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									   June 2009
   Issue 1                  RAF CRL HR Newsletter
                              Information for Civilian staff included in the CRL Project
  Articles:              From:   The RAF Catering Retail & Leisure Team, Gladiator Block, HQ Air Command

  • Introduction         INTRODUCTION
  • Background.
                       Welcome to the first             and provide you with HR     site visits and Roadshow.
                       Catering, Retail and Leisure     information about your      There is also information
                       (CRL) Civilian Newsletter.       employment     as    the    about       TUPE      and
                       This news letter is aimed at     project moves forwards.     directions    to   where
                       all   MOD      and     locally                               further information can
                       employed     civilian   staff    This first edition of the   be found on this subject.
                       involved in the RAF CRL          newsletter provides an
                       Project and, as part of the      overview of the CRL
                       CRL Implementation Team’s        Project,      information
                       commitment to keeping            about the engagement
                       staff informed about the         with the Trades Unions
                       Project,   is     aimed    at    and      the      ongoing
                       explaining how CRL will          consultation     process,
                       impact on you as a Civilian      details of contractor
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Key Points         2

TUPE               2     BACKGROUND
                        The Catering Retail &           The RAF Catering, Retail    into the next phase
TUPE info          2    Leisure initiative forms        & Leisure ‘Super CRL’       which would include
                        part of the MOD Service         contract will have a        advertising and initiating
                        Personnel Plan. The CRL         significant impact for up   the competitive dialogue
TU Consultation 3
                        programme is attracting         to 1,100 MOD civilian       process. Following the
                        commercial partners who         staff employed at 17        completion of an In-
Dialogue           3    will introduce private          (mainly) front line         House feasibility study,
                        business expertise to the       stations and their          which recommended that
Will my post
                        management of CRL               parented units who have     an in-house solution
transfer?          3
                        facilities. The provision of    not already contracted      could not be pursued,
                        catering services at a          out catering services.      the CRL Programme
Data gathering 4        number of RAF stations is        The Initial Gate           Board met on 13 Oct 08
                        already contracted out.         Business Case was           and took the decision to
More Info &
                        Where appropriate these         submitted to the Air        move the project
Contacts           4
                        existing contractual            Approvals Panel in June     forward to formal
                        arrangements will be            2008, seeking approval      consultation with the
                        amended to include CRL.         to progress the project     TUs and to advertise the
                                                                                    requirement to industry.
                               RAF CRL HR NEWSLETTER                                                   Page 2 of 4

                               KEY POINTS                      The ‘Super CRL’                   Potential bidders
                                                                requirement was                    have participated in
                                Initial formal TU              advertised in                      a pre-qualification
                                consultation for the            December 2008 in                   process which
                                ‘Super-CRL’                     the Official Journal               resulted in the
                                contracting project             of the European                    identification of four
                                took place in Late              Union (OJEU) under                 companies with whom
                                2008.                           the competitive                    the open competitive
                                                                dialogue process;                  dialogue process will
                               The CRL Roadshow
                                                                                                   be conducted; the
                                programme was
                                                               An Industry Day was                four shortlisted
                                delivered to all major
                                                                held on 21 January                 companies for the
                                UK RAF stations
                                                                2009 when potential                ‘Super CRL’
                                between September
                                                                bidders were briefed               competition are
                                and December 2008
                                                                on the extent of the               Sodexho, Aramark,
                                and included briefings
                                                                programme and the                  ESS and ISS. Unit
                                to civilian staff;
                                                                management of the                  visits took place in
 „TUPE is designed to
                                                                commercial aspects;                April and May 09.
protect your terms and
conditions of service on
                                                               employees who are                      takes effect,
   transfer to a new           The CRL Team are aware          transferred to a new                   automatically
       employer‟               that there is some              employer where a                       become employees
                               confusion about what            relevant transfer of                   of the new
                               TUPE means for staff            work takes place.                      employer on the
                               and the effect this             The effect of the                     same terms and
                               legislation has. The             Regulations is to                     conditions, except
                               information below aims           preserve the                          for certain
                               to explain what TUPE             continuity of                         occupational
                               means for you.                   employment and                        pension rights.
                                The Transfer of                existing terms and                  The Regulations
                                   Undertakings                 conditions of service of             contain specific
                                   (Protection of               those employees who
                                                                                                     provision to
                                   Employment)                  are transferred to a new
                                                                employer. This means                 protect employees
                                   Regulations 2006
                                                                that the employees of                from dismissal
                                   (TUPE) provides
                                                                the current employer,                before or after a
                                   protection to those
                                                                when the transfer                    relevant transfer.

                           Further Information

                           TUPE is explained in more       This document can be
                           detail in the following PRG     accessed through the            guidance as this is likely
                                                                                           to provide answers to
                           – ‘Transfer of MOD              People Portal/Leaving
                                                                                           many questions that you
                           Civilian Employees out of       the Department &
                                                                                           may have. Staff will also
                           the MOD under Transfer          Pensions link on the
                                                                                           be given the opportunity
                           of Undertaking                  Defence Intranet. It is
                                                                                           to attend further
                           (Protection of                  recommended that you
                                                                                           briefings on TUPE and
                           Employment) Regulations’.       take time to look at this
                                                                                           HR issues later in 2009.
Page 3 of 4                                  RAF CRL HR NEWSLETTER
TU Consultation               necessary, during the         there will be a period of
                              Competitive Dialogue          assessment, clarification and
In addition to the formal     process. Further formal       dialogue with the bidders. An
consultation which took       consultation will take        invitation to submit a
place in Oct 08, The          place at key stages of        Detailed Solution (based on 8
Industrial and Non-           the project.                  stations) will then be issued
Industrial Trades Unions                                    in Aug 08 for return in mid-
have been engaged to                                        Oct 08.
form an Air Command
                              Dialogue                      A further round of
Joint Working Group
(ACJWG); the second           The use of the                assessment, clarification and
meeting of this group         competitive dialogue          dialogue will take place with
                              process is a first for the    the bidders; a further            “Competitive Dialogue
took place on 18 Mar 09
                                                            invitation to the bidders to      is designed to get the
and it is intended the        RAF, although it has been
                                                                                              best out of the contract
group will meet on a          used in awarding other        submit a Detailed Solution        by allowing the bidders
quarterly basis or, at        MOD contracts. Under          for the 17 CRL stations will      to submit a series of
times to coincide with        this process the              then be issued for return in      proposals which are
key project milestones.       Commercial Team invite        Feb 10. Evaluation of these       then assessed and
At the meeting on 18          the bidders to submit a       proposals will continue into
Mar, Gp Capt CRL              series of proposals, each     early May 10 followed by a
provided the TUs with an      followed by a period of       formal approvals process of
update on the events of       assessment and dialogue       endorsement by a Programme
recent months and an          and clarification.            Board in Late Summer 2010.
overview of the work          The shortlisted
currently underway.                                         Following Contract Award
                              companies have now been
Dialogue will continue                                      there will be a formal
                              invited to submit their
with the TUs under the                                      Consultation period with the
                              Outline Solutions by the
arrangements put in                                         Trades Unions prior to the
                              Commercial Team.
place for the ACJWG                                         contract commencement in
                              Following receipt of
and on an ad hoc basis, as                                  late 2010.
                              these solutions in Jul 08,

                                                            Please note that any dates
                                                            indicated above may be
Will My Post transfer?                                      subject to amendment.

 A scoping exercise is currently being taken forward to identify the posts (and, by
extension, the staff who occupy those posts) that will fall within the scope of the           “A scoping study will
project. There are two categories – posts that are ‘assigned’ and posts that will be          identify which civilian
‘affected’ by the transfer. Posts that are ‘assigned’ will be transferred to the              posts fall within the
successful contractor whilst posts that are ‘affected’ may have a percentage of the           scope of the CRL
duties (of that role) transferred. If a post is ‘affected’ it may be transferred or, it may   project”
be retained in MOD. If the post is retained then post holder may experience some
changes within their role and some re-structuring of their work may be necessary.
Posts that are ‘affected’ by the project may become ‘assigned’ once the proposals of
the preferred bidder become known; however, it will confirm if this is the case until
details of the bidders proposals are known in Spring 2010.
Page 4 of 1                           RAF CRL HR NEWSLETTER                                      Page 4 of 4

                             DATA Gathering

                             This scoping exercise        bidders will be asked to      produced. When a post is
                            described overleaf is         provide an undertaking        tagged, staff will be able
                            necessary to define the       to MOD that they will         to see that this status
  “ The CRL Team will       transferring workforce        hold the TUPE                 has been recorded when
  work closely with the     and to enable specific        information they are          they log on to HRMS and
    PPA to ensure they      TUPE information to be        given securely.               view their HRMS record.
  know which staff are      compiled about the                                          All staff will be
 affected or assigned”.     employees who are to be       The PPPA produce TUPE         informed whether their
                            transferred. MOD is           information from              post has been designated
                            legally obliged to provide    individual staff records      as ‘assigned’ or ‘affected’
                            bidders with this             on HRMS. The CRL Team         by their line management
                            information to enable         will work closely with the    at a future date (to be
                            them to prepare their         PPPA to ensure they           advised). Further
                            financial proposals;          know which staff are          information explaining
                            however, please be            affected or assigned to       the implications this will
                            assured this information      the project so that           have will be given to
                            is limited in content and     HRMS records may be           staff at that time. As
                            bidders will not be given     kept up to date. This         the scoping exercise is
                            personal details (e.g.        process is known as           being conducted in
                            name, home address, NI        ‘tagging’ and allows the      stages, it is likely that
                            number, bank details          TUPE information to be        staff at some stations
                            etc). Nevertheless,                                         may be informed of the
                                                                                        status of their post
                                                                                        before staff at other
                            More Information?

                            If you require further information about the CRL Project,
                            please contact your line manager in the first instance.
                            Staff with access to the Defence Intranet can also view
                            the CRL internet site:

  Further details will be
issued in future editions   CRL/index.htm
  of this HR Newsletter     or the internet website for more
      and in the CRL        information about the CRL project and links to other
        Newsletter          useful / relevant information.

                            The CRL HR Newsletter is produced by the CRL
                            Implementation Team, Gladiator Building, HQ Air
                            Command, RAF High Wycombe, Bucks HP14 4UE.
                            Tel: (01494) 497208 (95221 x7208).

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