Lloyd (HCC), Sue Cole
           (HCC), Cecilia Agbaje (HCC), Becki Kilham (CASS Mid
           Hants), Kaz Brackstone (HCC) and Sharon Covil (HCC)

Mistakes/corrections from the last minutes:

   Cecilia e-mail address is wrong. It should be:

   Supporting People paragraph should read: “It is worth 2 million
    pounds” (not people)

Matters arising:

Carers event: no Beth. Lorna will be chasing up.

Housing event: we decided that this LIG would like 2 events one in
Andover and one in Eastleigh/Romsey area. Liz Hall and Anne Jones
said they can help out for the Andover one and Helen Roberts, Liz
Niziolek and Lorna (+Peter; Lorna’s colleague) can help for the
Eastleigh/Romsey one.

A transition rep is needed too. 1st week or 2nd week of July would be
good dates (nothing during the holiday). Flo has e-mailed Kaz and
copied the LIG members with the request.

Communication money: we have £1479.02 left. We will need to ask for
a top up. (note since the meeting: at LIGs and Leads it was decided that
the LIG should have a list of events they want to organise before the top
up is given – LIG to come back with events/ideas list at next meeting)

Communication roadshow: at the panel, communication roadshows
were agreed to be funded through Communication money. The LIG likes
this idea but we need 2; one in Andover and one in Eastleigh. Flo to
contact Nevin Gouda (done- see e-mail copied to LIG members).

Service user event: Lorna, Rosie and Judith are keen to do a big
service user event. They have fixed a date for a meeting and will come
back next month with a proposal.

               LDDF Bids

Advocacy through HARG and other agencies £108087 (*)
Advocacy (new contracts)                         £108087 (*) (*) six
months each
PCP throughout the county                       £150000
Admin post (Flo’s)                              £20000
Partnership Board officer (Emma’s)              £40000
Partnership Board and LIG communication         up to £8000 per LIG
(ie up to £48000 total)
Carers post                                     £27,223.54
Ethnic Minority will now be funded through HCC LD budget. The Green
Light Tool Kit and Stars in the Sky’s projects were not agreed. Some
communication road shows will be funded through LIG money.

Approved bids for Orange LIG
The summer opportunities pilot scheme                 4,500.00
Find your voice                                       6,108.00
Self advocacy in Andover for 6 months                 2,708.50
Andover dramatherapy group                            8,934.74
Look at us                                            6,628.00
Home from Home                                        3,064.00
TOTAL ORANGE BIDS APPROVED                          £31,943.24

As discussed before, bids on adults provision have not been funded.
Self advocacy for complex needs should be part of advocacy hence was
not funded. Stars4Locals bid should be a proper social firm.

We are now left with a bit of money £8056.76pence. We have had 2
proposals, one from Michelle Bonnel (bid distributed at LIG) and one
from Helen Roberts from Eastleigh Advocacy. To be fair, both bids
should receive some money and it was decided that the money should
be split in half. Comments to be received by 23 April 2010 12 noon (the
two bids have now been sent out).

          Big Health Talk

The Orange LIG had two very successful Big Health Talk events thanks
to everyone involved. There is a follow up meeting next week for LIGs
reps (Liz Hall, Flo and Emma will attend).

Alison Froude has also confirmed there will be a big event for the whole
of Hampshire in May. Date to be confirmed (13th May?), Venue: Hilton

Feedback from the Orange LIG to Alison Froude:
For next year, we need a bit more time, more information and we also
need to approach schools/colleges.

          Chairing the meeting

LIG members decided that Nigel can carry on for a bit longer as he is
excellent at chairing the meeting! However, we are still looking for a
chair and a deputy chair for the future…. (see e-mail sent 15.04.2010)

Jackie has also confirmed that she is stepping down from her role as
deputy/co-chair as her time is limited.

          Service user involvement

LIG members felt service user involvement is key and maybe that a
Deputy Chair or Co-Chair should be a service user (or two!). Enham to
get in touch with Dan and anybody else who would like to get some
input should contact dan.stoneman@hants.gov.uk
Preparation for the meetings is key so service users will need help
before and after meetings.

Dan is setting up a user forum. Should we think of paid support
(independent)? Paid co-chair too.

Job description of co-chair to be sent out. Advertise the role(s). Lorna
will be extending her meeting of 20 April to other people too.

Some LIG members mentioned that the venue is not good for service
users in wheelchairs etc. If anybody wants to find a new venue, they are
welcome but Flo will not get involved at all.

We also thought about alternating the LIG from one place to another.
This will only lead to people coming every 2 months and we will not have
the continuity that we have now.

           Partnership Board matters

The main topic for the Partnership Board meeting in May is Housing.
The one in July is Carers. September is likely to be transport (TBC).

The LIG wants to be able to have some time to feedback from/to service
users/LIG/Partnership Board.

Note: at the LIG and Leads meeting on Wednesday it was requested
that each LIG should discuss which topics they would like to talk about
at their Partnership Board.

        Anything else

Liz Hall said that we need to support people to vote. She said that you
can ask candidates to come and do a 5 minute presentation. You can
also ask the TVBC for a booth and a ballot box. Liz said that you can
read the names of the candidates but nothing else is allowed. If you
need more information, please contact Liz.

Nigel said that staff at HCC cannot get involved because of purdue.

Lorna said that on Thursday 5th July, CASS Mid Hants has a Care and
Share day at Colden Common. Anybody who would like a stand, please
contact Lorna. It could be good to have a Total Communication
workshop/stand (Flo to get in touch with Nevin)

Melody from Enham said that they have a launch on 18th June about
Reach for Independence. Everyone welcome.

Becki Kilham will be on maternity leave next month and will no longer
attend the meetings.

The LIG decided that it would be good to have a Telecare presentation
from Lorraine Pink, Personalisation Project Manager from YOU
(Flo organising for next month)

Items for next month
    Housing events
    Carers event
    Communication road show events
    Service user event(s)
    Plan for the year for communication money top up
    LDDF (2 bids)

     Partnership Board matters (housing) and anything else about
      Partnership Board (20 minutes)
     Telecare presentation from Lorraine Pink (20 minutes max)
     Feedback on service user involvement (20 minutes)

Next meeting:

        Monday 10 May (due to May Bank holiday) 2010 – 10.30 to
12.30 - Mill Arms, Barley Hill, Dunbridge, S051 0LF
TV & Eastleigh LIG 2010

none in August

Directions: http://www.millarms.co.uk/contact.asp


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