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									Restore America Plan, Sam Kennedy
Separation 5/03/10
On a group phone call last night we learned that Sam Kennedy is no longer with the Restore America Plan.
He was asked to leave. He is the fellow who wrote the declarations served on the fifty Governors. He
seemed to have a disagreement with Tim Turner and the other Guardian Elders of the Republic. There
seems to be a difference of opinions.

This does not mean that the Restore America Plan is in any sort of trouble. They will just proceed without
Sam kennedy. There was also talk of bouncing out people loyal to Sam Kennedy. This is so far only
coming from Sam Kennedy and we have not heard from the other side. I think people are making too big of
a deal over the separating out Sam Kennedy.

There was talk about a bank in Nevada being set up to handle funds from DTC (Depository Trust
Corporation). This is the first I heard of this trust account/bank being set up to handle any funds from DTC.
There was also talk of a Post Office being set up in Nevada as well. Sam Kennedy was complaining about
using three trustees from each state to sit on the board of this trust. This sits fine with me, but not with him.
He felt there needed to be more checks and balances. We also heard of a Sam Davis involved with this
trust. Then there was talk of disbursing funds to people immediately, and at later dates.

No one ever heard from Tim Turner as to why Sam Kennedy was given the boot. Sam was complaining
about the procedure but was not talking about the motives behind the procedures. There is more to this than
just kicking against the procedures. One needs to know the underlying behavior that instigated the
procedures that Sam Kennedy seems to find so detestable.

We learned nothing additional that was conclusive about the reality/effectiveness of the RAP program and
the military involvement. We have no idea as to what the credibility factor is with this Nevada Trust/Bank
and DTC. I am going to refrain from commenting until I get more facts. A phone in show by Sam Davis
discussing this dated April 8th, 2010 can be found here:

                            You want to listen to episode 513, dated 04/08/2010.

Draw your own conclusion, we are offering no opinion. They do say they had nothing to do with RAP. Yet
we do hear Sam Kennedy talk as if they merged together with RAP, if I got it right from listening to the
talk show. The above mentioned show talks about processing sovereigns in Las Vegas and many things that
RAP never officially mentioned. Not sure what to make of all this at this time.

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