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									                                                                                                                                    FORM 4
                                                           THE COMPANIES ORDINANCE, 1984
                                                                   [Section 73 (2)]

                                           PARTICULARS OF ORAL CONTRACT RELATING TO SHARES

(The particulars must be stamped with the same stamp duty as would have been payable if the contract had been reduced to writing)

Please complete in typescript or in bold block capitals.

 1.   CUIN (Incorporation Number)

 2.   Name of the Company

 3.   Fee Paid (Rs.)                             Name & Branch of The

                                                                    Day        Month   Year
 4.   Receipt No.                                            Date

                                   (Bank challan to be attached in original)


 5.1 Total number of shares allotted as fully or partly    Rs.
      paid-up otherwise than in cash

 5.2. Nominal amount of each such share                    Rs.
5.3. Amount to be considered as paid-up on each        Rs.
     such share otherwise than in cash

5.4. Total amount to be considered as paid-up on all   Rs.
     such shares

5.5. If the consideration for the allotment of such
      shares is services, or any consideration other
      than that mentioned below in (6), state the
      precise nature of such consideration and the
      number of shares so allotted.

5.6. If the allotment is made in satisfaction or
     part satisfaction of the purchase price of
     property, give a brief description of such
     property, and full particulars of the manner
     in which the purchase price is to be

     a. Brief description of property.

     b. Purchase price:
       b. (i) Number of shares                         Total amount considered as    Rs.
              allotted                                 paid on the shares allotted
                                                       otherwise than in cash

       b. (ii) Redeemable Capital/debentures issued         Rs.

       b. (iii) Cash                                   b (iv) Amount of debt released or
                                                              liabilities assumed      by   the
                                                              purchaser (including mortgages on
                                                              property acquired)

6. Total purchase price                                     Rs.

7. Give full particulars of the property which is the subject of the sale, showing in detail how the total purchase price is apportioned between the
    respective heads;

7.1 Immovable property held in absolute ownership by
    the Company and fixed plant and machinery and
    other fixtures thereon

7.2 Leasehold property and fixed plant and machinery
    on leasehold property (including tenants, trade and
    other fixtures).
7.3 Other interest in immovable property

(Where property acquired /sold subject to a charge or mortgage, the nature of such charge or mortgage with the gross value and liabilities
appertaining thereto should be added.)

7.4 Loose plant and machinery, stock-in-trade and other

(No plant or machinery, which was not in actual state of severance on the date of sale, should be mentioned.)

7.5 Goodwill and benefit of contracts

7.6   Patents designs, trade marks, licences, copyrights

7.7   Book and other debts
7.8 Cash in hand and at Bank on current accounts, bills,
    notes, etc

7.9 Cash on deposit at Bank or elsewhere

7.10 Shares, Modaraba Certificates, participation term
     certificates / debentures and other securities

7.11 Any other property

8.   Particulars of person with whom contract made

8.1 Name

8.2 Father’s Name

8.3 N.I.C No.
8.4 Occupation

8.5 Address

9.   Mode of making the contract

10. Date of making the contract

11. Mode and basis of valuation of the property, etc.

12. Signature of Chief Executive/ Secretary

13. Name of Signatory

14. Designation

15. N.I.C Number of signatory

                                                        Day   Month   Year
16. Date

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