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					                         MINUTES FOR THE
                       BOARD OF GOVERNORS
                              OF THE
                            May 22, 2008

As per attendance sheet

Call to Order
The meeting opened at 9:44 AM in Bldg. 1083 with a welcome to advisors.

Minutes of Previous Meeting
I move to accept minutes of the 1 May 2008 meeting:
      Motion passed

Board Reports
Board reports were individually read. Additionally, the 1st Vice went to Fisher
House twice in the last two weeks. They raised a record amount of money with
their gala event. Still waiting on the Club & Banquet center to arrange transfer of
the OSC silver; a sign-up list to help with the polishing will be circulated.
Apologies for the late arrival of the AWTTW from the Editor, the Post Office
states they have 1-2 weeks to mail it out; we will be looking into whether to
change to a different post office. We no longer have a new chairman for
Membership due to an every Thursday obligation on the part of the replacement.
The current Chair will continue in that position for now. The Welfare Budget
passed in committee. Budgeted items have been paid, except for Airmen
Against Drunk Driving which we are still waiting for a letter. See attached for
International Wives report. Skylarks was reviewed—a lot of success performing
jazz standards at the nursing homes. The Skylarks are still looking for someone
that Skylarks members could pay for babysitting during meetings; will be putting
the need out in the Skywriter and TWW. Skylarks could possibly get a list of
names from the Family Support Center.

Old Business
    Reports Due—Get end of year reports to the President today or send via

      Improvements to Activities Rm. 1083—The Activity Chair has done a great
       job getting the room painted. She is currently getting estimates on carpet,
       linoleum for the kitchen, and a new vacuum.

       I move that funds not to exceed the amount of $4000 be allocated for the
       purchase of the rest of these items, money to come from the
       administrative reserve fund.
             Motion passed
      We need to clarify what account it would come from (i.e. administrative
      reserve). A member felt that the total was too low. The current carpet,
      without pad, cost $2200 several years ago. The decision on who is to
      install the carpet needs to be made carefully, treated as an investment.
      Oreck vacuums are currently offering a $100 credit if you bring in any
      other vacuum to trade in. They have, generally, very long warranties.

New Business
   Welfare Motion/Base ―Parents & Tots‖ group/$150.00— I move that we
     give the Wright-Pat Parents & Tots group $150 to buy a locking storage
     cabinet to store their supplies.
            Motion passed

      Need to clarify that you can leave a locked cabinet on Base as long as you
      agree that they can have a key or a combination to the lock.

Board Comments
   International Wives is still looking for a scholarship recipient.
   Clarification: In Board Report, the Activities Chair stated she needed
      manpower; this was to look at tearing out the old carpet, getting the
      bathroom painted.
   1St Vice: Enjoyed serving on the Board, now moving to San Antonio.
   Admin Treasurer: Thanks for a great year, please cash any outstanding
   Editor: I love my job, have a good year next year.
   Publicity: This has been a great year, I have learned to put pictures in
   Reservations Chair: I joined to get involved since new to WPAFB, I am
      looking forward to taking over the website.
   Hospitality Co-Chair: Thanks for the information on whom to send cards
      to. Will stay on as co-chair, looking for Hospitality Chairperson.
   Membership Chair: Thank you to today’s hosts. Thanks to our advisors
      and President. If you hear of anyone who is moving, please contact the
      Membership Chair to take the person off the membership list.
   Thrift Shop Chair: Thank you to BoG members and Thrift Shop
      volunteers. Thank you to the 1st Vice for volunteering at the Thrift Shop
      and to the Welfare Chair as Volunteer and head of Welfare. We could not
      raise the amount of money we do for Welfare without our volunteers.
      Thanks also for the cards and flowers while I was in the hospital.
   Welfare Chair: This year has been a learning experience. I am hopeful
      that next year will be fun and met every person’s needs. Welfare has
      given me much personal joy by seeing how much OSC does for the
      community, and the generosity of the people in the OSC.
   Programs Chair: I have the most fun job, it feeds my shopping addiction.
      My goal is for everyone to come to the meetings and have fun.
      President: Thank you for all the time and the hours, the creativity you
       contribute. I did not expect to take the Presidency this year! Thank you
       for your discussions and the way in which you arrived at your decisions,
       as you consistently did that so well.
      1st Vice: Thank you to the President for getting the OSC through some
       very tough challenges this year, and the amount of time she has spent.
       (Note: The Board presented the President with a gavel for her charm

The meeting was adjourned at 11:02 AM.

Call to Order
The meeting of the new Board of Governors was called to order at 11:21 AM.
Reminder that when both a chair and co-chair are present, only the chair votes.
Board members introduced themselves.

New Business
   Signing of the OSC Creed—This should be placed in the newcomer’s
     welcome packet as well as printed in the first TWW. This Creed came
     about because of the reputation of this OSC of being divisive and having
     difficulties with members being respectful to one another. The Creed is a
     reminder to take issues to the person, not disseminate among the general
     group. It was also recommended to have this from a legal point of view as
     a volunteer group. It’s fine to disagree, but this is an effort to stop the
     infighting. Part of having the Board sign is to lead by example. This is
     meant to unify, not punish—one reason that we’re not making everyone
     sign as a condition of membership.

      Roster—Please correct and initial.

      Calendar of events—Please check dates and see if there are any
       conflicts. Welfare and the Thrift Shop committees will switch dates in
       August. Welfare committee meeting times will be changed to 10:00 AM
       each time. Date for basket auction/monthly function in November TBD,
       depending on when the CFC ends. The organizers are looking to have it
       in the evening so the function can have a bar, attendees can bring
       spouses, and to facilitate taking home larger items. It should be on the
       15th. The auction is in the fall instead of spring so it does not conflict with
       the Fisher House auction at the end of April. The auction will likely bring
       in more money if dedicated to welfare or scholarships. Then money we
       would normally give to scholarships (i.e. from Thrift Shop) can go to our
       charitable organizations. January dates are being shifted around due to
       the first Thursday falling on 1 Jan. The International Fair will be Thursday,
       30 April. This will conflict w/ the ROWW luncheon; possibly make the
       International Fair on the 23 rd instead. The question was posed that by
    changing the changeover board meeting to the first week in June, would
    there be less conflict possibly? This could be running into problems with
    kids getting out of school and getting into PCSing—so the consensus was
    to keep it in May.

    I move to accept the calendar as proposed for functions as discussed.
          Motion passed

   Fundraisers—
       o James Jewelers—Two ladies have done this. They are looking at
          the 12th of September in the Club & Banquet Center. It won’t
          conflict with the AF Marathon this year.
       o Christmas Ornaments—We sold out this year and had to order
          more. There is a good profit margin per ornament. Our Welfare
          Treasurer will take charge of this. The White House ornament can
          be previewed around mid-July. Perhaps order 300 this year.
       o Entertainment Books—We did not sell many this year. A lot of
          different groups sell these. Was the $75 we made last year worth
          the time it took? Otherwise, there is little cost involved. The
          decision was made not do Entertainment Books this year.

   Approval of Thrift Shop Manager – I move that the current Manager of the
    Base Thrift Shop be approved as Manager of the Base Thrift Shop from
    July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009, as contracted by the Chairman and
    approved by the Thrift Shop Committee.
            Motion passed

   Approval of Thrift Shop Budget— I move that the Base Thrift Shop
    Proposed Budget for 2008/2009 be accepted as written and as approved
    by the Thrift Shop Committee.
           Motion passed

    Why is the budget less for the coming year? Budgets have been cut for
    the next year to reflect downward income. We do not pay for rent or
    utilities on Bldg. 1083.

   Approval of Administrative Budget–I move the Proposed Administrative
    Budget for 2008/2009 be approved.
          Motion passed

    How were our numbers at this time last year? We need to exercise
    caution versus optimism—500 is a good number and a good goal. We are
    not damaging ourselves if we fall below 500 members because there is
    quite a bit of cushion.
      Advertising in Magazine—I move we add a column to the OSC newsletter
       entitled, ―Enterprising Spouses‖ for the purpose of defraying the cost of
       printing. There will be a set charge, determined by the Executive
       Committee, based on the recommendation of the magazine editor and the
       treasurer. The column will consist of a simple list including the name of
       the business, the OSC member whose business it is and a phone listing.
               Motion passed.

       This would possibly fall under a new Board position of Business
       Manager—they would handle money, soliciting, etc. It has not yet been
       determined if it will be set up month-to-month or yearly. We also will be
       going to a lower-weight paper for the cover; the cover will now be an
       advertisement for the monthly function.

      Location of BoG Meetings—It is a possibility that we could move the BoG
       meetings to the Base library because there is more space. It’s free, we
       can project documents on the wall, and we can still bring food. The tables
       are very heavy to move, and we may have to set them up ourselves.
       Would that be not utilizing Bldg. 1083? How would it work for making
       copies? If we didn’t have food at the meetings, would the 2nd Vice then be
       able to coordinate us going out to lunch? How would that impact those
       BoG members who have kids? The observation was made that serving
       food is a way of breaking bread and building relationships. It was
       suggested that BoG members look at the library room during the summer
       and make a decision in August. There are many amenities in Bldg.1083—
       kitchen, copy machine, locality to the Thrift Shop. It was suggested that
       we lead by example by meeting in Bldg. 1083.

Board Comments
   President: Welcome to the new members; the meetings aren’t usually this
      long. The Activities Chair, Hospitality Chair, and Membership Chair
      positions are still open.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:42 PM. The next meeting is scheduled for
Thursday, August 7, 2008, at 9:30 AM in the Activities Room, Bldg. 1083.

President                                Secretary

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