Ontario Food Banks May 2010 by Garry_Cuthbert


									Dear Pastor Garry,

It is a crucial time of year for us. Growing season is just around the corner. We are
busy bringing teams of volunteers together tremdendoulsy impactful farm projects to
benefit Ontario's food banks this summer and fall.

           There’s still time to give to support Community Harvest Ontario!

Community Harvest Ontario in action:

Last fall, a corporate volunteer team of eighty (80) employees gelaned 10,000 pounds
of fresh corn, tomatoes, eggplant, and green beans in just two hours on a Toronto-
area farm. This produce would otherwise have gone to waste. Instead, this healthy
food was sent to local food banks in time for Thanksgiving meals. This was only a
single farm. Think of what we can do with more resources, volunteers and farms on

Thank you again for your generous response!

Very sincerely,

Adam Spence, Executive Director

P.S. Tell a friend about this campaign and help us ensure that surplus food will not go
to waste!

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