rewriting by psapina


									Grammar practice test
    Rewriting sentences
1. The coke was so hot that I couldn’t drink it
   the coke was too hot for me to drink

2. They have given us an Agatha Christie novel
   we have been given an Agatha Christie novel

3. I prefer reading mystery novels to watching horror films
   I’d rather read mystery novels than watch

4. No other fictional detectives are quite as famous as Sherlock
   Sherlock Holmes is the most famous fictional detective

5. They suggested that we stayed at home
   they said, “Why don’t we stay at home ?”

6. it’s not necessary for them to do the homework tonight
   they don’t have to do the homework tonight
7. I haven’t talked to George for four weeks
   it’s four weeks since I last talked to George

8. Has anyone repaired your car ?
   Has your car been repaired ?

9. Sam said he wouldn’t come the following month
   “I won’t come next month” said Sam

10. They believe that people will be taller in fifty years time
    it is believed that people will be taller in fifty years time

11. “ Please sit down, Carmen”, said the English teacher
    The English teacher asked his students to sit down

12. Reading stories about cybermen is interesting
    It is interesting to read about cyberman
13. David works less than Angela
    Angela works harder than David

14. They don’t allow smoking in this lab
    smoking is forbidden in this lab

15. Do you see the office on the corner ? I work there
    This is the office where I work

16. The computer was stolen because nobody saw the thief
    if someone had seen the thief they computer wouldn’t have been

17. You can duplicate any human emotion with thechnology
    any human emotion can be duplicated with technology
18. Bristish and American scientisits are working on a device to
read the mind. This device will transmit instructions in computer
The device, the Americans and British sceintists are working to
read the mind, will transmit instruction in computer code

19. George arrived unexpectedly
    Geroge turned out unexpectedly

20. we’ve discovered what the problem is with our computer
    We’ve found out what the problem is with our computer

21. The novel is so interesting
    What an interesting novel !

22. I am sorry I didn’t meet you at the station
    if only I had met you at the station
23.- Parents were bringing up boys of fifteen for enlistment
Boys of fifteen were being brought up for enlistment

24.- They didn’t make things easier for me
Things were not made easier for me

25.- it’s a pity you don’t like this food
I wish you liked this food

26.- Jenny asked James if he was the secretary of the comittee
Jenny said: “ Are you the secretary of the comittee?”

27.- I haven’t read a novel for two months
It’s two months since I last read a novel

28.- What’s the price of this novel ?
How much does this novel cost ?
29.- What a pity Mary didn’t remember to take the camera
I wish Mary had taken the camera

30.- You should tell them immedately
If were you I would tell them inmedaitely

31.- I haven’t been to a football match for years
It’s years since I last went to a football match

32.- I’m sorry I couldn’t come with you to the station
I wish I could have come with you to the station

33.- He likes cycling very much
He’s very fond of cycling

34.- the film began at 9:30 and we arrived at the cinema
just after that
When we arrived at the cinema the film had already started
35.- it’s a pity you don’t speak French
If only you spoke English

36.- Jean asked Tony if he was having dinner
Jean said: “ Are you having dinner ? “

37.- You use a kettle to boil water
A ketle is used to boil water

38.- waht’s the English word for deporte
“How do you say Deporte in English ?

39:- “I can’t help biting my nails”, Robert said
Robert said that he couldn’t help biting his nails

40.- My mother said: “Don’t touch the water. It’s boiling”
My mother warned me not to touch the water because it was
51.- “We have to go to David’s tonight” they said to me
They told me we had to go to David’s

52.- They have told him the bad news
He has been told the bad nes

53.- I would love to live in a Mediterranean country
I wish I lived in a mediterranean country

54.- We came to live in La Coruña four years ago
We have lived in La Coruña for four years

55.- How patient is the teacher ?
How much patience does the teacher have

56.- how wide is the river Ebro ?
What is the width of the river Ebro
57.- I smoked my last cigarette last year
I haven’t smoked any cigarettes for a year

58.- Who repaired your car ?
Who was the one who repaired your car ?

59.- sally said she couldn’t open the door
Sally said: “I can’t open the door”

60.- Archeologist believe the palace was built about 3,000 years
It is believed that the palace was built about 3,000 years ago

61.- “ Put the books on the shelf, Rob”, she said
She told me to put the books on the shelf
62.- She won’t turn round unless you call out her name
If you don’t call out her name she wont turn round

63.- they speak French at this hotel
French is spoken in this hotel

64.- He’s such an exciting dancer that everybody wants to see him
The dancer is so esciting that everybody wants to see him

65.- She isn’t as tall as her mother
Her mother is taller than her

66.- John asked Joan to show him her new dress
“Could you show me your new dress” John asked Joan

67.- I haven’t been to an art gallery for three years
I last went to an art gallery three years ago
68.- What’s the length of the river Ebro ?
How long is the river Ebro ?

69.- They disagreed with waht the speaker said
They didn’t agree with what the speaker said

70.- English isn’t as difficult to learn as Chinese
Chinese is more difficult to learn to Chinese

71.- Do you know how to drive ?
Can you drive ?

72.- they say this tree is over 400 years old
This tree is said to be over 400 years old

73.- My sister is not old enough to go to pubs
My sister is too young to go to pubs
74.- although it was raining heavily, he didn’t open his umbrella
In spite of the rain he didn’t open his umbrella

75.- I didn’t know you were here. That’s why I came later
If I had known you were here I would have come earlier

76.- It is not necessary for you to stay up until Peter comes back
home .
You needen’t stay up until Peter comes back home

77.- I have seen tha film three times
It’s the third time I have seen that film

78.- The thief ran so fast that the police couldn’t catch him
The police couldn’t catch the the thief because he ran so fast
79.- I forgot to post the letter
I didn’t remember to post the letter

80.- nobody has ever taught them how to write formal letters
They have never been taught how to write letters

81.- We haven’t been to the beach for ages
It’s ages since we last went to the beach

82.- the mechanic is going to repair her car next week
She is going to have her car repaired next week

83.- it was such a boring lesson that I couldn’t help yawning
The lesson was so boring that i couldn’t help yawning

84.- “Why don’t we have dinner out tonight ?” said Martin
Martin suggested having dinner together
85.- He has already made the appointment
The appointment has already been made

86.- Smoking is forbidden in this cinema
You mustn’t smoke in this cinema

87.- I didn’t open the door because I didn’t know that it was
If I had known that it was you I would have opened the door

88.- You’ll be late for work if you don’t hurry up
Unless you hurry up, you’ll be late for work

89.- What a pity I didn’t have time to see you last week
I wish I had had time to see you

90.- we couldn’t go swimming because it was too cold
It was so cold that we couldn’t go swimming
91.- the performance Antonio Banderas gave yesterday was
Antonio Banderas gave a wonderful performance yesterday

92.- The victims are believed to have been taken to hospital
by helicopter
It is believed that the victims were taken to hospital

93.- Are these novels hers ?
Do these novels belong to her ?

94.- As it was raining, we didn’t go out for a walk
We didn’t go out because it was raining

95.- I don’t have much money. It’s a pity I can’t travel to the
If I had much money I would travel to the Caribbean
96.- “Where are my keys ?”
I wonder where my keys are

97.- I haven’t smoked a cigarette for ages
It’s ages since I last smoked a cigarette

98.- I wish I hadn’t drunk so much last night
If only I hadn’t drunk so much last night

99.- He works in his office most of the day
He spends most of the day working in his office

100.- They told me how to find their house
They explained the way to find their house

101.- the last time she wrote a novel was three years ago
She hasn’t written any novel for three years
102.- would you like me to open the window ?
I’ll open the window

103.- He loves reading poetry
He’s very fond of reading

104.- we wished that the weather would get better
We wanted the weather to get better

105.- I haven’t got enough money to hve a holiday this year
I can’t afford having a holiday this year

106.- You must not eat in here
Eating is forbidden in here

107.- the new library was built in six months
The construction company built the new library in six months
108.- He has dual nationality because his father is Irish
His father is Irish that’s why he has dual nationality

109.- Their house is still for sale
Nobody has bought their house yet

110.- If the tickets don’t arrive, I won’t be able to go
Unless the tickets arrive on time, I won’t be able to go

111.- The TV volume was so high I couldn’t hear what you
The Tv volume was too high for me to hear

112.- They’ll show us the figures this afternoon
We will be shown the figures this afternoon
113.- An atheist is a person that doesn’t believe in God
A person who doesn’t beleive in God is an atheist

114.- although he believes in God he rarely goes to Church
In spite of beleieving in God he rarely goes to Chuch

115.- He asked Newton who had made the model of the universe
He said to Newton: “ who made the model of the universe? “

116.- He left early and avoided the traffic
If he hadn’t left early he wouldn’t have avoided the traffic

117.- Isaac Newton, the discoverer of gravity, died in 1727
Isaac Newton, who discovered the graviry, died in 1727

118.- finding a place to park in my street is almost impossible
It is almos impossible to find a place to park in my street
119.- In spite of the cold, they were warm in their long coats
Although it was cold, they were warm in their long coats

120.- It is beleived that Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa
Christopher Columbus is beleived to have been born in Genoa

121.- David asked his father if he could drive his car
“may I drive your car?” David asked his father

122.- They got married ten years ago
They have been married for ten years

123.- It was such an interesting book that I read it three times
The book was so interesting that I read it three times

124.- it will not be necessary fro you to bring your own food
You won’t have to bring your own food
115.- Elisa doesn’t sing as well as Caron
Caron sings better than Elisa

116.- would you like me to carry those bags for you ?
Shall I carry those bags for you ?

117.-People speak Castillian in most South American countries
Castilllian is spoken in most South American countries

118.- The book was so interesting that i couldn’t put it down
It was such an interesting book that I couldn’t put it down

119.- Although the exam was difficult, he got a very high
In spite of being a difficult exam, he got a very high mark

120.- tell Daniel he needs a haircut
Tell Daniel that his hair needs cutting

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